Mayıs 13, 2024


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I leaned back in the recliner, My eyes closed, trying to catch My breath. The fire warmed My bare skin quite nicely, while the cool air was quite noticeable upon My dampened hardness.

I thought of the experience just ended: the beautiful and willing naked young woman kneeling at My feet, each ankle shackled to a different heavy iron ball, each wrist cuffed and attached with minimal chain to a bondage belt, her bald head descending slowly as her tongue teased Me and My length entered her throat, her lips pressed firmly around the root, My fingernails curling into her unprotected scalp as she tried to swallow Me whole, her tongue dancing with the grace of a butterfly, My willpower fading as she applied the knowledge gained through several years of training with My Colleague in Eichwalde…

Slowly, My eyes opened anew, and I gazed upon this beautiful, dutiful creature. So enchanting were her eyes: large, expressive orbs of crystalline blue reflecting the firelight as she looked up at Me with desire and respect. The small smile upon her dainty lips demonstrated the satisfaction she felt at having successfully accomplished the assigned task of pleasuring Me without the use of her small hands.

“My Colleague has indeed trained you quite well,” I acknowledged softly, My voice low and nearly masked by the crackling Betist of the burning logs nearby. she did not speak; she only blushed ever so slightly, the rosiness barely discernable in the light emanating from the fireplace.

With a gesture, I ordered her to stand. It took a few moments for her to obey since she did not have the use of her hands, but she did indeed comply, slowly rising with a gracefulness expected of a professional ballerina.

Two days she had been in My secluded home, an unexpected early birthday present from My Colleague several months after the tragic death of My former slave alyssa. While I still was not quite accustomed to having a completely-hairless slave – even her eyebrows had been shaved – I was starting to grow fond of the vision.

“Master Fruendt and I have some different ideas on how a model slave should appear. I must admit, I was not particularly enamored with the fully-hairless look, but that is starting to change, thanks to you.”

she smiled with her lips and with her eyes, her breasts slightly more prominent as her back arched instinctively.

Yet My attention kept returning to her hairless state. Not for the first time, I reached out to her, stroking her flat stomach, moving My hand toward her right arm, feeling nary a hair and not even the smallest Betist Giriş hint of stubble. My Colleague’s gift was indeed an intriguing anomaly.

“Sit in My lap,” I instructed, bringing My legs together. Due to the heavy iron balls, it took her a few extra moments to cross the very short distance so that she could comply. she sat silently, gazing into My eyes as I touched her, My fingertips amazed at the complete lack of even the slightest hint of hair anywhere upon her. As an added bonus for her, My fingertips’ journeys across her soft pale skin slowly aroused her, noted by the subtle change in her breathing and the slight parting of her unpainted lips.

“So different from alyssa,” I commented softly into her ear. “I noticed you admiring the pictures of her. One of the things I loved about her most was her lengthy hair, long and silky, natural smoky-red strands, cascading down to just below her waist…” For just a moment, I thought I saw alyssa standing in profile by the fireplace, her usual nudity essentially masked by the lengthy hair which I had so often brushed with loving care, the same hair which had so often been bound with rope or used as reins, the same hair which mesmerized little children whenever she and I would stroll through the park or shop at a mall…

“You see her now, don’t You, Sir?”

I nodded, a tear coming to My eye. My vision blurred as the tears began to fall. The gift sat upon My lap, but alyssa still filled My heart.

I felt a warmth against My cheek, then I felt it again, then again. The gift was kissing away My tears, drawing them into her dainty mouth and ingesting them, taking My emotional pain into herself.

Clutching her tightly, I shed My tears unabashedly. Only one other person had ever seen Me cry, and that had been alyssa. Although she could not physically hold Me, I still felt arms around Me.

…alyssa’s arms, comforting Me, signaling to Me that it was time to move on, time to find another woman to love.

“i cannot be Your beloved alyssa,” she whispered, “but i am here to provide You with comfort and pleasure and anything else You may need or want. If it is within my power, Sir, i will definitely do it.”

A long time passed as My grief cascaded from My eyes, only to be drawn into her mouth and internalized. When at last My vision cleared, when at last I had no more tears to shed, I looked into the eyes of the gift and saw something unexpected:


“No,” I confirmed, “you are clearly not alyssa. But Master Fruendt did state that He had not named you, purposely leaving that honor to Me. I believe that a fitting name for you would be hope.”

hope’s eyes sparkled as a smile spread upon her lips. her smile was contagious, and I held her close, keenly sensing alyssa’s approval.