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Her Punishment

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She was on the bed, her arms spread to the sides, a pair of strong, steel cuffs holding wrists tight to the head of the bed. She wore only a white, long sleeved mans shirt, which had been pulled open, showing her lumpy, fat stomach to the man in front of her. He stood there, all six foot three of him, his seven inch erection stood out in front of him, and the expression on his face was one of mixed anger and dominance. He was an imposing figure to the girl on the bed, and she kept her eyes on his face, unwilling to look away for even a moment.

“You defied me,” he stated, his eyes on her face.

She didn’t answer, only eyed him, her expression alone showing that yes, she did. She was defiant.

“You know I don’t like it when you ignore me!” he glowered over her. “You know, you have to be punished!”

She merely raised an eyebrow at him. More often than not, she considered his punishments to be weak, nothing of course that she couldn’t handle.

“Are you being a smart ass?” he asked.

The edge of her mouth moved up in a smile, and she flippantly stated, “Of course I’m being a smart ass. You’re being an asshole, so I’m being a smart ass.”

He growled at her and began to move across the bed. She wasn’t bothered, not yet anyway. Grabbing one of her legs, he lifted it up and gave her a resounding slap across her jello-like ass. “What did you call me?”

“I said you’re being an asshole!” she spoke defiantly as well.

He did NOT like that, not one bit. Growling to himself, he snatched a pair of cushions from either side of her, stuffing them underneath her lower spine. She still only stared at him, her eyes wide and open, not seeming to care. He moved up to her now, and she felt his hardness against the outer lips of her cunt. She smiled at him, but he wasn’t looking. He was leaning over to the side table, grabbing something from the drawer.

When she saw what he was grabbing, her eyes opened at least a little wider. Lubricant…

The last time he had used lubricant, it sure as hell wasn’t to fuck her cunt! With a little trepidation now, she bit her lip. He was looking down at his dick now, as he slathered some lube over the length of it, focussing especially on the tip. He squeezed a dollop onto his hand, rubbing it around her asshole, pushing some in with one large finger. She pulled a face and tried not to grimace. She knew the lubricant was NOT for her benefit, it was for his… This time at least, she really WAS in trouble!

He held the base of his rock hard member in his hand and lowered the head to line up with her arse. She let out a shaky breath, but he still didn’t look at her, he was concentrating now. She could feel the pressure, at first, only mild, but as he pressed harder into her, the pressure worsened, becoming pain. She clenched her fists and tried not to cry out or shout at him, anything she said or did would only make it worse now. He kept pushing, his face tight with the strain. For a moment, she was ready to cry, until he stopped, moving away a little.

Reaching down his hand, he slid one thick finger inside her ass, ignoring her as she jumped visibly. He slid it in and out a couple of times, before forcing a second finger into what was essentially, her virgin ass. Though he had tried before to fuck her there, it hadn’t happened, he couldn’t get it inside of her. But this time, be damned if he wasn’t going to fuck her ass. She’d called him an asshole, and fucking HER asshole, was the best punishment he could think of. She whimpered audibly as he forced yet a third finger into her ass and slid them all into and out of her. He wasn’t trying to soften her up, he knew he had to stretch the ass at least a bit though, otherwise he’d never fucking get it in!

He wiggled his fingers inside her ass, pushing every which way, attempting to pull the sides wider, to stretch the super tight skin of her ass. She was breathing awkwardly now, shaky breaths that revealed just how much pain she was in. But he also knew, she wouldn’t say a fucking word now. She could be such a bitch at times. All she had to do was apologise and tell him that she really wanted him to fuck her cunt and make her pregnant, but he knew she wouldn’t. She’d put up with her punishment, because she was a bitch.

Pulling his fingers from her ass, he immediately pressed the head of his cock there, and pushed hard against her. He could feel the slippery lube slowly, very slowly, allowing movement. He glanced at her face now, there were tears in her eyes and her mouth was wide open from the pain as she gasped in air. Why the fuck didn’t she say anything, for Christs sake?? He kept pushing and her shoulders hunched up slightly with the pain. Her entire body was clenched tight and he rolled his eyes, continuing kuşadası escort to force his dick into her. It was starting to bother him that it just didn’t want to go in, pressing so hard was actually beginning to hurt HIM just a tiny bit. Still, he didn’t want to give in, not yet. Squeezing more lube around the head of his dick, he pushed a little harder.

