Mart 30, 2024

I Dream of Jess

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My dream. So vivid. So real. Yet, in some ways, surreal. I woke up trembling, aroused. I could feel my heart racing. Still a little groggy, I sit up. To my left, my husband lay sleeping, unaware of the erotic visions dancing in my head. Would he want me to share those visions? I’m sure he would but for now, I just need to catch my breath.

Do I think about sharing my bed with another woman? Sure, of course I do. What woman doesn’t, and any woman who says something to the contrary would be less than truthful. Sleeping with a man and another woman? I think of that from time to time. Are these real fantasies of mine? Not really. I don’t consider either a fantasy that I act on. So am I surprised about my dream? Yes, you bet. But more surprisingly, I’m surprised at how aroused I am. Does this mean that I was a latent lesbian? I don’t think so, but boy am I turned on.

My dream begins with Jess and me. The bedroom is large and dark with only a few strategically placed candles providing a low, flickering light. We lay together on an inviting king sized bed. Chris watches our every move as he sits across from us in a cushioned easy chair. The room is filled with Jess’ perfume; oh Jess’ wonderful, fragrant perfume. I’m drowning in her sweet bouquet.

Jess and Chris are unfamiliar to me. I don’t remember meeting them. Jess is petite, delicate, and sexy in her yellow and blue sundress. Her shoulder length blond hair, pretty face, and smooth tanned skin are great package, and her pert breasts weren’t in need of support from a bra; nor was she wearing one. Chris is attractive with strong features. His salt and pepper hair makes him look a tad older than his true age, but it fits him. His day-old facial stubble gives him a sexy look, and I like what I see.

Jess’ touch is electric, so soft and warm, so tender. Goose bumps trail each caress, and I quiver when I feel her warm breath on my neck. Jess’ skin feels like satin against mine; it’s a delicious sensation. She lifts my hand up and pulls it against her cheek, gazing into my vulnerable eyes as she caresses my cheek with my fingertips. It’s exhilarating when she kisses my hand before taking my middle finger into her mouth. I shiver when Jess begins gently sucking it, rotating her tongue around it while gauging my reaction. Her eyes are full of passion. Her lips are parted just slightly as I watch my slender finger slide into her mouth. She presses my middle and index fingers together as her tongue circles them. My breathing becomes heavier and I feel wetness between my legs.

I run my fingers through Jess’ soft hair, gently moving her bangs to one side of her forehead before grazing her with a soft kiss, a peck. She releases my fingers and places her left hand on my thigh, gently caressing the inside with her fingertips. I shiver again and instinctively part my legs, allowing her easier access. I caress her cheek and chin and trace the outline of her lovely face with my fingertips. Jess closes her eyes and sighs as her fingers creep a little higher up my thigh. They feel like soft feathers against my skin. Her pinky just grazes my panty line, as it rides upward between where my thigh ends and my pelvis begins. I close my eyes and I sigh. More wetness, more goose bumps.

I lower my hand and place it on Jess’ thigh and she responds by placing her hand behind my neck, pulling me closer. I can feel her warm breath on my face. She kisses my cheek. My breathing becomes more labored. Opening my eyes for just a moment, Jess reassuringly pulls me closer. There is no urgency, no rush. She looks deeper into my eyes, seeking permission. There’s a slight pause before our lips touch for the first time. It’s a brief kiss and she pulls back and opens her eyes, looking for a reaction. I open my eyes and gaze into hers. Nothing needs to be said.

I glance at Chris sitting in his chair, unable to keep his eyes off of us. He’s clearly excited and I see his hard-on strain beneath his shorts. He has removed his shirt and unbuckled his belt, anxiously awaiting his turn with us; that is inevitable, but for now he’s content just watching.

