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He Suprises His Honey Ch. 06

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Sue slowly came awake. The cabin was deep in darkness. Her hands had been released from the cuffs. She stretched on the thin mattress, feeling an unbelievable number of aches and throbbing places on her well-fucked body. Strong hands were manipulating her flesh – again. She felt like she should be upset with them, not allowing her a decent night’s sleep after all they had done to her, but she was as aware as they that in a few short hours they would all be headed back to the city, and this orgiastic weekend would be at an end. Slowly, she realized that there were more than one man’s hands on her. She looked over her shoulder to see Wade’s wicked, foolish grin. He was behind her, reaching around to torment her bruised tits. In front of her Dave reached down to rub at her over-stimulated clit. A light came up, temporarily blinding her. Andy and Paul stood over the bed, clearly hungry for more. Andy reached down and took her wrists, cuffing them together. This was new. Her arms were never cuffed in front of her. Dave rose from the bed and helped her up. He lay her over the ottoman they had started with on Friday night. Uh-oh. This probably meant more spanking. She wouldn’t sit comfortably for a month!

Dave took the chain between her wrists, and attached them to the bar at the base of the ottoman. Behind her, she felt her knees spread, then tied to the legs of the ottoman. Her tits and head dangled, and once again, she was helpless. Sue just sighed. Wade knelt before her, and she obediently opened her mouth as she felt another cock at her ass. She wasn’t even sure it mattered which one. As it was expertly and mercilessly pressed to the puffy red opening, she instinctively knew. It was Paul. For several hours, this is the way they fucked her, tied down and constantly double penetrated. It was like they were playing musical holes, going around and around her, fucking her ass and cumming in her mouth. She felt like she was in a trance. Their lack of interest in her clit this time should have bothered her, but after the last few orgasm they had inflicted on her, it was a relief that they just took care of their own needs.

When it was over, they released her from the ottoman, but left her wrists cuffed as they all just crawled onto beds and chairs to fall asleep. Sue climbed onto the bed, already occupied by Dave. Paul nudged her over and sandwiched her between them. It felt great. She snuggled up between them and fell into a deep sleep.

The sun was high in the sky when she felt the bodies next to her stirring. She looked around, and Dave put a finger to her lips. Andy and Wade were still out cold. Dave and Paul were already rubbing their large, callused hands over her sensitive, bruised and swollen flesh. She purred softly, loving the attention. Paul was at her front, Dave at her back. He whispered into her ear, “This forbidden little encounter will have to be our secret.” She was shocked to feel Paul entering her sadly neglected pussy while Dave forced himself into her overused ass.

“Oh god, Dave. I can’t be quiet, it’s so incredible.”

“Shhh,” Dave responded, pressing a ball gag into her mouth. She bit down on it gratefully. They fucked her hard and long, amazingly not waking either of the other guys. The double penetration was even more stimulating and hot than the incredible things they had already done to her. She wept from pleasure. When they were ready to come, she was amazed to feel them each jerk deep into her, and not pull out to make her eat it. Dave came first, deep in her ass, burning the raw flesh inside. It was overwhelming. He held her steady while Paul increased his pace, driving her to her own orgasm. She came first, panting around the gag, tears of joy and pleasure leaking from her eyes. Paul was close behind her, cumming deep in her tight pussy, kissing the side of her neck and her ear and clutching her bruised ass. It was heaven.

Dave quietly uncuffed her, and sent her into the bathroom to clean up. It had been a great way to wake up, but she was sore enough for even that relatively gentle double fuck to have contributed to her throbbing discomfort. Washing her bruised and abraded body was an exquisite torture all its own, and she was grateful they allowed her a few minutes of privacy to do it. After cleaning herself thoroughly, Sue examined the many marks on her body in the mirror. Many of them she could place just who gave them to her and when. Many more were just of blur of sexual torment. Pressing on a particularly wicked stripe from what she was sure was Andy’s belt, she decided she was as bad as the guys – so fascinated by the kuşadası escort marks she was poking at them herself. Sue shook her head and sighed, took a deep breath and headed out to begin the last few hours of this mind-blowing weekend.

