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Human Toilet at the Club Pt. 03

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I’d like to thank the Literotica community for being so supportive of my writing. It’s an honor to contribute to the wealth of amazing stories that have given me so much pleasure over the years. -RedFaceDisgrace

All characters depicted in this story are above the age of 18.


Chapter 6

I couldn’t think straight. The dildo in my ass was stretching me out. My ass burned from its size, holding me open and filling me. But, what was worse than the dildo was my sister’s shit. It had taken over my senses. It’s all I could smell, taste, feel, and think about. I spent the next 10 minutes trying to hold the turd down. If I threw it up, I would have to swallow it down again—or otherwise drown. As much as drowning had its appeal, a small part of me liked what was happening. I felt special, like my service to these women gave me purpose. It’s as if I could finally be useful to women, and that gave me worth. Maybe if Lauren saw how good of a toilet I was, she would take me with her to college to serve as her toilet. Then, I could be with her again. Or, maybe I was going insane from the toxic shit inside of me.

My thoughts were interrupted by a woman walking into my stall. She was a cute Asian teenager, perhaps of Filipino heritage. She was petite, and had little curvature. She wore a tight, short white dress. Her dark tan skin contrasted against the whiteness of her outfit, and I thought she looked beautiful. She peered down into the toilet and giggled at the sight of me. Her smile was friendly in a bubbly way. She was cute, and I was excited to service her. I hoped she only had to pee. Maybe that would get the taste of my sister’s shit out of my mouth.

She pulled her dress over her head, revealing an amazing body. She was toned, with a flat stomach and small tits. Her tits had dark, puffy nipples. They were perfectly sized, and would fit nicely in a hand. “Not that it would ever be my hand,” I thought to myself. Nevertheless, I would get to share in an intimate act with this cute teen, and that made me tingle. I started to get erect again while admiring the musculature of her thighs. “Notice anything special about me, toilet?” she asked, in a playful and seductive voice. I scanned her body, looking for something unexpected. My eyes stopped at her red laced panties. It was difficult to tell from my angle, but her pubic mound seemed to bulge more than the other girls I had seen. She noticed me eying her panties and said, “Looks like you found my little secret, toilet. You get a prize!”

With that, she turned around and gave me a little striptease. I was confused, but enjoying the show. After being treated so terribly by the other women, this lady’s positive attitude was a pleasant change. She showed me her bum, and gave it a little shake up and down. Her ass jiggled, and I got a whiff of her perfume from the movement. She smelled sweet, like sugar cookies. The smell was especially welcoming because it was the first time in 15 minutes that I wasn’t smelling putrid shit. She then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down. Rather quickly, she sat on my face. That’s when I clued in.

Lying across my face was a small, semi erect dick, about 4 inches in length. She was completely hairless, and I could feel her smooth balls resting under my chin. Her dick sat across my lips, stopping right next to my nose. It was hot in temperature, and I could feel her heartbeat radiate within it. It smelled like her perfume, and was remarkably clean. “Do you like your prize?” she asked me. I knew better Gaziantep Escort Reklamları than to talk. She looked through her legs and into my eyes and smiled. “You ever sucked a dick, toilet boy?” I knew what I had to do next. I always had a thing for cute trans girls, and I was excited for this opportunity. I wanted to please this angel sitting on top of me.

I opened my mouth and slowly wrapped my lips around her dick. She let out a soft moan of content, and leaned forward so I had better access to her. I ran my tongue along the underside of her hardening dick, feeling it twitch with excitement. The first thing I noticed was how soft and smooth her dick was. I could taste a slight saltiness in the tip of her pee hole. I started sucking her dick, pulling her deeper into my mouth. I was so turned on by this woman, I wanted to swallow her dick whole. While sucking her into me, I twirled my tongue around her head, trying my best to make her feel good. “Faster toilet, I’m almost there.” She spread her legs and leaned forward, putting her hands on the front of the toilet seat for support. She swayed her hips back and forth, fucking my mouth with her rock-hard dick. I could feel her balls tighten as they slapped gently against my chin. I sucked her for all I was worth, hoping to make her cum hard.

