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House Sitting Desdemonas

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Written by Coolchick, Othello and myself.



I stare at the address, double checking the card in my hand. I could be wrong, completely wrong.

Looking again at the card it reads:

Othello Soliloquy, Esq..
Sword Publishing, CEO
N423 W1567 Bear Garden Theatre Rd
Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, England.
Locations: Venice, Great Britain, United States

I am incredulous. The ad read “House Sitter Needed”. I cannot believe my good luck. Looking up from the card, standing in the middle of the driveway it matches a huge mansion, and English Tudor with large timbers and white plaster walls, turrets and small spires that point toward the sky.

I responded to the post, needing a place to stay for the summer while completing my masters degree in Mediterranean Art Studies at Oxford. I realize that perhaps I have underdressed for this occasion. Nice slacks and a shirt, I wished I had taken the time to wear a skirt and a blouse. Too late to change now, I walk up the driveway.

The English Garden that takes up the entire front lawn is beautiful. Fountains and some pieces of sculpture, one of perfectly formed Geese pulling grass from the lawn is in bronze. The other of a young child getting ready to throw a ball for an eager springer spaniel.

There are hedges and flowers lining the walkway. I can only hope there is a “Maze of the Minataur” somewhere on the back grounds.

I make it to the front door, nervous and practically shaking I lift the brass lion headed knocker on the huge wooden door. The booming noise that follows surprises even me at it’s deep and full ringing.

I fold my hands before me, and wait. Shortly after, I hear foot steps and the tumbling of the lock of the door opening, then the decisive wrought iron sound of the swinging open of the door.

It is opened by a devestatingly handsome gentleman, about late thirties to very early fourties. Incredible dark skin with incredible piercing eyes, full mouth and dark liquid eyes. About my height, the suit he wears. perfectly tailored, cannot hide his athletic build. Impeccably dressed he takes me in for a brief moment. I stammer “I am LeeAnn, I am to see Mr. Soliloquy about the house sitting position.” I lean in craning my neck trying to see more of the interior of the home.

“Come in.” his voice is rich and dark, “I am Mr. Soliloquy.” he states extending his hand.

I am taken aback, why would a man of such wealth be answering his own door? I take his hand in mine, with a confident aire, he clasps it and I can feel the soft silk of the palm of his hand. There is a ring on his ring finger with a family crest I assume. His nails are perfectly manicured.

“My housekeeper has the day off, you, if you are chosen that is will meet her when you move in.” he bursquely states and gently guides me into the foyer. The home is beautifully decorated in English Country decor. There are fresh flowers arrangements and beautiful pieces of furniture, obviously of the highest calibre in the parlor we pass on the way to the office/study. The home has the most wonderful feel. I can only hope I get the job.

The interview lasted approximately 30 minutes, the whole time I was nervous and slightly intimidated. He was all business from start to finish. I could not get him to laugh to save my life. And truth be told I may have tried too hard. Being from the United States had it’s disadvantages at times.

I thought for sure I did not get the job, and was shocked when Mr. Soliloquy’s housekeeper, Candy called me to offer the positon and arrange for my luggage and items to be moved into the “Thamesis Estate”.

I arrived well after my luggage and was shown around by Candy, the housekeeper. Beautiful eyes, and warm smile. I knew we would get along immediately.

When I opened the front door to let in Mr. Soliloquy’s new housesitter, I was not expecting someone quite so striking. LeeAnn was American, which was in itself a pleasure, but her beauty was like a light. Her long, auburn locks and pale, creamy skin were a beautiful contrast. Maybe I was just starved for female companionship, but I warmly welcomed her into this large, lonely home.

“I’m Candy, Mr. Soliloquy’s housekeeper”, I said, trying to conseal my thick southern accent, yet not sound too official. “Your things are already in your room.” Her wide eyes took in everything as I showed her around. She seemed a bit overwhelmed by the grandeur, and I remembered feeling the same way. “You’ll get used to all this LeeAnn. The novelty will wear off soon.”

I explained to her that she and I had the house to ourselves while Mr. Soliloquy was away. “It’s a big place, so you are welcome to have the run of the house and help yourself to the amenities.” Mr. Soliloquy had explained the few ground rules, and had told her to check with me if she needed anything. I found myself hoping she needed something soon.

