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Our Desires Ch. 05

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After they leave us after four in the morning, we curl up in each other’s arms and fall asleep for maybe the next six hours. Not really ready to wake up but not wishing to sleep any later, I head for the bathroom to brush my teeth and then jump in the shower for a long, hot wake up call. Caressing my body with soap, my senses start to awaken, as my nipples become firm and slightly sensitive. I pay extra attention to them and that awakens the sensual area between my legs, so I reach down and lightly brush my clit, washing down my smooth swollen lips. It feels so good and images of Kitty flash through my mind as I rub my clit. Images like the look of sheer joy plastered on her face as I buried mine into her sweet pussy. I remember seeing the look on your face as I indulged in her juicy treat.

I lick my lips and lean my head back as I slide two fingers inside me. I prop my foot up on the side to gain deeper entry. “Mmmmm,” I moan. I hear the shower door open but neither open my eyes nor stop what I am doing and picture you watching me. I sink my fingers into my wetness again and again, moaning softly, encouraging myself. I feel your eyes on me and this only fuels my excitement. I pick up the pace and my palm slaps and rubs my clit as I enter myself. After a moment or two, I feel your hands on my breasts and your hardness presses against me. My nipples are so hard and sensitive to the touch. You realize this when I jump as you gently squeeze them and roll them between your fingers. “Oh yes!” I whisper, imagining a big smile crossing your face. You cup my breasts firmly and knead them softly in your hands as I continue to finger myself. My breathing becomes more labored and I lean into you. You take my neck into your mouth and bite down at the same time you tweak my nipples hard. “Oh God!” I moan hoarsely.

I thrust my fingers deeper inside me as you continue your assault. My orgasm comes hard causing my knees to buckle slightly and you wrap your arms around me, continuing to pull on my nipples and nibbling on my neck as my juices flow over my hand. You hold me tightly, forcing me to ride the orgasm. You feel me weakening and slowing so you reach down with one hand and rub my clit hard and fast, bringing me to another orgasm. “OH JESUS, YES!” I yell out as my body shakes in orgasm.

You are moaning into my neck, kissing and licking everywhere your mouth will reach, even nibbling on my earlobe. “Oh baby, yes! Cum for me!” you growl in my ear.

“Oh fuck, oh yeeeess,” I moan. I grab your hand, not sure if I’m trying to stop you or encourage you. Whatever my intent is, you continue rubbing and then slide two fingers inside me, bringing me to orgasm again. “OH FUCK, YES!” I scream, cumming all over your hand, still holding on to you and trying to push your hand from the sensitive area.

“God, I love how you feel,” you whisper to me.

“Yesssss, oh baby,” I shout and ride your hand with no shame, as another orgasm rises and peaks. You feel my pussy squeezing your hand over and over and over. You slow down allowing me to calm a little. I’m very sure there is a look of triumph plastered on your face along with a very big smile. When my pussy convulsions stop, you remove your fingers.

You grab my hands and place each one against the wall in front of me, pull my hips back and slowly enter my wet pussy. I contract my muscles and squeeze you real tight as you enter me. “Oh yes, baby,” you whisper to me. You slowly reach your destination and hold yourself deep inside me. The warmth, the feel of it is incredible and your cock pulses and throbs continually inside me. You pull back out and once again slowly slide yourself deep into me. The sensation makes me gasp and I throw my head back.

“Baby, please, I have to have you. I need to cum around your throbbing cock!” I plead with you, realizing I had wanted to make you beg, but not caring at this point. I need more and I need it now! You slowly pull out and I brace myself for the hard thrust, which never comes. Instead, you slowly slide Betturkey your rock hard cock back inside me. I feel your body tense as you hold on to control yourself and I take some pleasure in the fact that you are torturing not just me, but also yourself with this slow pace.

I reach back and pinch your nipple lightly between my fingers, switching from one to the other. I know this drives you crazy and I fully intend to get you to make me cum with your cock deep inside me. When your nipples are hard and sensitive, I reach between my legs and pull on your balls, pushing my ass back into you, allowing more depth. Caressing your jewels, I hear you moan, “No!” as you try so hard to resist me and the added sensations I am bringing you. Knowing you are losing the fight against yourself, I continue to caress, knead and pull on your balls. “NO!” you shout, just before you grab me firmly and start drilling into me. “Oh fuck, YES!” you yell, as you pound the deepest part of my cunt. I have to replace my hands on the tiles as your thrusts almost bang my head on the shower wall, and they are becoming faster and more forceful.

“Yes, oh yes! Fuck me!” I scream as I look back into your eyes, a huge victorious smile on my face. This time you do as I want and fuck me hard, each thrust seeming to go deeper into me, as you plunge into me with purpose bordering on the insane.

