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X-Mass Eve (Jess n Trey prt2)

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X-Mass Eve (Jess n Trey prt2)okay let me start by saying this is a work of fiction. None of the people in this story are real, nor are the situations. That being said..feel free to comment on my writing. But do note I reserve all copy writes. Please forgive any spelling mistakesPlease read Winters kiss (Jess and Tray prt 1)For thoes fans asking for more im sorry it took so long…..Chapter TwoJessica’s knees were still wet, and my dick was still hard when we entered the store. My head was swirling and I felt like a teenager all over again. I mean fuck! Jess and me were both just shy of being past 40. She being only 6 months older then me. Not to mention we havnt seen each other in years and when she shows up… within an hour shes on her knees in the snow sucking my dick? What the fuck was going on? I had a million things running through my mind as we did the last of our grocery shopping. We bantered back and forth as we finished our shopping and gathered our things before heading back out into the cold winter night. I carried two bags of x-mas dinner supplies and Jess carried the last one for me. Our banter soon became somber when the cold touched the bare skin on our faces. As we made our way across the parking lot and headed back to walk into what was now OUR park (see chapter one), I was quietly wondering if she planed on giving me another blowjob in the park. Jess could always read me like a book, because the moment I thought it she piped up.“What the hell Tray. Yer quiet on the way here, and now again on the way back. Am I going to have to suck you off again to get you to speak to me!” Shocked I turned to look at her then quickly to look around to see if anyone was in ear shot. “what the hell Jess?”“What?”“Public!”“Oh right!” she said as she put on a play-full yet serious face and then zipped her lip and saluted me. “Like anyone around here knows who the hell I am Tray.”“Good point.”“Yer such a dork sum times, you know that?”Chuckling I said “That’s why you love me.”Suddenly Jess stopped in her track just as we crossed the road and were ready to enter the park. “It is you know!’ her voice was soft and quiet, but her words hit me with a volume I cant describe. I wanted to turn to her and tell her I loved her so much as well. But we were cousins and…. My mind went blank.“I love you to Jess!” there was no way around it. I had been in love with my cousin all my life.Jess looked up at me, and when I looked back I saw everything in her eyes. Including the happy tears now running down her cheek. Words became pointless at that moment. We both put our bags down and stepped into each others arms and gave each other a lovers embrace. That’s when she looked up at me with thoes eyes and asked me a question that would change my life.“Mmmm this feels good doesn’t it Tray?”“Id be lying if I said it didn’t sweety.” Sweety.. the word had just slipped out as easy as pie, and it felt right.“Can I ask you something?” she said as she kissed me ever so tenderly.“Jess you can ask me anything.” I told herShe got quiet for a moment as she tried to figure out how to word it. And then suddenly the words burst out of her so fast I had to ask her to repeat herself Escort bayan because I didn’t hear it. It just kinda sounded all jumbled.Sighing she took a deep breath…. “I want to make it offical”“Make what offical?” I asked“don’t freak out on me or anything… just think about it. But ummm….”she spoke very slowly and softly now. “I.. ummm.. I want…. I want to make love to you Tray, I have wanted to for years.”Hearing these words spun me so fast I felt like I was going to faint.“Fuck me Jess!” I exclaimed……. “Exactly.” She retorted.“Look Tray i have already sucked your dick…. Just think about it. I meant it. I love you,”At that point all I could do was say “ill think about it.” But I knew if I did my cock would win that argument. I mean… hell she was right she had sucked my cock not long ago, and it had felt…. Right! But now I was feeling a little guilty over the whole thing. Even if I did honestly love her back.it was wrong…. But how can it be wrong I told myself. Love is not an evil thing.We walked back to my grandmothers in silence…. As we did she slipped her small hand into minds and we walked openly as lovers. That is untill we got close to my grandmothers and uncoupled to prevent suspicions.The rest of the evening was a blur for me…. My head was elsewere.Buy the time dinner was over Aunt Patricia and uncle paul had announced they were stay in a hotel down the road because they knew my grandmother didn’t have enough beds. My own dad had claim the spare bedroom for the night. That meant all that was left was an air mattress and the couch.Jess chimed in right on que it seemed. “ill take the couch grandma. Besides… it will give mom n dad alone time.” And she turned to them n made kissy faces. Uncle paul was a man of few words and he sumed it up in one…. Brat! Everyone agreed to be back at my grandmothers by 8am the next morning. To open presents as aunt Patrica and uncle Paul left.Soon my grandmother was off to bed herself. So I dug out the air matress and started to blow it up. Jess waited quietly for everyone to go to bed so she could talk to me more openly. I could tell she was chomping at the bit deep inside. So was I in truth…. Because I had made my desission. And like I said earlyer…. I knew my dick would win this argument.Soon the house was quiet. Jess was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, dad was in the spare room,and my anut and uncle had left. Not to metion my grandmother sleeping away in her room.As Jess was getting ready I pulled the hida bed out of the couch and unfolded it for her. Then I sat there and waited for my cousin. We needed to have this talk all night. And there was no escaping it. As I sat there thinking about everything I started to get hard under my bathrobe. It didn’t help when I saw her come out of the bathroom. She had done her make up before bed in an attempt to please me. It was working. She was wearing nothing but a extra large tee shirt. When she got close to my I caught a wiff of her vannila perfume.She saw me looking at her, and I watched as she crossed the room like a woman intent on a course of action. Untill she stood just in frount of me.