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ElviraElvira had just finish singing pictures at a Horror Convection. Horror Con. She had been traveling around making money at the convention but what she always like about the conventions is the sex with some of the stars and fans. It made her feel powerful“Ohhhhhhh Fuck…Fuckk” A man screamed. His gigantic cock was being rubbed up and down between Elvira gigantic breast. Her nipples were fully erect, thick and black. It dripped pre cum down his cock and coated her heavenly titsElvira skin was pale and smooth which made her red lipstick stand out. She had black and blue eye shadow and deep green eyes. Her hair was pitch black in the almost bee hive very big. She was beautiful with a beauty mark on her left cheek. She gave a wry smile. The man she was currently having sex with was a reporter“I thought you were going to PUMP ME for information as a reporter and not the other way around” She Said with a smirk. She devoured his cock pulling it out of her tit. She deep throat his cock sucking him deep in“Ohhhhhh fuck..like that…going to explode…slow down. It’s too much. I already came 2 times” He Said. He was tied to the bed as he tried to get out“Comes haven’t you heard 3rd time’s a charm….but who am I k**ding you’re going to be cumming more times than 3 with me” She Said. He started to cum shooting all over her breast. She laughed as she ran his long nails across the his cock. She slurped it making it extra sensitiveShe put a ball gag on his mouth and strapped it. She cupped her tits and took his cock and slipped it to her nicely shave pussy. Her room was dark inside accept for some candles and some skeletons. Sounds from the horror movies muffled their sounds. She figure fans would expect her to play that stuff so they wouldn’t be suspicious about playing it. This reporter had gave some of her recent movies bad reviews and well as her album “Boo Rap”. Which she admit was crap but didn’t mean she like getting bad reviews. Plus he did stuff like cause her a filthy slut, only to find out had pictures of her all over his computer. She seduce him and put him in this predicament“Now you’re going to give me a good interview” She Said. She pushed his cock deep into her warm pussy. Her pussy tighten around his sucking him in. Her pussy was strong and sucked him in massaging him with her pussy muscles. He nodded as she held him down. Her tits were bounce up and down as she licked her lip. Another climax from him hit inside her causing her to scream out and cum “Ohhhhhhhh Yess..like that. I did you the gift of writing the interview myself. After all your going to be a bit too tired after I finish riding you to write, walk, well do almost anything really”She ran her nails across his chest. Her long nails were leaving marks as she was riding him faster and faster. His balls were heavy was she was grinding against him feeling the weight of his balls. She grabbed his tits running her nails across her tits. She took her tit and started sucking her nipple letting the spit dripped down her tits. She closed her legs around him tighten as she rode him. She felt a multiple climax hit her body shaking all over her.“Just hang in there buddy Just a few more hours. Mmmmmmmmm ahhh shit that feels good” She Said2 Hours Later he was knocked out. She was slipping into her black dress as she took his car keys.“Hope you don’t mind me barrowing this handsome. Going to check to see if you sent the interview..after all don’t one me publishing those pictures of me using my toys” She Said. She had he long slinky black dress and high heels as she walked outside the motel room. She saw his sleek black “Long and black just how I like it”She jumped into the car. She pressed the button and the seat started to vibrate. The vibrations shot up her pussy. “Oooooo think I am in love”She put in a WHITE ZOMBIE CD in the player and started blasting it as she was heading down the street at full speed. She slammed down on the gas and headed down the desert road. Day turns to night as she check to see what was in a glove compartment. She found a bottle of tequila. She smiled and took a long gulp of it drinking down. It was pitch black outside as she was heading down the road. She was getting a bit tipsy when she saw something dart across the street. She sk**ded off the road and into a ditch.“Dammit” She Said trying to get out of the ditch but it only kicked up dirt. She went to talk on her cell but it was no single. There thing that ran across the street was a huge wolf. She pulled out a gun “Not today buddyShe got out of the heels and lifted up her skirt as she ripped part of her dress to try to get hitchhikers. She started walking down the street but to no avail. There wasn’t a single car on the street as the heard a wolf sound in the background. “Well can’t get worst then this” She Said. Then in started to rain and thunder. “Had top open my big mouth”She kept walking and she saw some signs that said “Turn back” “Trespassers will be eaten” “Run now”. She kept walking as she saw a big mansion.“They should have a phone” She Said to herselfShe walked up to the house and saw a door knocker that looked like as skeleton head. She grabbed it making it knocked. No answer. She saw a doorbell and pressed it and the light flickered like someone was getting electrocuted and she heard a scream. She saw someone walking down the house. She made a sexy pose to convince whoever was coming down to let her in. She pushed her dress aside and showed off her long legs and stuck out her breast. She put her arm against the wall of the door. The door open“Hi Handsome” She Said. She was expecting to see someone face but she looking at someone chest. The man in front of the door was a tall man, 3 times her size it looks like and she was pretty tall. He had a blank expression and short hair. His skin was pale and he gigantic hands. His skin was pale and sickly “”Well aren’t you a tall drank of water”“You Rang” The man Said in a deep voice“I was hoping if I can use the phone” She Said. She walked passed him as she looked around. He saw cobwebs on the wall. The place looked old and antique “Ooooo Classic”“The Phone is down. Won’t be up till tomorrow” He said and was about to close the door. She stopped it“Now Hold on…maybe we can work something out“Lurch my dear man is that any way to treat a guess” A Jolly Voice SaidLurch let her in. She walked in and she saw the owner of the House Gomez. He was short with a thin mustage and a tie. He had a gap in his tooth and reminded him of Sunny from Sunny and Cher. He had a mischievous grin..like the cat who ate the Canary..and then buried the Canary’s owner in the back yard. Elvira had to admit it was something Devilishly cute about him. His suit was a zuit suit with a bow tie. His hair very grease back with a part in the middle of it. Next to him was a tall statue, like slim brunet..very exotic and beautiful. She had her arm around his“Welcome this is Moritica..and I am Gomez Adams” He said “Next to us is our two little scamps…Pugsly and WednesdayA young girl walked down the steps with pig tails and cold expression. She had a all black outfit and was holding a teddy bear with a few arrows in it. Next to her as a short and chunky k** with stripes on his shirt, and short shorts.“Hello…my Car broke down. I was hoping for a place to crash till the weather gets better” She Said“Oh that would be splendid. Me and Morticia was in our study doing a little family game night of Russian Roulette and we were just talking about how nice it would be to have some visitors” Gomez Said slapping his hands together. His eyes were on her chest that was dripping wet with water. Gomez and Morticia couldn’t keep their hands off each other. She whispered something in his ear and put her slender hand down his pants. She gave Elvira a sedative look” It been a long time since we had any visitors”“Or any live ones” Wednesday“Lurch my Good man…show her to the guess room. If you need anything just ask” Gomez Said. “Where very friendly….VERY friendly”The lighting struck on the last word. Lurch moaned as he walked her to her room. Wednesday did a throat slitting motion with her fingers.“Very interesting family” Elvira Said. They were walking down the hallway. Some of the rooms were chain up. She could of swore she heard some screaming. She saw a big gold door with some strange blue light coming from it “Whats in their”“Not for visitors” Lurch mumbled“Very Well…So handsome what you do for fun. Is there a MS Lurch” Elvira Said. He said nothing and just growled “Oooooo like the tall and silent type”He brought her to the room. On the ground was a chalk outline and some cobwebs on the bed. She wiped it off and hit the bed with some dust coming up. There was a huge bed a fireplace and some books.