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His High Roller

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As she reclined her seat back, the night air blew cold over her baked-to-golden-brown skin. Long brown ringlets were neatly pinned up into a flowing ponytail and a smile crowned the picture of happiness she created. It radiated from her like the rays of the sun did earlier that afternoon. That was when he had told her about his plans for a weekend getaway for just the two of them.

For weeks, it seemed that there was rarely much time to spend alone due to the far-reaching arm of reality that consistently held them tightly. His work had kept him away more than she’d like, and by the time he would come home, they were both so tired. Those were the nights that they would bask in the minute amount of time they could hold each other until both nodded off to dream. However, the tension of going without mutual release was wearing on their minds and bodies.

A lone finger traced the hem of her skirt, which made her open her eyes. Streetlights flickered and danced in those warm pools of blue as she glanced over to him. Suddenly, there was that smile – the smile that he reserved for only her – the lop-sided grin that could make her melt even without a touch. She rolled to her side, trapping his hand between her hot creamy thighs.

“Are we there yet?” she playfully inquired with a squeeze of those leg muscles.

He chuckled softly as his hand wiggled higher through the pressure of her flesh. “Nope, not yet, about another half an hour left to go.”

Her shoulders slumped as she fell onto her back into the cushioned seat. Without thinking, her legs flopped open as well, thus giving him ample opportunity to grab a quick grope. Never one to waste such a golden chance, he moved like lightning and yanked her panties aside while slipping two fingers deep within her slick depth.

A gasp filled her lungs, which caused her inner muscles to tense around his probing digits. He loved that so very much – being able to catch her off guard. The twitching in his pants made him plunge deeper into her dark chasm where he twisted his fingers, crooked them and began to rub her G-spot. Moans now filled the car as her fingernails dug into the seat. He then smiled a deliciously wicked grin. Feeling her clamp down onto his thrusting hand, he immediately withdrew. He held his hand close to his face and audibly inhaled her musk. The aroma intoxicated him so much that he closed his eyes for mere moments. Of course, being that he was driving, he veered off the road just slightly, but enough to bring them both back to the moment.

Horror was evident on both of their faces, but was soon replaced by gales of wild laughter. They laughed so hard that before they knew it, tiny rivulets of tears were streaming down their faces.

“Jesussss!!! Talk about loving you to death!!”

She laughed hard all over again. That was when she noticed a stream of lights on the horizon. Excitement washed over her, which he soon caught.

“There it is baby – Las Vegas, our destination for a relaxing getaway. God we need this,” he exclaimed just as they reached the edge of the strip.

Hungrily, her eyes scanned every building, person, site and thing she could take in before driving onto the next. Flashing pulsing bulbs … millions of them … held her attention without interruption. Shiny people flowed by in crowds like water through a sieve and she greedily engulfed each persons joy like a dry sponge. He reveled in seeing the child-like wonder that she wore so innocently, yet so beautifully. THIS was what he had hoped for in this weekend, and it seemed he was going to be pleased. However, unbeknownst to her, he also had some delectably evil plans for the following evening. But for all to go according to his wants, he needed to keep her in the dark about it until just the right time. Just the simple thought of it brought a jolt of pleasure to his cock as he restrained his hand from roaming to it for a quick feel.

She was lost now though … lost in the seduction of the city and all of its pure decadence. He pulled up to the Mirage and her eyes glazed over.

“No friggen way!! This is where we’re staying? How did you know? I don’t think I ever told you that I wanted to stay here, did I? What a wonderful surprise! How did you know?” She rambled on and on as he drove around to the entrance.

His right hand clamped over her mouth in mid-sentence. “You mentioned once or twice before that you had always wanted to see the act with the white tigers – Seigfried and Roy. I just remembered. Plus, I want to see them as well, and this is a grand place to stay.” He laughed then, and she joined in just as the attendant came to open her door.

