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Go West, Young Man! Pt. 07

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The videos that we filmed were a very amateurish production, with little artistic value other than to show us how to appear thinner, what angles looked ridiculous and when or where a touch of makeup was needed. And considering that we were all employed by a major Hollywood Studio, the company would have been insulted and embarrassed to call us their own. Even if the subject was not hard-core pornography. We were constantly out of focus or off-camera, and often the only thing that could be seen was the bottom of someone’s feet or the mysterious sounds of a person grunting and swearing while a mop of sweaty black hair flew around like Cousin Itt.

But in between laughable outtakes, the three of us were all captured in various stages of flagrante delicto. My nephew Jeff was the leading man, we started calling him “the Sledge.” He wasn’t so much the star as he was the director. His big cock was literally the center of attention in almost every scene. Very few scenes finished without his ultimate climax. And while most porn shoots end with a “money shot” of cum dripping from the nose of some pathetic starlet, Jeff liked to cum inside of us. We were all quite aware that even though the semen wasn’t always obvious on film, there was no faking it. Our orifices were stuffed regularly, and only overflowed when he shot a particularly potent load.

My co-star was my older sister Tracy. She was also Jeff’s mother, so if we titled or sold this series of blue movies, they would have a true-to-life incest theme. This was, in our novice approach to incest, threesomes, and guys with big cocks, the most exciting and possibly the best sex that we could have. We had a lot to learn, and in some things would learn it the hard way.

Tracy and I started making films by accident. That is, we didn’t realize that her son caught-on to our private arrangement and began to tape us without our knowledge. After collecting hours of raunchy action of his mother and her sister exploring their Sapphic side, engaging in every lewd sex act that two women could perform while trying to remain discreet, he presented us with the full-color blackmail. I was a willing subject while Tracy agreed mostly to preserve harmony in the home, but we all found the new sexual experiences to be titillating and sensual.

My name is Julie. I was in the unique position of having sex with my sister and with her son, while secretly “cheating” on the both of them. I knew that when I was fucking Jeff, that he wanted to have his mother too. We even fantasized about her and often conspired to include her in our incest. But we could never figure-out how to pull it off. And when Tracy and I snuck into each other’s arms, we often dreamed aloud of having a genuine cock to please us, instead of the rubber and plastic substitutes we were forced to employ. We even joked that there was a young, attractive male just down the hall who would probably fuck us with his big cock and keep our dirty little secrets to himself, but that’s as far as that filthy fantasy went. Infact, we seriously avoided any hint of discovery by Jeff so that his mother would never need to explain a bi-sexual affair with her sister. Though I knew of the impure intentions of us all. But I was caught completely off-guard by the videos.

When it was finally revealed and settled, we eventually were all reconciled to our incestuous, taboo fantasies and strove to make it a part of our lifestyle. And we learned that after our sweaty, crude debaucheries had drained our energies, that we could shower, get a drink, and retire to bed to watch the explicit, lust-filled action on tape. We grew so accustomed to Jeff directing our activities that we forgot sometimes that the camera was recording, and just savored the roleplay of submissive servants to our Master. Then later, we could use the videos for the same reason that most people watch porn, either alone or in a group. We even bought a big-screen TV to enhance our viewing experience.

And we were all generally pleased with the results. My sister had always been dominant when the two of us were together. But she wasn’t as aggressive anymore. She was learning that ceding control to a more domineering partner could bring-out the sexual beast inside of her breast. I was always submissive to both of them, something about being made to follow orders aroused me. Now, Jeff controlled both of us. Tracy seemed to enjoy playing the part of sex-slave to her son’s lusty commands and I was even more thrilled to be demeaned and abused by my nephew, as his naked mother watched from up close. And we both serviced him daily and without complaint. We imagined that this was as good as it could be.

Our films ran the gamut of dress-up games, roleplay, and master/slave. In one way or another Jeff directed us to strip, lick each other’s pussies, take turns sucking his cock and fuck him in every way imaginable. And after a week or so, we would gather in bed to critique our Betturkey performance or to re-enact certain scenes. The Wardrobe Department at work stealthily provided costumes, as the Photo Shop “lent” it’s cameras, Props played a part too. We had a blast, nobody got hurt and there was no scandal or vicious rumors. Plus the orgasms were terrific.

