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Giving My Mom’s Belly Some Loving

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General note: this is the story of my first experience of my finally feeling my mom’s soft belly, plus a bit more. If you like this, feel free to send me a message.

The story is below:


“Make sure you have all the dishes finished you silly rabbit. Tricks are for kids” my mom says and laughs before hanging up the phone, leaving me alone to do the dishes. She is apparently just now leaving the gym. As I wash the dishes, I think about her belly and how soft it would feel to the touch.

My mom is 45 years old and, besides just a few wrinkles on her face and signs of “baggy eyes,” she does not look any older than twenty. She looks about my age, which is 25. I live with her and basically pay half of her rent and utilities, so we can stay close together and both save money. My mom is also short, at just under five feet tall. Her belly is what I would say “not too fat but not too skinny.” Her hips have the right width in proportion to her waist to make her butt look perfect. She has blonde hair and green eyes.

When she goes to the gym, she usually comes home very sweaty and wearing a tight silk shirt (those are her favorite) that barely goes an inch below her pant line (which means any slight movement causes her belly to start showing), as well as extremely low waist yoga pants. Every time I see her dressed like this, I go to my room and masturbate to the thought of having my way with her belly. I have a huge belly fetish. Something about girls bellies turns me on, and it turns out that my own mom has the sexiest belly in the world. I have seen her belly a lot, and she has even shown me it, but I have never mustered the courage to touch it. I am too scared to “mess up,” so to speak, and ruin my relationship with her, or make her weirded out. I’m going to finally make my move today.

My mom walks in the door right as I finish washing the last plate, interrupting my thoughts. She grins at me and walks towards me, standing right by me, facing my side.

“That’s what I thought!” she says and grins and places one hand on my back and one hand on my belly. She pats my belly repeatedly as her and I talk, completely throwing me off guard. I did not expect her to put her hand on my belly, and I can maybe use this as my chance to put my hand on her belly. She pats my belly for at least a hundred times, all over it, and this feels really good. I look at her and smile as she pats my belly, I look down on her and see that an inch of her belly is showing, and I look down at her butt, which is absolutely gorgeous. After a few minutes of having my belly patted, I wrap my arms around mom and hug her, holding her on her lower back, right above her butt. I do this a lot but it is the closest I have ever come to touching her butt.

“I love you so much mom.” I say softly and kiss the top of her head as she leans it into my chest and holds me tight. For several minutes, I pat her lower back, even right on the tip of her yoga pants. She doesn’t seem to mind my hands being so close to her butt.

“So what should we have for dinner? I am starving, and I know that tummy of yours is too!” she says as she finally breaks the hug and gently tickles my belly, making me laugh.

“How about pizza?” I suggest, still smiling from the embrace I had with my mom.

“That sounds good to me honey!” she says. “How hungry is that belly?” she says and tickles it again. I laugh but do not stop the tickling, because her touching my belly feels really good and loved. She has touched my belly a lot, so she must not mind if I finally touch hers.

I lift my shirt up and show her my belly and say “it looks this hungry. Let me see how hungry your belly looks mom!” while laughing. I really hope she shows me her belly, because then that will give me an excuse to touch her belly.

“You want to see what a real hungry belly looks like?” mom asks and giggles. “Because my belly is very hungry” she says as she lifts her black silk shirt up all the way. Her entire belly is showing right in front of me, and it is so sexy. This is my chance to act.

I place my right hand flat on her belly, covering her belly button. I just rest my hand on her belly, just feeling her breathing on it and its softness. My heart beat starts pacing faster. I just look at her belly and my mom looks up at me, smiling.

“Yes son, this is my belly. It’s hungry.” she says. I start to squeeze her belly.

“I’m not gonna lie, it felt good when you patted my belly mom.” I say as I start patting her bare belly. Her belly is so soft, and sweaty from her gym workout. I just look at her belly as I pat it and it jiggles just a little bit. I start to feel myself getting hard a bit and pray mom does not notice it.

“Awwwww if you like having your belly rubbed you should ask me to honey.” she says and looks up at me with a wide smile.

“I thought you might think I am… weird or something. I didn’t want you to think that…” I say and stutter as mom interrupts me.

“Shhhh… I’m gonna order pizza and I give you permission to have your xslot giriş way with my belly. I love you so much.” mom says and faces away from me.

