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Girls Who Like Girls

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It was that great summer between school and the rest of our lives. Linda, my best friend, was the smart one. She’d been awarded a scholarship to a top university. As for me, I was just hanging around, figuring that I’d decide what to do eventually. My parents had told me that they expected me to either get a job or start training for a profession come September, but it was June and we were 18 years old and free.

I spent most days at Linda’s. They had a pool and her dad was a workaholic, a fact that had driven her mother away a few years earlier and she was now travelling the country with her new trucker husband. My parents were happy for me to go there. Linda and I had been best friends since the first grade and they always considered her a good influence. They had no idea what influence she’d been on me.

We’d both lost our virginities on prom night, in adjoining motel rooms. Later on that night we’d switched boys and fucked again, much more pleasurable the second time. Even later that night, with our dates passed out, Linda and I had started making out. She looked so hot in the nude. Her mother was Italian and Linda had inherited her dark colours and olive skin. She’d also inherited a massive pair of tits. Full and heavy D-cups, topped with dark nipples that begged you to suck them. Like me, she waxed her pussy regularly to stay smooth. I’m an inch taller than Linda, I’m 5’7″, and I’m her opposite, colour wise. I have very pale skin with a lot of freckles. My hair is bright red and I have pale green eyes. A similarity between us is that I too have big tits. They were never as big as Linda’s, but that summer they were perky C-cups with pink peaks.

After prom we kind of stopped dating boys. There were a few times, so as not to worry our parents, and we got more used to fucking guys, but our main pleasure came from fucking each other. We’d started out innocently enough with kissing and tit play. Then we started finger fucking each other. Then we started eating each other’s pussies. Nowadays we’d start with baby oil and end up fucking each other with strap-ons. I still had a very strong sexual attraction to men, but I was starting to think that Linda didn’t. She loved to fuck me from behind with a giant black strap-on cock, but she herself much preferred it if I just ate her. I didn’t mind. I loved her and I loved what we shared.

One day towards the end of June we were by Linda’s pool and I had her head between my thighs. I kept pulling my nipples and panting real loud. Linda was eating me so good. Her tongue kept flicking my engorged clit and then moving to my hungry hole, lapping up my juices and then tongue fucking me. I was in heaven.

“Oh yeah, baby,” I panted. “Eat my pussy, drink my juices!”

Linda responded by grabbing one of our many dildos and slowly sliding it inside my tight cunt as she teased my clit. I knew I was going to cum soon. She was such a good lover. She knew all the right buttons to push and boy, did she push them. Soon she was fucking me hard and fast and all the while she kept licking and sucking my clit. A sudden movement caught my eye and I looked over towards the house. In the doorway stood Linda’s dad and his hand was gripping his crotch. Rather than being disgusted at what was going on, he was turned on by our show. I decided to make it more interesting. I pulled my legs up towards my chest, giving Linda more access to my pussy and allowing her to fuck me deeper with that dildo. It also gave Mr Morrison a better view of my pussy.

The excitement of being watched by the father of the girl who was fucking me took its toll though and too soon I cried out as I reached a heavenly orgasm, my whole body in spasm under Linda. Before I let her pull the dildo out I grabbed her and helped her slide up my oiled up body to kiss me. Our tits squished against each other as we devoured each other’s mouths. Just as I was about to make Linda turn her head to see her dad, he seemed to sense my intentions and stepped back into the darkness. Linda and I finished off what we were doing and just as we were done we heard a car door slam and after enough time for us to slip into our bikinis and hide the dildos, Mr Morrison entered.

“Hello girls!” he greeted us with a smile. “The air conditioning at the office is broken so I’ll be working from home this afternoon.”

Linda skipped up and kissed her dad. “I was just getting us a cold drink,” she chirped, relieved that her dad hadn’t arrived 10 minutes earlier. “Do you want one?”

“Yes,” he nodded. “I’ll come with you.”

He walked with Linda towards the house and as he cast a last glance towards me, I pulled my bikini bra down and showed him a nipple. He just smiled and followed Linda.

