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Hands-on Experience Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: What Does That Make Me?

The next time I saw Daniella, it was incredibly difficult to maintain a professional relationship around our co-workers. I don’t think they noticed since the two of us had been developing a close relationship over the last couple years. They simply thought we were becoming best friends, which was true, but now that we had crossed that line into the sexual realm, I saw her differently. It wasn’t as though I’d become this hungry wolf ready to pounce on her at any moment. My self-control is known for being epically enduring. The funny part is, I hadn’t even seen her naked, let alone less than fully clothed for work. I was hoping this would change. It’s coming up on three years working side-by-side as much as you can in a retail industry, her dominating with accurate closing shifts and me unifying the management team. We were a powerful core to the team. As far as taking things to the next level with Daniella, I was about to get my chance.

I didn’t want to rush into anything. In fact, I’m of the belief you shouldn’t date co-workers. I’ve seen too many people break up and cause way more drama than necessary. I wasn’t looking for a date, but this relationship simply blossomed out of the intimacy of co-managing our team. We had been through some tough times together and only had each other to lean on. It was mere accident she came across me in my most vulnerable moment and proved her compassion all over again.

It was a couple weeks and things continued on as usual. She had always been so flirty in her casual touches, I could never be sure if she was trying to tease me. I played it off as my own imagination running wild.

One day, the season emerging into the warmth of summer, it was she who approached me.

“Hey, Tony.”

She greeted me with a warm embrace and ran her nails along one arm. I returned a squeeze and scratched at her back, fingertips catching on her bra strap each pass.

“What’s up, lady?” I started off what I thought would be the usual opening small talk. She had just come in to begin her shift and had a few minutes before clocking on.

“I know you’re always working hard and been taking those classes to work on finishing your degree…” She trailed off, the first time I’d seen her nervous, yet alone nervous as a schoolgirl come prom season. Her dark brown eyes could hardly look my way.

“Yeah, I guess I keep pretty busy,” I said, trying to coax whatever it was she was getting at out of her.

“Well, I’m heading to the lake tomorrow… and was wondering if you’d like to accompany me?”

“Oh.” I wanted to jump out of my skin and tackle her right there, but I had to play it cool. “Accompany you? Like a date?” I paused to soak in the implications.

“Ah. Well, not like a buy-me-dinner kind of date or anything. Just like two friends hanging out at the beach.”

“Alright. I can dig it.” This was followed by a laugh as we had survived the awkward moment. I hoped she knew I never would have turned down a chance to be close to her.

I finished my shift and checked out with her as I left.

“‘K. Call me tomorrow and we’ll set up the time,” she instructed with a goodbye hug.


Sleep was hard to come by that night. For one thing, the two of us rarely had the same day off, so the fact we could spend the day together was indeed special. I phoned Daniella later in the morning since she had worked late the night before. She answered, sounding chipper as ever.

“So, yeah, meet me at my house and we can leave from there, okay?”

“What’s the address? I’ll be there in about an hour,” I responded. I confirmed the directions and went about packing a beach bag. I was feeling pretty confident and decided to do some personal grooming. There was no telling what was going to go down. Besides, I wanted to look and feel good out on the shore of the lake.

She lived a ways out of town, but it was after the morning rush on a weekday, so there was no traffic. That’s one advantage of working retail: no weekend competition for days off. In twenty minutes, I was pulling into the gravel of her driveway. I had on my swim trunks and an athletic mesh, sleeveless shirt. Slinging my bag over my shoulder, I spotted my lady friend tending to the plants of her front yard.

“Oh, hey! You found the place. No trouble getting here?”

“Pretty straight-forward, really,” I casually responded.

“Great!” She popped up and her feminine charms oozed as she approached me and wrapped arms around my waist. I swept locks from her shoulders and my palm nestled under the back of her head to press her into me. She smelled amazing. A flower amongst flowers. Hibiscus I believe it was.

As she turned to lead me into her place, I noticed her attire. She donned thong sandals as black as her hair, showing freshly painted toenails. I noted she had rather long toes, especially for her short height. Was it weird I really wanted to suck on them? I’d never had that urge before. I followed her smooth legs to some sports knit black shorts with thin white trim. Her top was an oversized, somewhat Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort lacey piece with large half-sleeves. Obviously, it was a loose cover for her swimwear. The outfit screamed beachwear since it didn’t really match. A couple tattoos revealed themselves to me: a blossoming flower crept up the bottom of her right calf and a sort of Mandala intricacy was blazoned along the front of her left thigh.

