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Friends , Lovers Ch. 2

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We joked around, had a snack, and slowly worked back into the steamy side of things. By now, I didn’t mind being naked and able to see everyone’s expressions as much. I had kind of worked myself into the knowledge that not one of us had the body of a supermodel, and relaxed my insane need to appear perfect. After I did that, the whole night became a surrealistic adventure!

Still, it was exciting when Joe and Jake put our blindfolds back on. They led us back into the bedroom and sat us side by side on the edge of the bed. Jake said, “Okay, now why don’t you two let us watch you kiss.”

After her kiss in the bar, I was particularly looking forward to this. Like two blind people, we groped around until we found one another’s faces, giggling a little. I started to make a joke when Joe interrupted with, “I think they’ve already forgotten the rules!” and he pulled me to my feet. I had a feeling that Jake did the same to Gillian, and my feeling was confirmed when I was tossed back on the bed, on my stomach, and I felt the bed move beside me where Gillian was likewise tossed. SMACK! I felt Joe’s hand collide with the soft part of my ass. Then I heard a similar noise to my right as Jake did the same. I raised my butt higher into the air to meet the next blow and felt my juices begin to trickle down my leg.

“Hmmm… Jake, I think she likes this too much!” chuckled Joe. The echoing sound of the spanking Gillian was receiving was driving me wild. I found myself wondering if her ass was getting as hot as mine.

“Have you had enough, my slave?” Joe asked me.

“No, sir, I don’t think I can behave yet “I replied, stifling a laugh, and he struck me again with an even more intense force.

Jake joked with Joe, “Look at those fire red asses being lifted higher and higher… think they’ve learned their lesson?” There must have been agreement from Joe that we had, as I felt someone help me sit up, again next to Gillian, on the bed. Once again, we were told to kiss one another, so we moved closer together.

Her mouth was soft and sweet. We started with gentle kisses as we explored one another with our hands. As our hands found more sensitive targets, our kiss deepened, and I could feel Gillian’s tongue begin to run along my bottom lip. I parted my lips just slightly; just enough to meet levent escort her tongue with my own. As our kiss became deeper still, her hands made their first foray below my waist.

She was incredibly gentle, using only the lightest touch at first. I gasped when she began to caress my outer lips, and again when she spread them apart running her fingers over my inner lips and brushing my now engorged clitoris. Her fingers were becoming very wet and she slipped two of them into me with ease. It just about blew my mind, and I began to writhe. I started trying to mimic her movements, and I reached down for her pussy. She felt so smooth and soft. I could feel her press closer as I slowly massaged her cunt.

She was at least as wet as I was and I wondered what it would feel like to rub our clits together. I started to feel more bold, and I wrapped my thigh around her hip, trying to position myself so our flesh met in just the right places. She seemed to get hotter with this idea too, and pressed in to me, our thighs now intertwined. After some maneuvering, I could feel her hot, wet pussy rubbing against my own. I thought I would explode! Our moans were almost sighs as our mouths, hands, and cunts actively pursued release. I felt so primal, so uninhibited, which added to my excitement. When I was almost over the top, we were firmly pulled apart.

I had almost forgotten we were being watched the whole time! Unbeknownst to me, Joe and Jake quietly removed Gillian’s blindfold and instructed her to not let on to me. Suddenly, there were hands grabbing my wrists and ankles. I jumped; a little scared, a little thrilled, but the hands held me firmly spreading my arms and legs wide. Something fuzzy wrapped around each appendage, and I figured out quickly as they tightened and I heard the distinct metallic clinks that they were hand and ankle cuffs. Then nothing.

The bed was still and there seemed to be no sounds in the room at all. I laid there for a minute, then called out, “Where is everyone?” No response. Every nerve in my body tingled in anticipation of what was to come next. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, footsteps approached. I turned my head from side to side trying to determine exactly who was there and where in the room they were.