Sue stepped into the open living area. Andy, Wade and Dave sat at the table with steaming mugs of coffee in front of them. Paul had started cooking the breakfast, and the smells from the kitchen made her stomach rumble. They were all dressed again, in jeans and warm flannel and wool shirts while she was totally naked. Instead of feeling foolish, though, it made her feel sexy and vulnerable all at once.

“Get in here and help with the cooking, Sue. It was so much fun to watch you in the kitchen yesterday!” called Paul. All four guys chuckled. Paul had forced her to stand by while the bacon spit grease at her naked tits yesterday. They had all really enjoyed the crazy, creative torture and wanted a replay.

Sue shook her head good-naturedly, and obeyed. Paul had eggs and hash-browns going, and the inevitable bacon and sausage already sizzling and spitting. Paul obviously didn’t want any real help with the cooking, because he immediately strapped her arms behind her back, forcing her tits up and out, then positioned her between him and the greasy, frying meat. As each nasty splatter hit her poor tits, she jumped and whimpered. Seeing all four guys getting off on this absurd little game, Sue started exaggerating just a little. Slamming back into Paul, and crying out with every torturous little speckle that struck her. They played this way as long as they could without burning the meal. By the time the food was on the table, Sue was the only one still more interested in food than sex. Unfortunately, she was the one with absolutely no say in the matter.

Five plates were placed on the table, but hers was in the center. Wade bent her over the table and dropped his pants. As he began to push into her, she could smell her breakfast just out of reach. He fucked her hard, mercilessly, and when he was ready to cum, he sat down and pulled her face to his lap. Yuck. Cum, when she really wanted the aromatic eggs and bacon. Wade filled her mouth, unaware of how annoyed the woman at his feet was. Of course, if he or any of the men realized, it would only add to their enjoyment. As soon as Wade was done, he let her up and pulled his plate to him.

Hoping to finally be able to eat, Sue was just about to ask to have her hands untied, when Andy pulled her into his lap. She groaned. The guys assumed because of her sore ass, but for a change that was the least of her complaints. Andy already had his massive cock out, and lined it up with her asshole as he pulled her into her lap. This position stretched her over his monster unrelentingly. Her mind was finally off food as she let out a low, gutteral cry as he invaded her ass. The three other guys enjoyed the sight of her bouncing tits while they ate heartily, right in front of her. Andy lifted her up and dropped her down onto his cock over and over, stretching and irritating her poor asshole. When he was ready to cum, he lifted her off, and sat her in the chair he had been sitting in, pulling her face to his turgid cock. Yuck. More cum.

Andy’s loads, like the cock they came out of, were more than any of the other guys. He never failed to flood her mouth, even though she lost count of how many times each of them had come since their arrival on Friday. This time was not to be different. At this rate, she would have a full stomach of the nasty slime and no room for the delicious breakfast she craved. When Andy was finally done, Sue looked in exasperation at Dave and Paul. When they made no move toward her, she pulled her plate of food to her. All four guys realized what she had been thinking, and laughed heartily at her. Pricks.

Sue scooped up a forkful of eggs and put them in her mouth. Great. Cold. Men were really the biggest bastards. She ate in silence, then gathered the plates and began the clean-up. They laughed at her uproariously. Realizing not only had she desperately wanted to eat while Wade and Andy fucked her, but that ultimately her breakfast had been cold.

Sue stepped back out to the open living room in a better frame of mind, determined to enjoy the last few hours as much as the guys would.

“Okay. What next?”

Dave stepped to her and placed an arm around her waist.

“Well, although we know how sore and bruised you are, we all really want to give you one more good spanking. I promise, after today I’ll give you plenty of time kuşadası escort bayan heal before we play again, but we are going to do it.” Sue’s knees were weak. She had fully expected it, knew she wanted it, but was still scared as hell. Tears came to her eyes, and she let them fall. They enjoyed all her whimpering and screaming, she was sure a few tears of fright wouldn’t ruin anything for them. Dave gently wiped them away, then led her to a beam between the seating area and the dining area. He placed the cuffs back on her wrists, in front of her. He lifted her hands, brushing a kiss across her knuckles, then pushed them up to a thick hook he had screwed well above her head in the beam. He forced her up onto her toes. Her arms were stretched very uncomfortably, and she was forced to remain up on her toes.