“Why don’t I show cihangir escort you to your room now, and you can relax and freshen up a bit. We can have an informal supper out by the pool if you would like.” With that said, I opened the door to her room and stepped in ahead of her, wanting to watch her expression as she took it all in.

Candy shows me in, she is graceful and elegant. Slightly smaller than I, dark long hair, with the most captivating green eyes. The aura she holds is intoxicating, filling the whole room with her presence.

Her southern accent is a refreshing change from the Cockney and English accents I have heard for far too long. It reminded me of home.

With the few things I carried with me, we climb the winding staircase to the second floor. Moving past the rooms that are held for guests and I can only assume Mr. Soliloquy’s room. Back further and to the left is another hallway. We walk about one additional yard.

Turning, Candy states “This will be your room.”

Standing by the first door on the left, Candy opens the door, swinging wide, light flooding in. I am in awe. It is really more like a suite. Huge floor to ceiling windows, a scattering of oriental rugs on the floor in a sitting area. Off to the right is the bedroom. The bed is a huge, heavy, canopied queen sized bed made of dark wood. There are tapestries on the walls, there is a door ajar off the side of the bed, leading to a wonderful bathroom. At the end of the bathroom is another door. I ask Candy “Where does that door go to?”

“This is the servants quarters. ” she says “They built this with adjoining bathrooms to conserve water, that door leads to my room, we share the bathroom.”

Happy, and comfortable I sit on the bed testing it for firmness. It is indulgent and the cotton sheets smell like they were just freshly washed.

I settle in, moving items of mine around the room, placing my clothes in dressers and closets. Tired and needing a shower badly I get ready.

I gather my toiletries, opening the door to the bathroom, I surprise Candy who is shaving her legs in the tub.

She is standing, the leg nearest to me, is in the tub, the other is bent, toes pointed on the edge of the tub. I can see the inner coral lining of her vaginal lips. She is voluptuous with firm ample breasts, dark nipples. Her skin is clear and even toned, not a freckle or a beauty mark anywhere.

In a word, she is beautiful.

I cannot contain nor stop the flushing of my face, I am embarrassed and obviously excited by Candy’s naked form in front of me. I had never felt, nor had erotic thoughts of another woman, until this very moment.

“Oh, oh, I am so sorry, I did not mean to…” my voice faltering, the blush still showing plainly on my face.

“No, no that’s alright, nothing to worry about, we are all women here. I should have locked the other door. I must not be used to having someone else here.” She soothingly states comforting me.

I was embarrassed that LeeAnn had walked in while I was bathing, but not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable, I invited her in. “Since you’re here, come on in and chat with me while I finish. It will give us a chance to get to know each other,” I said, trying to sound relaxed. Figuring that it was too late for modesty, I continued shaving my legs as she tentatively perched on the edge of the plush wing chair in the large bathroom.

“Is everything to your liking?” I asked, keeping my eyes on the sharp razor moving slowly up my leg. “Excuse me?” LeeAnn stammered, still blushing. Looking up, I realized that she might have interpreted what I asked as flirting. “I mean your room! Did you find everything you needed in your room?” I clarified, laughing at her shock.

“Oh yes, I love the room! It’s beautiful, really.” I could tell she was nervous. “I’m glad that it meets with your approval,” I said warmly. “If you ever need anything at all, I hope you won’t hesitate to ask me. I’m just a bathroom away!” I kidded, trying to lighten the mood. Her quick laugh made me realize that she truly was ravishing. Her brown eyes sparkled, and she seemed to relax a bit.

I slid my hand up and down my leg, making sure it was smooth, then placed the razor in its place. I sat down on the edge of the large tub and picked up the sprayer, turning on the warm water. We continued our conversation while I rinsed the soap off first one leg, then the other. Then I stood up and let the water run over my shoulders and breasts, making sure no soap remained. LeeAnn’s eyes never left my body. Could she be attracted to me? I ran several scenarios through my head, smiling slyly at the possibilities. Turning off the water, I replaced the sprayer, picked up my towel, and as I stepped out of the tub, I reached out my hand to her as though I needed her assistance.

I must confess, I was completely mesmerized by Candy. She had this way of making the most ordinary of tasks, some how seductive. Watching mecidiyeköy escort her lather herself, and then rinsing it of, the water creating a shining second sheet of skin.

