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How to Tame a Model

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It was the fast and dirty that appealed to her. It was the seediness and the roughness. The club was it’s normal mural of sweat and sex but it all seemed much tamer than the animal inside her was looking for. With a sigh she turned to the 3 ladies that had accompanied her into this “girls night” of drinking and dancing.

“I have to go.”

“Why we just got here?”

“Where do you want to go now?”

“You guys stay. I am just going to head home. I have a blinding headache all of the sudden.”

“You okay to get home?”

“I am fine. Enjoy yourselves. My tab is open at the bar so party as long as you like.”

“Thanks honey, feel better.”

With that she moved off toward the exit. There was a club not far from there that was more appropriate to her mood. She would head there and try to unleash the beast currently ravaging her from the inside.

The fresh air on her face felt amazing after the smoky sweaty club. She turned and headed toward the Mask. The one place she was sure to find what she was looking for. She paid the admission and doffed the mask that the doorman gave her and headed in. The darkened interior and the writhing bodies were closer to what she was looking for. There was one guy that was usually around that would give her what she was looking for. Now to find him.

The muscle bound lunk was in his normal booth holding court. He was a body and that was all she needed.

“Hey there stranger.” He said as she approached. “thought I told you not to come over this way. I guess you just need a lesson on where good girls are not supposed to be.”

It was exactly what she told him to tell her when he saw her and for a moment the fear and the thrill seemed to be ramping the frustration up perfectly. He stood and grabbed her arm and shoved her roughly in the direction of the alcove across from his table. He pushed her up against the wall and began to paw cruelly at her. She whimpered and only wished that the fear was a little bit more real. He pushed her panties down and began rubbing her pussy roughly with one hand while he put the condom he had unwrapped on his stiffened cock. Without any more build up he thrust into her. She was not as wet as she should have been so the entry was rough, which was what she was looking for so her arousal spiked immediately drenching him. He was not very big in the cock department but she wasn’t looking for that. It was the rape-like feeling of having no control that was the draw.

“Please,” She whimpered. “Stop, please. I am sorry, I won’t come back.”

He growled and continued to pummel away at her.

“I believe the lady told you to stop.” The voice behind the lunk was deep and authoritative.

“No she didn’t.” Said the Lunk still hammering away.

She was so close before the “helpful” stranger broke her concentration. She growled with frustration. “Penny loafers.” She said.

“You okay?” said the lunk pulling out of her at the sound of her safeword.

“Yeah, just not going to get back there now. Sorry.” She said pushing her clothing back into place. “You okay to finish alone?”

“What ‘alone’? I got scads of chicks over there that are looking for a pounding. Come back and see me some other time.”

“Thanks.” She said stepping away from the lunk and past the helpful stranger. Grateful for the mask and dark interior as she moved toward the door. She felt the stranger move behind her. She hurried quickly to the door removed the mask and placed in the bin before racing out. She hailed a cab and was in the back seat just before the door of the club opened for Mr. Helpful. She did not look back afraid that he would see her face as the cab drove away. Unfortunately, that meant that she did not see him either.

Raymond Exeter or “Rex” watched as one of his most recognizable clients Mindy Shaw drove off in the cab to god knows where. At least this club required masks to be worn so there was less of a chance that she would be recognized. Rex growled as he thought of that asshole pawing her and abusing her, but more so that she was looking for that kind of treatment. The obvious safeword, meant that she wanted that and that she had done this before.

Rex grabbed his phone and dialed her number. It had been by chance that he had seen her enter the seedy little club as he was on his way to meet her and her friends at the Spotted Club down the street. He was heading there to toast the closing of the movie deal that he had been working on for her. As her agent, he was concerned about the clubbing as the tabloids could do a number on any young actress.

He had never had an issue with Mindy, but the idea of some papa-rat-zi getting shots of her going into a known sex den was not going to play well to the Family friendly movie he had gotten her. He waited for the call to connect as he seethed. She was his client and he had to protect her. The thought of her engaging in such dangerous behavior was unthinkable.

“Hello, Rex.” She said as if nothing had just happened.

“Where are you?” Rex bit out.

“I am heading özbek escort home. The club gave me a headache.”

“I am coming over.”

“Can’t it wait? Like I said I have a headache.”

