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Nicky Gets Cream In His Cherry

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[This is a sequel to ‘Nicky Gets It On His 18th’]

It was only half past eight on a Saturday morning and six of my work mates were already at the door. Well it wasn’t any old Saturday, I mean it was Nicky’s eighteenth. They were all really big guys and just piled out of the works Four By Four looking like they were fit and ready for an energetic day out.

“Come on Carl! This is the big day isn’t it? You better get yourself ready. Hey where’s Nicky?” All I had on was a bath gown and as for him, I knew he was still upstairs lying on the bed.

“Hey welcome lads come in!” Brenda interrupts while still in her nighty “He’s er.. not quite ready as you can see. “Hey Nicky!!” she shouted upstairs. “The guys are here so get some clothes on quick; and you’d better get a good shower too.”

“Coffee all round is it? I’m telling you, you’re going to need it! Phew!! we’ve been up since when was it?”

“Don’t look at me Brenda! You let him in. I reckon it was about one minute past midnight!”

“Yea well I told him he’d have to wait till the morning so he only came up at about six I suppose. Black for you is it Ray?”

“Yea thanks but er has he been sort of well .. er?”

“I gave my permission and Carl gave him what he needed, in fact he’s been done several times I’ve lost count. How many times was it Carl?”

“It was only once really, you must be thinking of all the other things” I replied then realised too late how many questions that raised. But the Brenda went on:

“He’s a cheeky little brat! He needs a firm hand you know” she said looking them up and down. Every one of them looked supremely fit with bulging biceps emerging from their short sleeves. It was fairly obvious too that there were bulges further down too!

On such occasions I couldn’t help admiring them too and the word ‘firm’ sounded particularly exciting.

It must have been about half an hour before Nicky eventually came down together with Brenda. She had gone up to help him.

As usual he entered the room with a flourish and twirled round to show off the very tight and brief shorts that Brenda had bought him as a birthday present. He seemed to fill the air with a certain smell of perfume and it looked like Brenda had even touched up his eyelashes and put a little lipstick on him. I guessed that meant he’d have got lipstick elsewhere too!

“Sweet eighteen and never been …!” mused Frank loudly.

“No! wrong there! Someone else got there first didn’t they!” Said Nicky raing his arm triumphantly. He made no effort to suggest he was in any way ashamed of loosing his virginity so soon. He seemed really proud of it.

“Anyway I think I feel myself getting a period coming on now so I’m going to have to look after things you see” he said waiving his finger at the guys.

Brenda just rolled her eyes incredulously. “So I’ll let all you guys get up to whatever you plan to do. I’m going shopping so behave yourselves and don’t do anything I wouldn’t!” Everyone knew that was pretty much a green light to whatever we liked!

So to introduce the others: as well as Frank and Ray there was Gary, a ginger haired tyre fitter and another driver we used to call ‘Hairy Man Robbie’. So that’s four of them, then there was Danny another fitter, he was a big black guy with great physique and sense of humour and finally good old Gerry, he was big and jovial too. Whenever there was a job that needed a bit of extra strength, we would send for him. Compared with these I was pretty much a wimp.

Actually it was a bit of a squash inside the vehicle with only sex seats so Nicky and I ended up sitting on guys knees. I had shorts on but they were more modest than Nicky’s. All the same he wasn’t the only one receiving attentions from exploring hands as we travelled along. I suppose I should Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort have discouraged them but somehow I couldn’t.

The plan was we were going to a secluded beach and we got to this derelict farm near a camp of road building contractors. We knew them because they had big dumpers and we had to service their tyres.

I still can’t say how many there were but I got to know quite a few the end, if you know what I mean! Anyway they had sort of exclusive access to this beach so they to be included in the party.

Brenda had made up some sandwiches for us, although I suppose eating wasn’t the main objective, she knew men always get hungry when they exert themselves!

“Not much social life out there then” said Frank to Mick as we walked along. He was helping to carry the beer down a narrow path to the sea.

“Er …. no and no fucking chicks either! I tell you we could do with a few up here. But er” at this point he lowered his voice to whisper in Farnk’s ear “… looks like we’ve got a couple of possible substitutes eh?”

Nicky was in group on ahead. There were a couple of camp guys together with Danny and Ray and he was starting to play up, wobbling his big bum and making out they were trying to molest him.