During the next couple of days I started noticing things. Almost every day, around lunchtime, I thought I could see a shadow moving ümraniye escort around in the house. It excited me that Mr Morrison was watching us and I started planning our wildest sex to that time. It was always at lunchtime that Linda fucked me with the strap-on. It was always at lunchtime that we 69’ed each other. It was always at lunchtime that we oiled each other up and play wrestled. The further it went, the more I got turned on by the idea of being watched by Mr Morrison rather than fucking Linda. I knew I had to have him.

At 42 years of age, Mr Morrison was a good looking guy. He was 6′ tall and he was blonde with blue eyes. He was very fit for someone who spends most of his day in the office and I knew from the past that he had a virtually hair free chest. From what I’d seen, I also gathered that he had a very large cock, a fact that preoccupied me more and more. I wanted him. I not only wanted him, but I wanted to fuck him and his daughter at the same time. I finally got the opportunity a week into July. My parents were going out of town for a long weekend so I asked Linda if it’d be OK to stay at her place.

“Why don’t I go and stay with you at your house?” she asked, a perfectly reasonable question. But I was prepared.

“No can do, babe,” I smiled and kissed her.

“But think of all the fun we can have all alone in your house, nobody to come and disturb us at night.”

“I wish,” I said. “But the Forresters are having their house painted so they’re going to stay there while my parents are away.”

Linda didn’t ask any more questions and it was OK with her dad that I stayed. That Friday night Mr Morrison had gone on a date and Linda and I were alone in her bedroom. I was the last to enter it and I didn’t quite close the door, but left a gap. She came up to me and started caressing my tits through the sheer fabric of my babydoll.

“You’re so sexy in this,” she purred as she tweaked my nipples. “I can’t wait to take if off you.”

She didn’t waste any time and soon we were naked, tits to tits, nipples to nipples. We were kissing each other violently as I noticed the headlights of Mr Morrison’s car entering the driveway. I prayed that he wasn’t bringing his date home.

“Linda, babe,” I whispered against her lips. “I want to taste your pussy, I’m so horny, let’s 69.”

She was all for it and it was my time to go on top. She lay down on her bed and I straddled her face and looked up, I had a perfect view of the door. I parted Linda’s legs and dove in. We were mimicking each other’s actions. I fucked her with my tongue and she licked my clit, then she fucked me with her tongue and I bit her clit. It was wonderful. I knew I’d never be eaten as good as she ate me. Then I looked up and Mr Morrison was in the doorway, grabbing his crotch once again. I started finger fucking Linda and looked up. My face was glistening with her pussy juices and my tits hung heavy from my chest as my eyes met Mr Morrison’s. I smiled at him and licked my lips suggestively, not once stopping the finger fucking that I was giving Linda. Then I mouthed to him, “Come here”. He shook his head at first. I mouthed again, “Please”, and pouted. He smiled and walked over as quietly as he could.

I kept positioning myself so that Linda couldn’t see what was going on beyond my ass, and with my free hand I touched Mr Morrison’s bulge and motioned for him to unzip. He did that and pulled his cock out. It was a monster, as big as our biggest dildo. I opened my mouth and started sucking him. He tasted wonderful. I sucked him hard and I was overcome with my feelings. Linda was eating me so good that I could hardly think straight. I started cumming, but my cries were muffled by Mr Morrison’s cock. I stopped finger fucking Linda as I came and then I reached up to feel Mr Morrison’s cock with both hands. As soon as my orgasm had passed, Linda slid out from under my pussy and she was shocked by what she saw.

“Daddy!” she exclaimed. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Linda, honey,” he begged. “I came home, you two were so hot to watch, and then Jill told me to come in and started sucking my cock. She’s so hot, I couldn’t help myself.”

“She is hot, isn’t she,” Linda agreed. “Wait till you feel her cunt. It’s unbelievably tight and always dripping wet.”

“You’re not angry?”

“No, daddy. I couldn’t resist her either. She obviously fancies you, so I’m happy to share. I’ll even let you eat my pussy, and I might suck your cock, at least while you fuck Jill, but I won’t let you fuck me.”

“That’s OK Linda, it wouldn’t be right.”

“Fuck what’s right. Jill might be bi, but I’m a lesbian, daddy.”

“Oooooooooh Jill,” Mr Morrison moaned. “I’m gonna cum down your throat if you go on like that.”

I kept sucking him and playing around with his cock with my tongue. He pendik escort finally pulled out and started getting undressed. He laughed at my disappointment.