“No Cable. I guess” She Said. Lurch shut the door on her.She leaped on the bed and laid down. She had trouble sleeping with all the noise going around. That was when she saw something moving around. Something was moving in her bed. She thought it was a rat. She quickly grabbed a candle stick and hit it.“Got you” She Said lifting up a blanket. Then she saw a moving severed hand. It was moving around. “What we got here handsome. Something moving through my leg”The hand was name Thing. It sat up in her palm and she licked her lips. He leaped off and went between her legs pushing aside her skirt. It pushed her finger deep into her pussy making her moan. The little creature“Oooohhh Love a man that good with his….hand” She Said. Her pussy lips were parted and the middle finger ease in doing a come here motion. She grind the against the bed moaning. The fingers were moving from her ass and pussy back and forth allowing both holes to ease open. She cried out biting her lips enjoying the motion. She grabbed the hand and pushed it deep in. “Yes Right there right there”It was hit her G-spot grinding it faster and faster. Her legs close around the hand motioning her thighs around and it rubbing it. She took her tits and squeezed it opening up her shirt to expose. She licked her lip as she started“Ohhh fuck..fuck right there” She Said. She started to cum shooting cum from her pussy coating the ring. She was easing him in as the hand tried to pull out “No you don’t little man”She sat the hand down putting it up. She ease it in her pussy as she sat on it and riding the hand up and down. Her big tits were bouncing up and down. She took her heavy breast and looked at her pink and erect nipples. Her nipples were fat and long. There were like a top of milk bottles and her breast were full and luscious like two fluffy pillows She stuck it in her mouth and slowly started sucking it. Her pussy was tightening around her as she was pulling her hair“Thanks for giving me a hand” She cried out putting her hand back. She gripped her pussy muscles around it tighten around it. She grabbed the bed post and screamed out slamming back and forth. Her tits were bouncing hitting her in the face. A multiple climax hit her body “OHHHH FUCK. Put it in my ass baby”She bent over as she was fingering herself. The hand walked on the bed with it finger and leaped up and started finger fucking her ass as she finger herself plunging it in. She was pushing the hand against the wall as the finger was dipping into ass faster and faster. She scratch the wall leaving nails marks. She didn’t seem to found anything odd with fucking a living hand. She was totally into the sex enjoying herself as her body had fireworks of pleasure sent through her body. Her body blushed as she was starting to cum.A half an hour later. She laid with the Thing. The hand breast on her tit passed out. It walked around his her chest with two fingers and gave her a cigarette. She grabbed the thin cigarette and lit. She blew the smoke in the air into a heart, and blew another puff of smoke into arrow through the heart.“Where can a girl get a good shower around here” She SaidThing walked to the double golden door. Elvira came with him. She went to open the door but was locked from the inside. Thing saw a mouse hole and went to it opening the door from the other side. She thank him picking the hand up and kissing. Thing ran off. She walked in the room and gasp. It was a big bath house with showers and a giant hot tub, that was almost like the pool. The water look hot and still steaming. You can swim over to the end of it and it was showers that sprang down. There was also marble stand with a bowl with many fancy and butter soaps. There was another stand with oils and lotions all around. The ground was marble and so was the walls. The windows looked like church windows putting little bit of light. There was also massage bed’s and what seem like a steam room and sauna in the area. Although it wasn’t completely spa like. The walls had shackles and there seem to be torture racks all around and sex toys on the floor.“Well Adams what have you been up to” She SmirkedShe took off her dress revealing her naked body. Her pussy was shaved into a little V Shaped patch as she rubbed her body down with soaps and slowly walked into the pool. She poured some oils on herself and started softening her skin. She moaned laying against the wall with the shower. She pulled the string letting the water comes down“Ahhhhhhhh this more like it” She Said laying her head back. The place even had pillows. Her body was wet and her breast seem to float out of the water. The oils were forming into her skin making her relax and sleepy. The entire place smell like Jasmine, roses, and all sorts of flowers you expect to be at a grave. She spread her legs and started rubbing herself. She bit her lips rubbing her tits with her free hand “Ohhhhh that feels goodShe licked her lips as she plunged her fingers deeper, shaping the soaps into a dildo the plunge into her pussy. She closes her eyes and was show into what she was doing that she didn’t hear footsteps coming in. Lurch came in walking through the room with his big boots vibrating across the floor. She was continuing rubbing herself faster and faster. She was sucking on her tits parting her pussy lips with her index and ring finger and finger fucking herself with the middle. Lurch watch her seeing her tits heaving back and forth. She open her eyes and saw him looking over her. She screamed“woe you gave me a shock Tall Dark and Gruesome” She Said“Your not suppose to be here” She Said in a deep voiceShe slowly walked out of the pool and kneels on the third step in the hot tub. Water was dripping down her breast making it glisten. She licked her lips“Just relaxing handsome. Maybe I can relax you” She Said. Elvira unzipped his pants. His cock fail outstanding straight. She gasp at the size of it. It was blue and purplish and thick as a soda can. It was the hugest cock she ever seen. It was thick and veiny a totally monster. It stood out 22 inches, very long, thick like a metal rod and hard as one too. His cock head was like a giant mushroom. His balls were heavy like a mushroom “Mmmmmm Don’t Know if this Rigor mortis..or you happy to see me”She started licking his cock slobbering on it. Her tongue glided up and down as she was making it wet. He moaned as she slurping around flicking her tongue back and forth across his cock head. He moaned not having a blow job in the while. Her tongue twirled around like a tornadoes as she saw some pre cum ooze out of it. She gave it long lick making. A necklace of cum and sput connected her mouth to her saliva. She was stroking it with both hands. She heard a long moaned as he sucked his balls rolling around in his mouth“Ahhhhhhhhh fuck” He Said. His voice was loud and echoed through the room. He put his head back as his heavy balls were rolling around in her mouth. She was playing with cock like a flute sucking on the sides of it and running her fingers across the veins “Yessssssss”“Like that big guy. Bet you never had a girl worked your cock like this. The thing about handling a big cock. It like chopping down a big tree. You got do in pieces by piece” She SaidShe grabbed his cock and started easing it inch by inch. She was sucking it faster and faster making gobs of spit flow down as she gave him a sloppy blow Job. He grabbed her hair as jamming it as he was slamming it down her throat. His cock was 14 inches her mouth. It was the most he ever saw before. His cock felt great. It been years since he had sex. Morticia sometime teased him knowing her watch her and Gomez have sex. She would walk around naked knowing he couldn’t touch her but wanted to. She would grabbed his cock and stroke him till he was close to cumming only to stop it before he could cum. She left him blue balled many times. Elvira kind of looked like Morticia. With that he fucked her mouth savagely making her cheeks green. She pulled out his cock and spat on it. She pushed his cock against her stomach holding it still as she ran her long tongue across his cock. She licked slowly taking her times to tease her.“Fuck…Fuck” He cried out“You like that big boy” She Said. “I bet you very backed up. These big balls filled with cum. Poor boy, such a magnificent cock…let no girls to suck it. Bet you stroked it a lot big boys don’t you”“Yes…Stroke good. Lady makes cock feels good” He SaidShe grabbed his cock and slapped it across her cheeks enjoying the heaviness of it. She smelt his balls as she was stroking it.