I could watch my sister tied-down over a bedroom chair, getting her ass stretched out by her son’s brutal cock, as I was on my knees sucking that very same tool. Even if Tracy was out shopping or getting a pedicure, we could watch her in action, getting used to her new role as a submissive fuck-doll under the lewd demands of her son.

In one particular scene that we shared, while Jeff was fondling my tits and I stroked his cock, we watched amazed as he and his mom acted-out an intruder scene. In a bedroom lit only by night light, a masked man crawled through a window. Soon a sleepy woman was alerted to a noise and screamed. She jumped out of bed clad only in a gossamer nightgown, her bouncing breasts clearly visible. He chases her around the darkened room, she is screaming and tearful. He is like a matador in the arena, cutting off her escape and tugging and tearing at her thin gown. She squealed in animated delight as the stranger, dressed in black, ripped the fleeting strips of fabric from her bare body.

I watched in rapt attention. This was a role-playing game that they must have played while I was off somewhere. I was naked and on Jeff’s lap. His strong arms wrapped around me, squeezing and milking my supple chest. His big hands weighed each breast and like a baker kneading soft dough, he caressed and held each one. The fingers pinched and pulled at my erect nipples, eliciting sudden yelps from my tense body while I viewed the film.

I held his solid erection in my grip and as he ordered, I would slobber long strands of saliva along it’s entire length and glide my hand back and forth along the slick column. His booming hard-on was like my personal joystick as I worked it between my bare legs, rubbing it roughly against my exposed clit. My swollen labia was wet, hot-pink in color, and the tight black curls were damp with my musky lubrication. We were both breathing rapidly and shallow while I bucked on his firm thighs. My boobs bounced in a heated pattern of figure-eights whenever his hands failed to contain them.

On screen, my sister was sweating and shrieking in mock-terror as her nightgown was torn from her damp torso. She was running around the room bare-legged, bumping into furniture and trying at first to cover her nakedness from the masked intruder. With her long, raven locks flying and whipping across her face as she ran, now flailing helplessly and completely nude, it was an erotic image to behold. She jumped on to the mattress as he grabbed for her leg, she scrambled across the carpet trying to open the locked door, he only taunted her with threats that he was here to rape her. She tossed clothes and hid behind chairs in a vain attempt at eluding this lecherous pursuer. Jeff finally captured her in a far corner, her breathing raspy and sweat pouring from her face, she collapsed in a desultory gasping lump at his feet. Her glistening body was worn out and her resistance gone as he scooped her up, and threw her over his shoulder enroute for the bed. She lay exhausted on the sheets, her double-Ds heaving with each tired breath and the will to fight beaten. Her wide eyes showed contrived terror and sensuous excitement as she attempted to hide her swelling breast and use one hand to conceal her damp mound. She was smiling and feigning fright when he stuffed a pair of her used panties in her mouth, stifling her fleeting whimpers. Jeff produced a length of rope and tied Tracy’s hands behind her. She was left uselessly kicking and thrashing on the bed to his juvenile delight. When he yanked his firm cock from his pants, her eyebrows narrowed and focused on the straining tool in his hand. He grabbed her ankles and bent them back, over her head, revealing both of her inviting, squirming openings to his devious gaze.

His hand swiped across her moist clamshell, wetting his palm with her essence and using the dewy liquid to lube his rigid rod, he then stroked it to it’s full, thick circumference. He rubbed the long tool on her mons until she writhed on the bed and groaned through her gag. She shook her reddened face side to side, wet hair flying and her stuffed cheeks puffing-out with the exertion. Her legs settled gently on his shoulders while Jeff spread the wetness on her pussy and then to her puckered little asshole.

His huge tool teased her pussy. She was delirious with anticipated passion. Slowly the big head parted the moist lips and started to ease it’s path inside. Every time that he withdrew it she moaned agonizingly, and he showed her the large mushroomed head, shiny and purplish, that she longed for. Tracy Betturkey Giriş was struggling and panting in desperation, she wanted to feel more of it, all of it, inside her dripping cunt. His fingers were tantalizingly playing with her tight butthole, entering and patting the inner walls. The delicious sensation caused her to rock and bounce on the bed.

