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Evening with Friends

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We had met a nice couple about our age, we had became quite close with them. One Saturday night we invited Jack and Kate over for dinner. After dinner we all went into the living room, and we sat and talked and drank a few wine coolers.

“Just got a new DVD I want you all to see… ” I say getting up and putting the DVD into the player. You look at me and wink you knew what I was up too. We wanted to have a little fun. The movie started, I sat next to you on the couch and our friends sat on the love seat.

The movie started, soft romantic music, a woman was on her knees in front of her man, unbuckling his belt. He was taking his shirt off. “Is this a dirty movie???” Kate asked.

“No it’s not dirty, it’s romantic… ” I tell her as I feel you start to nibble on my neck… “I like that baby.” I tell you. Kate gives us a funny look but continues to watch the movie. By this time the woman on the screen has her man’s pants and shorts down around his ankles, Jack just watches the screen.

“I don’t know about this… ” Kate says, still looking at the screen.

“Don’t you make love like this… I mean sucking your husband’s cock???” I ask her.

“Well… that’s private… ” she says.

“Well… Ted and I love to watch porn and make love… doesn’t this make you hot watching her licking his cock, running her tongue all over it as she strokes his balls at the same time?”

“This is very hot… ” Jack says finally speaking up, I notice he ‘s rubbing his crotch.

“Are you getting hot over there buddy??” Ted asks him.

“Just a bit… ” he say’s.

I slip down from the couch in front of you and making sure Kate and her husband can see everything, I unzip your jeans and take your hardening cock out. You lift up and take your jeans down to your ankles.

“What are you doing?” Kate asks looking but not taking her eyes away either.

“I’m going to suck my baby’s cock, just like she is doing on the screen.” I tell her, as I lick the head of your cock, barely touching your you. “I love sucking your cock baby… “

I tell you caressing your balls as I start to gently suck the head of your cock. “Yeah baby… ” I hear you tell me. The woman on the screen is licking his cock, sucking on his balls, he has his hands in her hair, holding her down on his cock. I slowly lick my way from the base of your cock all the way to the tip, stopping to swirl my tongue all over the head of your hard cock.

“Suck Jack’s cock if you’d like… we’re all adults here… ” you tell Kate, Jack can’t get undressed fast enough. “Come on hon, you know you like my cock.” Jack tells her, Kate sighs and gets down on the floor in front of Jack and I look over and she shyly takes his cock into her mouth.

“Suck his cock, suck him good.” I tell her, as I continue to suck you, feeling you getting harder. I love the feel of your hard cock in my mouth baby. You pull my tee shirt over my head. I’m not wearing a bra, my nipples are getting hard. You rub my tit’s pinching my nipples,feels so good. “See… you do ümraniye escort like sucking cock… ” you tell Kate, she is getting into sucking Jack’s cock. “Baby… get undressed… ” you tell me, I stand up and get undressed, you pull me to you and lick and suck my nipples,teasing me. “Oh yes… “I tell you.

“Lay down on the floor, so they can see… ” you tell me. I lay down on the floor naked. I can feel my pussy getting wet, just the way you like it. “Spread your legs… ” I do as I am told, spreading my legs wide, so they can see my pussy. You kneel next to me and put a pillow under my head, “Suck my cock baby… ” I reach up and stroke your balls, then licking them, gently taking them into my mouth one at a time as I feel you caress my tits.

“Get undressed… ” Jack tells Kate, she stands up and gets undressed, and lays down on the floor also.

I love the feel of your balls in my mouth baby, sucking them as I stroke your cock. “That’s it Kate suck his cock… ” you tell her. I go back to sucking you slowly. Taking your cock deeper, teasing you. I lick and suck your cock, loving it. I can hear Jack moaning as Kate sucks his cock and strokes his balls. “Switch… ” you tell them. They look at us, “Why not, we’ve went this far… ” Jack says as he pulls his cock from her mouth.

“Kate I want to watch you suck Ted’s cock.” Jack tells her.

“Are you sure?” she asks him, sounding as she isn’t quite sure she should.

“If they can be this secure in their relationship to switch we can too.” Jack tells her, getting up and walking over to where we are. You take your cock away from me, “Come on Kate have some fun.” I tell her.

“Well okay, if you’re sure.” she says walking over and getting down on her knees in front of you as Jack walks over and stands in front of me. I make the first move, taking his cock in my hand,stroking him,licking the underside of his cock. “Are you sure you’re okay with this Ted?” Jack says as I look over and Kate is stroking your cock. “Go on Kate, it’s okay really… we’ve wanted to do this for a long time, we love each other enough to want to see each other have a good time and explore” you tell her, “Just good friends enjoying being together”

I am sucking on the head of his cock, knowing you’re watching me, makes me so hot baby.

“Oh she’s good… ” Jack tells you, as I take another inch of his cock in my mouth.

“I know she is, she’s the best… ” you tell him giving me a wink. I watch Kate slowly lick you all over, stroking you as she licks the head of your cock.

“You like sucking Jack’s cock baby, is it good??” you ask me as you start thrusting in and out of her mouth, fucking her.

“Yes… ” I say as I watch her sucking you. Love knowing it is turning you on for me to suck another man’s cock. We continue like this for awhile, taking our time not wanting to cum yet. We’re all getting hot, my pussy is so wet and I wonder if Kate is as wet as I am.

I pull away from Jack’s cock, I look at Kate. “I want her… ” I say.

Kate pendik escort pulls away from your cock and looks at me. “What did you say?”

“I said I want you… I want to eat your pussy so they can watch… ” I say direct and to the point, I have been wanting her all night.

