Mayıs 15, 2024

I Am in Charge

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I see you get undressed, preparing to take a shower. The soft skin on your ass begs to be touched, to be smacked. Your muscular arms flex and pulse as you move. Your limp cock bounces delicately. How delicious you are.

Should I torment you? A smack on the ass? Or a pinch? Or should I be nice? Should I take your soft cock in my mouth and run my tongue over it until it becomes hard and thick? Should I caress your balls, gathering them in my hand and tugging them until you moan? Or should I just let you go to the shower, alone, not realizing these thoughts dancing behind my eyes?

You move away and I still do nothing. What am I waiting for? Something still isn’t right, the moment hasn’t come yet. I’m feeling naughty; in charge. I want you to know that I have all the power and you are mine to do with as I please. So I wait.

The shower turns on, I know your rituals well. You will shampoo your hair, then take the bar of soap and carefully scrub, paying special attention to your cock, balls and ass. I know that you will be thorough, you always are. I wonder if you are jacking off this time. I wonder if I should call out and tell you not to. You being unable to get hard when I want to play would displease me. “Do not jerk off. I want you.” I decide it is time to reveal myself as mistress.

Your stillness reveals to me that I have caught you off guard. You aren’t sure what awaits you when you are done in the shower, I like that you are off balance. I lay, still dressed, on the bed. I hear only a few more seconds of water running, then complete silence descends upon our rooms.

Moments pass and you appear, now clean and fresh, completely nude in the doorway. I see the suspicion in your eyes as you register that I am not bebek escort undressed. Your brow furrows, but you cannot hide your wilting erection.

“Don’t say anything.” I instruct you. Then I beckon for you to come and lay on the bed, next to me. As you lay down, you lean in for a kiss and I turn my head and lightly smack your face. “I am in charge now. You must ask before you do anything to me. Understand?” You nod and I can see your confusion, but I also notice that your cock has regained some hardness.

I reach over and trace my fingers down your flat, slightly hairy stomach. Down I gently, lightly, barely touch you, ever-so-slightly disturbing your curly pubic hair. I carefully avoid making any contact with your now fully erect member. My fingers touch your upper thighs and I move agonizingly slowly, dragging only my fingertips on your skin.

You moan and wriggle. You can barely keep from thrusting your hips so that your cock will make contact with something, anything. “Do I need to tie you down?” You moan louder and shake your head no, but I am not convinced. I lean in and kiss you, hard, thrusting my tongue in your mouth. You kiss me back, fiercely, and when I bite your lower lip you give a tiny gasp.

Now, while we are still kissing, I cup my hand and barely touch your balls. You cannot keep the moan from escaping and I tenderly stroke and caress, all the while touching with just my fingertips. But I have yet to touch your cock. I tease you, putting my fingers in a circle and moving it up and down your shaft. You know my hand is there, but I make no contact.

Sitting up suddenly, I demand that you sit up as well and begin to remove my clothes. Your hands fumble with the buttons mecidiyeköy escort on my shirt and you cannot manage to unhook my bra. I am displeased with your performance. Does not everyone know how to undress? I smack your hands and tell you to get off the bed. You stand at the side, cock quivering, unsure of where all this is going.

I slowly take off my shirt. I reach around and unhook my bra, my breasts fall heavily. It is cold and my nipples are erect immediately. They feel hard and it makes me wet. I unsnap my pants and work them down past my ass. Now I am as naked as you, but I am standing on the bed.

“You are the slave and I am your Mistress. You are here for my pleasure only. You pleasure is secondary and not to be expected. Your cock is mine. Your ass is mine. You will only orgasm when I tell you. You may not cum in my pussy unless I give you permission. I am in charge.”

Taking your silence as understanding and acceptance, I lean over and grab your cock firmly. Pulling roughly, I use it as a way to move you back on the bed. Then I lean in and take your balls in my other hand, I circle my fingers around the top of them and pull down. You are immediately rock hard again and I roughly stroke your cock.

I see a drop of pre-cum and using my thumb, I rub it around in circles on the head of your penis. I am not gentle and not once do you wince or cry out. Instead, your moaning becomes louder and I see your legs begin to quiver. Not wanting you to cum quite yet, I quickly let go of your cock and balls and pinch your nipples hard.

Your eyes shoot open. I let go and kiss you again. You relax. I smile.

While you were in the shower, I prepared a table next to the bed. Either you did not florya escort notice it, or it did not register, but now as I position myself in between your legs I reach over and find the lube and my special glass toy.

As I begin to suck on the head of your cock, I slowly rub some lube on your asshole. My finger slips inside, I put your cock in my mouth so far that the head touches the back of my throat. I pay no attention to your loud moans and I move my finger in and out of your ass, enjoying the feeling of fucking you. I slip two fingers in and suck harder. Then I decide that your virgin ass is ready for the toy.

First, I remind you that you are not allowed to cum unless it is in my pussy and with my permission. I am dripping wet and hungry for the feeling of riding your cock, but I want to properly fuck your ass first. So I wait.

The glass toy prepared, it easily glides into your asshole as I continue to lick and suck your cock. I move it in and out, fucking you gently and firmly. I fuck you until you are so close to the edge. I can hear your loud moans. I know you desperately want to cum in my mouth. But I want your cum in my pussy.

I take my mouth of of your quivering member and I crawl up. After getting myself properly positioned, I slide my soaking wet cunt over your cock and slam myself on to you. I grab your hands, “Play with my tits, don’t forget to pay special attention to my nipples.” And then I proceed to rock back and forth, feeling your cock slam against my cervix.

I begin to cum, but it still is not your turn. “Your cock is mine. I fuck it. It is for my pleasure only.” I rock faster and faster, pounding my cunt on your cock. I feel you start to cum. “Harder, pinch my tits.” I fuck you and fuck you. Your cock is empty and still I fuck your cock. I scream with pleasure and fuck your still-hard-member until it is limp. We lay, tangled and panting, sweaty from our exertion.

“You came before I gave you permission. How disappointing. I suppose there is always next time.”