Mayıs 13, 2024

Games with Beth Ch. 02

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As I eased into the huge tub, I sat back and admired her walking toward me. She was a perfect vision. While I had fallen for her personality and heart via text messages, I was truly astonished that she was this much of a visual stimuli also. She had made the water extremely hot, and frankly too hot but she stepped in and sank down to her neck opposite me. Never batting an eye she said, that she had always liked temperature extremes.

Our conversation was pleasant as she bathed me. Taking time to work the soap into my skin while letting her breasts rub against me. When she would reach across to rub my shoulders or back, I would get a quick kiss or a chance to take her nipple in my mouth. This agony/pleasure went on for an eternity till she asked me to lean over the edge of the tub. As she massaged my back I felt her lean into me, whispering how wonderful it was that we were able to finally get together. As she massaged farther down she leaned into me again and whispered that she was going to take care of me all weekend. As she said this, I felt her fingers run over my asshole. She stopped and while still talking to me pushed me up farther in the tub. As she kissed down my back I felt her spread my ass cheeks, and began the most sensual rim istanbul travesti job ever. Immediately I felt my cock coming to life and I knew I was not going to last long with this.

As I turned, she smiled at me. I said, “now it is my turn baby.” I took the wash cloth and started washing her body, while trying to keep track of her breathing I tried to make sure to cover every inch of her body to find those spots that would help me keep her on the edge. Her neck, she liked having it kissed, but loved a gentle but firm bite. Her shoulders, biting. Her nipples were sensitive but the aggressive bite increased her body movements and a soft moan would escape her lips. As I raised her in the tub, when she stepped up on the ledge, I was able to kiss her beautiful pussy. As I neared her clit, I could tell that it was enlarged and wanted to be touched. When I bit down on it, she grabbed my head and pulled me into her. Flicking my tongue across it, I eased first one finger into her, then the next. As I curled them up into her reaching for her g-spot, I was rewarded with a gush of her juices. I continued savoring every drop of her and with every flick of my tongue her moans became louder. She was one of the most orgasmic women şişli travesti I had ever seen and I so relished this opportunity.

Turning her around, I continued licking along her lips until I finally had a clear path to her asshole. When I first touched it with my tongue, she flinched very tight. The stimulation I was applying to her clit, though finally got her to relax. I continued licking and she said she had never had it done to her before. She had always been the one that was using the ass play on her partner. I told her to relax and enjoy the moment, that I was going to take care of all of her needs.

Biting her ass cheek, I slowly encircled her clinching asshole before pushing my finger gently in. She gasped a bit, but pushed back against me. Letting my finger sit idle inside her for a second, I noticed that she had started to appear to becoming unbalanced. I had her lean across the edge of the tub and keep her ass in the air. After a few minutes of working one finger into her, I eased a second. By now, she had started rubbing her clit while moaning very loud. As her ass became more comfortable with two fingers in her, I pushed a finger from my left hand into her. Slowly working three bakırköy travesti fingers into her, I stretched her farther until I was comfortable that I could fit. When I removed my fingers I think she sensed what was next. When I raised up out of the pool, she looked at my raging hard on, and asked, ” Is that for me daddy”? God damn, this gal knew all the right things to say.

As I pushed my cock against her asshole, I was going to take it easy, but she pushed back until the first couple of inches, had slid in. Even after the stimulation I had applied, she felt so tight around me. I eased into her, and again, she pushed back taking more than I had intended to give. She looked over her shoulder and said, “fuck it like you paid for it daddy.” That was too much. I grabbed her hips and pushed in until I felt my balls against her. When I was all the way in, I started slowly easing out. When I was out enough to feel her ass gripping just the head, I pushed back in. She was able to again time her backward push and I slammed into her again. She wanted it hard, and I started really fucking her fast. Her bucking was hard for me to stay in timing with, and I slapped her ass. She stopped moving and laid down fully on the edge of the tub. When I pushed back in, she screamed that she was coming. As our pace picked up, she knew I was on the edge of cumming and was very vocal about “filling her ass”.

Afterwards we laid in each other’s arms in the now reheated tub, and were able to share just how special the moments were going to be the rest of the weekend.