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This is another of my life stories, names are changed for obvious reasons, as I remember it many years ago. I was 48 and my 18 year old son lived at home with me as it was his last year of high school.

Normally, I work an 8 am to 5 pm office job and visit clients periodically. I get home about 6 pm. My son, Steve, played football until he broke his arm so now he gets home about 3:30 pm, prepares dinner and does his homework. He has lots of friends in the neighborhood near his age and they visit our house often. The only rule is that the girls cannot come by until I am home. Just keeping him out of trouble and college in his future.

Anyway, one day, after visiting a client at his place of business, I decided to go home early instead of back to the office where I would just have to turn around and leave in 20 minutes and fight traffic. I arrived home about 3:45 pm, pulled into the back driveway, enter the house through the garage and headed for my room. Going through the den, I saw clothes on the floor, Steve’s and a girl’s.

I’m not dumb; I knew what was going on. I quietly walked down the hall and peeked into Steve’s room (the door was open). WOW!!! On his bed was Steve and two girls, both neighborhood girls. One, Marie – 18, lived across the street and the other, Dana – 19, lived at the end of the block. Maria is a beautiful Hispanic girl with olive skin and dark black hair past her shoulders, small breasts, and long legs and big kissable lips. Dana is a reddish brown haired Scottish girl with very white skin. She is shorter than Maria but has larger breasts and a fine figure. Both are good lookers. All were naked!

Steve had his cock sliding in and out of Maria while Dana was kissing Maria’s tits. It was a wonderful sight. Steve was over Maria on his hands and knees doing what looked like push-ups while his cock slid all the way to his balls into her and then he would push up and leave just the tip of it in her cunt. His cock was coated with her juices and seemed to sparkle. Maria’s cunt was covered with trimmed black hair also wet from their fucking. Her far leg was raised and the closer one was flat on the bed. At the time I couldn’t see her breasts well because of Dana.

Dana was standing on the floor next to the bed leaning over with her ass pointed toward me while she sucked Maria’s tits. From my position, it looked like she was clean shaven and I could see her cunt with it’s swollen lips. I was sure enjoying the sight when Sam looked over toward the door and saw me.

“Dad”, he said, and everyone look my way.

Everyone tried to cover themselves with a pillow or part of the bed sheet.

Steve said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were going to be home so early. We were uuh” and he left off any further explanation.

Maria and Dana just looked scared and were quiet. I was silently enjoying the situation and sight.

Then Maria said, “Mr. B, we are so sorry.”

I said, “For what?”

That kind of surprised her and she paused for thought.

I continued, “There is nothing wrong with enjoying your sexuality as long as you are being safe. In fact, seeing all of you naked, it is making me horny.”

Dana said, “You’re kidding aren’t you?” I replied, “No, both you girls are beautiful women with beautiful bodies and believe me, I am getting horny.”

Dana Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort said, “If that’s true, show us.”

So I did. I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants, pulled my zipper down, and lowered my pants and shorts. My cock stood to attention. Dana smiled and said how nice it looked.

My son said, “Dad!”

I just smiled at them all.

Maria asked if I wanted to join them. Of course I did. I removed my shirt and shoes and socks and walked over to the bed. I kissed both girls and rubbed my son’s head, the one on his shoulders. Not his favorite thing for me to do, but I told him that he sure knew how to pick beautiful girls and ones who obviously enjoyed their sexuality. I told him to continue with Maria and I would pleasure Dana for awhile.

I took the pillow from Dana so as to see all of her and tell her how delicious she looked. I sat beside her and leaned over and holding her cheeks in my hands, kissed her lips. Our lips parted and we both began probing with our tongues. Her mouth was warm and wet and her tongue was sensuous as ours touched and explored. My hands moved from her face and down her body caressing her breasts. She was warm and her breasts firm (probably 36C). I cupped them and surrounded them with my fingers with the palm of my hand on her nipples. I could feel them harden against my palm.

I broke our kiss and gave her several quick kisses before lowering my head and kissed the tops of each breast in turn. Now her nipples were really hard. I removed my hand and looked. They were at least a half inch long, a light brown against white breasts. She must have not done much sun tanning for her body was nowhere tan, just a beautiful whiteness.

As I continued kissing those wonderful breasts, her hand began roaming over my body, my chest, my nipples, then my stomach and my ass. And it felt great! I held one of Dana’s breasts in my hands and kissed it top, bottom, side, and in-between. She felt so warm and smelled so sweet. Then I repeated the kissing on the other breast pausing in-between again. We took our time and enjoyed touching one another. She had wrapped her hand around my cock and was slowly stroking it.

Now I paused and sat back to just look again at Dana. WOW, Damn WOW! I looked at all of her, her round face, brown eyes, small nose, and reddish brown hair. Then I gazed at her shoulders and breasts, seeing again their perfect shape and pointed nipples. More than a handful each, soft and white with little bumps on her light brown areolas. If I could read brail, they would have said, “Kiss here.” Each stood straight out from her body, no sag, perfectly shaped. Now I lowered my gaze to her belly and her cute inny button with a silver stud in it [I would kiss it later.] and then to her sexy pussy which she had completely shaved. The outer lips were puffy and pale. Her inner lips slightly extended out so that I could see them and she had the largest clit I had ever seen, like a tiny prick. She watched as I looked and she spread her legs more so that could get a better look.

“You like what you see”, She asked.

“Beautiful”, I said.

She smiled.

The she looked at my standing prick and reached over and again put her hand around it. It jumped and she laughed and said how anxious it must be and began slowly stroking it. I am not overly long (6-1/2 inches), but it is fat (her fingers didn’t quite touch as she held it. I told her to be careful; it had not been used in quite a while.