“Oh fuck, yes, girl! Fuck me baby!” you yell as you continue drilling into me. I push back at you with all my might and squeeze my cunt muscles tightly around your swelling cock. I feel every rigid detail of it as it throbs within me. “Oh yeeesssss. Oh fuuuuuccccckkkk,” you shout and I feel you spurting your hot cum inside me. With each thrust a little more is sent deep into me and the feeling of the hot cum triggers my own orgasm: my pussy squeezes to drain every drop as I add my own juices to the mix. You pull my body close to you, hugging me tightly as your thrusts slow down. You kiss my neck, my back, my shoulders and my ears. I could just melt with you right here, but then I become aware that the water is turning colder by the second.

“Whoa,” I say, quickly reaching up to turn the knob while trying to get out of the way of the cold stream, but you are still holding me tight, preventing me from moving out of the way. You rub my breasts and breathe heavily on my neck. As the water gets colder, my nipples grow harder and your hands warmer, which I didn’t think was possible. When the water gets freezing, you pull me back and turn me around for a deep kiss, cupping my face and kissing me so tenderly. “God,” I think to myself as my knees get weak, unable to resist you.

Suddenly my stomach growls and you look at me with a smile. “It’s been hours since we last ate,” you say, “let’s get out of here and get some food.” I smile and nod in agreement.

We go out to eat and after a very nice lunch we are passing a sex shop when we decide to pick up a few toys to take with us tonight. We aren’t sure what Kitty and her man like, but we’re pretty sure that something in our little collection will entice them. Since we aren’t familiar with the area where they live we go over in that direction a little earlier than we had planned.

We locate the house fairly easily but hesitate to go in so early so we drive around a little bit and scope out the area. Their place is totally secluded in the back, which brings many dirty thoughts to both our minds. After a while we park in the driveway and approach the front door. I ring the bell but no one answers. You think you see smoke from a grill coming from the back yard so we walk around the house, bag of toys in hand. I stop short as I round the corner and see Kitty on her knees in front of him. You almost run into me and I tell you to hush. You peek around the corner to see what is going on and gasp as you realize what she is doing.

“Déjà vu,” I whisper and smile, and my juices begin to flow once again. You look at me, puzzled at first. I watch mesmerized as she slowly takes Betturkey Giriş him in and out of her mouth slowly. I think they must have just started, at least that is what I hope. He puts his hand on her head and rests it there. You set the bag down and pull me into your chest, my eyes never straying from them. You unbutton the top buttons on my dress, reach in and grab my breasts. I gasp softly when you touch me, but loud enough for him to hear me once again. We both realize this and freeze briefly, out of shock. You rub my nipples between your fingers roughly as we watch him slide in and out of her luscious mouth. He looks down and watches her for a moment, then turns his eyes to us and smiles wide.

You raise my dress with one hand and reach inside my panties. You find your way quickly to my wet hole and slide two fingers in. “Oh!” I moan and thrust my hips forward, biting my lip to keep from screaming. My eyes lock with his once again as you finger me in rhythm with her sucking. He strokes her beautiful hair and moves his hips slowly.

“Oh fuck!” you whisper in my ear as her pace quickens and you follow.

He looks down at her and I hear him say, “Oh Kitty baby, you’re so good. Yeah, that’s it baby!” She reaches up and places a hand on his hard shaft and starts stroking him too. “Oh yeah!” he moans again.

Your fingers reach deep inside me as your hand plays with my breasts and we watch them. My hips start thrusting up to your fingers, your palm now slapping against my clit. I bite my lip, not knowing why it would matter if she knew we were there. I reach back to unzip your shorts and grab your throbbing member. I stroke it softly and feel your body weaken immediately. She pulls away from his cock, licks his shaft all around then sucks it back in. Your hard dick is throbbing in my hand, and you whisper to me, “This is so hot!” I bring my hand up, lick it and start stroking you again, faster than before.

Both of his hands are on her head now, his hips thrusting harder, burying himself in her mouth. I stroke you harder, feeling your hips thrusting into my hand and my hips thrust at the hand that is fingering my now dripping hole. I push my chest out so you take more of my breasts into your hand. You tweak my nipples, sending chills through my body, which makes me squeeze you harder and I stroke faster as his hips thrust faster.

“Oh yes, so fucking good!” he shouts. Seeing the grin on his face, I know it is for me this time or perhaps for you and me. He watches us as you service me in front of him. I doubt he can see what I’m doing to you, but he can see my arm moving. You grab my dress and rip the buttons from it giving him a full view of me, and better access to you. He thrusts harder and deeper into Kitty’s mouth. I hear her moaning now, begging for cum. You pull my panties down to my knees and then finger me faster and deeper while you pinch my nipple and pull on it as I stroke you faster.