“No it cannot. I will be there in 10.”

“Please Rex, I do not want to discuss business tonight.”

“I do not care what you want. I will be there in 10.” With that he hung up and signaled his driver.

Mindy had just shut the door behind her when Rex started pounding on the door. She jumped in surprise and opened the door.

“What is it Rex?” She said wearily.

“Oh, little girl you may want to tone down the attitude.”

‘Excuse me?” Mindy asked as he pushed past her.

“How often to you go to that club?”

“The Spotted? I don’t know 2 or 3 times a month.”

“No The Mask.”


“Yeah, that was me.”

“Mr. Helpful was you?” She squeaked.

“Yes. Now answer the question.”

“Look I was careful.”

“Is that what I asked you Mindy?”

“Fine! I go there occasionally. Less than once a month. Only when it gets so bad I can’t control it anymore. Now I don’t know what I am going to do, because even before you showed up it was barely working. There is no way that I am going to be able to go back there and be able to get it to work. Now what…”

Rex stared as Mindy got lost in her own space. She was not talking to him so much as herself, looking for the answer to a question that Rex did not even know.

“Mindy, honey, stop. Look at me.”

“What?” She said biting the end of her finger worrying it with her teeth in agitation.

“What is it that you cannot control?” Rex said slowly. She shook her head frantically and backed away. “Let me help.”

“You can’t help me.” Mindy said adamantly.

“How do you know?”

“I just do.”

“Let me try.”

“Fine, you want to continue to be Mr. Helpful? Here goes. I want to be raped.”


“Told you that you could not help. Go away.” Mindy growled and headed for the kitchen.

“What do you mean you want to be raped?”

“I think that it is clear.” Mindy flung her hands up.

“Sit down.” Rex commanded. Mindy paused warily and sat gingerly on the sofa. Rex seemed pissed, angrier than she had ever seen the unflappable agent. “Now we are going to talk and you are going to be honest with me about everything, do you understand me?”

Mindy nodded mutely.

“Now, you want to be raped.” He said as she nodded. “You want a knife at your throat, gun to your head, in a dark alley by some stranger that may kill you?”

“Umm, not really.”

“Okay, how about like a date rape? Guy you know pushing you to do things you are not ready for.”


“How do you want it to feel?”

“Like I do not have a choice, like I am forced to do what he wants. I want it to be rough and hurt a little bit. I want to have the edge of pain and fear to get me going.”

“Is it only rape, or is any situation where you do not have control work?”

“I do not know. All I know is that I need to do something before the frustration kills me. It wells up inside me like an animal and I have to do something or it will consume me.”

“Mindy, I am going to help you.” Rex said carefully. “I am going to dominate you.”


“I am going to train you to be submissive. That is what you are looking for.”

“You mean like dog collars and licking your boots?”

“Yes and no. I will get into more detail but tonight I am going to take your edge off.”

“What do you mean?”

“I am going to give you what you need, freedom from the animal.”

“Look, I-“

“Do not speak unless I tell you that you may.” Rex said standing. “Follow me, we shall see to your punishment before I begin the lessons.”

“Punishment?” Mindy squeaked.

“Mindy, I just told you not to speak. Now you shall be punished more.” Rex said as he headed down the hall to her room. “If you speak out of turn once more, you shall be gagged.”

Mindy stood and followed him quickly. She was not sure what was happening but her body was all for it. She was wet enough to soak thru her panties and feel the wetness on her thighs. Rex was sitting on the bed in his long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbow. He had removed his belt and it was laying on the bed next to him ominously. He gestured her forward. She stood before him waiting.

“Take off the dress.”

She immediately started yanking it up over her head. She discarded it quickly and stood before him in black lace matching bra and g-string and her 4 inch heels.

“Come here.” She slipped her hand into his outstretched one and stepped closer to him. With a sharp tug he brought her off balance and over his knee. “Now Ms. Shaw, let’s discuss your transgressions.”

Mindy whimpered as his hand softly caressed her basically bare ass. “First, you went to that club, for which you shall receive 3 swats, then you let that walking steroid fuck you, for which you shall receive mecidiyeköy escort 15 swats, then you ran away from me, 3 swats, and you argued with me, 3 swats. For talking without permission, you shall receive 2 lashes of the belt. Do you understand?”


