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Gran’s Story Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of Gran’s Story –(the tale of a boy and his Gran). It was so well received that I thought I had better get on with it – Thank you to all the people who read and commented and emailed me your personal comments. Let’s hope this chapter is received in the same manner, and please don’t forget to vote.

This chapter is told by Ian and his Gran.

A few months after my initial experience with my Gran, she asked me if I could come over and spend a couple of weeks to do some maintenance on the house for her. My Aunt Fran was going up to London for a few weeks to do some shopping and see a few shows, and Gran didn’t like being in the house alone for all that time.

College had finished for the year and I was very glad in more ways than one, to help Gran.

I arrived on Saturday morning and after having a cup of tea with Gran, asked her what she would like me to do first around the house.

“Well Ian, I know what ‘I’ would like ‘you’ to do first, but we had better leave that until later OK, she joked. In the meantime, maybe you can check the gutters and the roof and make sure that there are no leaks, just in case it rains.”

I proceeded to do the things that she had asked of me and it took most of the day. I put everything away in the shed and thought it was time to go and have a shower and freshen up.

As I entered the back door, Gran was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

“I’m just going up for a shower Gran, be down in about 10 minutes.”

“Alright Ian, I will have a drink ready for you, I’m sure you can do with one.”

I had my shower and came back into the kitchen, and Gran had a beer sitting on the counter for me.

“Dinner should be ready in about 15 minutes darling. I bet your hungry.”

“Very hungry Gran, but not just for dinner,” I replied, smiling down at her.

“You will just have to wait then, won’t you?”

Later, when we had finished dinner and I had helped Gran with the dishes, she turned to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me lovingly on the mouth.

“I escort have been waiting so long to get you back here, darling. You don’t know how much I have missed you.”

“Oh yes I do Gran, ’cause I have been longing to get back to you too. I would love to continue with the ‘lessons’ you started to teach me the last time I was here. It will be so much better too, because Aunt Fran won’t be here and we won’t be disturbed.”

We sat and watched a movie together, feeling very comfortable with each other. After all, we had a whole two weeks to get to know each other.

We made our way upstairs to each of our bedrooms.

Gran said, “Meet me in my room in about 10 minutes darling.”

I gave her 10 minutes and hurried along to her room just in my boxers. She was lying on her bed with just a black see-through nightie on, and a sexy pair of black panties under it.

You will remember in the first chapter, that our relationship had not gone past the acts of me tasting Gran’s pussy and Gran sucking my off. Up until now, I had no idea what it would be like to eventually put my prick into her sexy cunt and fuck her.

I lay on the bed and put my arms around her and gave her a big hug. Then I lowered my lips to her mouth and proceeded to kiss her, inserting my tongue into her mouth. The kiss lingered on for several moments. I slowly ran my fingers up her spine and up and over one breast; at the same time, I lowered my mouth to suckle on the other nipple. I lay on my side just feeling her body against mine and delighting in the overall sensations that were being emitted by her body to mine. I loved this woman so much, even if she was my Gran and so many years older than me.

As Ian was feeling Gran, she was experiencing her own excitement in being able to run her hands all over his manly frame. Her fingers crept down to his boxers and slowly eased the waistline away from his body and caught hold of the massive bulge that had been trying to hide from her. She had already seen this beautiful appendage before but escort bayan she couldn’t get over how wonderful it was. He was a lot larger than George, her late husband. She pushed his boxers right off him, sliding them down to his ankles where he used his feet to take them right off.

All the while she had been exploring him, Ian had been following the same lines of her body.

I eased her nightie over her head so that I could see her whole body. My fingers and hands spread across her tummy, and gradually worked their way down to the band that held the black panties on her hips. I lifted it and started to delve my fingers into that crevice between her legs, which I had previously tasted and loved. I got quite a surprise though. As I felt her mound I realized that she was completely bald down there.

“Oh Gran, you have shaved yourself. Why?”

“I did it for you my darling, so that you can eat me and taste me all you like, without the danger of getting hair in your teeth. Haha. Do you like it?”

“You didn’t have to do that Gran, I loved the taste of you anyway, but let me taste you as you are now, and yes, I do love it. I love you however you are.”

I then continued to poke my fingers into the soft, fleshy folds and spread them open until they were open to me. I probed her cunt with one finger and slowly worked it in and out of that wonderful opening, that was all mine. After a while I removed my finger from the confines and then added a second one and continued to finger fuck the tight juice-filled vagina, working them so slowly for a few seconds.

“You’re so wet, so warm,” Ian murmured.

“You make me that way….” She whispered back.

Finally, she reached down and took his throbbing erection into her soft hands.

“Just a moment Gran, lets take this easy. After all, I am going to be here for 2 weeks, so we will have plenty of time to do all the things we want to do.”

I sat her up in front of me and I sat opposite her. I brushed my hands across both breasts and lowered my mouth to the bayan escort nipple. Changing from one to the other, I kept licking and sucking those fabulous boobs. I then let my hand stray to her pussy again and inserted three fingers into her cunt, and used my thumb to gently rub her clit.

“Baby, why don’t we get in a 69 position, and we can both enjoy each other?”

So I changed directions and lay under her, with her pussy right above my mouth and my prick in line with her mouth. We lay like that just savoring each other for about 10minutes. I slid my tongue up and down the folds of her outer pussy lips and eventually started to nibble the clit that had come out of the hood. I was so wrapped in her juices I didn’t ever want to take my lips or tongue out of that wonderful garden of Eden.

At last, I told Gran that I couldn’t guarantee that I would last much longer and I wanted to put my prick inside her so that I could fuck her properly.

I turned her over onto her back and climbed between her thick thighs. After rubbing the tip of my cock over her vulvae a few times, I looked down at her and asked, “Are you sure about this Gran?”

“Oh yes baby, I have been waiting for this for a long time. Give me your cock and fuck me deep down inside my pussy.”

I gently entered her and slowly slid myself up into those hallowed portals. I began to pump in and out of her. I could feel her pussy juices leaking onto my prick. It felt like heaven. I knew that I wouldn’t last for long and told Gran this.

“Oh my baby, cum in me, cum in me now, make me cum too. I need you so much.”

I then felt the stream of cum erupt from my prick and lodge in her warm, soft womb. As I did, I felt Gran’s orgasm as it mixed with mine.

We lay there on the bed for a few moments, then I went and got a wet cloth from the bathroom and cleaned Gran’s pussy and my prick. After that, we lay down together and cuddled and fell asleep until the morning.

As you can imagine, when we woke up, I had another hard-on, so we then decided to continue with our “lessons.” Which I will tell you about later.

I will be continuing this story with another including Auntie Fran. So keep on reading and voting. Send me a personal email via this site and let me know what you think or make a public comment.