Mayıs 13, 2024

Four-Poster Fuckfest

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She looked good in her new underwear: a white and lacy bra pushing her large breasts up and together, French knickers highlighting the delicious curves of her cute arse. Her red hair hung loose around her pretty face, brushing her shoulders. She looked innocent and sweet – ready to be corrupted!

I walked slowly towards her, maintaining eye contact as I drew closer. She parted her lips slightly and lent forward to kiss me. Quick as a flash, I thrust a hand forward, grabbing a fistful of her hair and yanking her head to one side. She gasped as I pushed my mouth roughly against hers, my stubbled chin scratching at her delicate skin. Tangling her hair in my fingers I growled into her ear, “Lay on the fucking bed. Now.”

Deliberately and provocatively, she sauntered over to the four-poster. Her pert posterior wiggled as she walked, her hair flicking from side to side as she looked seductively over her shoulder. She clambered onto the high mattress, round arse high in the air. I took five purposeful strides over to the bed and grabbed her roughly. “Don’t fuck me about, Chloe. I’m in charge here. Lie down and don’t play any fucking games with me.”

Chastened, she lay back on the bed with a pathetic pout. I grabbed her left wrist, then her right, pinioning them behind her head. Reaching behind the headboard I pulled out the leather restraints and looped them around her wrists. I pulled them tight enough to hurt and secured her to the posts. Just as quickly, I moved to the bottom of the bed, spread her long legs wide and fastened her ankles to the bottom bedposts. She looked so fucking hot: beautiful soft underwear, flame-red hair spread out over the white pillows, limbs spread-eagled and pinned to each corner of the bed.

Reaching underneath the mattress I pulled out a leather-handled suede flogger. I trailed it gently up her left leg, from foot to thigh. Chloe moaned, her breathing heavy as I reached her hip, tummy and tits. I continued to tickle and tease her, swirling and moving the fronds of the flogger over her prone body. Then, with a flick of the wrist I cracked bomonti escort the flogger down over the top of her thighs. She squealed and her body tightened. Another flick of the wrist across her taut tummy elicited another squeal. Over and over I flicked and whipped her – never hard enough to hurt, but firmly enough to ensure a criss-cross of tingling red marks over her pale body.

I stopped, ready to implement the next stage of my plan and her tense body began to relax. I moved onto the bed, straddling her with my knees planted either side of her hips. Leaning down, I pulled her hair hard, exposing her neck which I kissed hungrily. My hands roughly squeezed her large breasts, pushing them together and massaging them through her underwear. “Undress me,” she begged.

With Chloe shackled to the bed, there was no way to remove her pants and bra without untying her – and there was no way that was going to happen. Instead, I pulled the cups of her bra down over her breasts. Chloe had an outrageous 32dd chest with beautifully pale pink nipples. I sunk my mouth over her tits, sucking them hard the way she liked it. My teeth clamped hard around a nipple, flickering my wet tongue over it as I sucked it hard into my mouth.

“Ouch, that hurts,” protested Chloe. “Don’t you fucking dare stop.”

My hot mouth moved from breast to breast leaving wet trails of saliva on her hardening nipples. Alternating between gentle kissing and biting, Chloe squirmed on the bed, straining against her shackles in an attempt to thrust her breasts further into my mouth.

I stopped suddenly and moved away from Chloe entirely, quickly shedding my clothes and standing naked at the foot of the bed – admiring the view of my slut spread across the bed. The crotch of her knickers was damp – a wet stain spreading across the inviting gap between her legs. My hard cock throbbed between my legs, desperate to feel her touch.

Climbing onto the bed I straddled her face, pushing my swollen head straight into her mouth. Her lips parted wetly and I slipped inside, cihangir escort feeling the instant heat as she swirled her tongue around my cock. I pulled out the wet tip, sliding it over her bottom lip and chin before pushing it deeper into her open mouth. She sucked and hummed in delight, pushing her mouth up higher to take more of me inside her.

I removed my slippery dick from her mouth and slapped it across her cheek, rubbing it in the sticky saliva marks it left behind. I examined her whole face with my cock, rubbing it across her nose and eyes before slamming it deep into the back of her throat. She gagged slightly as I pushed hard, wet wells springing up in her eyes as I facefucked her.

I pistoned my cock in and out of her mouth, pulling it all the way out and then slamming it back in to the hilt. As I nudged the back of her throat she extended her tongue to lick my smooth balls – hot juices slipping down and dropping onto her already wet chest. Not ready to cum yet, I pulled away and moved my sticky cock down to her tits, circling her pink nipples with the smooth end of my dick. She gasped for breath, desperate to dry the tears and saliva running down her face – but there would be no respite for my slutty girlfriend.

I moved between her legs, kneeling and facing her. Her wet knickers were a barrier we could both do without – and I grabbed them at her hips, pulling them hard. They bit into her skin, unyielding as I tried to tear them from her body. She screamed in pain, but I tugged harder and harder until eventually the seams popped and they came away from her body.

She sobbed in pain at the red welts caused by the friction burns I’d caused on her hips and thighs – so I took the wet knickers and stuffed them into her mouth to shut her up. Her shaved pussy looked beautiful – puffy swollen slips slick with her wetness and spread wide apart. I slapped her lightly with my flattened fingertips, repeatedly hitting her wet clit as she made muffled moans through the damp knickers.

Without warning I shoved two fingers kurtuluş escort knuckle deep in her cunt. They slipped in so easily that I instantly added a third, curling them up inside her to find her g-spot. I started to pump my hand in and out of her, rubbing the front wall of her pussy as she squirmed and wriggled. Her wetness dribbled out of her, coating her upper thighs as it slid down into her ass and dripped onto the bed. I’d never known a woman so wet – and she was about to get a lot wetter.

My other hand moved to her clit, rubbing it in circular motions as I banged my digits in and out of her. Her muffled groaning was music to my ears as I relentlessly powered my fingers deep into her. She pushed back as far as she could, grinding her cunt against me, attempting to meet my thrusts with her own.

My fingers grew wetter and slicker, sliding easily in and out. I pushed all four of my digits together, pushing the whole lot deeper inside of her, stretching her gorgeous pink lips around my hand. I fucked and fucked her before, at last, her thighs started to shake and tremble, heralding a massive orgasm which ripped through her body.

As she shuddered and shook, her cunt erupted, squirting her wetness all over my hand and forearm, soaking straight into the bedsheets. As she jolted and jerked she worked the panties out of her mouth, screaming my name as she came for a second time. I pulled my hand from her and sat back, watching her soaked cunt twitch as her orgasm moved through her body. She was absolutely drenched in sweat and her own wetness, trembling and shaking as she whimpered in delight.

Unable to resist temptation, I decided to add my own juices to the mix. Reaching up, I untied her hands and ordered her to rub her wet clit. With her hands free, she reached down to her pussy, one hand stretching herself open while the other rubbed her clit. She was ultra-sensitive, close to coming as soon as she touched herself.

I knelt between her legs, looking directly into her eyes as I took my thick shaft in my hand. I looked her in the face, jerking my cock in long strokes. “I want your fucking come so bad,” moaned Chloe just as I shot my hot, sticky load straight over her cunt. Long, thick ropes of sperm spattered her wetness and fingers and she rubbed it into herself – a beautiful, sticky mess which I admired for a long time before finally deciding to untie her.