My efforts were rewarded. She started to quiver as her breathing intensified. Through her labored breaths, she hissed, “Get ready.” I whipped my tongue around her dick, and then sucked her in as hard as I could. She exhaled with a moan, and shot spurts of cum onto my tongue. The cum was hot from her body, and had a thick consistency. It had that same metallic and salty taste as pee. She shot load after load into my mouth as her dick convulsed wildly. She filled my mouth with cum, and I swallowed it excitedly. It turned me on knowing her cum was a part of me now. I was so happy to please this woman.

She sat on the toilet seat recovering her breath as her dick softened in my mouth. I didn’t dare take it out of my mouth, I wanted this moment to last forever. Eventually, she looked at me and said, “thank you, toilet boy.” Her smile was warm, and I felt love for this girl. Suddenly, I felt her dick move, and she started pissing in my mouth. Her dick was positioned to piss right down my throat, so I relaxed and let her pee flow through her and into me. Her piss was less strong than the other ladies, and had a slippery consistency due to the left over cum. Her stream slowed, and I sucked the remainder of her piss out of her dick like a straw.

She stood up, and put her panties and dress back on. Before leaving, she turned around to face me, and shot me one last warm smile. As she walked out of the bathroom, I thought about what just happened. I felt a love for that girl. I barely knew her, but she fulfilled one of my deepest fantasies, and I got the thanks for it. I felt proud of my service to her. Getting the opportunity to pleasure women like this made me reconsider this job. “Maybe this is the right place for me,” I thought, feeling elated from the woman who just left. “As long as I don’t have to eat more shit.” But I knew that as a toilet, you have to take the bad with the good.

Chapter 7

The next woman to walk into my stall surprised me. As she walked in, I noticed her outfit was more conservative than the ones I’ve seen so far. Grey knee-length pencil skirt with a white button-up blouse tucked in. The woman’s hair was shoulder length, straight brown hair. She wore black, squared-framed glasses. I saw her hands as she started to undress, and I could tell from their look that she was older—probably in her late 30s. I wondered why such a professional looking person was in a club like this.

“So, you’re the new toilet,” she said as she turned and looked into my bowl. “Oh my, it’s you!” her surprise was met by my own. Standing above me was my 11th grade English teacher, Ms. Stone. “Oh you poor, poor kid. I can’t believe it’s you in there.” She looked genuinely concerned, but then her eyebrow shot up, and she became dubious. “I guess it makes sense, you never were a high achiever. I just thought you weren’t interested in school, though seeing where you are now, I suspect you’re just an idiot. That’s too bad.” I was shocked at her words. Ms. Stone was absolutely gorgeous in the most terrifying of ways. All the boys at school wanted a night with her, but none of them dared to disrespect her. She was a strict teacher, but she was always kind to me. “Until now, I suppose,” I thought as she stared at me.

After some time of looking contemplative, she finally spoke, “I’ve been coming here since I was in high school. I used to be scared to use the toilets, but after I tried it for the first time…” she trailed off, smiling devilishly whilst in thought. “See, I want to use you, but I don’t want to use you. If word gets out that I defecate in human toilets, let alone students, then I could lose my job. But, seeing as you have a track record of being a failure, I think you’ll likely die before you get released from here. If they ever let you out, that is.” I stared at her, processing what she just said. “Fuck it, I drove all the way here…” she started to get undressed. I remember all the nights I jacked off to thoughts of Ms. Stone. Watching her undress should be a dream come true to me.

But I was so wrapped up in what she said that I couldn’t enjoy the moment. “Was I really going to die here?” The question echoed in my mind. Her words were so harsh that tears welled up in my eyes. I didn’t want to die, especially not from being a toilet. My anxiety rose and my heart started beating. Reality set in. Serving women may be a turn on, but what happens when I choke to death on a turd? They’ll dispose of my body and all I will have done with my life is eat shit. What especially hurt is that my sister knows I could die in here, and she doesn’t care. Sure, my sister and I haven’t been on great terms growing up, but deep down I still loved her. Even after she shat in my mouth, I still loved her. The fact that she doesn’t care if I die stung deeply. I started crying.