“Ohhhhhhhhhh is that so. Yea Make you feel real good. I am going to make that cock exploded again and again all over my tits. You like these tits big boy” She Said nodding him. She place his cock between her tits and sliding his cock up and down between her tits. She was sucking his cock letting some of spit dripped down as she was gagging on his cock. . He tits were big enough that when she tit fucks someone it was normally buried into her breast, making the man cum. It was nice feeling the girth of a man cock outside her tits “Then Escort bayan after I make this cock blow. I want you to take that Giant Cock and just ravage me”She pulled his cock out and took his entire cock into her mouth. He was surprise as his whole cock was going deep into her throat, spit was dripping down her cheeks as she was sucking him faster and deeper. Her eyes watered as she was deep throating him and grabbing his ass, running his nails and down his ass. Her fingered were into his asshole fingering him. She was taking it all the way in and all the way out back and forth feeling it in her stomach“Ohhhhhhhhh Yesss” He growledHe came with an explosion, filling her throat with cum. He came so hard as cum came out of her nose. She had hot seaman deep into her stomach as she came with an explosion. His cum was very pent up and came with gobs. She pulled his cock out and let the cum hit her tits and face.. She gargled his cum enjoying the feeling of it flowing all over her face in the cum shower coating her“Mmmmmm Still hard I see big boy” She Said Jerking his cock “I want you to fuck me hard”He grabbed her by the hair and slammed her into the wall. She moaned as he grabbed his neck choking it.“Yes harder” She moanedHe slammed his cock deep into her pussy spread it, easing it in. He pulled off her pants and she wrapped her arms around her. The cock was going in and out as he pussy lips were spreading making her moaned. Her pussy juices were dripping down his cock as he fucked her with savageness..finally able to fuck a girl“OHHHH FUCK” She cried out placing her tits against him. Her tits were being smashed against this chest. She felt it deep and it wasn’t even half way in “Yess Deeper…Push against my walls. Fuck me..fuck like that. Ohh fuck”She screamed in her ear as he grabbed his ass and massage her ass with his gigantic finger making him enjoy her. Her ass was getting massage like some clay“Ohhhh fuck cumming…cumming” She let out a scream biting his neck. Her nails was scratching him as she was hitting with a multiple climax. Her nipples were rock hard against him rubbing up and down. Her body was soaped up as she was shaking as his heavy cock was going in and out. It easing inches more into her “Fuck. FUUUUUUUUUUCK” She came again as her pussy muscles was massaging him and vibrating against his cock going up and down his cock as she pushing up and down. She whispered in her ear“Push it ALL THE WAY in…fuck me” She Said. He pulled it all the way out and then slammed it all the way. His balls were hitting her ass slamming hard making it red. She was being slammed against the wall making marble pieces falls down from the wall. The ceiling was shaking falling apart as she was slamming hard against her.“OHHH FUCKK”She undid his tie taking it off him. She ripped open his shirt showing she could see her bare chest and started kissing him as she did it. Her was a hunk of muscle and flesh..pure sex machine. It slammed into her with savage abandon..lust mixed with rage in her eyes. Her body was being shaken as climax after climax wrecked her body. She could feel it deep in her gut, a cock that truly her match. Never going soft, rock hard. Her pussy was doing great worked, massaging and vibrating against him. He took off his coat showing her muscles. She was spun around and slammed into the wall so hard her tits prints were into wall making two holes into the wall. When he plunges into thunder seem to strikes in the background creating shadows across the floor. She smiled liking the savage a****listic nature of how Lurch was giving it to her. Her pussy juices were dripping down the wall as her felt her muscles against her.“Ohhh Fuck….shit” She moaned as she was getting harpoon like a Jackhammer. The big man grabbed her tits massaging them together and taking big grabs. Very few men had big enough hand to take handfuls of her tits like. She bounce up and down on his cock gritting her teeth as she held herself against the wall “Ohhhhhhhh God faster…harder going to have a big one. Oh yes what your doing to my breast driving me crazy. My nipples are so sensitive. Your hitting all the right spot. Think you might be smarter then you look big man.”He grabbed her hair slamming his whole body into ever thrust. He didn’t seem to get tired, fucking wildly causing her to scream as she climax again“Ohhhhhhhhhh Yesss” He screamed. His cock was soaked by her wet pussy creating a puddle on the ground. His heavy balls slammed against her like a battering ram. He felt and eruption coming as he shot a hot load, steaming into her. She cried out as he did as they both came. His cock pulsated as the b**st had amazing pleasure hit his body making his knees shake. “Don’t you fall on me let baby. I still need another shot of spunk deep into my wet gushing cunt. Come baby I know you love it. I know you love the way my pussy soaked your cock.” She grabbed his legs spreading it pushing her against the wall and letting the feet be on her shoulder. He was slamming again with a might eruption “Fuck”“Come on know you have another load for me. Bring it deep into me” She Said as she sucked her tits wrapping his lips around her fat nipples. She ran her fingers through her hair enjoying the thrusting of him. Her body was very flexible. She looked deep into his eyes grabbing his hair. She was sucking him in and out. “You fuck me…you fuck me harderShe gave him a long lick across the face. The smell of sex was in the air as it ran down faster and the thunder struck. There was a flash of lighting near the place. Her greedily sucked her tits thrusting as hard as he can, never having to fuck a woman this hard. He could finally let it all out fucking her roughly shaking the ground with him. She kissed him wrestling her tongue around his. He nails were doing down her back. She could scratch as hard as she wanted. She knew back as he was ready to cum“Cum for me baby Cum for me” She Said. She wanted to look at him as he came. She was wrapped around him like a pretzel as he came deep into her. He dropped her and backed up. He was laying against the massage table trying to stand “Damm that was fun”She looked back up him seductively as cum was dripping from her pussy. It was soaked and she did a wicked smile“Look like the mighty Casey finally falling..let see if three cums and your out champ” Elvira saidShe pushed him on the massage table and straddled him. She took the cock inside her barely able to get both hands around it and slipped the long snake into her pussy inch by inch. She straddled him riding him up and down“Ohhhhhhhh Fuck” She Said moaning. Her tits swaying back and fourth“Ohhhhhhhhhh pretty lady” He cried out as her pussy clench around his cock like a vice. It was sucking him in like a mouth“Ohhh shit…ohhhhhhhhhh shit like that big boy” She Said dripping with sweat. She buried his face into her tits as she grinding against him. He grabbed her ass moaning as she smother him “Ohhh shit cock feels so good”“Ohhhhhhhhh God” Lurch finnaly moaned out. All 22 inches of meat being stuff into her. He slapped her ass as she propelled herself on him. Feeling his cock become part of her feeling her up. Her body blush as the whole body felt like it was ready to climax. She was slowly building up riding him again making him feel wonderful“Now this what I call a spa….a deep tissue massage. Very deep. I think I am going to recommend to this spa to my friends” She SaidThe bed was shacking faster and faster. He started licking her tits, sucking on them and pulling on her nipple. She was grinding her hands against her ass faster and faster. She was getting her ass slapped red as she was slapping his face with her heavy tits. She scratch her nails across his chest.“Ohhhhhh fuck…fuck…right there baby. Want that cock to explode” She Said. He was grinding her ass against his balls harder and harder smashing her ass into her balls. She was kissing his chest giving it a long lick as she sucked on his nipples. She grabbed his balls gripping it tightly as she was pulling it and giving it a tight squeeze “Fuck….your cock so big…going to fuck you like a champ”“Ahhhhhh Yesss…feels amazing” He cried out“Ohhhhhh it speaks clearly when I fuck it” Elvira Said “God Damm faster faster, want to ride this cock like a Harley…vrooooooom Vrooooooom. She grabbed his shoulders”The bed classed under him. She slammed up and down pulling it in and out. She pulled his cock out showing his cock soaked in her pussy Juices. She rubbed it against her tits and chest showing him the length and how soaked it was. She pressed back in groaning as she buried his cock all the way. She was moving faster like a blue grabbing his neck and grabbing her hair. She was soaked in sweat. He was having trouble breathing as she smothering slapping him with her tits. She grabbed her hair twisting it and licking her lips. Their bodies were rocking back and forth as she was taking control of every foot of cock.