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Daddy Marks His Property, Part 5

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“You’re welcome, baby girl, you were fantastic,” I said to Shawna softly as I stroked her head and kissed her face. “You were fantastic. Did you enjoy that?” “Yes…Daddy,” she said reluctantly. “I haven’t ever experienced anything so powerful, sexually, that is.” “You know, you don’t have to call me Daddy, right?” “Yes, sir.” “And you don’t have to call me sir, either.” “I know, but it just feels natural somehow.” “Well, thank you, baby girl.” “Stephie,” I said, wanting to see if she was still awake and hearing this. “Yes, Daddy.” “I just wondered if you were still awake, baby.” “How do you feel about Shawna calling me Daddy?” “Umm, I don’t know. Why?” “Come here, Princess.” She crawled over Shawna on top of me. I rolled her to my left side, Shawna on my right sleeping peacefully already I held my little girl close and kissed her forehead lovingly. I said to her, “I hope you’re not jealous, Princess. I wasn’t looking for this to happen like this. You’re my baby girl, first and foremost, always. I love you, Sweetie, and nothing will ever change that. You’re my little girl and you always will be. Understand?” “Yes, Daddy, I love you, too,” and we hugged each other tight. “Are you OK, my baby girl?” “I am now, Daddy.” “Mmmm…” We fell asleep in each other’s arms, my little girl and I. When morning arrived I was still pinned in place by two little girls snuggled against me. One my baby girl and one, well, I wasn’t sure where she was at, especially the morning after. It was still early, around 6:00. I had to pee and it was evident. I tried to work myself free from the girls without waking either of them. Shawna stirred, rolled over on her side and continued to sleep. Stephanie, on the other hand, was more used to my schedule and awoke to see me getting out of bed. She got up instantly and followed me to the bathroom. I said, “Do you have to go, Baby?” “No, not bad anyway,” she said, “but, I want you to give me yours, Daddy.” “Stephie, sweetie, you’ve never asked for it before unless I made you. Why now, Baby? You’re not jealous or anything, are you?” “I don’t know…I mean…what’s going on with Shawna, Daddy? Is she going to be your little girl, too?” “Sweetie, I have no idea what’s going on with Shawna. I love what happened last night, all of it. You two were having a great time together, all three of us having fun together. Why don’t you just relax and we’ll both see where this leads, OK? Now, do you still want this, ‘cause I really gotta pee…now?” Stephanie sat on the toilet and looked straight at my dick and opened her mouth as if to say, use me. I shuffled up to the toilet and put my dick in her warm, moist mouth. It didn’t take long for my water to start flowing. She was drinking everything I was giving her, looking into my eyes the whole time. Şişli escort bayan When she had sucked out every last drop she just kept sucking. I could tell she had a green streak that was growing in her. I pushed her off my dick in spite of my selfish desires. I said, ‘Don’t you have to pee, Sweetie?” “Yeah, but I want to satisfy you, Daddy.” “Get up, Princess, come here,” I said as I stepped into the shower, “I want you to give me your golden breakfast drink, sweetie. I want you to know how much I treasure you.” “Oh, Daddy, you’d do that for me?” “Give it to me, Sweetie.” She came into the shower and I lay down on the cold tile floor and I took her hand and pulled her down on top, facing me. I fixed my mouth to her tender young pussy and licked gently, waiting, looking up into her eyes. She eventually let her water go and I began to drink her in. It was glorious to do this for my little princess. I was elated to receive her hot water. I could see the lust in her eyes as she looked at me while her most personal water flowed into me. She realized at that moment how much I really cared for her. It was the ultimate act of giving for me to take her liquid waste with love and devotion for her in my eyes. Stephanie knew at that moment that I loved her fully and totally. She knew that no one could come between us, Daddy and daughter. I kept licking and sucking on her little pussy. She was beginning to writhe. I wetted a finger and started to work it into her asshole as I licked and sucked on her young clit. I broke contact for a moment and said, “You know I love you don’t you, Sweetie? You’re my little princess, my other half. I wouldn’t trade you for anyone. Whomever comes around will always be second fiddle to you, little darling. I’m as devoted to you as you are to me, Daddy and daughter, Baby Girl.” She got up and reached down to help me up. I grabbed her up and held her to me and hugged her tightly. I was serious about what I had said to her. She was my world and she didn’t really know it; at least I didn’t think she really did. I took her head in my hands and looked her in the eyes. I said, “Do you know how much I love you? I will protect you from anything. My love for you extends beyond being your lover and master. I truly love you like a daughter, My Sweet. That’s what makes this so very dirty and naughty for me, and perhaps for you. If you truly care for me as your Daddy, as well as your lover and master. It’s as sick as it could be if you really were my daughter, but it’s what makes all this so exciting for us. And that we truly love each other as partners makes it all the more rewarding and complete. You are the yin to my yang. You complete me, and I only hope I complete you. You are my daughter, Escort Sultangazi may partner, my equal, my love. You