“You shall receive one more lash with the belt for not properly addressing me. Care to try again?”

“Yes, sir?”

“Very good. Now to begin. If it gets to intense you need only use your safeword.”

“Yes, sir.”

“What is your safeword?”

“Penny Loafer.”

“Ah, Ms. Shaw you are up to 4 lashes with the belt on a thoroughly spanked ass. Care to try again?”

“Penny Loafer, sir.”

“Very good. Let’s begin. You will need to count, at the end of each allotted punishment you shall ask forgiveness for your transgression.”

“Yes, sir.” Mindy moaned.

He began, as he meant to continue, hard and sure, his hand landed like a brand of fire against her supple cheek.

“Ahhh, one, sir.” Mindy screamed and panted as the pain exploded. Again, “Two, sir.” Again, “Three, sir. I am sorry for going to that club, sir. Please forgive me.” Mindy panted as the tears ran down her face.

“Good girl. Now on to the next transgression.”

Once again, he landed blow after blow against her tender flesh, side to side each cheek getting pounded, down the center across the thighs. He was relentless.

“Fif-fffifteen, sir. I am sorry that I let that man fuck me, sir. Please forgive me.” Mindy was crying out right now, her ass was on fire. She wanted to get away but she couldn’t. Except she could. She could say the magic word and it would all stop, but she couldn’t because under the pain and the fire was a warmth and a tingle and a contentment that she wanted to explore. She knew that if she just stayed there, Rex would stop the beast.

“Very good little girl.” Rex crooned stroking her gently. “Now to the next transgression.”

“Yes, sir.”

Again his hand rose and fell with deliberation, it seemed that his strength was unfailing, but his hand was on fire. He would not let her know that. Next time he would use a paddle if she needed more than five or ten swats. “One, sir. Two, sir. Three, sir. I am sorry that I ran away from you, sir.”

She had moved past the pain and was floating in the attention of the man. Grateful for his mastery. The tears still flowed but they were silent. “Ahh, very good little girl. For being so good and taking your punishment so well, we will excuse your arguing and proceed to the lashes that you are deserving.”

“Thank you, sir. I apologize for arguing with you and thank you for your mercy.”

“Alright, stand, Mindy.” He stood and positioned her so she was bent over the bed with her ass in the air. “Count all four, then apologize for the transgressions at the end. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” Mindy was so entranced the in pain that she was almost unaware of answering. She floated in the sensual fog until the moment that the belt struck her swollen inflamed ass. The stripe of the leather across her burning skin sent her upright.

“Now Ms. Shaw, you do not want more than four right?”

“Yes, sir, one, sir.” Mindy whispered before moving back into position. “Two, sir.” Mindy heaved trying to control her breathing as the leather licked across her ass. “Three, sir.”

“Almost done baby girl.”

“Four, sir.” Mindy moaned. “I am sorry for talking without permission and not addressing you properly, sir.”

“Now come here and show me how truly sorry you are for your behavior. Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

Mindy shivered as she lowered herself onto her knees before him. She crouched carefully to avoid touching the welts and burning red skin of her ass. She unbuttoned and lowered his pants and boxers and came face to cock with his gorgeous member. It was long and full so full in fact she questioned her ability to get her mouth around it. She started tonguing him up and down the shaft before she opened wide and began to suck. She had difficulty at first but her saliva worked to help lube the way. Soon she was working him like a porn star sucking him as deep as she could and using her hand to stimulate that which she could not get in. He moaned and fisted his hand in her pulling her roughly, fucking her mouth. She began to gag but still he pumped deeper.

“That is it you little slut, suck it deep.” He growled and then with a final push he erupted filling her mouth with his come. “Swallow every drop.”

She groaned and swallowed, knowing she was a mess, with her nose running and tears streaming down her face. She was strangely at peace, all while being more turned on than ever. She looked up at Rex waiting for the next order.

“You are a good girl.” Rex said wiping the tears from her cheeks. “I can see that you truly regret your actions.”

“Yes, sir.” Mindy nodded.

“Now we begin.” Rex said backing away. “This is not a part of your life that I want anyone to know about. This is the private that will stay private, yours to keep that azeri escort no one else can see or touch.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I am the only one that will punish you, control you or know the real you, do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,”

“That means no more clubs, no more strange men, no more pseudo rape fantasies acted out in public.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I, in exchange, shall provide you with the opportunity to submit fully.”