Ms. Stone saw me crying and pressed the button. The dildo shot an inch forward, painfully filling me with its mass. The penetration jolted me out of my thoughts and I looked at Ms. Stone, who was now completely naked. “Toilets don’t cry. Shut the fuck up, and I’ll give you something real to cry about.” Her words were venomous, and threatened me to my core.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but admire her body. She was about 5’8″, and clearly took care of herself. Her breasts were small and perky. Her skin was tan and covered in freckles. She was thin, but with wide hip bones framing her stomach in a “V” shape that lead down to her pussy. Her bush was trimmed, but still bigger than the other girls. It was light brown and looked soft. Her pussy was blushed red, and puffy. Her inner lips protruded out of her outer ones. Her body was better than how I imagined it.

She turned around and began to sit. The skin of her ass was showing her age, slightly blemished and covered in a very light sprinkling of peach fuzz. I looked into her ass crack and saw her dark, puckered hole covered in hair. As I got a mouthful of hairy pussy I was hit with a muskier smell than the other women. Maybe it was her age, but her natural perfume was intoxicatingly strong. It smelled like stale pee and body odor, and I wished I could smell it for the rest of my life. She started peeing, and her stream was stronger than usual, like she was intentionally pushing it out with force. It sprayed all over my mouth and down my throat. It tasted stronger than the other ladies, and the metallic flavor made my jaw tingle uncomfortably. I struggled to keep up, but I managed to in the end.

I licked her clean, and the taste of her pussy was overwhelming. It was somehow both awful and delicious. Her pussy’s musky lubricant stuck to my tongue like syrup, and I wished I could eat her out forever. She then adjusted herself on the toilet seat, pushing my nose into her pussy. I found it difficult to breathe, and it smelled strong of her pussy. Her pubic hair tickled my nose. She pushed her asshole into my mouth and I could already taste the mild tones of shit. Her ass hairs scratched my lips.

“I wished I had time to tease you and savor the moment, but I’m afraid nature is calling more urgently today.” She spoke professionally, contrasting the situation completely. Before I had time to process what she meant, her rosebud burst into my mouth. Soft, liquid shit splattered explosively into my mouth as she farted out her diarrhea with force. This was much worse than my sister’s shit. Small chunks of poo pooled at the back of my throat while a vile liquid with the consistency of cum filled my cheeks. I had to swallow quickly or I’d drown. I started swallowing as my whole body wretched with pain. The taste was so strong, and she kept filling my mouth with her diarrhea. Every swallow was matched with her asshole squeezing more liquid shit into my mouth. Tears ran down my eyes as I drank Ms. Stone’s shit. I looked up at her face, her eyes were closed, her cheeks were blushed and her lips were pursed. She was clearly deeply aroused.

Eventually, the continuous flow slowed. I could feel her squeezing her abdomen, trying to push the remainder of her diarrhea into my mouth. Each push squirted a little more of her shitty juice into my mouth. I put my tongue on her asshole, and I could feel it opening to accommodate a small log of shit as it fell on to my tongue. I finally finished swallowing what felt like an eternity of shit. I sat there with my lips sealed around her asshole as she blew her last remaining farts into my mouth.

I felt her body quivering above me, and my nose was wet with the pussy juices oozing out of her. She must have orgasmed from shitting in my mouth. In a low, guttural post-orgasm voice she said, “Clean me, boy” I wiped her slimy, rotten asshole with my tongue, feeling her liquid shit flow down my tongue and into my throat. I cleaned off her shit-stained ass hairs and circled around her asshole with my tongue, cleaning her thoroughly. She stood up and began dressing again. When she stood, I could smell myself. I reeked of rotten shit, and I wanted to throw up. I could feel her diarrhea churning in my stomach, unsettling my whole body. The prospect of dying didn’t seem so bad anymore.

When she was dressed, Ms. Stone said, “Good luck, slave. I hope you had a good life, and I’m sorry it has to end like this.” She left, leaving me filled with her shit. I tried to focus on the dildo stretching me out, hoping it would distract me from the foul taste. Instead, I just felt the pain of the dildo, and tasted the shit of the evilest English teacher I have ever met.

More to come…