“Oh man, Dave. You are so gonna owe me for this,” she hissed at him so that only he would hear. His only answer was that chuckle she was really coming to dread.

“We’re also gonna try some of these nifty toys we never got to play with,” said Wade. He stepped up with one of Dave’s more obnoxious purchases. It was a large, fat butt plug with a horse’s tail coming out of it. Sue hated the demeaning, not to mention uncomfortable chunk of plastic. He forced it into her ass, making all the guys laugh some more. In his other hand was a very fat vibrating dildo. He pressed that into her as well.

Each of them picked up one of the excruciating spanking implements. Today Paul had the wicked paddle, Andy the flogger, Dave the belt, and for some incomprehensible reason, Dave had actually entrusted Wade with the most frightening of them all – the thin, flexible crop that left the deepest bruises on her skin in dark, purple stripes. Despite wanting this, Sue instinctively began to struggle, before even one blow had landed on her poor, delicate skin.

“Guys, please! No more, let me down. I can’t take this, I know I can’t. I’m sorry, but please let me go – I will suck all of you like a fucking hoover, just let me go. Don’t hit meeeee.” Three sets of eyes turned to Dave uncertainly. In all the wicked, painful, rough things they had done, Sue had never uttered anything close to this plea for mercy.

Dave looked at her for a moment, carefully considering what to say. “She’s scared, guys. She never would have let any of you near her, especially not at once, if I didn’t trick her into it – and she has enjoyed it every bit as much as we have. As much as she’s afraid to be spanked again, she wants it.” Dave felt her dripping cunt. “Oh yeah, she wants this.”

“No I don’t, Dave. Let me down, please, baby, let me down.” Dave’s answer was to swing the belt, smacking hard against both cheeks. She howled. Paul stepped up with the paddle.

“If you’re sure,” he said as he pulled his arm back and let loose on her poor ass. All four guys took turns again, spanking her hard and relentlessly while she screamed and begged them to stop. At first, they were all hesitant, but as they got into it, her screaming and begging became as enjoyable as all the sounds she had serenaded them with all weekend.

When the guys had exhausted their arms, Dave lifted Sue off the hook. He poor ass was like work of art – violent, fiery colors and patterns. Dave laid her across the ottoman again, and the four guys ran their hands over her in fascination. Their hands on her flesh led to a whole new chorus of moans and whimpers.

“So who has the heart to fuck her in this condition?” asked Andy. His dick was rock hard, he had enjoyed using that flogger on her and was dying to fuck that hot, colorful ass.

“Shit, I sure as hell can!” exclaimed Wade. He got into position behind her, pulling her ass cheeks apart. Sue immediately screamed and tried to rise. Paul and Dave held her down as she continued to squirm and call them names. Wade pulled the obnoxious horse-tail plug from her ass and quickly replaced it with his cock. He fucked her fast and hard, and slowly she calmed down and began to push her punished ass back at him. Dave offered his dick to her mouth, and without hesitation she sucked it in, still screaming from the agony of her ass but past caring – on a sexual high she had never reached before. When Wade pulled out of her ass, Dave stepped back and let him at her mouth. Andy’s monster was the next to force itself deep into her ass. Wade actually pulled out of her mouth so they could all enjoy her reaction to taking that huge member in her swollen, colorful ass. Sue screamed in agony, then shouted “Yeah, you big bastard, shove that massive thing escort kuşadası in my ass. C’mon, I can take it. Jam it in there and fuck meeeee!” Andy did just as she asked, ramming his rock hard monster deep in her angrily swollen hole. His forceful fucking forced her forward onto Wade’s dick. Wade came, filling her mouth, barely in time for Andy to slide out of her ass and present his cock to her mouth. Sue opened wide, ready for one last throat-bruising face fuck from that massive cock. Andy didn’t disappoint, ramming her throat hard. Sue couldn’t believe her throat was taking this again. Andy, the gentleman of the group, was selfishly fucking her throat like a mad-man. When he finally came, again he overwhlemed her throat and her mouth, choking her so that it backed up into her nose. He fell back, and Sue gasped for air.