The pale blue cotton hung like a cloud around her legs as she took his hand and was escorted from the vehicle. It gave the illusion of floating mist as it wound up tightly around her breasts. A thin strap wrapped up under the free strands of hair that played at the nape of her neck and held the sundress into place. He stood now by her side, wearing a nearly matching shade of blue in his polo shirt with khaki kuşadası escort shorts complimenting his tones perfectly. He took her hand and spun her over the red carpet. They broke into an impromptu waltz there in front of this grand hotel to which some guests stopped to watch. Gleefully, they danced over to the bellhop where he was presented with a tip to take in their bags, but not before getting a view of her ample cleavage as she was dipped down low in front of him. He nervously laughed and hurried away to tend to the waiting luggage.

The bells and whistles of slot machines greeted them as people eagerly dropped quarter after quarter into the insatiable slot. She grinned and her eyes flashed. With a half-groan half-laugh, he fished into his pocket for a single silver coin. She daintily took it from his palm as he held it out to her as a priest would hold out an offering. Surveying each machine, she settled on one done up in blue and white lights.

“Hey, it matches our ensemble! What the heck,” she said with a slight shrug of her bare shoulders. “If we hit, it will prove that we will have a wonderful weekend. If we don’t, we will STILL have a wonderful weekend – just without extra quarters.”

He laughed at her last words, but she was already dropping the coin into the slot. Her hand poised over the lever nervously. He took that as a cue and placed his over hers. Together they pulled down slowly. As they did, she leaned back into him with her ass grinding into his groin. The handle flew back up and he pushed back into her, a bulge apparent to her clenched ass cheeks.

One cherry … two cherries … fruit, numbers and words rolled by on the third dial. Finally it slowed enough for them to hold their breath. A third cherry!!! Like giddy children, they jumped up and down and laughed. Quarters spit out of the front slot like raindrops from heaven. He ran and grabbed one of the plastic buckets for just such an occasion from the bar. Together, they scooped in the small load they had won before heading off to find their room.

The long corridor seemed to stretch on forever before they found it. He took the credit card key from his pocket and slid it quickly through the doorknob. They didn’t dawdle much once inside though. Their bags were next to the entrance already, so they both unpacked a few things before deciding to catch some sleep. It had been a twelve-hour ride up and even though they alternated driving time, they were both bushed. It had literally been a week since they had a night of pure fucking, and just as long for any worthwhile cumming. However, even with the perfection of this time alone, he wanted to hold out just a little longer. His plans were for an even bigger explosion. As difficult as he found it to keep his desire at bay through her begging for his cock, he managed to coax them both to sleep.

Fitful dreams plagued both of their slumbering, but the payoff would be well worth the wait.


The sun shone brightly the next day and after some intense site seeing, they headed back for dinner and some gambling. Normally, neither of them liked to gamble, but they figured when in Vegas …

All day, they had teased each other to the point of near insanity. It was the little things – a subtle brushing of a hand over a particularly sensitive spot … kisses on various places that turned into nibbles, sucks or out naught bites … sensual whispers promising a whole myriad of things to come. All in all, they had each other worked up beyond what they normally felt on any other day. He was careful though to never let slip his plans for that evening. She pleaded for even a hint, but he held fast to his secret.

Back in the room, she thought a cool shower was just the ticket to clear off any residual road dust as well as any pent up tensions that remained.

“Do you really think that a shower will stave off your want of me?” He chuckled as she gathered her things for the impending shower.

“Oh hell no Master, but I do think that it will help me clear my mind so that I can focus on you tonight properly.”

She grinned when he slowly nodded while breaking into a smile. It was then that she decided to have a bit more fun in continuing the torturous teasing from earlier that afternoon.

Turning her back to him, she bent down at the waist and let her shirt fall open. Breasts spilled out over the satin demi-bra, and her hard nipples pointed towards the floor. Her ass swayed back and forth, taunting him to come and take it as only he could. A low growl from behind her let her know that her temptations were working. She pulled herself upright and let her shirt fall from her shoulders, down each arm and eventually into a pool of fabric at her feet.

Her ass wiggled sensually from side to side which brought the cotton crotch tighter against her puffy pussy lips. A needful ache wrenched in her belly when the material rubbed hard over her swollen clit hood. Pangs of desire welled up and all she could think of was his tongue lapping over her heated slit before kuşadası escort bayan his cock poised to fuck deep into her wanton slut hole.

