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Goddess Ch. 04

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Alan sat down at the creamery with the couple, who were properly dressed and immensely nervous. He’d paid for their ice cream, which made Tom all the more uncomfortable, since the aftercare factor had been deprived from him. Alan sipped from his milkshake and grinned.

“So, this is the mystery boyfriend. Never expected you to date someone so… well, anyone really, you’ve never been much of a socialite.” She turned away from her brother.

“Oh c’mon, didn’t you miss your big brother?”

“What are you even doing here, Alan?” she growled.

“Transferred here a couple weeks ago, ’round the time they were looking for an R.A. Apparently the last one was a real sadist.” said Alan.

“And a racist, and a junkie, and a mean drunk.” Tom added.

“Damn. Quite the asshole. But I’m more interested in what you think of my sister, especially given our mom.”

“Sydney’s never mentioned her mom. And even if she did, what would it matter to me?”

“Well, you’re a… whaddya call it, Marxist right?”

“I’m an anarchist, actually.”

“Oh, even better! But I must say, Mr. Anarchist, I’m surprised you didn’t know. I mean, you know our last name, yeah?”

“Yeah, Brednar. What about it? It’s a last name.”

“You can’t be serious. Brednar? As in Senator Brednar? You’re dating a member of the… oh what’s the word… burger-oh-see?”

“Bourgeoisie, you affluent Gerard Way wannabe.”

“Hey, careful talking to the R.A. that way, buddy.”

“Unconditional respect is bullshit, buddy.”

The two continued to argue until finally Sydney shouted “ENOUGH!”.

The men went silent.

“Alan, you leave Tom alone. You talk to him only as your position as R.A. demands it, otherwise you answer to me! And don’t think I don’t remember all the times I made you cry like a baby! Hell, need I even bring up the dinner party?”

Alan shook his head frantically and whimpered, “Please don’t. Please please don’t.”

She then turned to Tom. “We’re leaving. I’ll talk to you more about this when we’re back at your place.”

She was entirely silent on the car ride back. When they got to the apartment, she turned around, seemingly furious. Then she broke down in tears and hugged him, hiding her face in his shirt. He wasn’t sure what to say. In all the time they’d been together, the only time he’d seen her cry was during a sad movie. All of this was new to him. He patted her head.

“Puh-please don’t break up with me-he-he-he” she sobbed.

“Break up with you?” he asked.

“Cuh-cuz you’re all radical I… sniff I thought görükle escort if you knew who my mom was you… you’d lee-hee-heeve meee…” He held her tight.

“Baby, I wouldn’t leave you over that. So your mom’s a member of the bourgeoisie, so what? Kropotkin was a damn prince and look how he turned out.”

She sniffled again. “I… sniff I don’t know who that is”.

“Read the goddamn bread book” he thought.

“Look, it’ll be alright. I promise this won’t make me leave you”.

She smiled, and looked into his eyes. There was a solid few minutes of peace and silence. They kissed lightly, and then just laid there, comfy in Tom’s bed. Usually they’d only snuggle after sex, but this was incredibly nice.

“Maybe Cliff’s right,” he thought “Sydney and I ought to do more stuff besides watch movies and fuck.” They laid there in comfort and warmth for a solid few hours, both basking in the embrace. She got up from the bed and gave Tom a kiss on the forehead.

“Well, with that bridge crossed, there’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a while. But it’s gonna be a surprise, OK? Wait for me to call you tonight.”

While he waited, it did occur to him: Why didn’t he pick up on that? Her house was particularly nice, and it’s not like she dressed particularly working class. Not to mention she was a liberal, they did tend to move in the higher end tax brackets.

“Whatever,” he thought “Sydney makes me happy and I make her happy. Besides, it’s not like there’s some requirement to radicalize your girlfriend. Not that I’d be against it.”

Around a half-hour later, he got a text:

“Come over. And be prepared for something different.”

He drove out to her house.

“Big fucking thing,” he thought to himself “Seriously, how did I not pick up on that?”.

She was waiting for him at the door, with a wide grin on her face. She grabbed him by the wrist and hauled him upstairs.

“Geez, no hello?” he said. She spun around and kissed him deeply.

“I’m so happy you didn’t dump me after all that. And now with that said, I wanted to try something different.”

“Yeah, you’ve said that a few times now. So what’s so different?”

Sydney reached into a chest by the side of her bed.

“Well, it’ll be the first time I’ll be doing this with another person – not that I haven’t done it before – but…”

She pulled out a small container of lubricant. Tom’s eyebrows went north and he started to stammer.

“Have you ever done this before?” she asked. He shook his head.