“I’ve never done that… I mean with another woman.” she says.

“Give it a try, you might like it… ” you tell her, “If she eats pussy as good as she sucks cock

you’re in for a treat, right Jack?” You say, sitting back on the couch, “Come on Jack, let’s watch”

He joins you on the couch, Kate lay’s down on the floor with a pillow under her head. I bend over her, rubbing her small tits, the nipples are so hard. I lick one and take it into my mouth, sucking on it as I rub the other one. I love this, knowing this is turning you on so much, I lick and suck my way down her body, she can’t help but start to move a bit. I glance up and you and Jack are stroking your cocks.

“See… you do like it… ” Jack tells her.

I get between her legs, and lick her thighs, working my way closer and closer to her wet pussy.

“Yes baby, lick that pussy, you’ve been wanting to do that for so long… ” I hear you tell me.

I look up and you are busy stroking your cock, I gently spread the lips of her wet pussy, teasing her with the tip of my tongue. She moans and spreads her legs wider. I start to lick her slowly,slipping my tongue inside of her. She taste so good baby, love eating pussy almost as much as I love to suck your cock. I slide one then two fingers inside of her pussy, God she is so tight. Feels so good. I finger her as I lick her pussy, teasing her . She is moaning and holding onto me as I finger her. “Yes… oh fuck yes… so good.” Kate says as I flick my tongue over her most sensitive area. She is moving,not able to lay still. The hotter she gets the more I lick and suck her hot wet pussy.

I slip my hand down between my legs wanting to touch myself, my pussy is so wet.

“Fuck her… ” you tell Jack.

“What?” he asks.

“Fuck my baby girl, she needs some cock, and I’m going to fuck Kate.” you say getting up and moving over to where Kate and I are.

I move away from Kate, laying on my back. “Come on Jack… fuck me… ” I tell him as you bend over Kate and she takes your hard cock into her mouth, sucking on you.

I watch as you move over her, you rub your cock across her wet pussy, “Fuck her baby… ” I tell you. I spread my legs wide for Jack, “Come on Jack, fuck me… ” I tell him, wanting him inside of me.

I watch as you slowly ease your cock just inside of her wet hole, you pull back, “Give it to her baby… fuck her… ” You look at me lovingly and slowly give her your hard cock. Jack pushes his cock inside of me. You fuck Kate slow, taking your time, I can tell she is enjoying your cock baby.

“Fuck me… come on fuck me.” Kate says suddenly.

Jack starts to fuck me a bit deeper and faster, feels so good.

“You’re pussy is so tight around my bostancı escort cock… “you tell Kate, fucking her faster and harder. We’re all moaning and fucking, feels so good baby. “Turn them over… “you tell Jack. Kate and I both turn over, on hands and knees, love getting pounded doggy. I feel Jack sinking his cock into my pussy as you give Kate your cock. “Fuck… yes… fuck me… ” I hear Kate exclaim, I watch as you grab her by her hips and pound her deep and hard.

I feel Jack deep inside me , wanting him to fuck me. “Come on Jack… fuck me… fuck me hard… “

I beg him, we look over at each other, knowing we are enjoying ourselves but knowing how much we love each other. “Fuck her baby… I love to watch you fucking her… makes me so hot… ” I tell you. Jack starts to pound my pussy hard and fast. “Oh yeah Jack… fuck my baby good, make her cum… ” you tell him as you ram your cock inside of Kate. Somehow I reach under Kate and reach for her wet pussy. She is so wet, I can feel you fucking her. “Give her your cock baby… ” I rub her harder, she goes crazy. Jack is still fucking me fast and hard.” I’m going to cum… ” she cries out, “Don’t stop… don’t fucking stop… ”

I can tell I’m getting close too, I want to cum the same time she does. We are both being pounded deep and hard. “Fuck… fuck… fuck… I’m cumming baby, oh yeah… he’s making me cum… ” I moan it is so good, Kate and I are cumming at the same time, we’re moaning and climaxing , you bury your cock inside of her as Jack does the same to me.

“Oh yeah… that’s it… cum all over my cock… ” You tell Kate as she cums over and over.

“Take it, take my cock… ” Jack says as he holds his cock deep inside of me.

You both pull out of us and we lay back, you both stroke your cocks. “Suck me… ” You tell me as I crawl over to you,and take your throbbing cock in my mouth. Sucking you deep, in and out of my mouth, you hold my head and slowly fuck my mouth. God, I love sucking your cock baby. Kate also gets in front of Jack and sucks his cock, licking him taking him deep.

You fuck my mouth, “Loved watching you eat pussy baby, and sucking his cock and getting fucked by another man was so hot.” You tell me, giving me every inch of your cock, I can see Kate taking his cock. “We’ll have to do this again Ted, had a great time, maybe do some more exploring next time, I’ve always wanted to suck a cock, take cum and swallow it.” Jack says.

“So have I… ” you say, I can feel your cock getting harder. I know you’re going to cum soon, yes baby, give me your cock, fill my mouth with your cum. “Fuck… yes… take it… take it baby swallow my cum… ” I hear you tell me as your cum fills my mouth, I swallow it all, every drop.

“Come on Kate… suck it, make me cum… yeah… just like that… oh fuck… here it cums… ” Jack says as he fills her mouth with cum, giving it all to her.

Later we’re all dressed again, all very satisfied and happy.

“Ted, you had this planned didn’t you?” Jack asks you.

“Don’t look at me… “you say pointing at me… “My baby girl planned this one.”

“Guilty… but we did have a good time… ” I admit.

“Well this gives a whole new meaning to dinner and a movie with friends… ” Kate says with a laugh.