I found myself fighting the craving to join her in the shower, imagining all the carnal things that would happen there.

Her fingers are slender and beautiful manicured nails, she moves them with expertise over her body.

“Oh, here,let me help you.” I say, extending my hand to assist Candy out of the shower.

“Ooops!” bursts forth from Candy’s lips. Slipping, she lands squarely against me, the front of her body almost exactly matches mine. Her slick skin soft and refreshing. I find myself deeply regretting not taking off my robe,as it gets the pleasure of absorbing the excess water off her skin not me.

I cannot help but look into her eyes, mesmerizing. My hands find the small of her back, I pull her closer to me, in an inept attempt to help her up. Her breast are pushing firmly against mine, making my nipples stand at attention, not to mention the almost Nile-like river that has unexpectedly sprouted between my legs.

Her mouth finds mine, lips touching, silk meeting silk. She opens her mouth and I follow her lead. Tongues emitting an electric greeting of each other. Deep and exploring, my hand takes on a life of it’s own and finds her breast. She does not pull away, instead moves her hand on top of mine, showing me how she likes to be indulged.

Breaking the embrace, pulling away slightly, she takes my hand and guides me to my room.

With calm assurance, of someone knowledgeable, she lays on the bed. An apparition. She moves her hands to my robe, I am still standing by the bed. Adroitly she undoes the belt of my robe, falling open slightly, her hand moves up my naked belly. Up to my breasts, I find I cannot help the sharp intake of breath and the “Aahhhhhh…..” that escapes between my teeth.

I move my hands over my shoulders letting my robe tumble to the floor. I lean over and kiss Candy, fully on the mouth again. It is the most incredible sensation, taboo and earthy those words completely mesh at the meeting.

I lay completely on top of Candy, her body responds to the most fragile touch. I push up, onto my hands and kiss her breasts, first one, then the other. Her initial response is to stifle a heated “Yessss….” she then repeats herself with more vigor. I move up and kiss her neck nuzzling and licking as I go. Her desire is fully ignited.

I do not know where this comes from, some deep part of me is sexing her in the way I have always wanted to be sexed.

Kissing my way down between her firm breasts, to

her stomach, placing my tongue in her navel and caressing the insides. Her legs fall open naturally, her hands find the top of my head and root their fingers in my hair. Playing with my strands and locks. Her head is pushing further back into the pillow and when I look up I see the underside of her chin, her chest rising and falling with increased intensity with each breath.

My mouth finds her soft flesh at the top of her thighs, opening her up fully for my tongue, it is moist and full. I easily find her clitoris. Licking and teasing the flesh around it, sucking the sides of her vaginal lips that were so comely as I watcher her shave. Her juices are flowing freely now, over my lips and chin. She tastes like honeyed apricots.

Her hands force me further into her. Her lips amplify at the merest brush of my tongue. I can tell that she will crescendo soon, very soon.

As suddenly as her ardor was brought to the surface, it is gone. There is someone making his presence known. His shadow falling across the open doorway.

Pretending to slip as I got out of the tub was a calculated and risky move, yet LeeAnn responded just as I had imagined. Her reaction opened the door for more, and I willingly stepped through that door. I wanted her badly.

Her touch was electrifying against my damp skin. As I led her to her bed, I could see a mixture of lust and trepidation in her beautiful eyes. I sensed she had never experienced this before, and I was happy to guide her.

What a quick study she was! Before I knew it, she was between my legs, her tongue bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. My hands gently caressed her silky hair as she skillfully teased my clitoris again and again. I wanted so much to make this last forever, yet here I was, standing on the edge of the cliff, wanting to dive headlong into the mist.

I noticed his presence out of the corner of my half-closed eye. The shadow at first, then his wonderful scent. There was no mistaking who it was. Immediately, I tried to sit up, pushing LeeAnn gently away. “Mr. Soliloquy!! I am so terribly sorry Sir!” I stammered quickly, knowing that he would be angry with me. LeeAnn shrieked slightly when she realized what was happening, and moved to cover herself with her robe. I made no such attempt, as this incredible master of pleasure kurtuluş escort had seen my nakedness on many occasions. “Why have you returned, Sir?” I tried to sound calm, yet I knew I would be punished for my actions.