“Hey get off!! I don’t trust you two. I don’t know what you’re getting up to! Come on I’m going this way” he said making off down a side path in amongst tall heather and pine trees.

Of course the others gave chase but Nicky was really nimble so we had gone quite a way in before we caught him. Danny and Ewan had wrestled him to the ground and Nicky was shouting out like “No stop it! It’s not … hey I’ve got a period I’m not ready” his pants were already half off him.

It happened when they tackled him. I don’t think they really meant to do him just then but even the sight of the top part of his bare buttocks was making the guys go crazy.

“Hey I wonder if he really is a boy if he says he’s got a period coming on, lets have look” Fergus was a hulking dumper driver and he wasted no time ripping Nicky’s pants off. Poor Nicky! He tried hard to stop him and Brenda’s nice new fabric got torn as it gave way under the force of Fergus’ muscles. Soon he had ripped them in two exposing all of Nicky’s boy bum. It was such a sexy sight that everyone went mad and started pulling their own clothes off!

“He’s a boy but only just!. Look at his tiny little balls and puny dick, how sweet eh? Nothing wrong with his bum though! Wow that’s ripe for a bit of fertilizer I reckon!”

Shafts of sunlight shone through the trees and bushes. It was like a stage light highlighting his beautiful smooth boy bum.

“You’re not having a period my pretty boy you’ve been fucked already haven’t you?” Gerry mused after pinning him down and fingering his sticky ass-hole. I could see some of my cum starting to ooze out of Nicky’s sphincter. By now the lipstick Brenda had put on him to beautify his boy cunt just looked like a red smudge.

Nicky didn’t look all that innocent too by the way he had gone down to suck Frank’s rigid cock. With him bending over like that you could easily see that he needed it. His cherry looked so ripe and ready and there it was opening up! Most of the guys were trying to offer him really hard cocks by this time. It was all getting a bit crowded again!

But Danny was not one to stand around. Already completely nude with his beautiful big black body shining in the sun and showing off his muscular contours, he carefully knelt down and positioned his huge meat against Nicky’s boy cunt. I was getting a ringside view

Oh wow what a sight!! He was so sticky and slimy his little pink cherry just couldn’t resist the pressure. Nicky was crying out “No wait! Not now!! It’s my cycle!” or something like that. But it just made Danny the more determined to penetrate him. And Nicky was still protesting as I saw his cunt yield totally to Danny’s powerful probing knob. He had no chance then! He was lying half on his side with his knees up near his chin. Danny just drove it right in and up him to the hilt. What a sight to see this huge black cock being buried in Nicky’s boy bum!

Brenda had said he needed a firm hand. This was a rigid rod and it was right up his rectum!

Then as Danny slowly pulled out the rim of Nicky’s sphincter seemed to come with it. His tight skin got drawn out and it hugged the meat of his huge shiny cock. And then you could see it get forced back in again as Danny drove it down deep into his boy cunt. Nicky’s bum was just being forced to take it all when Danny began working him faster. He drove his lovely dick in and out in big strokes.

Every time Danny raised his ass between thrusting his crack would open so I got glimpses of his dark hairy man cunt. It was then that I first really felt I wanted to fuck him.

Nicky had slumped forward so he was lying flat on his stomach. His bum cheeks clutched at Danny’s driving dick. It looked like he was having his buns pumped up like an inner tube in the workshop!

But Nicky was now lying there in ecstasy throwing his head from side to side. On each stroke this great meat sunk deep into his sexy cleft and all the time the pace was quickening until quite suddenly Danny yelled out “Ah! you fucking little bitch! You’re getting it!! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaahhhh!!!” I could see his cock jerking off inside young Nicky. Right down between Danny’s legs you see his groin in spasm as he pumped and spurted his rich virile spunk right up deep into Nicky’s rectum.

But now the others were getting very impatient. “What about you then. Why have you still got your pants on? Got something to hide have you? I think we’d better take a look, what do you think lads?” Mick had been standing next to me watching but now he had suddenly grabbed me together with about four his mates. There was no getting away. I knew these camp guys were after me but as I tried to resist, it only made them more determined.

Escape was impossible, they had got me on ground. I had knee length shorts and managed to keep hold of the belt buckle so it seemed they couldn’t pull them down.

You won’t believe me but it was actually quite good humoured. I was laughing like I was being tickled. Then I heard one of them say “Don’t matter let’s slit it!”

These four strong men had me pinned so I couldn’t move at all. As soon as I heard this tearing sound I felt fingers exploring against my pants.