We went inside and she introduced me to her two dogs and gave me a short tour. It was cozy inside, but the backyard blew me away. The house had been her half of a divorce settlement with her ex-husband, Steve. I hadn’t known she was married, but I wasn’t altogether surprised due to how beautiful and amazing she was. Apparently, he was too absorbed by work and they broke it off before they had kids to avoid custody battles. She had recently passed her childbearing years, not that you could tell from her youthful heritage. She spent her free time on countless gardening projects which had been featured in various regional publications and contests. I was more interested in a specific flower as Daniella led me back out front to her car. I loaded an ice chest into the back.

“I didn’t even think to bring something to fill this with,” I called through the car as I shut the rear door.

“Don’t even worry about it. I know a guy that works at the brewery. He gives me free beer once a month. I’m more of a wine drinker, but it’s great for trips to the lake.”

“Alright, but I did bring plenty of water.”

“Perfect,” she cooed as I slipped into the passenger seat.

The drive down to her favorite spot on the lake was only 12 minutes, where we made small talk about work on the way. The usual things bosses talk about behind closed doors, who we liked working with and who we didn’t, with the occasional complaints about corporate thrown in. We got along so great because we had the same ideas of respect and leadership qualities, but I wanted to move beyond that and really get to know this goddess of a woman I’d been crushing on since I met her.

Her tanned thighs slid into view as she worked the pedals. By our arrival, her right leg had ridden up so far she may as well have not been wearing the shorts. I tucked my semi-hard cock into the waist of my shorts as we jumped out and loaded up our stuff to head down to the water.

“You are so white!” My enchantress teased me as I trekked across the sand, duffle bag slung behind me, and set down the cooler.

“It’s my northern European heritage. Can’t hold on to a tan. Parts of me never seem to darken.” Our complexions were juxtaposed as she laid out a beach blanket and umbrella next to me.

“Well, we better get you some protection right away!” She pulled out sunscreen and motioned me over with a sweet smile, patting the blanket in front of her. I sat there, trying to be respectable of my mature angel. She splattered the cold lotion on my shoulders to my protests and shot me an evil smirk.

“Don’t want your pasty white bits to burn, do we?” she laughed.

Her touch was electrifying, all circuits ending in my crotch. I was like a virgin again, already having two erections since we left her house. She hadn’t even taken off her beach coverings, but her hands were bliss.

I never had much body confidence, being tall and lanky my whole life. I only recently started putting on weight due to unhealthy eating from all the hours I put into schooling and my job, trying to fix things and people who don’t care to be fixed. Daniella didn’t even hesitate to put her hands all over me.

She said, “Lay on your front.” I obeyed.

She finished rubbing into my lower back, then went on to my legs. What she did next surprised me. She tugged on my shorts, not to remove them, but to lotion the tops of my asscheeks. Few people touched me there. I looked around, hoping there was no one to offend with my bright white cheeks. There wasn’t. We were alone on our own private beach… for now.

Next she rolled me over, I hesitated to give my downstairs friend a chance to relax, but he wasn’t cooperating. If she noticed the obvious outline of a penis, she made no sign of it. She did the fronts of my legs and my chest, until she once again pulled on my trunks to get under the beltline. This time the head of my cock, in full force, peaked over the elastic. She didn’t react. She covered the tops of my hips, grazing the head of my glans with the sides of her hands. Then she ran her fingers underneath my cock, through the tops of my freshly trimmed pubes, and my cock pulsed as the back of her hand ran up the head of my cock, it slapping back against my stomach.

“There. Now you’re ready,” she announced.

‘Ready for what?’ I thought to myself. ‘A tugjob?”

My mind relived the night a few weeks ago she saw my cock and relieved my tension. As I sat up, my dick protruded almost halfway out. If she hadn’t already studied every inch of my cock that night, I would have blushed and covered as quickly as I could. As it was, I cleared the wedgie that was developing, but didn’t fuss with covering the whole of my anatomy.

As I absorbed the scenery around me, I was brought back to the Latina beauty before me.

“Now me,” she stated bluntly.