Paul stepped up behind her poor ass, rubbing his hands over her ass. He rubbed her flesh hard and rough, making her groan deeply. Sue loved his big, callused hands. He slapped her hard with his bare hands on her bare ass. As badly as her ass was beaten, she loved the way he hand-spanked. She squirmed for him, screaming out. Finally, he pried her poor cheeks apart and pressed his rampant hard-on against her asshole. She panted and tensed, knowing this was the last time he would do this – at least for awhile. She was confident Dave would want to invite him to play again. He forced just the head into her poor asshole. He stopped there, knowing this was the hardest part for her, but enjoying the tightness. Sue let out a long, keening wail of pain. Paul savored the sound, then pressed forward. It was so fucking hot! Sue pushed back at him, loving the feel of him. Paul fucked her, knowing this would be the last time for now, and intending to milk every last sensation out of it. He pounded into her, completely beyond control. Sue rammed her ass right back at him, loving his hard, dominant fucking. He leaned forward over her back, leaning on her painful ass and thighs. The coarse hair on his thighs like steel wool on her tortured flesh, his hand grasping her bruised tits. When he was ready to come, instead of pulling out as he had every other time – he just increased his pace – slamming her hard until he couldn’t hold back any longer. Pressing himself against her battered ass, his cock deeply imbedded in her rectum, Paul’s balls exploded into her. His cum burned her inflamed rectal passage. Sue groaned, pushed back against him, savoring the sensation.

“Hey!” object Wade. “We weren’t supposed to cum in her ass!”

“We just didn’t want it to be a sloppy mess for everyone else, Wade. We’re done here, it’s no big deal, man,” explained Dave.

“Still not fair,” whined Wade.

“No harm, no foul, Wade. Let it go,” insisted Andy. He, too, was a little jealous, but recognized it for the pettiness it was.”

Sue lay across the ottoman nearly in a swoon while the three guys packed up. Knowing Sue would be a mess after the weekend, Dave had let Paul drive, planning on driving Sue’s car home. Pulling herself together for the good-byes, Sue forced herself to her feet. She hugged first Wade, who took the opportunity to grope her absurdly abused ass, and told him she had had a great time.

“Not nearly as great a time as I had, gorgeous. You are the hottest, most amazing woman ever,” he praised. Still, as flattering as his comments, it was Dave he thanked before he took his leave. Maybe he was right. It sure as hell wasn’t Sue’s idea to let him come for this wild weekend.

Next, Andy hugged her. “Wade’s right, babe. You are a special woman. I can’t begin to tell you how many things you are the first woman to do for me. This was the most amazing sexual encounter of my life.” Of course, he too, thanked Dave.

Paul was last out the door. He had been the one she had been most insistent she never wanted near her, and now he was the one she most hoped Dave would want to invite to join them again. He was a cold-eyed, chauvinistic, dominating prick. He was also very nearly as exciting to her as Dave. When she turned to hug him, he grasped the hair at her nape, bent her back and kissed her, deeply. He made her toes curl, and when he released her, she fell back against Dave, dazed.

As they drove away, Dave bent her forward over the front rail of the cabin, pushing himself into her ass. The guys in the car heard her grunts and cries over the sound of their tires on the gravel drive. Dave pounded into her long after they were out of site. Pulling her inside, he pushed her to her knees and fed his dick into her bruised lips. Sue sucked and licked at him until he pushed himself into her bruised throat. He knew it would be days, perhaps even a week before his could play so roughly with her again, so he savored her mouth, her throat, and most of all her submission as he came in her mouth, making sure she tasted his thick, salty cum.