Haziran 12, 2024

Outdoor Excersise

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The sunlight filtered through the trees creating pools of dappled shade on the floor of the woodland glade. I loved walking through these woods; it was so peaceful as most people didn’t seem to wander this far into them. I knew from experience that in just a few minutes time I would come to a secluded little pond and since it was such a beautiful day I intended to take a long luxurious swim.

The closer I got to the pond, the more aware I became of my clothes and how uncomfortable they felt. My shirt stuck to my back and the waistband of my shorts rubbed uncomfortably. Glancing round to make sure I really was alone I popped a couple of the buttons on my shirt and eased the damp fabric away from my skin. I looked down and noticed that my nipples were hard inside my bra, tingling in anticipation of feeling the cold water on them. I took a deep breath in and considered how the rest of my body felt. I realized to my surprise that I actually felt extremely turned on. I ran my nails gently over my nipples and shivered as I felt my pussy tingle in response. I was definitely looking forward to getting naked and taking a dip now.

As I reached the banks of the pond I let my rucksack slide off my shoulders and fall to the floor. I popped the rest of my buttons on my shirt and slid my shorts to my ankles so I was wearing nothing but my underwear, socks and boots. Another couple of seconds and all my clothes were in a pile on the bank and I was totally naked.

I tip-toed to the edge of the water and felt the soft mud ooze between my toes, the water looked green, cool and so inviting and I stepped forward into it gratefully feeling the water closing over my skin. I kicked hard and dipped my head under the water. Slowly I swam round in a circle enjoying the feeling of being naked. My nipples still tingled as the whirls and eddies my moving limbs made in the water caressed them softly. I flipped on to my back and rolled the stiff nubs between my thumb and forefinger, moaning quietly as the tingle traveled down my breasts and into my lower stomach.

Even though my body was underneath the cool water I could feel my pussy becoming hot and knew that had I been out of the water my juices would have started to soak my panties. Remembering how much I enjoyed that feeling made me moan a little louder. I trailed my fingers down over my stomach and gently stroked the place where my lips joined at the top of my pussy. It was my very special place, the place that I always played with for as long as I could stand it before slipping my fingers deeper. If I spent long enough caressing myself I always got much wetter and my orgasms were much stronger and more pleasurable. Today I had all the time in the world. I flipped back on to my stomach and swam toward the place I’d left my clothes. I knew from experience that there was a little cove with a smooth warm rock where I could sit half in and half out of the water.

I pulled myself out of the water feeling the sun warmed rock, smooth against my ass. I lay back and reached sideways to pull my towel under my head. I positioned myself so that the water just lapped against my thighs and began to stroke my breasts again with one hand while playing with my pussy with the other. My back arched involuntarily and my toes began to curl in pleasure as gentle waves began to course through my body. My breathing became louder and just as I felt as if I wanted to come I heard a rustle in the bushes behind me followed by a little moan. I froze and held my breath thinking perhaps that I’d imagined it, but as I lay there with my fingers buried in my cunt I heard it again.

My heart felt as though it would hammer a hole in my chest as a combination of panic and hot waves of pleasure collided inside me. As I lay perfectly still wondering what I should do next the bushes shook, and a dark head appeared closely followed by a fair one. A shot of adrenaline spiked through escort bayan me and I pulled my knees up toward my chest to hide my nakedness. I must have turned a deep shade of pink as the boy with the dark hair smiled widely and shook his head slightly as if to reassure me. The blonde girl smiled too, ‘We’ve been watching you for a while’ she said ‘and we were wondering if it would be ok to join in?’ Well, what an offer, I thought to myself, ‘hell yeah!’ I smiled. They both smiled at each other and stood up from the space they’d made for themselves in the bushes.

As they did I let my eyes roam over their nakedness. They were both slim and tanned and the girl had small pert breasts, each with a sweet little upturned nipple. Her waist was slender, curving inwards over her smooth hips. She had a tiny strip of blonde hair barely covering her pussy lips to which tiny droplets of moisture clung, it appeared that the pair of them had been doing a little more than simply watching what I had been doing. The boy was slightly taller with clearly defined muscles, his body was almost completely smooth and hairless which meant either he waxed or was no more than 18 years old. His cock stood up proudly in front of his stomach bouncing gently as he made his way over to my rock.