“I love you mom.” I say and smile as she calls Domino’s. She walks back into my arms and I hug her from behind. As she talks on the phone, I have my way with her belly. I take my right hand and drag it across the lower part of her tummy, right along the pant line, and press it in in circular patterns. With my left hand, I pat and squeeze the rest of her belly. I kiss her on the top of her head as she talks on the phone. As I do this, my heart rate goes even faster and my breathing starts going faster. At this point, I am scared to get too hard and for it to get noticed by mom.

After the phone call, mom hangs up and puts the phone on the counter, all while I am hugging her from behind and rubbing her belly from behind. She leans back closer against me, pushing her butt against my crotch.

“Somebody is getting hard…” teases mom as she looks back at me, completely embarrassing me. My hard penis is pressing up against my moms butt crack as I hold her belly. I am so embarrassed I do not know what to do. “Aww its okay honey. I get it, it happens. You all get hard, and we get wet.” she says and shakes her butt playfully against my dick.

“So you are saying you are wet?” I ask her teasingly and kiss her chin.

“Maybe…” she says and blushes. “Don’t worry about getting hard and I won’t worry about getting wet, okay?” she says.

“Okay mom.” I reply.

“Now shut up and make my hungry tummy feel better.” mom says. She leans slightly against the counter as I hug her from behind. I hold her as close to me as possible and, since she is leaning forward a bit, my hard dick is pressing hard right against the butt crack part of her yoga pants. She slightly wiggles her butt side to side as I use both of my hands to simultaneously squeeze both aides of her bare belly. Because she is leaning forward, her belly is compressed together, making it even softer. Right now, I am so hard and happy. I love my mom so much. This is turning me on so much I feel a lot of pre cum on my underwear.

“Take my shirt off for me son.” she says after twenty minutes of this, and lifts her arms straight in the air. I pull her shirt off and stare at her bare belly, bare back, and the part of her chest that is not covered by her bra. She is only size B but her breast size matches her body size.

“You are so beautiful mom, like oh my gosh.” I say and smile at her. “I love you so much mom.” I add. She smiles and faces towards me. She holds my back with both hands, I lean down, and she kisses every part of my face, and yes that includes my lips. Once she gets to my lips, instead of just feeling the sensations and smiling, I gently kiss back.

“Oh honey.” she giggles. I spend a few minutes kissing every part of her face. When I get to her lips, she kisses back, but much harder than I kissed her lips back. She also presses her belly against my boner. I hold her hips (right between her vagina and ass, on that same level) with both hands and give her wet kisses on her lips. She surprises me by grabbing my butt.

“I love you so much mom.” I tell her and give her a slobbering kiss on her lips. She takes my hands and puts them on her butt. We start making out full force. Our kisses are so passionate and wet that a mixture of her spit and my spit starts dripping off our faces, and as this happens, I am full force rubbing and squeezing her ass non stop. Her ass is so firm and soft.

“Mom, I like your butt.” I say and we both giggle.

“That was so intense.” she says out of breath from making out with me so hard. “I am so wet.” she says as she pokes my boner.

“Here, lets get cleaned up a bit.” I say and grab paper towels. I wipe our spit off of both of us. After that, the doorbell rings and mom goes to answer. She pays for and gets our pizza and, as she is doing this, I go to the living room and turn the TV on.

“Get you some pizza hun.” she says and giggles as she brings the two large pizzas out to the living room. She sits next to me on the couch, still shirtless.

“Did you like that?” I ask mom as we both eat.

“Yes honey. What was your favorite part of it?” she asks

“To be honest, I do not know.” I answer.

“Mine was when you rubbed my belly from behind. The love I felt was so powerful. It felt so good to have my belly pressed in. I could feel that you were making the gas in my tummy churn, and it felt so good.” mom told me. That made me smile.

“Awwwwww.” I said and laid against her. She hugged me from the side for five minutes straight, both of us in silence, as we both sat on the couch. “Let’s finish eating. I got something for you mom.” I say.

“Oh what is it?” she says inquisitively.

“Oh you will see.” I say and smile. After about fifteen minutes, we finish eating. I ate four slices of pizza. Mom packed seven slices down (though she did not eat the crust).

“You think you ate too xslot much?” I ask her and she looks down.

