Mart 30, 2024

Coming Home to Visit Pt. 01

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In the shower, another night of terrible sex with a husband that doesn’t even know what a clitoris is. She prefers the guest shower because it has one of those pulsing, removable shower heads that get into… *moan*… all the right places.

She plugged the bathtub and sat in the hot water as it slowly filled from the shower head in her hand. Laying her head back, she smiled at the dark, empty room, loving the idea of leaving the lights off.

Spreading her legs, she let the water pressure tease her. So horny, so unsatisfied. Her clit throbbed with need. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the teasing of hot water pulsing on her thighs… her slit. Her free hand traveling to her heavy breast, she pinched and pulled the nipple, sighing with a small relief of pleasure.

Taking her time, she runs the water stream over her clit for a brief moment before pulling it away. Doing this over and over… moaning a bit more each time… knowing she wants to cum, but she doesn’t want it over so quickly. She wants… to enjoy it… make it last.

You: 15 minutes earlier.

It had been a long day… you just finished your long shift at work and happy to have the next 4 days to yourself. Wasn’t it this weekend your mom and step dad were leaving the house to you? No roommates, no drunk neighbors. Just you and that gorgeous brunette from work that you’d be calling soon.

Something about her had you doing tail spins. Her dark eyes, so familiar. Her light skin… that smile. She always made you feel like you were seeing something you shouldn’t like… but did.

Pulling into the garage, you see both cars still parked. Gaziantep Escort Numaraları Confused, you unlock the door and step inside the quiet house. No one is downstairs … no lights on. Walking upstairs, you thought you heard something in your mom’s room. As you approach the corner of the hallway, you see the door wide open. You manage two more steps before you see the reflection from the large mirror inside.

There she is… bent over… that beautiful full frame… leaning over the bed. Her breasts swaying as your clumsy oaf of a stepfather attempts to get his rocks off. The sounds you heard, his. The mirror is positioned in front of them, at the side of the room. You see her… long brown curls bouncing with the movement as her eyes gaze around the room… bored. Unhappy. His eyes are squeezed shut as he grunts loudly and pulls his out noticeably small dick and dribbles cum onto her perfectly plump ass.

He bends over to grab a shirt from the floor, tosses it over her cum coated ass and… walks away?!

You head to the kitchen to clear your head. What did you just see? Why did you care? It wasn’t right.

You grab a drink, hoping to bring you back to reality. But all you can think about is her. That milky skin… those needy eyes. Her large breasts… aching for attention. Your thoughts are running away, “She’s beautiful… she’s… mom! No! I can’t be…”

You decide to get it out of your system. One jerk off… you can think of her and then let it go with your cum. Never to be seen again.

You haven’t had a room here for several years, so you opt for the guest bathroom. With each step closer to the bathroom, you can’t help but think about sinking deep into her barely used pussy. She’s probably tight as hell. Imagining what it’s like to feel your balls slap against your mom’s ass while you stretch her cunt with your fat cock. Leaning in closer, kissing her the way she deserves.

Stepping into the bathroom, cock already in hand as you hear the sound of… moaning.

Right there in the tub. Oblivious to you… or anything but the… shower head? Her head is against the back of the tub, eyes closed. One hand on her perfect breast, teasing the nipple. The other hand holding the shower head under the water between her creamy thighs.

Her small lips part in a sexy ‘O’ as the most beautiful moan escapes her throat.

Before you know what you’re doing, you find yourself hovering over her naked beauty, Stroking your cock near her face. Part of you praying she won’t open her eyes, the other part is dying to feel her grip your cock with that perfect mouth.

Stroking faster as you watch her body arc in pleasure. Your balls tighten and you want to cum so bad. Cum on her… those full, fat breasts and stiff nipples. You want her to know what a real man’s cum feels like when it showers over her.

Your hand moving harder… stopping… faster… stopping. You want it to last…

Your balls ache to cum, her moans are so beautiful. So full of lust and need.

Closing your eyes to focus on the sound of her impending orgasm, you tease your cock… holding off so you can cum when she does.

Her moans soften and all but die off. Just as you open your eyes, you feel the warmth and softness of a tongue. Lips wrap around your swelling cock and suck gently as they move down your length.

Opening your eyes, you see your mom. Gorgeous dark eyes are staring up at you, desire burning into your eyes as she slides her lips over the last few inches of your throbbing cock.

Your hand reaches down to her long brown hair, tangling your fingers in the curls, urging her on.

“Fuck, Mom… you’re so fucking perfect. Suck it just like… Yesss.”

She works her mouth harder and faster… lips tightening around your cock, she pulls back, tugging on your length as she moans deep and guttural. Her other hand still holding the shower head. Her hips begin to buck up and down… sloshing the water pooling in the tub. Her dark eyes fixed on you as she wills them to stay open through the pleasure.

You feel your balls tingle as the familiar pulse of need begins to boil inside of you. Holding her head against your thrusting hips, you lose control and feel you hot cum shoot from your cock. Just as your cum coats your mom’s tongue, you hear the peak of orgasm rock through her as she shudders and moves her mouth from your cock; the next several ropes of cum landing across her gorgeous face and perfect tits. Her body convulsing in the water as the last spurt of cum lands on the side of the tub.

Watching your mom moan and writhe in pleasure, you lean down and kiss her beautifully soft lips as she rides through her orgasm. Your tongue dances over her lips and into her mouth. Tasting yourself seems to not even matter as you feel her suck on your bottom lip and pull away with a soft pinch of her teeth.

Looking up at you with the caring eyes you have always known, she speaks softly, “Wait for me down stairs, we should talk.”