Then beyoğlu escort I felt Gillian’s breath close to my ear as she said, “You are in for such a treat!” Each of them then took turns whispering in my ears, and I strained to feel actual contact from anyone, anywhere on my body. Joe queried, “So is this what you imagined?” Then Jake sighed in my other ear, “There’s no use struggling. You’ll just have to be patient until we’re ready for the next step.” But my body had a will of its own, and I kept wiggling around as much as my restraints would allow. To me, there is no zone more erogenous than my ears and neck, which had apparently been conveyed to Jake and Gillian as they all teased me mercilessly!

Finally, six hands began to appear and disappear as they grazed my neck then worked their way south. For mere seconds at a time, each hand would caress some part of my body, carefully avoiding where I nearly begged to be touched. When I thought I could take no more of this teasing, hands and mouths began probing and tickling and teasing my mouth, breasts and pussy.

It was overwhelming to be stimulated in so many places at once! I wrestled with my restraints, desperate to move in rhythm with these heavenly sensations, but all I could really do was move my head side to side and make soft, mewling noises.

From somewhere to my left, I heard a buzzing sound that trailed around the room slowly. I knew it was some kind of vibrator, but had no idea who possessed the controls or where contact would be made. Suddenly, I felt the familiar tingle run through my left breast. Then just as quickly it was gone. It then reappeared between my thighs, only to disappear once again. All the while, hands continued to grope me, fanning the flames of desire stirring within me.

The torture of the vibrator grew steadily as each touch became longer and the speed was increased. “Dirty talk” was spinning in my brain listening to the quiet phrases tossed about in this haze of sensory overload. For once, I did not have one smart-ass remark in my head…I couldn’t even speak! Hell, I couldn’t even THINK!

Then someone loosened my restraints, and I thought I was to be allowed to get up. Instead, I was told to turn over, and the shackles were reclamped around my wrists and kağıthane escort ankles, this time allowing me just a little wiggle room. I lay there waiting for whatever was to come next when I felt one of the men straddle my thighs. I knew right away that it was Joe, as we had agreed beforehand that the pussy was for husbands’ only. He began riding me in earnest while Gillian and Jake suckled and fondled their ways around the rest of my body.

Gillian, I’m pretty sure it was her, started moving in rhythm with Joe’s thrusts, moving the vibrator relentlessly against my soaking cunt. I felt my senses overwhelm me as I came closer and closer to climax. It was like being hypersensitive to every touch, sound, scent, and taste, but they all blended into one another. I wriggled and writhed and pulled with all my strength against the restraints when he stopped. The bed shifted again, and I wasn’t sure what was happening, I just knew that if SOMEone didn’t get me off quickly, I would lose my mind!

Next, I again felt a man straddle my legs, and a gentle hand began to play with the puckered, little entry to my ass. I jumped at the cold and surprise of a lubricant, but quickly warmed to the slow, gentle probing fingers as they worked it deeper and deeper. Still unsure of who it was on top of me, I felt a hard, hot, slippery dick begging entrance into my rectum. The mystery man would probe just the tip of his cock against my anus, forcing it open the tiniest bit.

As I relaxed, he would press forward a little more, then a little more, allowing me time to open to his pressure. I quickly started to enjoy the feeling of having my ass filled with his swollen manhood. As the vibrator continued, the hands still groped me, and he began to fuck my ass harder and with a steady rhythm, I could finally take no more. I let out a scream that could probably be heard a block away, and I bucked against his hips. I screamed again, a little softer, and I heard a moan escape one of the men.

As my screams turned to softer moans, the man pulled out and I felt hot cum shower my ass cheeks, some dripping into my hole. I shivered with delight as the after-shocks rumbled through me. After a few minutes, I heard shuffling and felt movement all around me. My blindfold was finally removed, and I had to ask, “Okay, who did what?”

Everyone just smiled, and Gillian asked, “Why, whatever do you mean?”

I said, “You know what I mean! Who fucked me where?” To this day, I’ve never gotten a straight answer from any of them!

Exasperated, I turned to Gillian and snickered, “Now it’s YOUR turn!

To Be Continued…