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Freedom and the Widow Ch. 03

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Cherie now hugged Victoria and looked her up and down with a smile.

“I can see that Wanda has helped you bring you out of yourself within a very short time, though I suspect that the true realisation was all yours; I was in a similar position a few years ago. I had a husband whom I loved dearly, but there was always something missing. When he went I found that so many men are willing to do just as they are told, and are really there for our pleasure alone. Looking at you now, I know you will come to fully appreciate that. Come, let’s go outside by the pool and have a drink, it is such a warm evening.”

Victoria strutted through to the pool in her stilettos and tight pencil skirt; her breasts firm with nipples protruding excitedly through the silk as she stepped out to the softly lit area by the illuminated pool, the air was warmer outside than within the house. She looked out across the vista that greeted her; lights twinkling in the distance as they ran in an arc around the Plage de Pampelonne, this was truly an enchanting place. Cherie had them sat comfortably as they chatted and were served in obedient fashion by many man-servants as two maids frolicked in the pool, their duties over, they also clicked their fingers at the dutiful males, who also brought them drinks without question.

The tongues of Cherie and Wanda loosened as they imbibed alcoholic beverages; Victoria’s pussy tingled as she listened intently; the more she heard, the more she liked this lifestyle. Cherie giggled as she sipped a Martini.

“I do have a distinct fondness for that LeClerc, though he does go too far in using his submissiveness to gain treats; I shall have him inspect my Brazilian close up after that maid has punished him tomorrow; he is very good with his tongue.” Victoria almost dropped her drink, the others giggled all the more. Victoria regained her composition.

“Brazilian? Good with his tongue… you don’t mean..?” She blushed, fulya escort as much as with having displayed her ignorance, as with the thought of being orally pleased by a male; something she was only very vaguely aware of.” Wanda immediately came over and sat tight against Victoria hugging her.

“Oh you poor thing! We keep forgetting your sweet background; you look so much the worldly woman dressed the way you are. You’ve obviously never been pleased that way by a man, when you are good and ready, we shall arrange it for you.” Victoria smiled and gulped back her drink, her panties wet with the evening’s intimate conversations and the thought of being licked.

“I should certainly love to try that; do males like doing it, or do they have to be coerced?” Cherie roared with laughter.

“Oh I do so love your innocence; we shall have real pleasure in reforming your life and having you enjoy it to the full; most males get a great deal of enjoyment from sampling the scent of a woman that way, many would die to serve such an attractive woman as you that way, especially if they are faced with a prospect like this…” Victoria’s jaw dropped again as Cherie peeled her loose dress to one side and showed the newly liberated widow her freshly shaven pussy with its neatly trimmed ‘tash’ just above it. Wanda laughed.

“THAT is what’s known as a ‘Brazilian'” Wanda squeezed her friend tightly and smiled at her.

“Would you like one too? If you change into something a little more comfortable, we can have one of the man-servants attend you right away; it’s best done when you are nice and relaxed, like you are now.” Victoria did not hesitate; her pencil skirt was making her horny but she was in need of refreshing herself anyhow; the idea of having her pussy shaved by a male was very exiting too. The two applauded as she stood up and was to be shown to her room by a man-servant.

“I’ll just bebek escort freshen up and get into something more appropriate then!” She followed the male who led her silently up a beautiful marble staircase to a room with an exotically arched door. The room was exquisitely appointed and the window looked down at the twinkling lights of the bay. The room had its own en-suite with shower; she quickly stripped and looked at herself in the mirror; she giggled as her nipples stood out like thumbs with excitement. She quickly showered and chose a long silken loose fitting dress and soft sandals; her pussy tingled as she went back with no panties on, she was amazed at her own daring already.

When she got back to the pool, the woman who had previously worn the green sari was there. She was now dressed in leather boots and jodhpurs with a tight leather top which expressed her curves exquisitely. Victoria looked at her in awe; she would love an outfit like that. The three women smile with satisfaction as Victoria’s face spoke volumes about her approval of the dominant woman’s attire. Cherie broke the silence as Victoria patted at the woman’s leather clothing enviously.

“I know Wanda intends taking you to Madam Pompidou’s in town; we all love her leather wear and… err, ‘other’ equipment… for riding etc. I am sure you will find many things to your taste there.” The other women smirked as they thought of the abundance of whips and harnesses that were also available; they would allow the widow to break into her new found confidence of her own accord, and did not mention the accessories as yet.

“Lola here was about to go out to her club for the evening; that’s somewhere else we’ll all visit presently, but she commands the man-servants so well; she’ll gladly find the right one for your task before she leaves. Lola smiled broadly as she whipped her crop into her hand and strutted into the house in search florya escort of a willing candidate. She emerged shortly with a male of about 30 who carried a small bag and a bowl of hot water. Lola pointed to the floor and he immediately bent to the feet of Victoria. Cherie clapped her hands.

“Thank you Lola, I am sorry to have delayed you; please let everyone at the club know we’ll be there tomorrow night, we have a new friend for everyone to meet.” Lola advised it was a pleasure and no problem at all. She swatted the kneeling man-servant for good measure, commanding that he do a good job or face the consequences, then left for the club.

Victoria downed another large vodka and coke before exposing her pussy to the warm night air. She noted the bulge in the timid man-servant’s leggings as he eyed the somewhat bushy pussy which he would be delighted to transform. Victoria gasped and the other two giggled as the man-servant deftly lathered the delicious mound of Venus before him; his cock rigid with excitement. Cherie noted the enthusiastic bulge and probed the male’s backside with the heel of her sandal.

“You be sure to keep you mind on the job at hand; if you nick my friend, just slightly, I will have great pleasure in tanning your balls with a crop; you won’t even dream about using them for another week.” She turned and smiled broadly at Wanda, knowing there was no chance his expert hands would fail him; his erection and enthusiasm will have been generated by some promise from Lola; likely that he would be allowed to perform the task for the leather goddess as usual, and then service her smoothly shaven pussy with his tongue.

Another man-servant plied Victoria with more drinks as she tingled with pleasure as the male’s gentle hands carefully shaved her mature and eager pussy, except for a little bar at the top, trimmed flat, just for effect. The male’s cock dribbled as he softly padded his latest creation dry, having rinsed the soapy water off. The night air which was cooler now, felt fresh on her sleek and shaven pussy. Her bulging womanhood was now more than ready for the attentions of a willing and subservient male. The two friends were anxious that she should be treated to one as soon as possible.