“Ohhhhh Fuck…you’re my favorite hunk. Big, Dumb and Full of cum” She SaidHis body started to shake as his cock convulse. Lurch grabbed the ground digging his nails into the ground making huge dent as she screamed out. He was shaking as his cum shot stream into her pussy with thick coats of cum in her. It was filling her up as she riding up and down making cum flow out. He rolled in the back of his head as he was shaking causing him to cum. Shot after shot of cum was shooting into her pussy“Fuuuuuck” Lurch Said working up a sweat againShe moaned laying on his chest with her heavy tits.“Damm still up lover” She said whisper in her earHe was groggy but wouldn’t be out done. He grabbed her hair and tossed her into the steam room. It was hot and muggy as he grabbed her cock and bent her over. There was bench that she grabbed onto“Fuck me in the ass lover…my pussy already been filled up. My ass is Jealous” She Said. He grabbed her pushing her face to the wall. He ease his cock deep into her ass spreading her ass cheek. She bit her lip as her asshole was getting widen to it extra inches. The cock head broke through her asshole, shoving his stiff cock inch by inch in her “Ahhhhhhhh Fuck…shit so fucking bit my asshole so tight”He grabbed her shoulder and growled slamming his cock deeper into her. She screamed as the cock slammed harder into her pulling it and out, inch by inch. She had 7 inches deep into her asshole making her moaned. Her tits were bouncing up and down“Come on deeper…I am no prom school Virgin. Slammed it all the way in baby. Slammed deep into my asshole. I want it spread deep. Right in my bat cave dead man. Fuck me nice and raw. I want you to make me wide..open it up baby I need it” She Said grabbing her titsHe growled and he pulled her hair slamming it deep. 14 inches slammed deep into her making her screamed her. He was grabbing the bench again as she was fucking her wildly. He grabbed her legs wrapping it around her pulling her and stretch her like a iron board fuckign her harder and harder forcing it in“Ohhhh God” She Said dripping with sweat from the steam. She was pushing against him harder, moving his cock with her as he fucked her so hard. She was pulling on him plunge every inch inside her inch by inch enjoying the girth of him. She grabbed his balls giving it a tight squeezed. She looked back watching the whole cock going inside her “Fuck Yes…like that. You don’t fucking hold back. You slammed it all the way in me fucking me like a slut I am. I want you to imprint your cock deep into my asshole you big dick bastard. Fuck me hard”He slammed it all the way into her ass, slamming his balls against. The steam was making their bodies stick together. He never felt anything so tight against her. He came inside her shooting streams of cum deep into her ass.“Keep that in me…don’t pull out” She Said feeling his cock semi hard. She could feel his knees shaking so she pushed him down so he sat on the bench. She was riding him up and down with it still in her ass rubbing her sticky pussy. She laid her back against him and took his hand so he could squeezed her tit. She kissed him, tongue kissing each other “Yea that it fuck my shit hole. That it. Fuck me like that. That good baby…yea. Fuck me nice and savage you dirty fucker. I want you to tear apart my asshole and when the doctors asked what happen tell them the fucking Butler did it. That’s it faster. Going to grind that dick down the butter. Do you feel it. Do feel my ass muscles gripping that big dick of yours. Do you feel it sucking you like a, little mouth”He was close to cumming again. Her ass felt fantastic grinding and pulling on his cock. She was grinding back and forth against him making him massage her tits and twist her nipple. Her nipples were extra sensitive as she sucked on his tongue pulling it in. She was swaying her black hair back and forth enjoying every inch. She took his other hand and pushed it deep into her pussy. “Fuck” Lurch Said. He felt another ejaculation that felt like a multiple climax hit his body. He cried as another climax hit inside her, shooting cream all over her asshole. She was dripping cum from her asshole making it overflow as he came “fuck”She lifted his hand up and it fail. She smirked grinding against him as she grabbed his balls twisting it against him. She smirked“Don’t worry if you’re tired I do all the work” She Said grinding against him again moving faster at top speed pulling him in. His cock spurted another round..more intense than the other shooting cum into her asshole making him scream as he was cumming again and again “Ohhh fuck”She was cumming again against his finger. She was climax shooting stream of pussy juices from her pussy gushing on the floor. She was grinding, gripping his dick, tightening it till his dick was purple. She smiled as she was grinding harder. She grabbed his finger and was sucking his long finger enjoying it. She twisting his cock back and forth causing him to cum again and again too her. Half an hour Later she laid against him and pulled out. There was a huge puddle of cum“Fuck…that felt good” She Said looking at him laying on the bench. She grabbed him by his legs and dragged him “Not done with that let”She laid by him and grabbed his cock stroking it as she kissed him and ran her finger across his muscle chest. His cock was still rock hard but not as much steely hard as before. She felt his muscles reading it like brail enjoying it“Come on baby….Your cock is a work of art. Let mama please you” Elvira SaidShe stroked his cock up and down. It was extra sensitive was she was playing with his cock figuring out all the pressure points. Lurch was moaning as he was sucking his balls fisting it with her hand. Her tongue was slowly going up and down his cock. She kissed the head of his cock having completely control of it. He started to shake as cum shot out of his cock shooting streams of cum out of him and running down his cock.“Sorry If I Can’t get my hands off this thing. A girl needs her meat and protein” she said and swallowing his cock whole down to the balls. All 22 inches she slowly pulled out of her mouth and then went down watching it disappear down her throat. She open up for his balls driving him crazy as she licked his balls. Her finger enter his ass as she finger fucked him deep throating while she did it. Her mouth was overflowing with him cum as he exploded, dripping down her cheeks as she continued to suck. “Ohhhhhhhh Yessss. Good to the last drop. Nice and thick”She was playing with his cock making his cock like clay in her hand. He started to cum bigger than before. She loving see the stream of cum fly up as she continued to stroked and sucked him. She was grabbing it with both hands“Is it to sensitive” She said. Giving him a long lick and laughing wickedly “After all the times you came it much be extra sanative“Yes” He Said letting out a moanedShe gave his cock and kissed and laid back. She took a picture of herself with her phone next to his cock. The thunder was raging as he laughed wickedly“Well To bad” She Said “You created a monster…a Frankenstein cock sucking monster. Actually get all types at my convention. Real monsters. Werewolves, Vampires. Only got those girly vampire so far…you know the Lestat types. They always want to snuggle and talk about their feeling afterwards. Namely when I use my toys on them. Once fucked a group of Zombies that was wild..and Big Boot. But you mmmmmm you have the most mangnicent cock of all” Elvira SaidShe slid his cock between her tits and tit fucked him faster, squeezing her big breast around him. His cock head was sticking out of her breast as she continued to moved her finger in deep. She pulled out having both hand squeezed her tits against his cock. Her sweat from the steam room making great lube. She could feel His cock pulsating. She seductively licked her lips. Tears of pleasure was running down his eyes as she was giving him a work out“Come on baby put that batter around these balls of flesh. Make them snowballs baby. I want my tits soaked in your cumHis body shook as he came again coating her large tits with gobs of cum dripped down. She slurped to cum out her cleavage“What a party”Hour passed. She stood over him. He had a flaccid cock and was cock. She heard someone walk in“Think you broke my little toy” Morticia Said with a smirk“Sorry got a little carried away” Elvira Said“No…it ok like your style. Maybe me and you should talk” Mortician“Ooooo love that”Elvira was standing there in Morticia Bathhouse with a naked Lurch laying there. Elvira was pussy so wet it was creating a puddle and she was dripping with cum. Cum was splattered on her tits and face. There was a bowl of cum in her cleavage with she seductively licked off facing Morticia. Cum dripped from her ass and pussy. Elvira cupped her breast and slurped looking right at Morticia“Well you caught Bayan escort me in your bathhouse what you plan to do” Elvira“You are a deprave, crazy, egotistical, immortal