He positioned himself so he was kneeling at the side of my head and touched my cheek, pulling my mouth towards his shaft. The girl had waded in to the pond and was floating in the water with her head inches from my pussy. She held onto my hips and licked slowly up the inside of my thighs. As delicious as it felt, I had a sudden attack of bashfulness and twisted my hips away slightly. ‘Don’t be shy’ she whispered and her hands pushed my legs apart. As her tongue flickered over my outer lips, probing between them, the boy began to push his shaft into my mouth. It was hot and salty-slick with his juices and as he inched it in I could feel the hard ridges sliding deeper.

There is little more in life that I enjoy more than sucking cock and this boy’s cock was not a disappointment. He was a nice size, big enough that I had a good mouthful but not so huge that I couldn’t give every last inch the attention it deserved. I flattened out my tongue and pressed it against my bottom row of teeth which had the effect of opening the back of my throat so I could take the whole length of him. As my lips closed and I began to suck, he threw his head back and moaned. This primitive sound made my stomach flip in appreciation. I clenched my thigh muscles and thrust my pussy towards the girl, offering myself to her, willing her to push her tongue deeper.

She didn’t disappoint. She pushed my legs way apart and made me bend my knees so my cunt was spread wide open in front of her face. With a swift movement she buried her face in me and began to suck my clitoris, pulsing it in and out of her mouth. I imagined the view she must have and was thrilled by the thought of her being able to see the, soft, dark pink skin surrounding my cunt, my tiny clit nestling right at the top, the dark cavern of my slit. My cunt convulsed as blood rushed to it, making it even more sensitive and receptive to the girls probing tongue.

The boy slid his hands into my hair, threading his fingers through the strands until both of his fists were filled with hanks of my hair. He began to guide my head using my hair as leverage, pulling it firmly by the roots. As his pushing and pulling motions became more urgent, my mouth began to fill with a mixture of saliva and his salty pre-come. I relaxed my lips a little to let some of the fluid slide down his shaft. The boy, his head still thrown back, neck taut, growled with pleasure. My hand reached underneath and cupped his tight balls, squeezing firmly and rhythmically, I found myself matching my squeezes to his thrusts and felt his cock swell.

Quite suddenly, at the point that his cock bayan escort was slid deepest into my throat, the boy stopped thrusting and held my head still. His cock was pushing and pulsing into the softest part at the back of my mouth, and my nose was buried in the lower part of his stomach. I could barely breathe and to make things even more difficult, my mouth was filled with fluid that had slowly begun to trickle down my throat. I began to struggle and gag. The boy, his voice sounding very far away, whispered above me ‘It’s better if you don’t struggle honey’.

I tried to calm my breathing which was exceedingly difficult as the girls tongue was now lapping in a fast, circular motion, right on top of my clitoris, occasionally darting lower, slipping in and out of my soaking wet cunt. Her fingers, also slippery and wet with the water from the pond were stroking the sensitive spot between my opening and ass-hole. I moaned loudly and feeling my cunt quiver against her mouth, the girl moaned back in response. Switching my focus to the sensations the girl was creating through the lower half of my body had enabled me to become calm enough to begin to appreciate the tense, stretching sensation of having the boys cock rammed hard into my mouth. It throbbed gently, occasionally twitching more strongly. My throat relaxed and he pushed a little deeper, sighing above me and holding my hair tighter.

‘I want you to fuck her pussy’ the girl said from between my legs, ‘Its so wet and open, I want to watch your hot hard cock being swallowed up, I want to watch while her juices soak you, I want to bite her nipples and watch you make her come’. The words washed over me as if they were spoken from a long way away, the lack of oxygen was making my head spin and my body was crying out for the release of my orgasm.

The boy loosened his grip on my hair and slowly, slowly drew his cock from my mouth, I tightened my lips as he slid away from me savoring every hard ridge and caressing it with my tongue as it finally left me. It was covered with moisture, the shaft rock hard and twitching. The girl appeared at my side and took hold of him firmly sliding her fist up and down his shaft The boy turned in towards her so her hand was trapped between their stomachs, he took her face in his hands and kissed her, slow and deep, whispering into her mouth, words I couldn’t hear but could imagine.