“I don’t know. My stomach isn’t hurting yet so thats a good sign.” she replies and looks at me.

“You’re gonna be farting a lot.” I tell her and look in her eyes.

“Well its a good thing my son loves me so much and would deal with anything to make my belly feel so good.” mom says and smiles at me.

“Stand up mom, and stand in front of me.” I tell her. She looks at me and does so. As she does this, I sit up on the edge of the couch. My face is level with her belly.

“What are you going to do honey?” she asks, looking down at me.

“Give you so much loving mommy. Just enjoy this.” I say and gently turn her around. Now she is facing away from me. My dick is as hard as a rock at this point, spilling out lots of pre cum.

I grab her hips and bring her towards me until her butt is less than an inch from me. Her lower back is level with my face and I start kissing. I make sure I kiss all along her pant line. As I repeatedly kiss her lower back all over, she pushes her belly out and her butt inward a bit, effectively pushing her butt against my neck and chest.

As she does this, I place my hands on her hips and hold her butt in place and passionately kiss and lick her lower back. For five straight minutes, I soak her back from licking it over again, licking all the workout sweat off of it. As I do this, mom stands still and facing away from me, her breathing going faster as she is clearly enjoying this.

After a while, I take her pants and pull it down as far as I can to where just the tip of her butt crack is barely visible. Mom complies with this by pulling it down to that level from the front. I then start kissing and licking her extreme lover back and the top part of her butt cheeks that are visible. She clearly approves by pushing it harder against me. After five minutes of this, I decide to turn her 90 degrees to her left, and start kissing her left side.

As I kiss her left side and her left hip (which is covered by her pants), she rubs the back of my head with one hand. I look up at her after kissing her side for a minute and she is not only smiling but she is silently crying.

“What’s wrong mom? Did I go too far?” I ask getting scared.

“No no no.” she quickly said, reassuring me. “This is making me so happy son. You do not understand, nobody has ever shown me. Nobody. I have always wanted someone to accept me for who I am. All of this love and attention you are showing me is making me so happy that…” mom trails off, bursting into tears.

“Awwwwwwwwwww.” I say and wipe a tear myself. I push her back a bit and stand up myself and look at her dead in the eye. For the next few minutes, I wipe every single tear that rolls down her cheek. When the tears finally stop flowing, I gently kiss her on both of her eye balls.

“Mom, I love every thing and every part about you. There is not one part of you or your body I do not absolutely love, and I do not ever want you to change. You raised me as a single mother and literally did every thing for me my entire life. Do you understand what I am saying?” I say from the bottom of my heart and look at her dead in the eye.

“Yes honey” she says with just a hint of shakiness in her voice.

“How does your belly feel?” I ask.

“Extremely gassy.” she says.

“You just relax. You are about to get some loving.” I tell her. I sit back down on the edge of the couch and bring her against me. “Just smile.” I add.

I start kissing her tummy, right below her belly. I grab her butt from behind and bring it in. I kiss twenty circles around her belly button, each circle getting wider, until the last circle goes down to her vagina and up to her ribs. As I do this, I rub each butt cheek up and down, both hands in constant alternating motion.

After all of that, I focus on her belly button. I lick all inside of her belly button, use my tongue as a stick to press it in and out, while rubbing her butt crack. Mom moves her butt from side to side, making all of this so much more hot and sexy.

After ten minutes of this, I look up at her and she looks down at me, smiling. I go back to kissing her belly again, but this time her lower belly. Mom rubs the back of my head as I lick all the dried sweat off of her belly, and lovingly chew on her lower belly, along her pant line. After five minutes of this, I feel her butt tighten up. Seconds later, her belly tightens up against my face.

“What is wrong mom?” I ask.

“I have to fart… badly…” mom sheepishly says.

“Awwwww let it out.” I tell her and smile.

“I don’t wanna do that to you honey.” she says.

“Mom, it is a natural body function. I literally want you to fart right now. Let it out. I’m going to rub and kiss every single fart out that belly. I told you, I love every part of you and will do anything for you. It will not bother me. I promise. Now let it out mom.” I say and smile, burying my face in her tight belly and holding her butt crack.