“I have somewhere much better in mind for cumming. Why don’t you park yourself on your hands and knees and eat my daughter’s pussy.”

Linda immediately lay on her back and parted her legs wide, opening up her dark wet folds for me to dive in. I ran my tongue the length of her slit and she moaned and kneaded her tits in response. I then flicked her clit with my tongue and I could see how she loved it. I slowly placed my lips against her wet lips and entered her hole with my tongue. She cried out with joy as my tongue snaked itself deeper inside her snatch.

I was running my tongue around her plentiful pussy lake when I felt a snap against my ass. It wasn’t Mr Morrison’s hand, although I quite fancied being spanked by him. Then I felt it again, it was hard, hot and wet. It was his lovely cock. I felt it again, against my wet snatch and then I felt his big head against my opening. I pushed back a little to get him inside me, but he just chuckled and moved away. I pushed back further, earning a cry of protest from Linda as my mouth left her pussy. I started licking her again and I nearly cried out loud in frustration about not getting his juicy cock into my hungry cunt.

Then when I was least expecting it he impaled me on his powerful shaft. In one heavy stroke he penetrated me and filled me completely. I cried into Linda’s cunt as I was filled better than ever before. He stayed inside me for the longest time, pushing himself deeper, grinding himself into me, possessing me completely. I loved it. The he slid outside, moving easily as he was totally lubricated by my dripping cunt. Just as I thought he was going to withdraw completely he slammed himself back inside me. I was in heaven as he started picking up the pace and fucking me harder and harder.

Each one of Mr Morrison’s thrusts into my welcoming cunt sent me charging at Linda’s pussy. Mr Morrison and I soon established a rhythm and this carried over to my eating Linda’s ready cunt. Her loud pants could have been mine. I was in heaven with the cock that was fucking me fast and furiously from behind and I ate Linda with more excitement than I’d ever felt. Soon I was slurping up a steady stream of her juices and I started entering her cunt with one finger, then two. It wasn’t long before I was fisting her while flicking her clit with my tongue. With a loud shriek, Linda came and convulsed around my hand.

As Linda was cumming right before her daddy’s eyes Mr Morrison started fingering my clit and it was all I could take. I finally gave in and my face crashed against Linda’s wet snatch as I cried out the violent orgasm that was now possessing my body. Mr Morrison didn’t stop fucking me. He pumped me throughout that powerful orgasm. As soon as I’d stopped cumming he pulled out.

“On your back Jill,” he barked at me and I wasn’t slow to follow his orders.

I got on my back and held up my legs for him. My cunt was gaping wide as he’d only just pulled out and his cock dove straight back in. I rested my legs on his shoulders as he leaned forward to kiss me before fucking me again, harder and faster than before, each thrust slamming into my clit and bouncing my tits.

“Oh yeah, daddy,” Linda observed us as she played with my tits. “Fuck Jill real good. I’ve tried fucking her with a strap-on and it’s great.”

“I know,” he panted in reply. “I’ve seen you.”

Linda giggled and started kissing me as her dad fucked me. I was in paradise. Linda was kissing me and pleasuring my tits and her dad was filling my cunt more than I ever thought was possible. This was what fucking was meant to be like. The room was filled with the slurping and squishing sounds of us all exchanging body fluids. Nobody talked and everybody panted.

“Mr Morrison,” I moaned against Linda’s lips and she started kissing my neck so that I could speak. “I need to cum again.”

“Cum, baby,” he encouraged me. “Cum with my big fat cock inside you and I’ll give you a huge gift.”

His words allowed me to let go of my last bit of restraint and I nearly screamed as the next orgasm took over my body. Just as I was shaking at my most, Mr Morrison made one final powerful thrust into my hungry cunt and he started shooting his load inside me. I could feel his hips shooting forward with each squirt and it was an eternity before he was done emptying his balls into my womb. He finally pulled out and took me in his arms, kissing me and teasing my tits. Linda moved behind me and parted my legs. She slipped her tongue inside my slit and drank her daddy’s cum that was mixed with my juices. We finally fell asleep with me sandwiched between my two lovers.