Breathing hard and desperate not to let the sensations in my pussy subside, I turned on my side and, balancing one foot on the rock and propping my head on my hand, I began to finger my own pussy. The boy, catching sight of what I was doing, took the girl by the shoulders and turned her towards me. Pushing firmly in the small of her back he told her to get down on her knees. The girl’s eyes, now level with mine, were shining with pure lust. She fell forward slightly so she was kneeling on all fours and pushed her ass up towards the boy; with one hand he guided himself in to her. ‘Fuck!’ The boy practically spat the single word before beginning to rock backwards and forwards. Because of the angle of their bodies I couldn’t see what was happening and I craned my neck trying to catch a glimpse. ‘He’s fucking my ass’ the girl moaned into my face, ‘He’s fucking it hard, but I want it harder, faster, please’? Her voice rose with each word, pleading with the boy to do as she asked.

I shifted my body higher, closer to the girl’s mouth, ‘Please, bite me?’ I begged. The girl smiled and lowered her mouth to my nipples and began to suck and nibble. I plunged my fingers inside, two and then three, panting hard and gasping little noises each time my fingers pierced my flesh. ‘I want to come, please make me come’ I begged. ‘No, wait’ the girls head jerked up, I don’t want to come like this, just wait, one sec…’

The boy, again seeming to read the girls mind, withdrew from her with a moan. Both escort of them were panting as they re-arranged their bodies, the boy moved over to a fallen tree with a reasonably narrow trunk which he covered with my towel before he lay down flat on his back. The girl straddled the tree and moved until she was positioned over his face. ‘Here’ the boy motioned to me to mirror the girl and straddle the tree so that I was positioned over his cock.

The girl’s strong thigh muscles flexed as she lowered herself, the boy obligingly opened his mouth and began to lap at the girls exposed pussy as she played with her clitoris with one hand and played with her nipples with the other. It didn’t take me one more second before I saw what was expected of me. I lowered myself slowly onto the boys cock, gently at first, allowing the tip to just part my pussy-lips, rubbing my clit with its smooth hardness before moving down quickly so his cock slammed deep into the core of me.

I cried out, bit my lip and twisted my hands into my hair; I was level with the girls face and began to match her rhythm before leaning forward slightly and kissing her mouth. The boy groaned under me as the angle he entered me at changed. His cock was now rubbing directly on my clit and I felt my cunt beginning to gush fluid. My breathing was out of control, it was all I could do not to cry out. Breathing hard into the girls mouth I began to feel the waves of heat connecting my nipples, rock hard and standing proud to my soaking wet cunt, filled with the boys cock, trickles of my own juices were flowing from me each time I rose up and a delicious sucking sound resonated in my ears each time I slid back down on to him.

The girl was staring into my face now, fingers still tugging fretfully at my breasts, ‘I want you to come, we want you to come, please come’ she panted, my pussy pulsed, hotter now, the sensations reaching their peak, tumbling over me, uncontrollable, even if I had wanted to control them. A warm liquid feeling began to overtake my joints and limbs, I became frantic, bouncing on the boys stiff dick, jamming it hard into my pussy, hot, slick, wet … I threw my head back and cried out as my orgasm broke over me, my head buzzing, guttural, animal noises escaping from my throat. At the edges of my consciousness, I could hear similar sounds from the girl, matching my own as she came. Opening my eyes, I could see her, dragging sharp nails across her breasts, twisting her nipples cruelly. Watching her body writhe with such abandon and listening to her making noises that matched my own increased my own pleasure beyond anything I had imagined or felt before.

The boy, bucking beneath me cried out and grabbed at my hips, increasing my rhythm and depth of this thrust. With a huge effort, he managed to control himself and stop at the very last second before coming inside me. Firmly, he pushed me to one side, grinning madly and grabbed the girl by her hips, positioning her so she was leaning against the fallen tree; he rammed his cock hard into the girl’s ass-hole. She gasped and pushed back on to him working his cock into her even deeper.

He must have been so covered with my juices that he slid easily in and out of her, The girl’s ass was pushed in and pulled out with his movement and he was moving fast now, finding his rhythm, bending over her, the girl’s ass cheeks pressing into his stomach. One hand was braced on the tree, the other squeezed between her legs massaging her clit. Unconsciously my hand had moved to my clit and was firmly pressing the bruised tender flesh. The boy and the girl, moving as one now both began to come at the same time, bucking against one another, the boy again whispering into the girl’s ear.

When it was over, they lay side by side on the leaf covered floor as I washed myself in the pond. Taking my towel and clothes, I moved away from them a little way to give them some privacy. Once I was dressed, I gave one last glance to the place where they lay. The girl was curled up with the boy’s arms encircling her. She looked up, smiled and gave me a tiny wave before I turned and left, leaving them bathed in the early evening sun.