Finally, with a grunt from him, and a horribly loud gasp from her, the head of his cock hit home and slid into her super tight ass. He groaned a little. Never in his life had he been in any place so fucking tight. He slid his dick in a little farther, meeting with some resistance, it was so tight! He looked up and his eyes rested on her face. Her face was actually white, and her blue eyes seemed brighter somehow in the white face. Every muscle in her face was clenched, her jaw squeezed shut hard.

Putting his hands on her knees to hold her in place, he slowly began to move his dick farther into her, a little, before sliding back out a little. He would work it slowly at first, but he didn’t know how long he could hold out, and when he got too excited, well, she’d have to put up with the pain! He closed his eyes, enjoying the tightness of her hole, moving slowly in and out, gaining a little more depth with each push in. It was a little painful to be honest, how tight she was in the ass, but he wasn’t going to give up now. He kept moving, and as he did, he grew more excited.

“Tell me you like it!” he spat at her, his eyes still closed.

“NO!” she half screamed, he could hear in her voice that she was fighting back the urge to cry.

“Tell me how much you want me to cum in your ass!” he told her.

She didn’t answer, and his eyes popped open to look at her face. She was still obviously in some pain and he felt a bit sorry for her. Only a bit though, because she was still being a bitch.

“Just say it. The faster you say it, the faster I cum, the faster its over already!” he explained, harshly.

She whimpered and opened her mouth to speak, but as she did, he was pushing in and her eyes closed. She leaned her head back a little dizzily. He pulled back out and she slowly opened her eyes, looking at him briefly. She sounded weak when she said, “Please, cum in my ass.”

Hearing the words, he began to pump harder, faster, and her eyes closed again as she tried to breathe deeply. He thrust in hard, pulling out suddenly, before thrusting in hard again. She was loosening up a little, and he plunged himself deep, inserting the majority of his cock into her. She moaned aloud, whether with pleasure or pain he couldn’t tell. He pulled out hard and thrust himself back even harder. Again, she moaned.

“You like that do you?” he demanded.

“…yes…” she whispered, her head lolling back.

He was surprised to hear her say anything, but he pulled out and thrust hard into her again. She moaned once more. By God, hearing that tiny moan was getting him excited. Faster and harder now, he plunged in and out of her and her moans merged together into an animal sounding wail.

“Tell me you like it!” he demanded.

“Aooohhhhh!” she moaned, “Oh fuck!”

“TELL ME YOU LIKE IT!” he screamed at her, barely able to contain himself.

“Fuck yes!” she groaned, “fuck yes!”

He slapped her ass and thrust into her as hard as he could. She was now practically squealing.

“Harder!” she moaned, her voice low and throaty.

He widened his eyes. The little bitch was enjoying it! Dammit. This was sposed to be a punishment! Knowing what would be a true punishment, he thought to pull out, but he needed to cum, and soon. He kept his hard thrusting.

“Ohwoahwoahwoahwoah” was the sound effect coming from her mouth as he thrust in and out. She was making little grunting sounds as well, and it was making him hornier. “Oh God! Cum in me!” she blurted, throwing her head back.

He knew what would make her crazier too… So with one hand, he placed his palm on her pubic bone and toyed gently with her clit with his thumb. She let out the most animal squeal and he pressed her clit harder as he fucked her deep in her ass. His whole cock had made it inside of her ass, and she was loving it! As he toyed with her clit, she made whimpering, whining, animal sounds and pushed her ass back on him. He knew she wouldn’t be able to take it much longer. Neither could he at that, he wanted to cum already. He kept up his keen toying until her whole body was shivering and quaking with her impressive orgasm. He could feel her cunt juices spurting gently onto his cock as he plowed her ass.