whore of a woman. What you think I am going to do. I am going to introduce you to my family” Morticia Smirked rubbing herself. Her eyes were very exotica, staring at her with lust in her eyes “Not the k**s of course. There out a camp. But Fester, My husband…Lurch again if he ever wake up”“Yes he may what to take a nice little Cat nap, after he handled my cat” Elvira said “But may need to be clean off before I meet the family”“Oh Can find a way to do that” Morticia Said and slowly took off her dress revealing a stunning and tone body. Light white skin and a pussy hair shaved into a patch. She had big juicy nipples and firm breast that would put a girl twice her age to same. She gave a mischievous smile as she parted her thick pussy lips and walked her stunningly long legs over to her. Morticia breast were bouncy and filled with breast milk from having two k**s. She kissed Elvira and pushed her against the wall. She grabbed her breast and started suck them as her finger slipped in “Guess I may just have to clean you”“Ohhhhhh Yess….that it. Best cleaning service ever” Elvira moaned. Morticia finger were long and hit the right spots. She had her moaning as the cum was being licked off. Elvira body blushed as she was brining her close “Wow…Wow”She plunged her finger deeper and kissed her swapping spit and cum into each other mouth. Elvira grabbed Morticia ass slipping some finger into her asshole and pussy. Morticia was enjoying the feeling and rubbed up again her. Her pussy was against she grinded. Morticia gave a long lick to her face and nibbleled her neck. Both girls rubbing faster as the rain continued to fall. The pussy juices were running together as their clits met. Elvira gripped Morticia Ass hard now. Morticia said something in French“Love it when a Girl speaks French” Elvira saidMorticia grabbed her by her neck and squeeze “Do you need a safe word”“NEVER”“Mmmmmm think where going to get along famously…as long as you never” Morticia Smirked plunge her finger in and out harder and faster “Say…never”She moaned as she was close to cumming. Morticia dropped to her knee and spread her legs wide. Morticia started eating her pussy with master skill. Elvira was gripping the walls as he knees started to buckle. Her pussy juices mixed together with Lurch’s and Morticia. She licked her lips as Morticia grabbed her tits plunge her tongue deep into Elvira. She sucked tendered lapping up all the cum in. Her pussy was getting engorge. Morticia had her long flowing black hair swinging back and forth as he hand sided down her legs“Now let’s see where you little sweet spot. There so is. It coming out” Morticia Said. “Mmmmmm Can get my lips around”“ Talk about making a guess feel at Home” Elvira Said“When I say I going to clean I like to get every nook and cranny “Ohhhhhhh God….that is so good” She Said. She started to cum against Morticia who still was twisting her tongue in. Her tongue was very long twisting in her like a slippery penis. Despite the long tongue Morticia spoke eloquently as she was diving in and out making her juices flow down her tongue “Ohhh fuck”She came against her splashing against Morticia face. It was dripping down her as she was cumming. Morticia was still going in licking all over her grinding faster against her smelling her pussy. Elvira dropped down and spreading her legs. She pushed her hand deep into her pussy playing her like a violin making her moan. Tears of pleasure was running down her. Her tongue was twisting back and forth against the walls of her pussy. The lighting from the outside sending waves of light through them. The shadows were dancing across the wall. The bodies was warming up and heating up as any cold air got in. Their nipples were rock hard“Going to have to be here all day cleaning that pussy if you keeping cumming like that” Morticia tease as she was running against her“Ohhhhhhh damm that great. Hit me right there baby. Fuck” Elvira Said thunder cracking. Her body was convulsing as waves of pleasure was hitting Elvira body. “Sometime a girls needs a woman touch. Shit mmmmmmmm. You have a magic touch”“Let see what we can do about this pretty little asshole. So deep let tight. You must of made plenty of men happy. You been squeezing and torturing men with this tight asshole you naught girl” Morticia said licking her asshole. Her big ass swinging in the air as she was sucking on Elvira asshole teasing it twisting her tongue in, letting it open up for her “Deflower all the boys”“Mmmm Well let just said I had enough Cherries to have a Cherry coke factor. Men or women, of all ages of all types” Elvira smirked thinking back to what she did in the past“Bet you had a lot of husband, wives and parents coming after you with pitchforks” Morticia Said fingering Elvira asshole deeper “The Adams been chase out of many towns for just that”“I set a trap for them..and have them watch” Elvira moaned “Watch father see me turn their virgin pure daughters into a wildcat, watch mother have me deflower their sons..and where their promise ring as a necklace. Got a whole necklace of promise rings I sometimes where a trophies..defiling them and making them eat my pussy. The wives I watch them see me suck their husbands off, doing things they never dream of. Licking his balls and ass hole riding his cock letting him fuck me in the ass. All sorts of nasty things these stuck up housewives won’t do. These Susie homemakers When the men cum..I kissed the wife, snowballing her with her husband cum and giving her a fucking of her life. Till their bodies are wrecked. And when the men walked in on me fucking their wife, I normally fucked the woman with the heaviest strap on I can find to show them how some with balls handle a woman. I make the husband watch putting them in chastity for days”“Ooooo You naught girl” Morticia Said giving her ass a hard slapped leaving a hand shape red mark. She pushed her finger deeper “ I like a woman who see what she wants and take it and doesn’t let go. Is this deep enough for you”“Any Deeper you will me fingering my tonsils” Elvira SaidElvira pulled her hand out and they started kissing against making out. Their lips were big and soft pressing against each other. Two women of incredible sexual skill find new ways to please each other. Their kisses were wet and their tongues explored each other as they ran their soft bodies against each other. Their hands ran across each other smooth bodies as their breast squeezed together flattering each other heavy breast. Their pussies were grinding against her as they grabbed each other asses“Fuck” Morticia moaned. She was pushed on her back as Elvira was putting kisses all over her body. She spread her legs as her pussy was slamming against her nice and hard “Mmmmm right there…right there“Such a tight little pussy for such a slut” Elvira Said“Well It good to trap some men…Think I am delicate flower…but then when they are in my pussy, There are all mind” Morticia SaidMorticia hummed with a musical sound. She moaned in French as she was being brought closer. Her nails were painted black and grabbing their hair. Cum was still on Elvira making her body stick to her a bit as they were grinding. Morticia moaned as she came. They looked over at the shower. The two women grabbed some butter soap and went over to the shower standing up, not taking their hands off each other as they were kissing all over each“MMmm Damm this soap is nice and soft…what in it” Elvira Said kissing her. Their tongues were twisting into each other as the pussies grinded into each other trimming against each other as the hot water was turn on coming down her body“Little bit of herbs….some cum…some little love potion. Make your body has heighten arousal” Mortician said kissing up and down her body. She started with her neck and was moving down to her chest switch from nipple to nipples, teasing it and sucking it. She nibbled on her nipples stretch it as she rubbed against her faster “Some I got from some Avon people. Funny they never showed up again…like the disappeared”“Hmmmmmmmmm Imagine that” Elvira giggled. She said pushing her against the wall. She felt Morticia kissed her stomach and sucked between her legs just below her pussy leaving hickies on her thighs. Elvira was moaned with pleasure as she was tease “Ohhhhhhhhhhh God that feels goodElvira grabbed her up and spun her around slapping Morticia Ass and shoved some finger deep into her ass crack parting her ass cheeks. Morticia cried out with pleasure as her finger went deep into her ass going in and out. She nibbled on her neck. Her other hand went in front of her rubbing her pussy back and forth. She started soaping up her breast using each other bodies as soap“Make sure to get every nook and cranny baby” Morticia Said easing Elvira finger into her asshole as they were washing each other out. She added more soaped to her tits getting it nice and shinny pushing Morticia tits against the