I am surprised and quite pleased to confirm so soon that my instincts were correct. I had sensed that the new house sitter and my housekeeper would appeal to each other. I take a step forward through the doorframe. LeeAnn nervously tries to hide her tall elegantly athletic body. Candy is also nervous, but she knows that there is no point in hiding that which has already been seen. Indeed, I have enjoyed the beauty of her nakedness on many occasions. She also knows that she is not to seduce new members of the staff without my permission. I look forward to disciplining her.

“I had forgotten something”, I explain. I had returned to my study to retrieve the strawberry handkerchief that I had had wrapped as a special gift. It was on a whim that I had decided to check in on the ladies. Being a gentleman I am tempted to apologize but I restrain myself. I let my gaze linger on Candy’s body before looking into LeeAnn’s embarrassed eyes. I smile. “It is alright LeeAnn.” I try to sound reassuring. “I know that Candy can be very … enticing.” LeeAnn’s smile is tense but I can tell that she is somewhat relieved.

Moving toward the bed I put out my hand. Candy reaches up and takes it in silent obedience. I pull her to her feet and draw her close. Looking deep into my housekeeper’s eyes I smite her bare buttocks with my open hand. Both women gasp as the sharp crack fills the room. I pull Candy closer and our lips brush lightly. She knows that there will be more punishment later. My hand caresses her bottom gently while LeeAnn looks on. I let my fingertips play with Candy’s trimmed pubic hair. LeeAnn blushes and I try to hide my amusement.

“So, Candy my dear, what have you and your new friend been talking about?”

Keeping my gaze downward, I tried to think of something to say that would please my employer. My decision to tell the truth was based on past experiences. “Sir, we were getting to know each other and I was enjoying LeeAnn’s company so much that I’m afraid I got carried away” I said calmly. I was feeling a mixture of embarrassment and jealousy. His fingertips played gently against my outer lips, occasionally dipping into my slit as if testing my level of arousal. Yet his eyes were devouring his new housesitter!

I was vaguely aware of LeeAnn trying to apologize for the both of us. She was bravely trying to deflect some of the blame away from me. Clearly Mr. Soliloquy knew better. Surely he would not punish me right here in front of his new employee. That thought was both embarrassing and stimulating at the same time. Would LeeAnn enjoy watching this beautiful and powerful man make me pay for my mistake? My mind quickly pictured the possibilities. His finger sliding across my swollen clitoris brought me back to the present, and I heard his deep voice as he explained calmly to LeeAnn that I knew better. “Candy needs to be reminded of her position in this house. Perhaps I should make you witness this lesson, so that you too are schooled as to your own position?”

With that said, Mr. Soliloquy extended his hand towards LeeAnn and said “Come with us. You must learn as well.” She placed her and gently in his, allowing him to help her rise from her position on the large bed. He reached to the floor and retrieved her robe, holding it carefully as she slipped her arms into it. With my gaze still directed at his shoes, I could see the excitement growing in his smartly tailored trousers. There was no mistake of that. He took LeeAnn’s hand and slipped it into the crook of his elbow and softly said “Candy will show us to my special chamber now.”

Head spinning, caught and embarassed I can do nothing except comply immediately. Mr. Soliloquy’s eyes and demeanor demand it. Complete submissivenessm from both of us.

I know the spanking that Candy received and the probing of his fingers is but a small sampling of what Mr. Soliloquy is capable of.

I find myself ashamed, apprehensive and extremely aroused all at the same time. I put on my robe and take Mr. Soliloquy’s hand.

Candy is held tightly by him, my hand slips so easily in his. Candy’s eyes and mine lock for a moment and a soft, yet comforting grin shows briefly on her face. Letting me know there is pleasure to be had.

He guides us downstairs, Candy seemingly knowing the way. The sound of Mr. Soliloquy’s shoes make a shoft dull thud and ambitious strides down the runner in the middle of the hallway. Increasing his pace and practially pulling us as we move further to the his office where my interview was held.

He stands us side by side by a large picture window. “Do not move a muscle.” He states tersely.

Moving to a panel by his desk, he lifts the Humidor for his cigars and pushes a large button underneath a small door.

The shelves of the library creak their reply, and open to a passage way. I look again at Candy. My pallor matching the color of the white sheets on my bed. Candy gives me a reassuring smile. Her nipples seem harder to me, and Mr. Soliloquy’s level of excitement can be plainly seen now behind the fly of his pants.