“Would görükle escort bayan you like to?” she asked. He nodded rapidly. She giggled. God, she loved it when she could make such a principled and strapping man nervous like this. And he wasn’t even going to be the one on the receiving end. Not that she minded, either. She’d fantasized about having an actual person do this rather than a toy for the longest.

Tom’s knee hit the floor and he faced the ground.

“Oh my great Goddess. I humbly come to offer myself as tribute”.

She grinned.

“Well, I suppose you’ll do,” she said, slipping her shoes off (she hated Tom doing that) “Do strip us both”.

She turned her back and held her arms up. Tom slipped her shirt off and began to unhook her bra. Her skin crawled a bit in anticipation. There was something chillingly erotic about him doing this little bit of labor before they fucked. He undid the belt on her jeans and pulled her panties and pants straight to the ground.

“Now yourself, mortal”.

He hurriedly grabbed his shirt.

“Ah ah ah,” she said “Slowly. Show some humbleness to the divine, won’t you?”.

He pulled his shirt off more patiently.

“Yes my Goddess. Please forgive my brash demeanor.”

He bucked his hips forward a bit before undoing his belt. He knew she liked to see his cock just barely contained by his jeans. She’d never said it explicitly, but there was always a little flicker of excitement in her eyes when he was doing this. He slipped his briefs off and stood naked before her.

“Well, this is quite the tribute you’ve offered,” she said, eyeing his proud, erect cock “I can make something of this”.

She threw the bottle to him and crawled onto the bed.

“Come now,” she said, stretching out her plump and pretty ass. “I assume you’ll know what you’re doing? Surely any tribute to me understands the intricacies of these things.”

He applied the lube, first to her, then to him. Her ass was glistening with the shine off the spread. Before he touched her, she pulled some pillows towards her head, and rested it on them, then moved one hand on her clit.

“Tease me.” she said softly.

Tom lubed his index finger up, and gently inserted it into her. She breathed a bit heavy, somewhat in anticipation, somewhat in anxiety at having an actual human do this. He continued at this for a bit until Sydney said, “Two now, pervert. Two.”

Tom lubed his middle finger, and then had both inside her ass. Her breathing was less heavy, but now just a little quicker. bursa escort She was excited. Tom’s fingers felt so nice. His cock was going to be heavenly.

“Fuck me” she said softly “Fuck your Goddess”.

Tom lubed himself up.

He put himself in very gently, afraid of hurting her. But she moaned with each movement.

“This…” she said “…is not the first time I’ve undertaken this ritual. You are allowed to work a bit faster than that.”

Tom nodded and started moving at a somewhat normal pace as Sydney rubbed her clit.

“Oh fuck.” he moaned.

“A bit faster, pervert. Please your Goddess and move a bit faster”.

His cock was hard and heavy as a mountain. He reapplied the lube and proceeded to move that much faster inside her magnificent ass. She rubbed her clit, commanding him to keep going.

“O-on my command! P-Pay your tribute on my b-bosom!” she stammered.

She could feel her orgasm coming. The pleasure was mounting, amplified intensely by the fact that Tom’s hands trembled with pleasure against her hips, and of course the usual eroticism of his breath getting deeper and deeper only helped.

“R-remove your cock!” she screamed. She rolled onto her back and rubbed her clit to orgasm, as Tom hastily removed himself, then worked his cock until he spilled his seed on her petite tits. She spread the cum around a bit and licked some of it off.

“Yum.” she said.

Tom’s knees hit the floor and he breathed heavily.

“Fuck, that was intense.” he said.

She tugged him up on to the bed and snuggled up to his side.

“It was heavenly. It was us” she said, kissing his neck. “I love you Tom.”

“I love you, Sydney.”

They dozed off, in utter bliss. It was like the whole universe and all it’s wonder was condensed into this little microcosm of warmth and happiness. Neither person could be more content. Then of course, the spell over the two of them had to be broken by modernity. In this case, the ring of a cell phone. Or rather, multiple, incessant rings of a cell phone. Tom recognized the ring as his own and crawled out of the bed.

“Hello, you got Tom.” he said. “What’s up? Jesus, you barraged my phone for that? Fine, fine, I’ll be back soon.”

“What was that about?” she asked.

“Casey’s bothering me because the dorm bill’s due soon and I don’t have my half on the table like I usually do. I gotta go, they’ll keep barraging me.”

She stumbled her way out of bed, her legs wobbly from sex.

“I’ll come too!” she said.

“I wanna yell at Casey in his-”




“-their lousy face for disturbing us during that blissful moment!”

They started out of the house.

“Come to think of it, this’ll be my first time seeing it. Assuming you can get past their wall of books.” Tom said.