A big grin came on her face and she said, “I will eliminate that.”

Then we were distracted as the bed began to bounce and we looked over and saw my son again over Maria, pounding away into her. Her arms were around his waist and she pulled him into her with each stroke. Dana and I watched. She and I both enjoying the sight of their love making. Dana leaned over and put her hand just above where Steve’s cock was entering Maria’s cunt so she could feel both of them at once. I leaned over and played with Maria’s small nipples and tits and then began kissing the one closest while nipple twisting the other one. Maria was purring like a satisfied cat. She love the attention and caressing and fucking. Her breathing became harder and she began to shake as she orgasm began. She pulled Steve down into her and bucked up. Then Steve exploded in her several times. Dana encircled his cock with her fingers as he shot his sperm into Maria.

When Steve pulled out of Maria, Dana took his cock in her mouth and cleaned him, licking all his sperm and Maria’s cum off cock. Then she dove over Maria and licked all the juices flowing out of Maria’s cunt. She licked and licked and Maria began having another orgasm and Dana licked harder. I never saw a woman love cum so much.

I saw that Steve hadn’t worn a condom and suggested that we get some, but he told me that both girls were on the pill and that they were all disease free [I am also by the way], so we did not have to worry.

When Dana finished cleaning Maria’s cunt, she said that it was now her turn to be pleasured and that she wanted me to be the one to fuck her. I told her I would love to do it but that first I wanted to taste her sweet pussy. She lay back on the bed, opened her legs and told me to take my time. I knelt between those white legs and began kissing those pouting lips of her pussy as though they were her mouth lips. She raised her hips and begged me to lick her clit. I began licking her slit bottom to top until I found that protruding clit and swirled my tongue around it. It must have been a half inch long outside its hood. Then she really started bumping on the bed. I put my lips around it and sucked it; I licked it; I pressed it with my tongue. Dana was going wild. She pressed my head harder into her with her hands. I licked harder. I licked farther down into her cunt and tongue fucked her. Her cum started flowing. I drank it with vigor. She tasted so good! Then she told me to suck her clit some more and I did. Again, she went wild and came at least twice more.

The Dana pulled my head up and said, “Fuck me, fuck me now.”

I needed no further enticement. I and my member were ready. I got up over her and she reached down and guided me into her wet cunt. She was warm, wet, soft. I slid in with ease all the way to my balls. It was definitely nor her first time. But her cunt was tight against my cock and it squeezed me tight. I held it deep in her for over a minute and then slowly drew it out until only the tip was in and then slowly entered her again, repeating this again and again.

I could see Steve and Maria watching us, but did not pay much attention to them. Each time I lowered into Dana, I kissed her lips or her tits. She matched me stroke for stroke. Squeezing my cock each time I was deep inside her and wiggling her ass as I withdrew. With one hand I reached down between us and put my finger on her clit. She jumped and began raising her hips and fucking me from below. Ten or twelve more strokes and she began cuming hard. I felt her juices flowing over my cock and balls. It seemed to go on forever and then I could hold no longer and shot my cum into her wet cunt. We were spent and I lay on her for a minute. Then I rolled off her and quick as a wink, she was sucking and licking my cock to get all the cum she could.

I watched and enjoyed and then saw Maria get behind Dana and lick my and Dana’s cum out of her cunt. Everyone was happy and satisfied. The two girls sat back on the bed and looked at Steve and me. They asked us to stand together so they could compare out pricks. We did as asked. Steve is longer than I am; I am larger in circumference. Steve’s cock is also curved and mine straight. After they had fun comparing us they asked us to sit down on the bed in front of them. We faced them with our legs spread and they faced us with their legs spread.

First, I moved my foot between Maria’s legs and touched her pussy with my big toe. Then Maria touched my balls with her toe. Steve and Dana began doing the same thing. Maria said to Dana that she bet she could get me hard before Dana could get Steve hard. So the contest was on. They both put both their feet on our cocks and began stroking us. Maria and I lost. Steve got hard within a minute. I took longer since I am older and had just shot my wad. Sam’s cock stood up over his belly button; mine just below. We were horny and so were they.

Now I recommended that they should each get on their knees and raise their asses up and we would fuck them from behind and see which of them could cum first. They didn’t waste a second; they were up and bent over the pillows. Steve and I got behind them, counted to three, and began fucking them. Steve took Dana and I took Maria. With each stroke Maria shoved hard onto me. I thought she was going to take both my shaft and balls into her. I saw Steve doing the same to Dana. Our cocks were wet and shinny with their and our earlier cum. Within a few minutes Maria began moaning and a flood of cum began dripping from her cunt. It so excited me, I shot my cum into her. We had won, but only by seconds. Dana was cuming; Steve was cuming.

We both pulled out at the same time and Dana said, “lick us clean.”

Steve and I began to do so. Maria was as sweet as Dana. Her cunt hairs were dripping wet, but I enjoyed licking those cunt hair. I especially like licking her cunt lips and slit clean of our cum. Both girls were satisfied as were we.

For the next several hours, until the girls had to go home, we sat around naked and talked about sex, what was fun, and how they liked doing it with a father/son combination and that we must do it again. Then Dana told me that her mother, who was divorced, had not had a man in almost a year and maybe I would take her out to dinner and then make love to her. I said I would, but that is another story. We all did meet again several time until they all went off to college a few months later.

There has been no other fucking time that was as much pleasure as when we four got together except maybe the one time Dana and her mother had me together on night several months later.