The next morning we all showered together bostancı escort before Mr Morrison gave me and Linda the job of making breakfast, naked. He decided that in view of our newfound intimacy clothes would just ruin the mood so he sat back and read the paper as we fooled around in the kitchen. Linda and I kept pinching each other and giggling and rubbing our tits with cooking oil before pressing them against each other. By the time breakfast was served Mr Morrison’s cock was poking up over the table.

“Looks like daddy’s going to need some pussy when we’ve eaten,” Linda observed. “That might create a problem.”

“Why, baby?” Mr Morrison asked.

“Because she was my pussy first and I want her too,” she pouted.

“I love your dad’s cock, Linda,” I said. “I want it in my cunt.”

“Easy there girls,” Mr Morrison stopped us. “I know exactly what to do next. Squirt some more oil on your tits and follow me to the bedroom.”

When we got to the bedroom Mr Morrison was lying in the centre of the bed, with his hand around his huge shaft. We looked at him.

“Jill, baby,” he said, “I want you to ride me. And Linda, if you straddle my face and let me eat your sweet pussy I’ll let you have a taste of Jill when you’ve cum.”

That sounded fair to us and we climbed up. I slowly lowered myself onto that powerful pleasure shaft as Linda straddled her dad’s face. We both had a look of satisfaction on our faces as I started riding the big cock in my cunt and Mr Morrison’s tongue entered Linda’s soaking hole. Our oiled up tits clashed against each other and soon we were kissing each other violently and I swear at one point we even forgot the man underneath us who was giving our cunts such pleasure with his cock and tongue. We came almost simultaneously. I broke our embrace and cried out and then Linda joined me as a shivering mess.

As soon as we’d recovered from our orgasms, Linda stepped off her dad’s face and he lifted me off his hips. He made me get on all fours and he entered me from behind. Then he parted my legs wide before pulling me up by my tits. He kneaded my tits and tweaked my nipples as Linda manoeuvred herself into position between my legs and started licking my pussy that was being fucked by her dad.

The wonderful sensations overcame me and I didn’t think I could stay up, but Mr Morrison had me in his arms. He was kissing and sucking my neck and he fucked me faster and faster.

“Are you ready to cum yet, baby?” he whispered in my ear.

“Oh yeah,” I panted back. “I can’t take this much longer. You’re fucking me so good.”

“Cum for me, baby, cum all around my cock!”

I moaned louder and louder and then, with Linda flicking her tongue across my clit, I came. Mr Morrison pushed himself deep, stopped and shot another massive load inside me. Linda kept licking our union throughout our joint orgasm and this only prolonged our ecstasy. When we were finally done cumming Mr Morrison kept holding me tight by my tits.

“Are you ready, Linda,” he called out before kissing me deeply.

Linda replied with a thumbs up and then he slowly started pulling out. I could feel first my own juices dripping down into Linda’s mouth and then as his cock finally left me, leaving a gaping big hole over Linda’s mouth, a cocktail of his cum and my juices gushed out of me and into Linda’s mouth. She didn’t swallow, but got up on her knees in front of me and leaned in to kiss me. Our tits met and Mr Morrison wrapped his arms around us both as Linda’s lips met mine and she shared her daddy’s cum with me.

The rest of the weekend disappeared into a blur. I was Mr Morrison’s cum bucket and Linda and I ate each other’s pussies at every available opportunity. When my parents came back I asked them if I could stay with Linda for the rest of the summer before she went off to university and they agreed. In August Mr Morrison took us on a trip. He and I got married on a deserted beach with Linda as my maid of honour. My parents nearly died when I returned as Mrs Morrison and wouldn’t speak with us for half a year, but at least it took the question of my future education off their list of worries. Mr Morrison, or Jack as I now call him, didn’t worry about that. I was already two months pregnant by then. We believe our daughter was conceived that first weekend together.

It’s been nearly 12 years and I’m about to turn 30 now. I’ve had three more children, all boys, by my husband and we’re still fucking like rabbits – occasionally inviting another woman to join us. Linda’s mother complained that her husband was a workaholic. He’s not. It’s just that Linda’s mother was a bore in bed so he spent all that time from home fucking around. He’s never needed to do that since we’ve been together. If you’re wondering what happened to Linda, she did go off to university shortly after her dad and I got married. She stayed on till she got a PhD and she came home for every holiday and shared our bed. When she finally left school she met the woman of her dreams and they’re now living together and they have two children. All’s well that ends well.