Ağustos 15, 2021

Handyman face fucks client for payment

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Handyman face fucks client for payment
years back I got a call for doing a repairs on a bathroom sink. I normally don’t do these but she sounded sexy on the phone practically begging my to come over and fix it. I got the apartment address from her and she said to call when I was at the door.

I arrive and called the number, then said “I’ll be right down” very happily to let me in.
She comes down in her silk bathrobe and looks fantastic, a little chubby but big tits, pretty face, good smile, hungry blue eyes, early 30s, brunette. I follower her to the apartment making chit chat about the rainy days. She shows me the sink and I tell her its an easy fix and not to worry i’ll just be a few minutes. She smiles and walks away.
I get the tap fixed and fixed a loose towel bar, closed the door to take a pee, after I emptied my bladder I shook my cock and and started to get rock hard. I put my hard cock back in my pants and hide it in my belt and go out side to tell her the total for the repairs and driving out.

“All went well we the repair, It will only be $35 for the drive out, but the repair is free. I fixed your towel bar too”
She goes to here purse in the kitchen and starts looking thru it like any typical woman with to much in her purse. Big tits hanging down and can see her amazing cleavage in the bathrobe, then she looks up at me with a worried look in her eyes. “Aw fuck I’m so sorry, I swear I had money in here the other night. I will go to the bank right now hun”
I tell her its OK and I am not going to send her out in the rain and I can come by later to get it. During all this my cock has slipped out my belt and is half chub in my pants major bulge with my full balls. she says ” I would hate for you do two trips and charge me for another” Right when i’m about to say I’m not going to double charge her she looks down at my bulge and smiles a little bit.

Then I nervously say “well… anything we can trade?” Right away she pulls her plumb big tits out and starts rubbing them. I unzip my pants and show her my 7 inch rock hard cock, I start jacking it off to her licking and rubbing her tits. My cock is dripping precum all over the floor, she then drops to her knees sticking out her long tongue looking up at me. I waddle over with my pants around my ankles and start dripping the precum in her mouth. She starts rubbing her pussy moaning loudly, I put my cock in her mouth and she starts sucking on it still moaning like a good slut should. After about 5 minutes of getting sucked off I couldn’t take it any more!! and grabbed her head on both sides and start shoving it deep down her throat. Every minute or so I would pull my cock out of her mouth so she could catch her breath. But I couldn’t hold my cum any more. I pulled my cock out once more and told her to jack me off with her spit. She looked up at me with drool rolling down her face, tears in her eyes, jacking my cock slowly trying to make it last. Then I could feel my cum starting to flow out. My first big spurt dump just drained out like a volcano into her mouth, then 5 huge spurts plastered her face and eyes. She has a big smile on her face and laughing at the amount of cum. I grab a towel off the oven handle and hand it to her saying “I think you need this” I left the job and heard from her once in awhile till she moved.