“Okay honey. Help make my belly good.” she says and holds the back of my head. Seconds later, she lets out a super loud fart, big and loud enough for me to feel it on my hands as it comes out of her butt. She moans a sigh of relief as I feel her belly and butt loosen up. I look up at her and smile at her, as she smiles down at me.

“That poor belly.” I say.

“My poor belly.” mom says.

“That so so poor belly.” I say cutely and bury my face in it right when the smell hits.

“Awwww my poor belly needs loving.” mom says softly. I passionately kiss every single part of her belly, from the bottom of her pant line all the way up to her rib cage. For the softer part of her belly around her navel, I chew on it. As I do this, I am doing just about every thing I can to her butt with my hands and her pants on.

After literally an hour non stop of this and four farts later, her belly is dark red all over from so much passionate kissing, licking and sucking. During this, I was so turned on I cummed all over myself in my underwear and moaned i to her belly as it happened.

“I fucking love you so much mom.”

“I fucking love you so much more son.” she replies.

“Turn around mom. Your belly is happy now. Let me make another part happy.” I say, feeling super horny at this point, as she complies. I bring her butt right to my face and bury my face in it. I just hold her there for a full minute in silence.

“Hey son, let’s go in the bedroom for this.” she says and stands me up. I guess she is fine with what I want to do.

We walk to the bedroom without me ever letting go of her hips. It made for a awkward walk but it was full of love. Once we get into the bedroom, she shocks me by completely taking her pants and underwear off. She is only wearing a bra. She is butt naked, with her wet pussy bare and her belly super red all over from me chewing on it.

“Using your hands and your mouth only, do what you want. I don’t want to have my sons dick inside of me… at least not yet.” she says and lays on the bed, on her belly. My heart is beating out of my chest right now, my dick getting hard again in my pants.

I climb on top of of the bed, next to her, and start kissing her neck. Over five minutes, I kiss various parts, working my way down to her ass. When I reach her ass, I bury my face in her ass hole. I start to passionately kiss any part inside her ass hole that I am able to, while using my hands to massage her ass cheeks. She starts to arch her back and push her butt up. After five minutes of this, she starts to moan audibly. Her moaning starts to turn me on, and I start going even harder, I start to literally eat and mouth fuck her ass as hard as I can. After five more minutes of this, she is rocking her butt back and forth really fast and literally screaming in pleasure. I reach one hand under her belly and start pressing it in, while using my hand to suddenly finger her pussy. For a whole minute, I literally press her belly in, finger fuck her pussy, and face/mouth/tongue fuck as deep in her asshole as I possibly can, all at the same time, while she rocks her hips back and forth violently and literally screams in the top of her lungs in pleasure.

“OOOHHHHHHHHH MY GOSH I AM GOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAA CUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM OOOOOOOHHHHH YEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHH EEEAAAATTTTTT MY FUCKING AAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH” she screams as I feel wave after wave of fucking hot cum shoot out of her pussy on my hand and the bed. I turn her over after her mega orgasm and I start to lick all of this cum off of her pussy and belly.

After all of this that happened, I am so horny I literally cannot hold it in anymore. I run to the bathroom inside her bedroom and whip my dick out. I violently jerk it off, still partially blinded my moms cum on my face and sweat from violently eating her ass, and in only thirty seconds, I moan super loudly and my eyes roll in the back of my head as I unleash wave after wave of hot cum from my dick. When I finish and can finally see again, I look back and my mom is standing right behind me, holding me from behind. I forgot to close the door.

“Aww I did not know that much cum could fit in your belly.” she says as she rubs my belly from behind, my now bare butt pressing against her bare belly. I take my shirt off and slip out of my underwear and pants, leaving me completely naked. Mom resumes holding me from behind, her sweaty body meshing against mine.

I look ahead and left gushes of cum all over the bathroom sink, bathroom mirror, and even on the wall as high as right above the ceiling.

“I gotta pee honey.” mom says and gives my belly one last squeeze. She then sits on the toilet. As soon as I hear her piss coming out, I bend down and start kissing her belly while she is sitting on the toilet peeing.

“Awwwwwwwwwww” she says. When she is done and stands up, I pee as she rubs my belly from behind.

She goes to lay on the bed, and I follow suit. “I am so tired honey. You wore me out. You made me feel so good and so loved honey. I love you so so so much.” she tells me and lays on her left side, slightly curled up, facing away from me.