“Well?” she asked“we Bayan escort need to talk first” I told her. “and depending on the anwsers will deturmin how far this goes.”“I guess that’s fair… shoot.”Taking in a deep breath I begain… “did you mean it when you said.”“I love you.” She interupted. “Yes.”“Why now after all these years Jess?… and why in general?”“I cant give you a hard and fast answer to thoes questions Trey. It was just time for me to get it off my chest…. Do… do you regreat the park?”“No… gawd no hun. I just don’t want you thinking im just after sum fetish sex taboo. I mean… every time we are apart and come back together its like no time has past. We just pick up were we left off. We just fit.”“Exactly.” She said excitedly.“If we do this. I don’t know if I can handle you going away in two weeks. Because I do love you as well. But if we do this its just going to make things harder.”“Then give me a reason to stay” she was pleading with me at this point.Jess then got on her knees in frount of me… “Please Tray all I have ever wanted is to make love to you”.I don’t know what came over me at that point. It might have been the look in her eyes. Her vanilla perfume. The feelings between us. The thought of her lips around my cock in the park earlyer today…. I opened my bathroabe at that point. Under it I was naked as the day I was born. My cock was already standing at full attention. Words again became unimportant. Jess simply lifted the tee shirt over her head. Under it she wore nothing. Seems we always did think alike.“What do we do if Grandma or your dad find us?” I almost laughed…. “Now your worried?”Jess leaned into me and I layed back down on the bed pulling her on top of me. My hard-on pressed fully against her tummy. Our lips crossed back and forth over each others. Our hands moved slowly up and down each others bodies. We probed each others mouths, and I could feel her breath getting heavier with my own.Her hand had found my cock and she was gently but firmly stroking it for me. “Oh gawd I softly moaned”. Then remembered to keep my volume down as other were in the next rooms. As she stroked me Jess looked down at my 9 inches…. “I wanna taste you again” it wasn’t really a question more like a quiet declaration. She waisted no more time or words. And was now on her knees in frount of me again. But this time it wasn’t just passion and lust. I could feel the difference. Jessica, my cousin, was sucking my cock the way a woman does when she is in love with you. The was that says im not going to stop till you cum in my mouth.“Oh good lord … hold on Jess… stop… not yet…. “ I was trying to catch my breath and stop myself from cumming”. She shook her head no and didn’t stop sucking on me. “Jess stop”…. Another no. “Baby please.” I pleaded…. “When I cum I want to cum inside you.”Suddenly her lips came off my dick. “in me?” she questioned. “let me get a rubber.”Shaking my head “No Jess, if we are going to break all taboos here. And if I am going to get to finaly fuck the one woman I have always wanted more then anything in the world…. I want to go bare back.”“But I might get….”“Sweety like Escort I tried to say…. It’s a chance you take in a real relationship. You know that. And its all or nothing”.“I want it all” she said“good… then get up here (patting the spot beside me) and let me lick your pussy”Giddy and giggling like a couple of k**s. Jess climed back onto the bed and layed on top of her. We kissed over and over. My hands fondled her breast. They were soft and full and perfect. Her areolas were perfectly round and just slightly darker then her olive skin. I began kissing my way down her neck. Nibbling here and there. I soon discovered she likes to have her neck bitten where it meets the shoulder. And I countinued down to her breast. Her nipples stuck out begging for attention.I kisses at them and wrapped my lips around them. Sucking with enough force to let them pop back and forth between my lips. And as they entered my mouth my tounge would flick over them. In time I was kissing downwards again. Below her tits. Across her tummy. Every inch of this woman was mine to explore. And I was not going to waste it. Finaly I had kissed my was so far south I could smell her musk. It wasn’t as heavy as some women’s can be. It seemed almost sweet to me. She was shaved clean. And her lips were a stark pink in contrast to her olive skin.My lips kissed all around yer labia. To her inner thigh. The back over her mound to the other inner thigh. It was my turn to tease her and I was winning. Her body was slowly twisting this way and that in antisipation.“Will you knock it off and just fucking eat me already!” she growled in a low voiceChuckling I plunged my face into her cunt and started licking like a mad man.“OH MY GOD!” she started to yell but had the good sense to do so into a pillow she buried her face into.I lost track of time… I became focused on making this amazing woman cum. I found her clit and licked and sucked on that button for who knows how long. She had her hands on my head pulling my face into her open legs deeper. When I came up for air she pulled me up the length of her and kissed me.then she licked her own juices off my face.“Mmmmmm yummy” she said with that playfull look in her eyes I had always loved.My cock was wet with pre cum. The tip sat just outside of her opening as I lay over her looking into her eyes. “I love you Jess”. Was all I said as I slowly moved my hips forward. Her legs spread wider. I pushed and felt my cock head slip into her body. Followed by the length of my meat stick. As I entered her we looked deep into each other eyes. And I begain to ever so slowly pump my cock into her. With a smile on her face we rolled over so she could ride me. My hips found the pace she set. My hands, one on her hip the other on her breast, our eyes locked.Soon love making gave way to passion and lust. Soon I found her grinding hard into me. I watched as the orgasm shook her from the core. And just as hers was about to end mine begain. And I saw the look of amazment on her face as she could feel the streams of man juice I was dumping inside her womb.“Oh my gawd Tray. We did it.”“And we can do it when ever you want Jess. I love you, you’re my girl now.”“Tray I have always been your girl”.We quickly put on out bedtime attire and got back in bed after that. The rest of the night we spent cuddling. And we fell asleep in each others arms. It was the perfect evening. The problem would come later when we woke up in the morning…. In the same bed.