Sliding her open palms up the sides of her thighs and over the round fullness of her ass cheeks, she curled them up and around to the center of her back. Fumbling, she attempted to unhook her bra. Since she was encountering some problems, she took that opportunity to glance over her shoulder to see what he was doing. Hoping that her seductions were having a desirable effect, she grinned and looked.

Before she could even take a breath, his hand was holding both of her wrists tightly together. Again, he had caught her completely unaware. He sneered as he lowered his mouth to her ear. She could hear the agitation in his voice as he spoke in a low snarl.

“Did you really think you were going to seduce me into fucking you slut? Did you really truly think that I’d let you get away with such a blatant wanton attempt?”

His grip tightened on her and she winced while thinking of a good response. Too late – his other hand reached up and around to roughly cup her breast. Furious fingers dug into the tender flesh as he bellowed again.

“Well bitch? Tell me!”

“Uh … well Master … I just wanted to play … er … to uh … to t-t-tease you … to have some fun.”

With that said, she started to twist a bit against him. All this accomplished was a tighter grasp on both wrists and breast. A high-pitched squeal escaped as her eyes slammed shut.

“You want fucked badly, don’t you? You need to feel my hard cock pummeling in and out of that juicy cunt, don’t you? Tell me what you want – NOW!”

Without hesitation, she wailed, “Oh God yes! I want fucked so badly that I can taste it. I want you to pound your raging cock so deep into me that I will still feel it a week later. Please fuck your slut. Fuck me like I’ve been dreaming about for so long. Use me as only you have a right to … take me please …”

Her voice trailed off into a whimper as his forefinger and thumb clamped down over her fragile hard bud. While rolling it back and forth, his mouth closed over the bend in her neck. His teeth bared and bit into her soft skin. Low moans mingled with the numerous emotions that filled their senses.

Then, without warning, he released her and withdrew back to his chair. There he sat slumped over, staring at her. She was frozen to her spot, scared to death to even utter a breath. He pointed to the space in front of his feet. She instantly knew the silent command and obeyed.

Stopping everything, she only existed for him. Her knees hit the floor before she even realized it. Once there, she fell to all fours and began crawling to him. The bra dug into the underside of her breasts, but she never felt it. Her eyes were locked with his. Those warm blue eyes that beckoned her without the need for words. Those paralyzing pools of control that could bring her to her knees with a mere glance, make her cry with a blink or make her smile with peek. She could tell that he was inspecting her form. She moved like fluid, each cat-like advance was liquid grace. Her need for everything except him faded.

He so loved it when she crawled. It showed her submission to him in so many ways. Oh he knew that every bit of her belonged solely to him, but it was a nice reminder to both of them from time to time. Once she reached the spot he had earlier indicated, she carefully fell back onto her knees into her submit position. He smiled to himself, but was cautious not to show her how she pleased him … not just yet.

He stood as she lowered her head. Circling her like a ravenous shark, he bided his time. He flicked a finger over certain points on her quivering body. This kept her on that cliff of uncertainty for just long enough. She had no clue of what he was going to do or how he felt. That was how he wanted it.

“Stand up,” He barked.

She rose slowly, still holding her head bowed in reverence. Visibly, her body trembled with apprehension.

“You do know better than to try and seduce me into taking you, yes?”

“Yes Master.”

“Then why?”

A heavy sigh started her response. “I don’t know Master. I just wanted to have some fun with you. Of course, I did want you to take me, but my main intent was to play.”

A warm smile of understanding welcomed her as he tipped her face up to meet his gaze.

“I know that precious, really I do. I just can’t let you get away with things like that. You have to be more aware of your actions. It’s about me and what I want. You know that, you know what I want and you know that I want to wait for my plans to take effect. Okay?”

She blinked quickly and nodded. He cradled her face for a few minutes longer before sending her off to her shower. It killed him to keep a secret for so long from her, but this one was different … this one was going to be delicious … this one was going to be for not only his pleasure, but hers.

He heard the water starting and the soft familiar hum that he escort kuşadası had come to love flowing from the partially open door. She wasn’t much of a singer, but the loveliest tunes could be heard wafting from wherever she had busied herself. It was a welcome sound that he had indeed missed over the past few weeks.