She had cum, now he could too. Pulling out of her ass, he stuffed his cock into her cunt and shoved it deep. It was incredibly wet inside kuşadası escort bayan and he thrust as hard as he could.

“Oh!” she squealed in surprise, as his cock moved inside her cunt. She hadn’t expected that.

“Tell me what I’m doing!” he demanded of her.

“Oh God!” she cried, “You’re cumming!”

“Say it properly!” he chided her, still thrusting. He was sweaty, his face glistening with a sheen as was his chest.

“You’re cumming in my cunt! Oh yes!” she wailed. He kept teasing her still sensitive clit, and she jerked herself on his cock. He liked that, so he kept touching her, make her ass thrust repeatedly.

“Why am I cumming in your cunt?” he asked her. “Why do you want me to cum in your cunt?”

“Mmmm, to make me pregnant!” she answered, her voice at least partly contained the lust she felt.

“Do you want me to make you pregnant?” he asked her.

“Oh! Yes!” she answered. “I want you to make me pregnant. Cum in me! Please!”

She did of course feel utterly ridiculous saying those words, despite the fact she DID want him to cum inside of her. She loved it when he did. He wanted it, and she wanted it too.

As she spoke the words, he grunted and thrusted harder, squeezing her clitty with his fingers. Her whole lower body made a massive jerk onto him as he felt his cock thrusting inside of her now. She squeezed the muscles of her pussy tight, holding in the cock and its load. When he had finished cumming inside of her, he rested back on his haunches and his dick made a wet sound as it slid from her.

He did now as he always did, and moved to a better angle so his hands could get at her cunt. He pressed one hand against it, forcing his way inside of her, his hands completely encased inside of her. He pushed deeply, until his hand and wrist were inside of her. She simply watched him now, she knew what he was doing and would not question it. When he thought he was finished, he pulled his hand from her and lay down next to her to breathe. His eyes fell on hers and it was with surprise that he saw she was still horny.

“That was awesome…” she told him. Her voice was low and kind of husky in her heat.

“You still want more, don’t you?” he asked.

She nodded and made a sound of affirmation. “I always want more, and you know it!”

“Why?” He asked, “Why do you want more?”

“Mmmm,” she moaned, “Because I love it when you cum inside me… I love your big cock…”

“You want more of my big cock?” he asked her.

She nodded her head and without his expression changing, he pushed himself to his knees and slid one leg over her exposed chest, stuffing his member in her face. She looked horrorstruck for a second, as she still wasn’t entirely used to sucking cock. It had only been a couple of weeks earlier he had taken her, like a child, and taught her to suck him, and it still made her nervous as hell doing it, as she wasn’t sure she had it right yet. His hands held the bedhead and he gently teased her mouth with his cock, sliding it up her face and pushing his balls into her lips.

With her eyes scrunched closed, she slid out her tongue, licking the ball gently, before sliding over to the other one. Once her tongue was centred under his cock again, he let it slide down, and she chased it back and forth, her tongue gliding over it. When the head reached her lips, she parted them wide and bobbed her head, letting the cock into her mouth. Despite him being flaccid now, she suckled the head between her lips, brushing her teeth ever so gently over the head and sliding her tongue against the slit where she knew his cum had left him. She could taste her own juices on him, which also excited her. She tried to slide her mouth down the shaft to let him farther into her mouth, but her bindings held her tight. She went back to suckling the head, before letting it drop from her mouth.

Once again, he pushed his cock up her face, and she went down to his balls, sucking them, nibbling them gently. As she did so, his cock stiffened a little, and she moved her head back, her tongue lapping towards the head. He let it back into her mouth and she suckled it some more. She was straining at the handcuffs, and with one hand on each, he squeezed the button lock and let her free. Immediately, her hands flew to his cock, massaging his shaft, starting at the base and sliding, up and down the length of it. She always did this, she loved to touch it.