While my hunter green eyes gazed into the distance, she had removed her beach covering. She jumped over in front of me and armed me with a bottle of sunscreen. She sat crossed-legged with her back to me. That’s when I saw her final tattoo. A tribal patterned wolf stared up at me from the small of her back. The boner that began to subside came right back with a generous view down her front, between the generous mounds of her bosom. This was quite a progression over the span of a few hours. Starting from having never seen her outside of work clothes to mentally straining to take in the vision of her clad in two scraps of barely-there cloth.

I had always estimated her as a C-cup in her loose-fitting button-up work shirts. With the covering removed, I judged her more of a D-cup, contrasting on her petite yet voluptuous frame. Her breasts jutted beyond the confines of her top, a size too small. They looked amazing and now I had my hands all over them, leaving them glistening in the early afternoon sun.

My erection never left me. It poked along her back as I worked her over with my large hands. She peeled off her shorts as she took my former position prostrate on her front. I was treated to a full visual of her ass as she tugged her bikini bottoms out of her crack. I was in utter disbelief such a vision was on display solely for my enjoyment. How could one of God’s masterpieces bear to be seen in public with me?

I snapped out of my moment of self-pity as she broke the silence, “Perfect day, isn’t it?”

My eyes subconsciously skimmed her posterior at the mention of perfection. “Really is. Couldn’t have planned it better. Perfect.”

“Hey pass me a beer, will you?”

We spent the next couple hours liquoring ourselves, sunning a bit, then high-stepping down to the water as the sun overheated the sand and our exposed bodies. Being early on in the warm months, the lake remained swollen with snowmelt and didn’t retain much heat. The shore was deserted. The rare passerby didn’t pay us any mind. Eyefuls of Daniella’s sun kissed body enriched my life as we splashed in the lapping waves, which repeatedly threatened to displace her top. A couple times she tugged on my trunks and threatened to pants me, but allowed me to talk her down to jumping on my back and putting her hands all over me. I was in heaven.

Dripping a trail of lake water back to our towels, we laid down. Daniella rolled into my arms and threw one around herself. I watched the droplets trail down the fronts of her thighs. We remained intertwined for a few minutes until I felt a hand running across my chest. She played with my drying chest hair and widened her circles until she burrowed into my shorts and pulled out my cock to let it air out on my stomach. It didn’t have far to go until it was back up to its 6 inches. She resumed snuggling into me without a word. I eyed her, as the mixture of heat and alcohol threatened to sweep me away to dreamland. I followed her gaze down to my dick. She brought a finger just under the crown and scraped the underbelly, coaxing a moan out of me.

“This has been straining to get out all day,” she whispered. The water on her skin slickened it against the sunscreen as she wrapped fingers around the girth of my cock and ran them slowly up and down.

“What can I say?” I retorted. “It’s had fifty reasons to come out and all of them attached to you.”

She giggled and laced her digits about my ballsack, giving a playful squeeze.

Then she asked me about a recent discovery. “Did you trim yourself? These feel different than I remember and I know you were hairier down here.” She smirks as she compares the before and after.

“Er, well, I wanted to be ready for the beach…” I nervously attempt to explain it away without implying that I thought she’d be doing exactly what she’s doing. Some women are masters at making you feel stupid for thinking something might happen that actually does.

“Did you think just because I helped you relieve yourself once, I’d somehow find a reason to have my hands all over you again?”

“I don’t know… I wanted to look my best for whatever happened out here. It gives me confidence knowing I look good down there, no matter if no one sees or not.”

“Mmhmm.” She continued her massage of my gonads. “Well, I like it. They’re so smooth.”

“It took a long time, but I think it was worth it.”

“Me, too.” she said in a husky bedroom voice.

Moments later, she stopped abruptly. She rolled away from me and reached into her beach bag. I rolled to my side to see what she was up to. “Here.” She returned my way and pressed my chest, rolling me back onto my back and striping my cock with sunscreen.

She rubbed the impromptu lube into my member and looked into my eyes as I began moaning at her manual stimulation. “I doubt this has been a stressful day for you, but you do need release.”

I closed my eyes to enjoy the handjob, but opened them when Daniella pulled her hand away and wiped the excess cream on my chest. When our eyes met, she indicated my crotch.

“Here?” I inquired, “right here?”