wall. Morticia bucked her ass against her pussy rubbing it against her “Mmmmm you really like your breast clean”“What Can I say I like my girls with big tits…and you’re is just gift wrapped for me. Also cleanliness is next to Godliness…but then again none of us are that Holy.” She Said nibbling on her ear and plunging 3 fingers into her“Ohhh fuck” Morticia screamed cumming. She spun around as they rubbed their pussies together coming together in a multiple climax“Right there oh God ADAMS that fantastic” Elvira Said as her nipples were being sucked on. She squeezed her breast and wrapped Morticia legs around her and started sucking her nipples. She gave her ass a big slapped as she nibbled on her tits“Oh God Oh God” Morticia Said cummingThe collapse on each other as the shower rain down washing cum and soaped into the drain both of their hair was down as the kissed. Hours Later Elvira got dress and Morticia waited for them in the Dining room. She had on long black Dress Morticia gave her backless. Gomez and Morticia was sitting at a table with Uncle Fester. Uncle fester was a short bald headed man with a perverted smile. Elvira instant took a shine to him. Gomez and Morticia was kissing. Gomez had his pants unzipped and Morticia was stroking his cock that was hard in her hand and dripping pre cum. Lurch was serving drinks. Morticia got up and gave her a hug. Morticia was wearing a long purple dress with her breast oozing out. The place seem very antique. There was a chandler with some cobwebs on it. There were candles coming out of skeleton head. The table was long and oak and there was oil painting on the wall that looked nice and spooky. The place look like something out of Tim burtons wet dream. Elvira though she even saw some bats fly by.“You look stunning Darling. I made a special treat for you on the table. Figure we have some wine, and food before we get down to business” Morticia SaidOn the table with a ball gag in her mouth was perky Blond with big breast and shaved pussy. Sushi was on her body of various kind. She had short blond hair and blue eyes. A vibrator was in her pussy making her climax. Her juices dripped down through a funnel into a bowl that they could use as dipping sauce. Elvira did seem phase by it and took a piece of Sushi and put it in the dip sauce and slowly sucked on it“Who is this little tasty treat” Elvira Said“That would be Lilly Munster….she is related to a friend of mind and she needed a place to stay for a while. Tasty little woman” Morticia Said running her fingers across her “Multiple orgasm..slightest touch can make her cum.“Nice little pink pussy, nice and puffy. I see that she been fucked quite proper” Elvira smiled rubbing her hands across Lilly tits and giving it a grabLurch was moving some beds into the dining room for them to play on as well as put down all sorts of sex toys on the ground“I make sure all my sluts properly fucked” Morticia Said. Gomez walked up to her and kissed her hand. He slowly started kissing up her arm till their lips met “Gomez what do you think of our new guest outfit”“It look wonderful..very few women filled you outfits out” Gomez Said. He notice his fly was open and his cock was harden standing 12 inches “Ahhh look like our little friend came out”Elvira kissed him grabbing cock. He unbutton his pants and let it dropped down to her knees. She stroked it with Morticia spit still on it as both of them made out. Elvira, Morticia, and Gomez all started to kissed each other running their tongue into each other. Gomez grabbed Elvira tits as he was getting a hand job from her. A breast popped out and he slowly started to suckle on them making her moan. Morticia was Kissing Elvira planting there lips on each other. Morticia finger went between Elvira legs finger fucking her. Uncle Fester watch stroking it, he was hiding under the table“I see you under there…NAUGHTY boy” Morticia Said popping another bit of Sushi in her mouth. Her and Elvira shared as they kissed.Fester had a huge 16 inch cock with thick balls. Elvira was surprise as just a big member by the smaller man.“Impressive “ She Said squeezing Gomez balls and looking over to Fester. Fester had a wild, k** with his hand in the cookie Jar lookGomez sucked his wife other breast. The feeling of getting sucked by two people were driving her wild. Both Elvira and Gomez put her hand between his wife pussy. They were fingering her faster. They were taking turning pulling on her breast with her lips. First Elvira would pull and pushed it back on one tit, and then Gomez would do the same to the other tit. They got a good rhythm going on as Lurch watch in the background stroking himself through his pants. Morticia watch him keeping eye contact with him as she started right through him with her hypnotic eye. Morticia looked forward to releasing that monster cock on her pussy. Knowing he been wanting to fuck her for so long. Tonight was the night. Gomez looked over to his brother.“Yes he quite a lady Killer in more ways than one” Morticia moaned. She put her head back as Elvira started sucking her tits, she pulled out her nipples and grabbed her ass as she stroked Gomez cock faster. Morticia felt milk being suckled from her breast greedily. “Ohhhhhhh You devilish scamp. You releaze my nipples extra sensitive”“Ohhhhhhh think I am going to cum my Dear” Gomez Said. Elvira stroked his cock squeezing it hard some the cock head turn purple and slowed down stopping him from cumming. She slowed the pace teasing it back and forth. She spat on her hand “Ahhhhhhhh torture…sweet torture my favorite kind”“I just figure give our little Sushi girl some lotion to put on her face” Elvira laughed evilly. She looked down at Lilly and pointed Gomez Cock to her“Hmmmmm heard protein is good for the skin..and my love Gomez has plenty of it. Open your eyes girl…don’t shy away” Elvira SaidGomez moaned as he came a huge shot of spunk. It hit Lilly face coating it. The 3 lover laughed. Morticia took a drink of wine enjoying the site. She drank down a big glass to make sure she get nice and tipsy. It was her 5th glass of wine. She kissed Elvira and tore off her dress“Think it time our house guess get double Team. Come out Fester” Morticia Said motioning Fester over with a slender finger. She put turn Elvira around and parted her pussy lips. Fester was on her knees crawling over. Her pussy juices were dripping down Morticia hands “I think I let you get the first pick. Which do you want to fuck. This sweet pussy..or this tight asshole”She turn her around and spread her ass cheeks. Her big ass cheeks was showing a deep asshole. She pushed her finger into her ass hole parting her ass cheeks showing how deep it could get. Morticia bent her over“Or is it the ASS you want. Fuck her shit pipe..and give this nasty whore what she wants, what she deserve” Morticia Said“I am not the whore Gotham Deserve I’m am the whore Gotham needs” Elvira Quipped“Or do you want to fuck her whorish mouth so you would make her stop talking and making puns” Morticia Said“I want to fuck her ass” Fester“Oh You naught boy” Morticia Said pushing her on the ground. Fester was removing his clothes. She walked over to Gomez helping him with her close out “Quite lovely isn’t she. What hole do you want to fuck of her”“Take her pussy” Gomez Said. He sat on the chair as Elvira walked over to him. She hovered her pussy over him and parted her ass out for Fester “What you wait for old man..give this whore what for”Fester eased his cock into her ass parting her ass cheeks. She started pushing Gomez cock in her pussy. Gomez chest was hairy. She pushed her chest against his and gave him a kiss. She looked back at them as she was taking his cock and pushing the cock in. She tighten around him as Fester was pushing his cock in and out and grabbed her ass. He was pounding hard as she was gently grinding against Gomez cock picking up the pace as his moans got louder and slowly it down as he was about to cum to make sure he didn’t cum right away. Fester was kissing her neck and grabbing her tits massaging them and pulling her nipples as she pressing her tits together massaging them with his finger needling her breast.