Then Curtis, one of the camp guys was a big skin head, just came over and ripped my pants and shorts apart. There was nothing left of them but rags. I felt fresh air on my bum and I was trying to say I hadn’t prepared myself but they weren’t listening.

Ewan went over to where Nicky was getting it now from Gerry. His enormous cock was pounding his Nicky’s while his balls swayed in his long scrotum and slapped against his bottom.

“Come on sissy boy get your tongue round this. You may not be a proper chick but you don’t look like much of a guy either so here’s a real cock for you” Curtis had now forced his rigid raging hot cock into my mouth.

In fact I had no say over what was happening to me now. Ewan had a handful of Nicky’s cherry juices and was applying them to the inside of my asshole.

He must have got to me first because I was still sucking Curtis when I felt the power of Ewan’s cock.

Of how I loved the feeling. Brenda knew I like being given anal sex from her strapons but this was a real guy!! His cock felt so big and hard. It never imagined it was like this! OH WOW HE WAS FUCKING HUGE!!!!!! And he was still only dicking my outer sphincter. It was fucking painful but oh shit this was it!! He was actually coming right up inside me, I could feel it!!!. I looked down and I could see his dick disappearing into my bottom juts like Nicky had it done to him. But oh the feeling, the presence of another man inside my body like that and up my bottom too!! It is beyond words, I can’t describe it!! I just kissed every part of his hulking naked body which I could reach. I wanted to smooch my lips and work my tongue over every muscle of his body! I wanted him to go on for ever.

Everyone could see me getting I could stop myself showing that I liked it. But Ewan was getting more and more vigorous with me, my anus felt like it was on fire! And there was now a queue next to me waiting to do me.

“You’re stealing my lovers Carl! It’s not fair! I’ll tell Brenda and …oh … aaah!” Gerry gave his ass such a ram it took Nicky’s breath away but he was just as cheeky as ever.

Danny who had already fucked Nicky seemed to take command said we should all go on to the beach as we needed to clean up in the sea. He was quite right because with all this raw fucking guys should always have a piss and a good wash straight after so we all went off to the beach totally naked and grabbed what clothes were lying around. My shorts and Nicky’s were too damaged to bother with so they got left.

Nicky was wobbling his bare bum as he walked and I noticed he was sticky between his legs where cum was oozing from his bum slit.

As we walked down the path Ewan got up me again and couldn’t control himself. The feeling of my moving buttocks was driving him crazy inside me. We were just going down some steps to the beach when he suddenly he started ejaculated into me. It was incredible, I had never had this done to me by a guy before. I was being fucked or more precisely ‘inseminated’ as I walked along. This feeling of warm fluid flowing up into my bottom!! Wow! I knew what it really felt like for Nicky.

No sooner had Ewan withdrawn his sagging slimy dick from my bum than Curtis thrust up me his own massively rigid cock. Boy this guy was wild.! There was no walking with him, he picked me up facing him with his cock up me and carried me to some soft grass in the sand dunes. He got me on my back and gave me the most furious fucking ever. For a full ten minutes he rammed me up my rectum I was overwhelmed by his sheer size and strength. This guy was just a fabulous beast of taught bulging muscles! He took me over completely!! This guy was my master, he overpowered every speck of manhood I might have had. He made me get some sort of orgasm deep inside, I had never had anything like it happen before. I ended up yelling out “Fuck me! Fuck me! You beast!”

The others had all gone on to the sea and left us in this frenzy of fucking. I can easily say I have never experienced any thing like it like except when Curtis did me again a few days later. It was just everything about him; he was so fucking sexy! You should have seen his balls. They were lovely I had several more chances that day to lick them in detail but now he started to deliver! Oh man he was pumping oceans of hot cum up my bum!! He was forcing it up me but I wanted it like anything. It was like milk to my body! I felt I needed it so much!!

When we were all finally on the beach and swimming among the gentle breakers I seemed to get fucked by everyone there and Nicky claimed to have been fucked by everyone too. Danny did me really well as the water swirled around our thighs but the final scene was the clincher.

Nicky came over to me completely naked. He put his arm around me and kissed me. Then he went behind me and fucked me up my bottom. I just stood there with everyone watching and clapping as Nicky orgasmed and did me with his Boy-dick.

Somehow it had real meaning. Nicky was my friend and lover. It was the end of a perfect day.

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