“There’s nobody here. I’ll protect you,” she goaded when she saw the doubt in my face.

“You’re loca, chica,” I informed her. “Someone could call the cops.”

“From the looks of you, buddy, they won’t have time to respond! You’ve been rock hard all day.” She flashed her dazzling smile. “Won’t it feel so good to stroke that monster?” She scraped her nails under the head again. She wasn’t wrong.

I moaned and she knew I was wavering. She guided my hand down to my eager cock. We locked eyes and I stared deep into those melted dark chocolate eyes. ‘Ah, hell,’ I thought, ‘she’s seen me do this before.’ But this was different. I was out in public. We were hidden by dunes and sagebrush on three sides, back in a sandy cubby of sorts, but still a public, non-nude beach.

Her nails returned to my chest, immersing me back to that night. Only now I could see much more of her. Every ridge of her body was being committed to memory: the contours of her neck, down her chest, across her smooth belly, to her voluptuous legs. One arm rested on her side, the other propping her head up to the spectacle before her. My hand was instinctually pumping my cock for the unearthly beauty heaven provided me.

It felt like hours, but it was only minutes. She was my muse. One hand stroked and the other tugged my balls. She softly fondled her own tits, barely more than self-adjusting, but to my lust-filled mind she was putting on a private peepshow for my eyes only. Her hand that wasn’t supporting her weight made its way across the short distance to my nipple causing me to grunt and shoot my pent-up load across my lower belly, thigh and the blanket beneath our towels where my towel had been pulled askew. She had a thing for nipples. It was contagious.

Once my brain made the return trip back down to earth, I thought she was looking at something toward the lake, but by the time I cleaned up enough to look around there was nothing. Daniella leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek, as though to say, ‘thanks for the show, doesn’t that feel better?’

We made one more trip to splash around in the water, knocked back another brew or two then decided to pack it up since we were getting a bit hungry.

My dick was able to make the return trip without reaching full mast having been granted release. We trampled through the gravel of her driveway and piled everything in the kitchen. She cracked open another round and forced it into my hand, then popped a bottle of wine. My sun-kissed angel dragged me into the master bathroom and ordered me to change out of my wet trunks. I followed orders, skipping underwear altogether. I entered the front room in only shorts. She pressed past me to go change herself. On returning she shoved me into the sofa immersing herself in my embrace. By this point, we were pretty liquored up. There was some romantic comedy playing as I started to doze off.

The nails scratching down my chest past my tummy and dragging my shorts down my thighs woke me. This dream felt so real when a hand started pumping my cock. I wiped at my blurred vision.

“What are you doing?” I felt dumb blurting my rhetorical, reflexive response.

“I want to see those balls of yours again. You spent a lot of time on them, they should get plenty of attention.” They were a bit itchy from shaving. Her hands were calamine lotion on the freshly bare skin.

We locked eyes while I sat dumbfounded. Once my cock was halfway to life, my jaw hit the floor when she popped the head past her lips and bobbed her head on it. The luscious locks adorning her stunning face played pong between our bodies and her t-shirt clad tits jiggled in matching rhythm. My balls got the next turn. One hand held my dick out of the way so she could taste my hairless nuts. It didn’t take a genius to perceive my high level of arousal. Daniella’s eyes hardly turned away. My hands held a death grip on the sofa cushions. Melting my whole body into the cushions released a moan.

After making me fully hard and pleasuring me for a couple of minutes, she pulled her mouth off my cock long enough to tell me she wanted to show me something and, not waiting for a response from my foggy brain, padded barefoot into the bedroom. My mind was racing with the possibilities, mainly seeing her pop around the doorframe in sexy lingerie, or maybe even naked. The very deepest corners of my imagination didn’t fathom what actually came around that corner.

This little minx arrived in the doorway wearing leggings that stopped mid-thigh. She didn’t have any underwear on, forever burning into my memory her black pubic hair, trimmed into a moderately thick triangle, pointing the way to her pussy, which was outlined by straps traversing up her hips and framing her ass cheeks. On the front of these straps, along the northern border of her pubes, was a midnight black rubber dick. I rubbed my eyes. She was wearing a dick. A matching black half-corset spilled her spectacular tits down her front. Her dark nipples begged for suction. Was she really wearing a rubber penis?