“Ohhh shit yes right there. Fuck my pussy filling me up baby. Fuck my tight pussy you dirty bastard. Fuck my pussy as your brother fuck my tight asshole, gripping him like a fist. Come on harder baby. I want both your cum deep inside me. Fucking me like a wild man. Yes don’t stop, don’t stop. ” Elvira moaned as Gomez was sucking her nipples. Fester was getting a good gripped off her massive tits. Her tits dwarf her hand as she was grind against him pushing back and forth, filling herself up as the balls were slapping her ass and pussy from both ends. She Escort grabbed the back of Gomez head and stuff it in. Fester was grinding in like a drill twisting around. He had her stomach against her back and licking her neck. He slapped her ass harder pushing it and out all the way and giving it a good thrust “That it my darling keeping suck. Oh shit your brother “Ohhhhhhh it these family bonding moment that really makes life worthwhile” Gomez Said slobbering on her breast licking back and forth “Oh shit it reminds me of the Brady Bunch. Remember we tag team the mother. Little wife walked funny for days”Elvira grabbed a bottle of wine from the table and drunk half of it down. She swirled it in her mouth filling the smooth taste of the wine coming down her throat. The wine was hitting her brain making her feel high and making the sex more intense. She kissed him spitting some wine in her mouth. She sucked on his tongue was she was grinding against both brother feeling both men fucked her hard. The balls were hitting her with a nice beat, one after the other. Bam Bam. It was a stready pace. She was getting close to a climax“You like this tight pussy baby. You like my wet cunt dripping pussy Juices all over that cock” Elvira Said“Oh Yes…fuck me you dirty whore” Gomez Said “Come on Fester show this woman how it was to be fuck by an Adams”Fester pulled his hair working up a sweat as she was being fucked roughly. His whole 14 inch was slamming into her as fully burn. Morticia was watching. She took off her dress as she took a glass of wine pouring it in and swirling around. She had a thin cigarette as she watch. She walked over to Gomez and kissed him“How does this sluts pussy fills my Love” Morticia said swapping spit with Fester. “Quite spectacular. You know how to pick them” Gomez Said “You always pick just nasty girls, bad girls who needs a good fucking”“I know what my little deviant likes” Morticia Said giving him Eskimo kisses. She grabbed Elvira by the hair pulling and twisting it. She gave her a slapped “You being fucked hard, aren’t you bitch. Nod. Good. I want to see your orgasm face as you squirt that little pussy of yours”“Oh Yes Going to have to fuck me harder than that thought” Elvira smiled Evilly.“Mmmmmmm You heard that my Love that sounds like a challenge. This slut really giving me a good show. Come see” Morticia Said and grabbed Fester hand putting it between her legs “Look how wet this slut making me. Maybe we need to change position”She grabbed her off Fester and tossed her on the table on her back. She gave her a long lick across on the face and motion the men over.“Well I see who head of the household. As normal it’s the one that gives the best head” Morticia“Behind every powerful man…” Morticia Said“Is a woman with a big strap on” Elvira Said.He got on top of her pushing his cock in. Her legs were spread as Fester was shoving his cock in her ass grinding against him. Morticia looked over Elvira as she was being fucked“Is that hard enough for your sweetie or do you need more stimulation” She Said kissing her. She went back to Kissing Gomez as her hand went around Elvira neck squeezing her as Gomez cock was being curved down. She looked over to Lurch and waved her hand as an order to remove his clothes. Sometime she like watching him watching her knowing the lust in his eyes. She knew today was the day she was going to unleash the b**st on her pussy “Ohhh thing this whore less chatty now”She Squeeze her neck as both men was grinding against her. Gomez was motor boating his breast making it vibrate. Pleasure was going through his body. Fester was holding his feet and massaging it as her felt his balls smashing against her ass. The table was rocking. Elvira screamed out as she started to cum. Her cheeks blushed. Morticia stood over with her dripping wet pussy“You see this honey doo droplet dripping down my pussy lips. You’re going to lick it right there, right down the center..licked it till I am sore and I cum on your face again and again coating it. My scent going to be on your for months. Everyone going to smell my scent and know you belong to me. You’re going to do this, while my lovers over there fucked you rotten making you cum till you can’t stand anymore. And then I am going to let Lurch Loose on my asshole. He going to fuck me till he explodes…deep in me. And you will lick every spot”She was rubbing against her now. Enjoying the feeling of a tongue deep into her pussy. She was already turned on. It didn’t take long for her to reach the point. The finger of her pussy from behind had encourage her clit. She had Elvira licked it. She started to cum coating her pussy. She made it hard for her to breath, telling her to suck. She grabbed Elvira head to drive her to go faster. She kissed her husband’s lips with a passion of two teenage lovers“Mmmmm this reminds me of Paris my Dear” Gomez Said happily think of the memories “The lights, the wine, the food, the glamour”“The screams, the fire the angry mob with all their pitch forks” Morticia said thinking back about the same memory. She put out her hand so he could kissed up her arm like she like. She was had her clitirous in Elvira mouth grinding with pleasant abandon. She moaned, sweat started to build up on her body. They were kissing each other moving back and forth like it was music that both of them can hear. The hand gestures were operatic “Where still bared from the place”“That never stopped us from going anywhere before” Gomez Said thrusting “Do believe our new guess had another climax. How does that Ass Feels you dirty dog. You always were an asshole man, a backdoor bandit..even at prep school, the hot cheerleader had trouble sitting down”“Ohhhhhh Yesssss” Fester Said. He came deep into her asshole, splattering long streams of cum into her ass. He still thrusted in “Yes…such like collegeMorticia saw a bottle of wine left she popped the cork off with her teeth spitting it across the room. She poured it on her chest letting the red wine dripped down her chest. She cupped her breast so Gomez could drink“Age 18 years and goes down fast and wet, just how I like it” Gomez Said. He licked the wine from her breast like a cat licking a bowl of milk. The wine mixed with the taste of her sweat making an exotic and sweet taste. He continue to feel Elvira wet pussy sucked him in and out massaging him with her pussy muscles “Ahhhhhh sweet nectar of the Goddess”“Oh my Lord….this woman is Mozart with her tongue. That it suck me, suck me right there. Going to make me cum again. Ahhhhhhhhhh yess…here it cums. Mmmmm that it my girl. Lick up all those Juices. Higher higher…Lower Ahhhhhhhhhh Yes right there…fuck cumming”“Ahhhhhhhh fuck” Gomez Said slamming deep inside her. He came deep into her pussy and pulled out hitting Elvira face“Suck it…suck my clit whore” Morticia Said. She put her pussy on her face as was humping her up and down closing her legs around her “Ohhhhhhhhhh Yes…HIGHER…right there. Lick my cunt. You making me cum again” Morticia Said being hit with a multiple climax.“Mmmm you guys just made my favorite pie…CREAM” Elvira Said. She ran her finger across her pussy taking some gobs of cum and licked it“Do believe we created a monster…my dear” Gomez Said to his wife and I like itShe got up looking at Elvira with both her holes dripping with cum. Morticia motion Lurch over. She bent over and spread her cheeks. Morticia had plenty of curves resembling and Eric Stanton drawings. She looked back at him“Fuck me you b**st. Fuck me as hard as you can..and make sure it 5 times harder then you fuck her” Elvira said. “Yes mistress” Lurch Said taking a running started. He slammed his cock deep inside her, hearing a gushing sound as he pulled her hair. He heavy tits was slamming across the table as she slammed her down. His heavy balls hitting her like two gigantic medicine balls. He thrust grabbing her arms and pulling her up. Her pussy juices dripped down his cock as he let years of frustration out, years of teasing and cuckolding. He bang with a force that shook that ground “Yes Take it mistress“Ohhhhhhhhh God…Your cock is truly massive” Morticia Said, as she felt lighter than air. She was slammed on the table breaking it. She smiled back as his cock thrust forward like he was trying to break down wall “Ohhhhhhhh shit harder. You know Your queen needs it long a rough. Don’t your knees buckle on me let. Fuck me you big dumb, handsome Ox”Elvira was standing up kissing Gomez “How does your wife pussy taste on my lips” She Said. She grabbed Gomez and pushed him down on the bed. She motion Fester over and fingered herself showing the cum dripping from her asshole “Come on baby give mama some more”She walked over to Gomez who was laying on the floor with a huge hard on. In the background was his wife being slammed all over the dining room, into the find china and walls as Lurch fucked her till she screamed with pleasure. Elvira was running her hands down her body as she was walking over to Gomez like a cat.