One of her hands began gently kneading his balls, and the more she did so, combined with the suckling of his head and the hand that ran up and down his shaft, he was already becoming hard again. As his cock got harder, he pushed it into her mouth until he felt the tip hit her throat. He could feel escort kuşadası her gag around him and he smiled. He pulled away, then pushed back in again, causing her to gag once more. She tolerated it only a moment, before pushing him away with her hands. She knew better of course, but clearly was not thinking. As she pushed him away, he very suddenly and forcefully grabbed her hands and removed himself from her mouth. Sliding his leg back over, he moved his way down the bed and grabbed her ass, forcing her body down the bed.

Once she was laying in a sitting position, he mounted her face, facing towards her cunt. He slid his cock into her mouth and lay on top of her, supporting himself with one elbow. One of his hands reached down, shoving her legs apart, and he guided his face down past her trimmed pubic hair. Lapping gently at her clit, he fucked her face, sliding himself in and out of her mouth, feeling her gag repeatedly on his cock. He let this continue on for awhile, fucking her throat and her mouth until he thought she would be sick. Pushing himself off her, he removed his cock from her mouth.

She was laying there, her eyes looking at him, a wounded expression on her face.

“I’ve told you about pushing me away, haven’t I?” he asked.

A look of realisation crossed her face and she nodded morosely.

Turning around, he grabbed the cushions and shoved them under her ass again, before slipping into her cunt. He leaned down over her, letting her body take his weight as he sometimes did. His thrusts were low and not very deep, but he wanted to rest a moment, so he barely allowed his dick to move inside of her. Her arms slid around his back, caressing him gently, and one of his hands slid over her naked breast, cupping it gently. She liked these moments, when she could lay with him, caressing his skin, and him touching her, as his cock lay inside her. It was something he had discovered when they had met. She was drunk and stupid, and after he had cum inside of her, she had fallen asleep, her leg wrapped around him and his cock still inside of her. He guessed she just enjoyed having it in there, whether it was doing anything or not.

When he finally had the energy to continue properly, he held up her legs and began to thrust hard inside of her, causing her face to squinch with each forceful blow. It only took him a minute or two of hard thrusts however, before she was moaning low and continual.

Before he could demand she say it, the words came from her throat, “Oh fuck me hard… cum inside me! Oh God! I need you to cum in me! Make me pregnant!” The words sounded more sincere this time than before, but she was completely out of it now, so full of lust. He kept thrusting hard inside of her, until finally, he exploded into her cunt, his balls actually pulsing with the effort of his second cumming. He kept his cock inside of her for some time, massaging her clit for awhile until she too was a massive pile of quivering flesh on the bed and she was spasming with each touch. When she finally stopped her spasmoding thrusts, he let himself slide out of her cunt and lay down next to her again. She slid towards him and slid one leg over his, pressing his cock to her cunt between them. She leaned up her face and kissed him on the lips, a kiss so devoid of lust, but so full of tenderness, and sweet emotion. She let her head drop back against his chest, and once satisfied with her position, she closed her eyes and gently caressed his side and his back with her hand. He was always startled by how tender and loving she was to him after he had done such harsh things to her, after he had hurt her and punished her. Sometimes it made him feel like a monster, knowing he had done those things, and afterwards, she bore no grudge and just wanted him to hold her.

He wrapped his arms around her, holding her to his chest, where after some time, he could hear her breathing deepen and could feel her body relax. She was asleep now. In his arms, she was shivering a little, and he tugged the blanket over the top of her before slowly slipping from her grasp. Her body relaxed on the bed, one side of her face against the sheet. Her legs went into their usual position, sliding apart, one knee up high near her chest, the other straight down off the end of the bed. He pulled the blanket around over her shoulder and in her sleep with one hand, she pushed her hair from her face and tucked her hand under her cheek. She looked so young, so innocent. He watched her for a moment before opening the door to her room. Her two small dogs came bounding in enthusiastically and he petted them idly, watching the sleeping figure in the bed. When the dogs finally jumped onto the bed, she stirred slightly, petting them briefly, she cuddled them, letting each of them give her their own brand of kisses. As she started slipping back into sleep, the dogs settled themselves on either side of her, one against her stomach and the other behind her legs. He waited for them to mellow a little before exiting the room and closing the door behind him.