Hours later, they were seated at the bar in the casino lounge. Dinner had been superb, and they had decided to digest and relax before heading into the main casino. The world seemed to rush by as they sat there lost in quiet conversation while sipping their drinks. It could have stayed that way for all they cared at that point – all that mattered was what was going on between them and no where else on earth. However, he still had his plans.

She was just about finished with her drink when he took her by the hand without a word. Surprise crossed her face, but he never gave her a chance to question. His pace was not quite running and yet not quite walking. The urge hit him like a bolt of white lightning, and he knew it was time.

The doors to the casino area were opened for them, and he took her by the elbow to usher her inside. The tables were full tonight and money changed hands quicker than she could take a breath. Again, she automatically began soaking in the atmosphere – waitresses making their way through the serious gamblers, security weaving in and out of the jokers who thought they were going to hit big, but didn’t, crowds huddled in close to get a look at the next roll of the die, flip of a card or turn of the wheel – all of it combined to make a magnificent feast for her senses. His lop-sided grin returned seeing the glitz and glamour flashing in her eyes. With that, he linked her arm through his and walked her towards the Blackjack table.

The tightness of the material that hugged her hips so tightly gave her ass an extra sway as she moved. He had chosen her virginal white knee-length dress. He loved the way it sparkled with tiny flecks of glitter woven into the material. It seemed that it was alive on her each time the light caught it just right. It also accented her complexion nicely and pushed up her breasts just enough to provide the most scrumptious cleavage. He was nearly tempted to poke a finger in between them just to see how they would squeeze it. This thought repeatedly had made him chuckle through the evening, but now it gave his cock a quick jolt.

“Wanna play something?” He asked.

“Hmmm, yes. Actually, I’d like to try everything.” A giggled compounded her wish.

After they played a few rounds of Blackjack, Craps and took a few spins on the Roulette wheel, he nodded to the large security guard near the main door. She was visibly tickled to have won as many times as they did. This went totally unnoticed to her, because she was engrossed in watching a man lay down a huge sum of money on one throw of the die. He was putting an awful lot of faith in fate tonight. Just as he pulled her towards the main doors, the man yelled out in sheer excitement. She smiled for him as she turned her attentions back to the man who held her fate.

She glanced over at him while they walked towards the elevators. Good Lord was he handsome … so dapper … so damn sexy she could eat him alive. Mindlessly, her tongue snaked out over her lips, which only whet her appetite for him all over again. Stepping into the elevator first, she turned and watched him move towards her. His presence commanded attention from anyone near enough and fortunate enough to feel it. She slid an open palm up the center of his back, tracing his spine on the way back down. The white fabric was cool and soft, but she could feel his heated flesh aching for her touch just beneath. He shifted in his place and she could just imagine the bulge growing in those sharp black slacks.

The attendant clearly was staring at her breasts while the ride took them higher into the bowels of the hotel. He tried to hide his stares, but she blatantly watched him blush and grin. Though she kept it to herself, she wanted to giggle. She turned her attention away from this game and looked at the display above the door. Watching the floors light up as each passed, she silently counted to herself. She thought at first they were going back to their room, but after passing their floor, she began to wonder.

She leaned over to him and whispered, “Where are we going?”

“Shh,” He urged. “You will see soon enough.”

There was that grin. It was more than the lop-sided grin, but less than a wicked one. She grew more and more confused, but also very excited.

Finally, they stopped at the top floor. As she stepped out of the car, she gave the attendant an extra little jiggle of her breasts followed by a bright giggle. It was quite evident that the poor boy noticed by the way he sank back into his place. Her Master laughed out loud having noted the whole swift scene and enjoyed seeing His girl happy.

The plush carpeting welcomed her spiked heels gently as they sauntered down the hall. Ornate art dripped from the faux finished walls. She looked quickly from side to side at the beautiful pictures and carvings until they reached large glass double doors. A stern looking gentleman waited to open it for them, welcoming them into a lush world of glitz and glamour and high stakes. It was the high rollers suite.