“I know normally you scare people off by being ookie, and spooky, and all together kooky..but I like that. I like the dark, the weird and strange. I am the Mistress of the Dark, am I am going to fuck you two boys rotten. I am going to fuck you’re the blazes out of you till you past out. Then going to help your wife take care of that big b**st over there. Then me and you wife going to fuck over your passed out bodies and party the night away. Maybe bring some other men over to finish the Job. Then wait till you get up and started the whole part over again” Elvira Said. She put her foot on his cock and started rubbing it up and down pushing down on her center, giving him a good foot jobShe got on her knees over to Gomez and took his cock between her luscious breast. There disappear in her warm tits as she smashed them together tit fucking him. He moaned as she pushed him down bucking her hips.“Come on Fester…fuck where your brother just came. My pussy is nice and slippery because it filled with you brothers cum” Elvira said. She saw the fat cock coming to her as her tits were gliding up and down on Gomez“Ahhhhhhhhhhh yes” Fester Said thrusting deep into her. He squeezed, fascinated like a rambunctious c***d grinding in and out as he squish her tits like they were play toys “Your quite a nasty slut. Love it…so nasty..such big tits, want to squeeze”“Go ahead big man grabbed a piece” She laughed enjoying the feeling of grinding against him. Fester cock slided easily into her pussy making it a tight fit. She swallowed 14 inches into her pussy like it was nothing feel it with ease. She rubbed his Gomez cock against her breast pulling it out. She stroked it, squeezing it hard “You like see this cock in my tits, want to fuck you so hard while your brother fuck my Dirty pussy. Come on Gomez….fuck my tits”“Ohhhhhhhhhhs god…ohhhhhhh god” Gomez Moan. He started to cum shooting his cream into her bottomless cleavage. He was semi hard. She took it in her mouth and started sucking it, doing amazing things with her tongue do get him hard again “Ohh God”“Mmmmmmmmm never struck you as a religious man. You seem to love big tits. Don’t you pull that dick out. I want at least 2 ejaculations in my tits, Let’s see if you can cum as much as Lurch. Let see if you can’t last as long as your brother” She Said thrusting against Fester grinding him and pulling his cock. She grinded her ass in circle motion making him moan “So you get that fucking cock hard. You get it hard now”“Ohhh Yesss….my dear” He Said his cock getting hard in her mouth as she licked. She pulled it out and gave it a long lick, looking at him in the eye as she did it“That my boy..just how I like a thick hard cock. Going to bury deep into my breast nice and tight, make you cum even harder this time” She Said teasing the cock head. His cock was extra sensitive now. She licked up and down the veins of his cock as it was hard as steal. She started to suck on his balls rolling It around pushing it against her cheeks as she stroked. She squeezed his cock when he was about to cum “Oh no you don’t want that cum in my tits”“OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSS” Morticia meanwhile scream as she was being banged on the floor. Lurch held her head arms down as he fucked her from behind slamming all 22 inches into her ass. She screamed out cumming against him. Her asshole clench “Fuck right there let it out”“Oh God Love you Madame Morticia” Lurch blurted out in Joy as he came in the ass of the woman he long since desire. A heart shot of cum as his fist banged into the marble floor creating a dent as he slammed hard scream. His voice echoed through the room as he continued to bang her hard. Her tits were slammed into the floor. Another climax from him followed causing her to have mini small ones that were like machine gun fire. It felt amazing to Lurch “Ohhhhhhhh God”“Ohhhhhhh You didn’t get to permission to cum a second time may have to take the torture rack out” She Said, knowing deep down her like that“Yes Miss Adams” He SaidShe pulled his cock out and stroked his massive member. She stood on his knees with him and stroked kissing his chest. He moaned ready to cum“Poor dear…your cock so sensitive now…its like torture isn’t it” Morticia Said. He nodded “Bet the slightest touch can cause you to cum.”She gave him a few quick strokes and he came hard shooting the stream across the room. She laughed wickedly as she continue to stroke. Waves of cum shot out of his cock as she was making him cum again and again“So many years in Chastity. Watch my husband and I fucked. Watching with envious eyes as he was able to touch my glorious skin, my smooth thick ass. You watch my ass shake in those tight little dress knowing you wanted me. Why I was quite a wicked devilous woman. Shame on me..teasing a poor gentle, defenseless creature. Making you watch and left blue balled” Morticia Said kissing his chest “You so wanted my tits..my beautiful tits. My eyes, my lips around your cock” She kissed the head of his cock tasting his cum. His cock head was huge. She slurped her tongue deep into his cock hole. It was massive enough to do. She tease the head and devoured it deep into her mouth sucking it down. She gag a bit choking out it before she took it all like a sword swallower“Ohhhhhhhh YesssS” He Said slamming on the wall. He watch Fester cum again in Elvira pussy gritting his teeth as she was tit fucking Gomez to abandon. The feeling of his mistress mouth and the sight of the sex was driving him crazy. He came again. Morticia pulled his cock out nice and slow and wiped her lips. She gargled his cum a bit and swallowed it. His cum was thick and hot.“And now that you have your lady love..it too much. Your body can’t take it, isn’t that right my big dick lover” She Said. He nodded “Well I am afraid it won’t be any break. For my pussy going to be 200 times more intense. I know special tricks…tricks that forbidden by most civilize societies”She pushed him on his back and took him deep inside her. She was riding him up and down faster, letting his balls hit her. She ran her nails across his chest and gave his chest a long lick“I won’t be a break. Soon Elvira..our house guest will finish with the two men…and she shall Join me fucking you silly” Morticia Said. She watch Fester passed out laying on Elvira back as he still fucked her “Poor Fester always the first to go”“Ohhhh God I am cumming” Lurch screamed“Of Course you are my dear” She laughed. She squeeze her breast as she was bouncing up and down. Lurch cum was overflowing in her pussy as he was cumming. “How it going Elvira”“Almost done..just got to finish off your husband” Elvira Said holding Gomez Arms down as she rode him “Little guy lasted longer than I thought”“He does surprise you” Morticia said. She bit her lip as a multiple climax hit herHalf an Hour past. Elvira got up and went by Morticia who was licking Lurch cock. She had him in tight grip. Elvira tits overflowed with cum. Morticia smiled and grabbed her drinking from her tits leaving hickies on her breast“You said something about cleaning that nasty asshole of yours” Elvira Said. She went over and licked her ass hole, sucking the cum out of it with loud slurp as Morticia blew Lurch“Please can’t take any more” Lurch Said“Now now shush” Morticia Said “Our Houseguest wants cock, so don’t be a rude Guess. Elvira be a dear. In a closet get some defibrillators. Will need that”“As you wish” Elvira SaidShe came back in and both girls stood over Lurch. They started tag team his cock licking it from both sides. Watching these two beautiful black hair goddess worked on his cock was amazing. They took turns sucking him and pretested to fight over his cock, each taking gobs of his man Juices. Both could devour it all, balls included. They would kiss swapping cum. Elvira started sucking his balls as Mortica worked on his cock“Qute a tasted Butler you have here” She Said. She was slurprsing letting her spit soaked his cock as she looked in Lurch eyes“Lot of pine apple…makes sure he drinks a few glass every day” Morticia Said “And his salty balls and good chaserThe both had a necklace of cum conneting their mouths with his gigantic member. Elvira whisperes something in Mortica ear. Morticia smiled evily. Elvira open her mouth wide as Mortica was Jerking his cock toward her. She squeezing twisting her hadn up and down sliding the long length of his shaft. His cock was pulsating in her eyes. Elvira stepped back as the long stream of cum hit her mouth as she swallowed it. They laughed enjoying playing game with his penis. Lurch body was shaking as her was climaxing“Going to need that defibliator again” Mortica laughed“Ohhhh Ms Adams your quite q wicked bitch” Elvira smirked cum dripping down her lips“That why you like me“After we finish with here..how about we tag team that Lilly whore” Elvira Said“Splendid idea” Morticia Said30 minutes of cumming he stop moving. Elvira check his pulse and took the defibrillator bringing him back“There you are” Elvira SaidBoth girls had every hole drench in cum and looked down on him“Well boy…your in for a VERY long night” Elvira laughedBoth women laughed evilly as thunder strike