Atlast, with her muffled pleading becoming too torturous to bear from his own mother, the firm cock drove deep into her wanton snatch. The long wet shaft disappeared and his sweaty body collapsed on top of her. He regained his balance and grabbed her hips, inching closer and plunging the huge tool in, up to the hilt. Jeff pumped furiously for about five solid minutes with her writhing body shaking uncontrollably beneath him. His slick fingers in his mom’s gaping ass matched the rhythm of his lunging cock. Her entire body shook violently in the throes of a massive orgasm and I heard him shout, “I’m going to fill you up with my cum!”

At the same moment, I felt his feverish hand on the nape of my neck, forcing my head down between his moist thighs. The tape must have been exciting him too, because he echoed the words from the video, saying that he was ready to shoot his load in my mouth. His mammoth cock wedged my lips apart and the big helmet proceeded down my throat. His hand pressed my mouth farther down the dense shaft. I choked and gagged, desperate for air. As Tracy was split open on film, my cheeks were distended, and we were both splattered by a torrent of warm, wet cream. My own pussy vibrated with a tremendous shudder, and I reached for my swollen clit. Jeff held my head in place as his sticky load poured down my gullet. I swallowed hard as he continued to fill me, and my wet fingers polished my erect clit.

The climax seemed to rock my whole anatomy and my fingers plunged into my hot cunt. I closed my eyes tight, my pussy convulsed and flooded my thighs and pubic hairs with my oily discharge. The excess gooey semen seeped from my mouth, dripped off my chin in long white vines, and clung to the tips of my boobs. I am always fascinated that I can experience an orgasm while sucking his cock. When

I looked at the screen again, Tracy’s mouth was filled with Jeff’s tool. Her sticky gash was flowing with his seed, and now she was sucking the remains of his titanic deposit and cleaning the length of his rod. I was delirious with sexual passion and my sister was squirming in ecstasy.

Our exploits on his bed were being filmed too, so that ironically, later Tracy could watch me giving head to her son while the two of us were enjoying the faux-rape scene that she just played-out.

In another act, Jeff arranged for Tracy and I to shower together. He pulled aside the opaque shower door so that our sudsy, curvy forms were centered in the viewfinder of his ubiquitous tripod-mounted lens. As the action heated-up between us, soapy water splashed on the tile floor at the foot of his camera but the lens held us in dry, unobstructed foreplay.

When two people shower together, the only parts of their shimmering anatomy that draw any soap are their erogenous zones. And with us, there was no exception. The actual cleansing would have to wait until our “scene” was over. We both have long, dark hair that was silky wet, and laid plastered to our neck and shoulders. We started with makeup on, but that was a huge mistake, first the warm water made us look like raccoons, then completely washed it away, leaving only a hint of lipstick and revealing the wrinkles and blemishes that forty years can impose on female flesh. I’m a little taller than my sister and have longer legs, she has double-Ds and a plumper butt. My skin is darker, her cheeks are more full and we are both well-rounded (what they call full-figured.) Though neither of us surprisingly, is too heavy around the middle.

At Jeff’s urging, we were told to take turns lathering each other’s body. This entailed soapy hands lovingly laid on glistening breasts and butts. We insisted that Jeff remove his clothes too as he watched, so that we didn’t feel entirely exploited. This minor “inconvenience” only resulted in the occasional soapy blowjob, so he put up with it.

I began by cupping my sister’s generous bust in my hands as she stood infront of me with us facing in the same direction. Warm water rained on my back as I applied liquid soap to her breasts and my pussy ground against her ripe ass. My hands massaged her full chest and I tweaked and pinched the perky nipples. Like polishing fine marble, I brought a bubbly shine to everything I touched and a sudsy sheen to her wobbling mammaries.

The soap funneled down her deep cleavage and puddled into the coarse, tight curls of her obscenely dark pubic triangle. My nephew instructed me to keep one hand firmly squeezing he breast, while the other lathered her warm, wet vagina. I’ve played with her hot snatch enough to know my way around those gently swelling outer lips, and the palm of my hand pressed against her hooded clit. Tracy moaned softly and leaned back against my chest. Her breathing became stilted and her hips began to sway in time with the motion of my exploring fingers. My hand vigorously brushed her wiry pubes until it appeared that I was shampooing her cunt. I could feel her abdomen tense-up and her firm thighs stiffen. She was within seconds of a tremendous climax and her wailing filled the room. I loved the feeling of bringing it on. Her body was quivering, she was right on the edge. That’s where the director changed the scene.