have nothing to worry about. Dispel your jealousies. All others are but frosting on our cake, Little One. Enjoy them for what they are. We are the foundation, they are but the trim.” I picked her up and kissed her deeply, passionately, lovingly. When I let her down she said, “I never knew you felt so deeply for me Daddy,” with tears running down her cheeks. “I love you so much. I’m proud to be your little girl and your lover and partner. I don’t ever want this to change. I think I understand about others now, Daddy, and I’ll try not to be jealous because now I know how much you love me.” “My Little Princess, you’ve turned out to be everything I could imagine. I love what we have and I only want to take us to new levels. But as we encounter new things, always know that you are my one, my little girl.” “Yes, Daddy, I love you, too.” “Now let’s go give Shawna a royal awakening, shall we?” “OK.” “Go get Daddy’s coffee started; I’m going to check my email.” Not much email to speak of, nothing to answer, anyway. I could hear the death rattle of the coffee maker, my signal to log off and go fetch the first cup of java for the day. As I rounded the corner into the kitchen, there was Stephanie, holding my mug with my coffee fixed as I like it. What a wonderful girl I have, I thought. “We should probably wake Shawna up, she has a business to run,” I said. “How long before we can get your colors filled in,” I asked. “She didn’t really tell me, Daddy. We’ll have to ask her.” I started breakfast and Stephanie woke up Shawna and they hopped into the shower together. We all ate and we got Shawna on her way with hugs and kisses and an appointment for three days from then. Three days to think up a devilish new scenario. For the first time I had a chance to check out Stephie’s new piercings at great length. It was great fun to flick them and see her most womanly flesh jiggle in response. I took two of the rings and eased her fleshy lips apart. I ran my tongue up the silken pink inside, tasting her, sweet as always. “Mmmm,” was the reaction I got, “I love my new jewelry, Daddy, thank you again.” “You’re welcome, Princess.” I said and told her to stay right there. I rolled over and retrieved a small package from the nightstand drawer. I took out the small charm with my monogram on it and attached it to the small ring in her taint. “There, now you are tagged as mine, Sweetie.” I got a hand mirror and let her examine her new bauble. “Oh, thank you, Daddy, I love it. So that’s what that one was for, I was wondering.” “Yes, baby. And now it’s time to see what one of the uses of the other rings is. Get up and assume.” Taksim escort Stephie got up and assumed her standing position, hands behind her head, and her feet at shoulder distance. “Stay,” I ordered and went to the back room. I returned with four weights with chains and clips. I attached each to its own ring. “Mmm, that should do nicely,” I said, inspecting the effect they were having stretching her sweet little lips. “Yes, indeed, these will stretch those lips very well over time and serve to remind you that this is my pussy, Princess. Now, get about your duties.” “Yes, Daddy, thank you,” and off she went to clean my house with her new weights in place. I went to my study to do some work while she cleaned and went about her business. As I sat there for a few minutes trying to collect my thoughts I couldn’t help but recall the events of the previous evening and what Shawna had said just before we fell asleep. “Daddy,” she had called me. I sat and thought about this for a while. Stephie had clearly been jealous, but I couldn’t help but have selfish thoughts about having two little girls, at least part time anyway. I could teach Stephie not to be jealous, or at least not to show it or act it. I shook myself out of my reverie and tried to get into my work. I couldn’t concentrate though. I got up and went to the back room and got my crop. I summoned Stephanie to the bedroom. “Get up on the bed on your back,” I ordered, “legs up and spread.” I could tell she didn’t understand why this was going on, but she knew better than to ask. Hers was only to obey her Daddy. I climbed up and straddled her face with my ass right over her sweet mouth. “Lick me,” I ordered, and I sat there enjoying her laving my hole. I began to arrange the weights such that they helped to spread her tender lips. I gave her a little warm-up swat with the crop, right on her little cunny. I could feel her pause briefly at the first smack. I gave her another, a little harder. I wanted her sweet pussy lips swollen, just for the effect. I continued, harder and harder until I’d given her twenty and her little whore cunt was red and swelling nicely. I could feel the tears from her cheeks on my nether cheeks as she stayed dutifully to her task. I just sat there thinking and enjoying my anal tongue massage from my little slut. After about ten minutes of thinking and enjoyment I readjusted a little, leaning forward so I could insert my hard cock into my slut’s mouth. This gave me a closer look at my slut princess’ swollen pussy. I removed the weights and spread her lips wide using her new rings. I was really going to love this new hardware. I tickled her clit as I moved my cock up and down in my little girl’s hot mouth. She’s so much more enthusiastic when she’s getting attention, too. I started to go deep enough to hear those familiar sounds of my head just barely penetrating hear throat and back out again. I love hearing that squishing sound. I increased my attention to her wet little cunt, starting to suck her clit and playing at the bottom of her cum hole with my finger.