“Oh yes!” I moan in a throaty voice, your breathing getting harder and louder with each breath. He smiles at me and I back at him. He thrusts hard into her mouth, tenses and I watch as his body trembles as he releases his hot load into her mouth.

“Oh yes, drink me!” he yells out.

You finger fuck me hard, slapping against my clit, my body tenses and as I cum I scream out, “Fuuuuccck yes!” unable to help myself and not even caring. I watch as she milks him of every drop, her throat muscles contracting as she swallows his delicious cum. She finishes and looks over at me, licks her lips and then smiles. I smile back at her, my dress fully open and my hand still stroking you. I pull your fingers from me and bring your hand to my mouth to lick your fingers while I keep both of them in view. I look back and kiss you and encourage you to come closer to them. I step out of my panties while you bend down to grab your shorts so you can walk.

I go right up to Kitty, grab the back of her head and pull her mouth to mine. “Mmmm,” I moan into her mouth as I get a small taste of him and give her one of me. I kiss her sweet lips but then back away. Kitty looks over at you and notices the hard on sticking out of your shorts. She kneels down motioning for you to come to her and you rush over to her as Kitty eagerly opens her mouth. You slide your cock between her lips and she sucks you in and out quickly. “Oh Kitty!” you moan as you place your hands on her head.

You start to thrust at her pace, sinking deeper into her wet mouth, while I move behind you and kiss your back, gently nip your neck and reach around to tweak your nipples as she sucks you in again and again. I feel you start weakening again and you thrust hard into Kitty’s mouth. I hear Kitty slurping on your cock and see your body tense. “Ohhhhhh, fuuuuuuccckkkk!” you yell and thrust forward. I can feel your release from behind you, so I tweak your nipples more and suck on your neck. I watch the goose bumps form on your body and look down from your shoulders to see Kitty looking up at you, at me. I watch her throat contract as you continue pumping fluid into her beautiful mouth. Her lips are so gorgeous wrapped around your stiff shaft.

I back away when I feel you relax and hear you say, “Oh Kitty, thank you so much!” You help her up and pull her into your arms, kissing her softly. I get behind her and run my hand down her backside as you pull her into a deeper kiss. I had almost forgotten the heart shaped birthmark on her back. I circle it with my finger then lean in and kiss it, running my tongue around it. I hear her purr, “mmmm,” into your mouth as my mouth explores her back. I kiss up to her shoulder blades, to her neck and nibble a little. She tastes so wonderfully sweet! I kiss across from shoulder to shoulder then make my way back down. I just can’t seem to get enough of her, as if she was a drug I’m addicted to. She presses harder against you grinding her pelvis into yours.

I make my way down to her beautiful firm ass, kissing each cheek, licking here and there. I run my tongue right down her crack from beginning to end. “Mmmmm,” she moans in heated pleasure. I try to spread her legs a little and see she’s very wet. I reach up and slide a finger between her legs, finding she is dripping with sweet juice. I make my way back up, kissing and licking every inch. When I reach the top I pry her from your arms and put my lips on her neck, kissing tenderly then reaching around to cup her beautiful breasts, pulling her into me. You kneel in front of her and spread her legs wide, propping one up on a patio chair. You lick her clit then make your way down as she leans into me and throws her head back, moaning in ecstasy. “OH! Oh, yes!” You reach up to spread her lips and dive into her pussy.

He comes over and kisses the beautiful breasts I am still caressing, taking the nipple to his lips. He pulls it between his lips and flicks the very tip. She arches up to his mouth, moaning, “Aahhh!” You dip your tongue inside her and lap at her sweet juices. I can hear you breathing in her sweet aroma, as she moans louder, “Oh yes! Oh fuck yes!” as we all service her. She starts bucking at your mouth when you suck her clit in, then slide two fingers deep inside her and fuck her quickly with your hand. Slurping, kissing and sucking sounds are all that can be heard over Kitty’s moans.

He continues sucking on her breast, her nipples are so hard and I imagine very, very sensitive. I wrap my hands around her running them across her firm stomach. I feel her tense, so I squeeze tighter. He pulls as much of her breast into his mouth as he can and you fuck her faster and deeper with your fingers as you suck her clit in and out of your mouth. “FUCK! OH MY GOD!” she screams as her orgasm peaks. Her body thrashes about in my arms, as she is pleasured by all three of us. Another orgasm peaks and explodes right away as we continue to drown in her sweetness. I take her neck in my mouth as her body shudders, her knees weakening. Each of us grabs onto her as her body starts to melt toward the cement and we lay her down in the chaise lounge to recover. She looks so beautiful lying there, breathless and satisfied and a big smile crosses her face as we stand there looking at her triumphantly.