We were made to switch places so that the tension and excitement of an onrushing orgasm is extended for Jeff’s personal pleasure and so that the action on film is prolonged. This caused us both to work faster and scream louder as we felt the pressure building in our loins. So now, Tracy was trying to control her breathing, and brush her sudsy front against my back and butt. Her jittery arms reached under my ribcage and her tingly fingers grabbed my jiggly boobs. She slathered me with soap; drizzling a filmy stream over the tops of my globes and through the crevice of my chest, to flow south towards the short, coarse curls of my “Y.”

My breasts are the same thirty-sixes as my sister but her twin-Ds are one cup size larger. Still, I have a firm handful and the most recent observers, (Tracy and Jeff) have groped and sucked them with no complaint. Tracy swirled and tickled my pert nipples while caressing and juggling the heavy jugs, raising a thin film of foam over my upper body. We were both anxious to bring these powerful urges to their wondrous conclusion. She covered my chest and belly with a frothy layer and giggled giddily like a child playing with finger paints.

She laughingly lowered herself to her knees behind my back, then squeezed and kneaded the round, fleshy cheeks of my butt. With both hands, she maneuvered between my legs and around my hips. Her hand held me tight, or atleast as secure as wet hands on soapy flesh are able to. Her fingers teased at the crack of my ass and rode a slippery seductive path from my asshole to my cunt, pausing at both to push two firm fingers inside of each. When I squirmed and danced on my toes, she laughed and pressed her lips to my butt, giving me a series of soft, soapy smooches.

Soon I was bent over, pinned to the tile wall of the stall, with my well lubricated and suggestive orifices pleading to be satisfied. We were both moaning in turn, and laughing like school girls on a sleepover. My quivering torso was weak-kneed and shivering, even under the warm flow. I was anticipating more of her stubby fingers as they alternated pressure between the two sudsy openings. Tracy was charged up, with having her own orgasm halted, she was again building to a boiling point and wanted me to explode at the same time. Our soft squeals echoed off the walls.

In a startling moment that I didn’t see until we watched the video later, Jeff handed Tracy a buckled harness and a long, thick dildo that she strapped around her waist. My eyes had been closed, luxuriating in the warm water pouring on my back and the firm massage on my bottom, so I missed her slipping into her phallic appliance.

Jeff had managed to distract my attention by pushing his pulsing cock against my mouth, prying open my lips and jamming his prick down my throat. At first, the fingers gently probing at my pussy and her thumb twiddling my sensitive nub, relaxed and then excited me. I concentrated on the firm rod puffing out my cheeks, and pushing back and forth. I was lulled into a sensual stupor, thrusting my eager vagina back at her fingers, so I could take as much as she offered. My tongue rolled around the veiny ridges of his solid instrument. I assumed that the intense pressure building at my backside was just another of Tracy’s probing digits. That’s when I felt the expansion of my tight, little ass. The big, bullet-shaped cap aided by the lubricating soap, wedged a slippery path along my puckered cavern. My head and neck jerked around at the sudden, unexpected invasion. My ass was not new to this form of intercourse, but the disarming approach and forceful insertion was surprising

When I saw her; soaking wet with a strap-on devise and a few shiny, exposed inches of lubed rubber working in and out of my ass, at first my wide-eyed expression was apprehension, but then with a reassuring wet spank across my ass cheeks, I settled in for the seductive sodomy. In the video all that you saw was a soggy, stringy-haired vixen with big soapy tits and a giant rubber cock tied to her hips, banging at a limp-legged brunette whose tits were being yanked while her ass was stuffed and plowed. The thick toy burrowed deeper, then pulled back repeatedly driving me insane with desire. The combination of lust and force crumpled me. I dropped to the foot of the stall, Jeff’s cock slipped from my mouth. My breathing came in erratic gasps and my pelvis twitched and bucked with the impending eruption. But Tracy held tight, administering the lewd, forcible fucking of my bouncy behind.