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Quick Office Fuck, Part two

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Quick Office Fuck, Part two
Tina begged him not to hurt her. He now had three fingers up inside her and added a fourth. She pulled her legs as wide as she could, hoping to open herself up even more, knowing what was going to happen. She was powerless to disobey him. He tucked his thumb in and began to push. Their eyes locked on to each other as he forced his fist up her rectum. She felt her tissues tear as his knuckles pushed their way into her bowels and screamed, “fuck me! Rip me! Rip my ass open with your fist!”

She wanted nothing more than to please him, have him abuse her body, and make her come. The pain was intense, more than she had ever endured before, even more than anything her fa**er had ever done. As she felt his fist work its way up inside her bowels she began to rub her clit. She knew this would be a big orgasm. The more pain she could endure, the harder she would come.

He began to slowly work his fist deep inside her and she moaned in pain and pleasure. She reached up and began to twist the needles in her nipples, heightening her pain. She felt an orgasm approaching and asked him, “May I come? Please let me come!” He shook his head and she whimpered in frustration. He pulled his fist almost all the way out of her stretching her again, causing intense pain at her rectum before slowly pushing his fist up inside her again. He began to slowly fist fuck her. She had never felt anything like it, having a man’s fist up inside her ass stretching her and abusing her. The pain was more intense than the first time her father had violated her back passage when she was a little girl. Her need to please him, just like her f**her, overrode any self-preservation and she said, “keep fucking me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me as hard as you can!”

He was now fucking her deeply, without any regard to her discomfort, penetrating her halfway to his elbow. She looked down and was mesmerized by the obscene sight of a man’s arm half way up inside her ass. He bent down and began to chew on her clit as he fucked her. Her body began to shake as her orgasm approached. He lifted up his head and said, “come for me. Come with my fist up your ass. Come while I am ripping you open!” That was all she needed to push her over the edge. She tugged at and twisted the needles that pierced her nipples and savored the pain of her ass being stretched more and more the deeper his fist went inside her. She knew he was ripping her but didn’t care. Her libido was in control now. He fucked her as hard as he could as her orgasm exploded in her body. She released a torrent of p** that he eagerly gulped down, clamping his mouth on her pi** hole and drinking it as it came out.

She pulled herself as wide open as she could for him, screaming and cursing at him as she came. Her alabaster white legs were in stark contrast to his tanned arms. He continued to brutally fist her all the way through her orgasms. One orgasm ran into another. Every third or fourth thrust he would pull his fist almost all the way out, stretching her torn rectum, intensifying her pain. Her conscious mind wanted him to stop but she said, “keep fucking me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me hard up my ass!”

She began to shake as if having a seizure as a huge orgasm approached. She looked at him and said, “fist my ass! I’m coming! I’m coming!” She twisted the needles in her nipples around and around intensifying her pain as she came. Coated with sweat, she collapsed on the meeting room table, naked, her legs spread wide and David’s fist still embedded in her rectum. Breathing hard she looked up and watched as he slowly withdrew his arm. She began to whimper when she saw that just his fist was still embedded in her. She reached behind her ass cheeks and spread herself as wide as she could, hoping to lessen the pain and damage. She shrieked as he slowly and painfully withdrew his clenched fist, the pain the more exquisite because she was focused on just that.

He looked up at her and said, “you like me hurting you, don’t you?” She nodded her head and screamed one more time as his fist popped out of her. Her swollen and abused rectum gaped obscenely. She was torn in several places. Placing his fingers in her mouth, she eagerly sucked her juices from them, savoring the taste of her ass.

He was always amazed at how slutty she was and withdrew his fingers from her mouth. He climbed on the table and she spread her legs wide for him. Her fingers went to her cunt lips and held them open. “Are you going to fuck me? Please fuck my pussy!” She said. He looked down and saw that she had three fingers from each hand inside her cunt spreading herself open for him. He was amazed at how much she gaped open and she said, “my da**y started stretching me when I was a little g*rl. I can only come when I’m being stretched and abused. Fuck my pussy, fuck my loose pussy and then fist it with your come in it.”
His hard cock easily penetrated her cunt. He loved how loose she felt, evidence of a long history of being stretched by her fa**er for many years. He fucked her loose cunt in and out and she twisted and pulled at the needles that were still embedded in her nipples. Her hands found their way behind her and he felt her fingers pushing up inside her own ass as he fucked her. She said to him, “do you like that, da**y? I like doing nasty things to myself to make you happy.” He felt her knuckles against his cock as she pushed her fist deep into herself. He shot his thick low deep into her cunt as she moaned, “fuck me daddy! Fuck my loose cunt daddy! Come in me daddy, squirt your come inside me!” Rope after rope of come was deposited in her stretched-out cunt as she vigorously fisted her own rectum, heightening her pain so that she could come.

She still had not come as he slid his softening cock out of her wet cunt. Come dripped out of it and, with her fist still in her ass she begged him, “fist fuck my cunt! Fist my cunt and make me come!” He pushed his large fist up her cunt all at once and she groaned at the pleasure, closing her eyes imagining it was her father’s thick fist up inside her again. He fucked her hard, jamming his fist as hard as he could, punching her. He sucked and bit at her clit as she tortured her nipples and egged him on, “fuck me da**y! Destroy my cunt with your fist! Make me come! Bite my clit!”

The nasty girl came with a fist up her cunt and ass. In her mind, her da**y was fucking her and stretching her out, his cum sloshing around in her loose cunt lubricating the fist that was pounding her. She was finally spent, having come half a dozen times. David and Tina withdrew their fists from her stretched out holes. Once again, she cleaned off his hand, savoring the taste of her juice mixed with his cum.

He got out his phone and she knew what he wanted. Opening her legs wide she first spread open her cunt inviting him to take photos of her huge gape. She then turned over on her knees and reached back behind her, doing for him what she always did for her daddy. She put two fingers from each hand in her ass hole and pulled herself open for him. She was red and torn in two places, stretching her rectum hurt like hell and he took picture after picture, documenting her huge gape.

A few minutes later they were dressed and gently kissing. Before they parted he gave her the business card from a doctor’s office, telling her, “this doctor is very discreet. He will sew you up. I warn you though, he and his nurse are very perverted. Be prepared to please them.