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Hailey’s Journey Ch. 09

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When she opened her eyes, she was back in her little cot. Her body hurt all over, but it felt and looked clean and washed. Nick walked in with cotton balls and what looked like antiseptic in his hands. He sat next to her, his eyes quiet and serious. As he gently began to swab her welts, Hailey burst into sobs. Immediately, he picked her up, cradled her in his arms, and tenderly rocked her. Hailey burrowed into his comforting arms, incoherently mumbling her pleas and apologies. Nick held her for a long time, until she finally calmed down. Then, for the first time, he carried her to his bedroom. That night, Hailey slept like a baby in Nick’s bed, tucked safely into his body. Surprisingly enough, so did Nick.

Hailey woke up the next morning with gentle hands massaging her sore body. She opened her eyes to find Nick watching her with a quiet, thoughtful _expression. Hailey opened her mouth to apologize again, but he stopped her with a finger on her lips.

“Later, Hailey.”

He picked her up, carried her to the bathroom, waited patiently until she was finished and brought her back to his bedroom again. A tall, cold glass of milk awaited her, along with two pain medications. Nick then propped her up on soft, comfortable pillows, and sat directly in front of her.

“Hailey, we need to talk. Don’t interrupt me until I am finished, OK love?” Hailey nodded, her heart beating fast.

“What we are doing is not a joke to me, Hailey. It is very, very serious. I know we started as a game and a bet, but it is not a game now. I think I miscalculated when I did make the bet with you, and made a serious görükle escort error. So now, you have two choices….”

“I know what my choice is Nick – I’ll never try to escape again. I promise, you’ll never have to punish me for that again. I promise, I really do.” Hailey’s interruption was eager and desperate. Nick sighed and placed his hand on her mouth again.

“Shhhh, Hailey. That is not the choice that you have to make. You can choose to stay with me and complete the year, or you can leave now, free and clear. Remember, if you do choose to stay, it has to be under my rules and conditions. I don’t want to force you into something that you are not ready for.”

Hailey stared at him, shocked at his words. Her contrary mind did not want to leave now – was he rejecting her because she was too much trouble?

“I don’t want to continue to punish you all the time, Hailey. That is no way to spend a year – it is a waste of time for both you and me.”

“If I leave…?”

“Your apartment and car are all waiting for you. You can just go back to your old life and people will think that you are back from a vacation. Even your job is waiting for you.”

“But if I stay, then I will have to obey you and do all the things you want me to do?”

“Yes, I’m sorry Hailey, but that’s the only way it can be.”

“Well, if I do stay, I can see you getting your jollies out of this, but what do I get?”

“It is more than just jollies for me, Hailey. And if you stay, you can explore for yourself what you can get out of it, and what I get out of it, too. Besides, görükle escort bayan after a year of trying, you can go back to your life – this is not a lifetime sentence. Don’t answer right now – I’ll give you sometime to think about it.”

Hailey did think about it, long and hard. Her mind remembered the the loving care and the sensory pleasures during her brief period of captivity, as well as the dinners and the laughter they had shared before the abduction. She liked those things, and thought that if she behaved well, her life would have those things. The only times she was punished was if she failed to obey.

And was obedience so hard, when it brought her pleasure and kept her busy? All those sexual feels and skills that she was developing made her feel free and adventurous – ready to explore her own body and limits. As for her mind, well, most people treated her like a blonde bimbo, and at least Nick had listened to her before he had brought her here. Maybe he would do so again. And after all, it was only for a year, and besides, some things with Nick were so much better than her dreams….

So when Nick came back, Hailey had her answer. Nick held her close and kissed her hard. “Now, we will start your real training, Blondie!”

As Hailey’s body and spirit healed, they went back to their usual routine. Hailey’s chores varied from dusting, vacuuming, filing or light typing. She was getting good enough to make Nick groan with pleasure as she sucked him, and he was getting good at finding all the pleasure spots on her body. Her costumes were as kinky as ever, bursa escort except she now wore a butt plug everyday.

The routine in the evenings varied just a little when Nick began to introduce her to the joys of bondage. The first one was fairly simple. He cuffed her wrists to her ankles, lightly clamped her labia and attached them to thigh straps so that her pussy was wide open. He forced a large ball gag into her mouth, a dildo up her ass, and sat down on the couch with her on his lap, facing the TV. He watched a long travel program, while playing with her nipples and clit until Hailey was moaning and wriggling desperately.

But he did not let her come, and taught her the second and third rules of being a slave: Cum only with permission, and never, ever pleasure yourself unless Master orders it. The rules were reinforced the next day. As Nick worked on the computer, he had Hailey in a hogtie, with vibrators buzzing away in ass and pussy. With another ball gag in her mouth, he forced her to repeat rules two and three over and over, taking great pleasure in the gargled sounds she made.

Fun and games the following day included Hailey being tied to the center table. He made her sit in a lotus position and tied her ankles to opposing thighs. A thick rope around her breasts were then attached to the ropes on her legs so that Hailey was permanently bent over. A dildo up her ass made the sitting position very uncomfortable.

There were no other electrical amusements, but Hailey was horny and the humiliating bondage seemed to add to her arousal. When Nick checked her pussy a little while later, it was sopping wet, and he was very pleased. Hailey got her reward that night. But Nick still hadn’t fucked her!

Nick was certainly taking his time, knowing that his denial was frustrating Hailey. He wanted her to be ready and begging when he finally did take her