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Her First Discipline from Master

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BarbaraAnne was waiting for her Master to arrive home from work. The hours He was gone felt like days. she eagerly awaited for Him to arrive. He always had a task for her to do while He was away working. she cleaned, prepared His meals and other errands she did everyday for Him. she had forgotten to iron His clothes with all that she had to do today, it had slipped her mind. This was the first time she had forgotten a task. Ulliseus would not be pleased at her. she would tell Him when he arrived as she was always honest with Him.

The clock on the wall read 5:55 P.M. He would arrive in five minutes. she was setting the table the way He liked it, with starched linen, polished silver utensils, and shiny glassware. she was finishing when she heard His car arrive in the carport.

He did as usual. He parked his car and was looking forward to spending time with BarbaraAnne. He was hungry but not for food but for her. She did cook well and He enjoyed many good meals that she had prepared for Him. That was far from His mind at the moment as He thought of the many pleasures as well as the pain he would afflict on her that she gladly received. He was mesmerized by the woman she had become under His care. He continued walking towards the door to T/their house.

As he entered the house He saw her in the kitchen wearing the sheer black babydoll, the black thigh highs with no lace on top, and the black 5 inch ankle strap high heels. Seeing her stirred in Him the desire to have her then and there. But He would not, He would wait a bit and enjoy the sensual acts of bondage.

She saw Him standing there staring at her and she smiled for her Master was handsome. Her heart leapt when His eyes looked straight into her brown eyes. she would tell Him that she forgot to iron His shirt and trouser today. As He walked towards her He saw this look in her eyes. He stood in front of her and kissed her as He always did when He arrived home. She kissed Him back.

“What is wrong little one? you seem distracted”.

“Master i forgot to iron You shirt and trouser today, i had much to do and it slipped my mind. i apologize” kuşadası escort said BarbaraAnne.

“you must be disciplined for that mistake and you know you must pay for that error, do you not?” He told her in a stern voice.

She nodded and she knew well that she did deserve to be disciplined.

He gave her instructions to go into the bedroom and wait until He called her. Ulliseus went to his office and took out something from His drawer. He cleared the items on His desk and sat behind there on His office chair. Meanwhile she was in the bedroom waiting for Him to call her and nervous as to what Master had planned for her.

What would He do to discipline her, as she was thinking this. She heard His voice calling her.

“BarbaraAnne come to my office now, I am here and don’t make me wait long” He toldher in a harsh tone.

she walked as fast as she could to His office.

He was sitting behind His mahogany desk. She entered the office room and quickly He stood up. He walked to where she was in the door way.

I want you to walk towards the desk and bend over on there. Put your front half of your body flat on the desk and your hands on either side of your face was her instructions from Him.

Make sure your breasts are pressed against the table as well as your chin and that your palms are to be touching the table. your legs are to be spread apart and your behind up. Do it now Little one! was what He said to her.

BarbaraAnne did as she was told, she bended over the table, her half front flat on the table, chin and hands pressed against it. her legs spread apart and her behind up. He walked towards her with something in his hand and stood in front of her behind. He held a wooden paddle with small holes drilled into it in His hand.

“I will discipline you. Do not move as I do what needs to be done to you” Ulliseus told her in a strong but loving way.

She bended over His desk, waiting to see what was to come. With a swift movement he hit her left butt cheek. The paddle went hard against her skin and stung as it hit her. With another moevement, He kuşadası escort bayan hit the other cheek to her butt.

“I will spank you as punishment and I want you to count as i do in a loud voice and do not move. I will make that ass of yours red and welted.” He said to her.

Once again He lifted the paddle and harder this time He hit it against her butt cheeks the left side first.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten!” Barbara said in a loud voice as she was counting.

Oh god it hurt her, with each swing she felt the wooden paddle sting her skin. As she was counting, it was hard for her to concentrate, the heat on her butt was growing with each spank He gave her. her butt cheeks were becoming sore. She was almost crying and soon she would be crying for He had the other side to spank now.

“Now the right side pet” He spoke.

He brought the paddle up and started to spank her.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! said BarbaraAnne in a crying voice.

The tears spilling from her eyes running down her cheeks.

He put the paddle on the side of the desk as she was still there bended over the desk and her legs spread. He touched her butt the redness arounsed Him. She flinched and made a noise. His hand moving to her pussy slit and with His finger, He ran it up and down on her slit making her wet.

“You can relax now little one and get up from the desk” He told her.

She did as told and when she turned around, Softly He wiped the tears away from her lovely face and gently kissed her lips.

He took off the babydoll and His fingers went to touch her nipples. At His touch her nipples hardened. His other hand went to her pussy and rubbed her there. she was still hurting but it did not matter she wanted her Master’s touch on her body. To be one with Him. His mouth moved to her breasts sucking her hardened nipples, pulling them lightly in His mouth. her hands on His head as her head went back savoring His mouth sucking each of her nipples. He slides a finger in her now very wet slit. She escort kuşadası moves her hips as He does this to her.

He puts her on His desk and lays her on her back. Knowing she is still aching from the paddle, her ass red and sore but He knows she is strong and will not complain. He knows His little one well as she knows Him. For T/them it is a deep connection one that can not be be broken. As she is on her back, He kisses her mouth and her breasts. He moves her to the edge of the desk and she automatically spreads her legs. One leg on each side of the desk, the heel of her high heels on the desk, waiting for Him to slide His cock in her. This need that B/both of T/them feel to be complete.

He holds His hard cock and slides in her. He starts slowly and just the tip if His cock in her. Then He moves faster and deeper in her. she feels Him in her sliding in and out of her. As He does this she feels the pain from the paddle, the soreness from her butt cheeks hurting more from the movement of Him sliding in and out of her. She makes a noise from the pain she feels but soon it is forgotten as her Masters cock fills her pussy. He pumps His cock harder into her and she meets his thrusts.

Soon T/they are both close to cumming. She moans loudly now, sweat falling from her skin. As for Him, He thrusts harder and deeper within her.

“Cum now little one so that W/we may both cum T/together” said Her Master.

At these words she releases herself and cums with Him. His cum filling her and dripping from inside of her. He bends over and kisses His pets lips as He is still in her. She welcomes His kiss and her hands go around His neck bringing Him closer to her. After this He slides out of her and picks her up from His desk.

She puts the babydoll back on and He the pants.

“Little one you always please me and this makes me happy”. “Do you know that there will always be a punishment for something you do, that i do not accept from you or do not agree with” Ulliseus told her.

“Yes Master i know that well and i accept whatever punishment it is that you have decided for me” replied His little one.

“Little one I am hungry lets go eat” He said as He smiles and takes her hand.

Hand in hand T/they both walk towards the kitchen. E/each filled with the love and respect T/they have for one another. Dom and sub, Master and pet, and finally E/each O/one half of a whole.