“Yes, sir.”

Rex watched her as she knelt on the floor in front of him, agreeing to anything he said. Never had he met anyone more in need of the lifestyle than Mindy. She centered her focus on him awaiting his command. The Dom inside him smiled as he watched her, knowing that he was powerful enough to tame her beast.

“Let’s begin then. I am not looking for 24/7 slave. You will comport yourself to the outside world as you always have. The only time this changes is when I have set up in advance things that I will require for certain events or scenarios. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“When you are in my control you are mine to do with as I please. I am the one that makes the choices and you will simply submit.”

Mindy nodded vigorously. The tension that had plagued her before was gone. In its place was a calm that Mindy could not ever remember feeling. Rex was in control. He was going to help. It was thrilling and frightening and a dream come true…

“Stop daydreaming slut. Crawl up on the bed and let me see my marks on you.” Rex smiled as she scrambled onto the bed, ass up face down. The red covered her ass nicely, with 4 distinct strips that would be variously colored by tomorrow. The wet of her cunt was apparent from across the room. She needed to be fucked.

Rex knelt behind her and slid one long finger deep in her core. He pressed against the rough patch of flesh at the front of her vagina. She squirmed against the pleasure of the invasion. Rex brought his throbbing hand down against her ass cheek.

“Do not move.”

“Yes, sir.” Came her mumbled reply against the bed covers. Rex’s fingers danced over her g-spot sending her wave upon wave of pleasure. She did not move. She forced her body to remain still and absorb the sensation. Her body wanted to press and shift and help him find all the spots inside craving his attention but her mind was obeying the commands he gave.

Rex smiled at her stillness. Despite the demands of her body she stayed firm under his order. Mindy definitely deserved a reward. He fingered her cunt as she got wetter and wetter. He could feel her climbing for the peak. When she was just about there he pulled out and slapped her cunt hard hitting the clit the hardest. She shrieked and jumped as her pussy squirted in approval.

“I am so sorry, sir.”

“Why Mindy?”

“Because I moved without permission and I came without permission.”

“You are such a good girl. I am quite proud that even in your obvious pleasure you were focused on my expectations of you.” Rex grabbed her and pulled her into his lap. “Now I am going to fuck you hard and then you are going to sleep. We have a big day tomorrow.”

Mindy smiled as he tossed her on her back on the bed. She was so ravenous, she was licking her lips, lying still waiting for him to instruct her. Rex watched her as he stood to remove his clothes. Her eyes were the only thing that moved. She traced his every muscle with her eyes and waited… quiet, patient, ready.

Rex smiled as he crawled naked over her still form. “Grab your ankles and keep your knees bent.” Rex said. Her instant compliance made his smile broaden. The position tilted her hips until she was perfectly posed to take his thrusting against her g-spot. He rose up above her and slammed his dick hard and deep into her. She groaned and her eyes rolled back in her head. He pounded relentlessly into her and he felt her body respond. The orgasm came quickly and as soon as he felt it he pulled out. Her orgasm squirted all over his chest and thighs. He growled and plunged deep.

Again and again he brought her to orgasm thrilling her body. After her fifth overwhelming orgasm she was having trouble maintaining her position. She whimpered and looked up at him. “Please sir.”

Rex smiled and pulled out of her delicious body. He pulled her over and placed her on her knees with her face planted on the blanket. Once again he pounded into her. Grabbing her hair he used her limp body relentlessly. She moaned and continued to cum. He had already cum so he was able to last a very long time wringing everything from her cunt that she had to offer. He felt the flesh of her pussy swell and begin to dry a bit. He smiled as her ragdoll body flopped bonelessly. He plunged twice more and let go of the load boiling in his balls. She quivered and muttered wordlessly, asleep as soon as he released her.

Rex rose up and wandered to the bathroom. He grabbed a wash cloth and headed back to clean her up. She was going to be very sore tomorrow. She did not move as he wiped down her lower body.

Rex gathered her up into his arms and placed her under the blankets. He thought about leaving but he did not want her to wake up alone. He moved her limp body over and crawled in next to her. Gathering her close he shut off the light and thought about what was to come, just before sleep took him.