Jess’ hand leaves my thigh. She caresses my face and with both hands and pulls me in closer for another kiss. I close my eyes. This kiss lasts slightly longer, more prolonged. I gaze into her eyes and lean back on the bed with my arms behind me. Jess turns and puts both arms around my waist. We’re face to face again. She closes her eyes and leans forward. I close my eyes too, expecting, anticipating, wanting. A short pause, only a second or two, adds even more eroticism to an already erotic moment. Her lips touch mine as her soft tongue lightly brushes against my lower lip. I intuitively part my lips slightly, signaling acceptance. I’m feeling more wetness between my legs as the tip of her tongue penetrates my mouth, so soft and warm. She softly moans into my mouth as our passion grows quickly. Our tongues meet, mine gently probing the fringes of her mouth before entering more deeply. My tongue finds Jess’ and they Gaziantep Genç Escort perform a pirouette in each other’s mouths, slowly, softly, effortlessly. This is new, unfamiliar, yet frighteningly comfortable, natural, and very sexy.

Jess pulls back again. “I want you” she whispers, and softly kisses neck. I place a hand behind her head and close my eyes. Her kisses are so gentle, so soft, and so sensual.

“I want you too”, I mutter. “Please take me” I add.

My nervous fingers find the back of Jess’ sundress and find the zipper. Without hesitation I slowly unzip her dress. Jess moans as back becomes exposed. I run my hand from her tailbone to her neck and she sighs again. Unobstructed by clothing, her skin is silky smooth and wonderful to touch. My fingers are entwined in her soft blond hair as Jess tilts her head back.

Jess is more aroused now, and more brazen. She kisses chest and slides my left spaghetti strap down to my elbow. I gasp return the favor, sliding the left strap of her sundress down to her elbow. She abruptly sits up and looking lovingly into my eyes, pulls her sundress over her head and onto the floor. Her white lace panties are all that remain.

Both kneeling, facing each other, I immediately lean forward to cup her pert breasts. We kiss again, more passionately this time. We’re in another world. Nothing else matters except giving and taking each other’s unbridled passion. Our mouths are one, tasting, sucking, sharing. I love her taste. My panties are moist. I want more. I need more.

Still kneeling, Jess breaks away and lowers the other strap to my dress, then lifts it up and over my head in one effortless swoop. I unhook my bra, slip it off, and discard it on the floor. My breasts are also now fully exposed. Jess gazes at me and we kiss, our breasts touching, lightly rubbing against each other. I feel her erect nipples against my breasts; such a turn on. My panties are damp and I begin to smell that familiar muskiness, the scent of sex, my sex.

Jess pulls away and lays me on my back. Her fingers trace an outline from my face to my neck, then snake between my breasts, stopping at the waistband of my panties. She bends over to lightly kiss my stomach. Her breath is warm and her lips are soft. Her kisses are gentle, soothing, and arousing. I’m breathing heavier and my nipples are fully erect. My fingers tremble, not from nerves or from cold, but from the passion that’s building within. Her lips leave my stomach, only temporarily I hope, as her fingers slip underneath my waistband. Slowly but effortlessly, Jess removes my panties. I lift my hips slightly to accommodate her and moments later, they’re removed and I’m completely exposed. Jess looks adoringly at me as she brings my panties up to her face. She closes her eyes and inhales for a brief moment before discarding them to the floor. The floor is covered in a small pile of undergarments, a sexy sight to behold.

Jess slowly removes her panties, her eyes never leaving mine. She is cleanly shaven. She is beautiful. I lift my knees and spread my legs slightly. It’s an invitation. She accepts and begins kissing my left knee, then my right before her tongue slowly snakes its way along the top of my thigh. Jess gently kisses and licks her way toward my middle and I close my eyes and feel her warm breath on my pubes. A drop of wetness trickles from between my legs onto the bed sheet. She’s in complete control. I’m completely submissive to her.

I’m taken by surprise, expecting her tongue to land between my legs but instead, she kisses upward toward my breasts, leaving a trail of glistening saliva behind. Jess’ journey to my breasts is unbelievable sexy and I run my fingers through her silky hair as her warm, wet mouth engulfs my right breast. I shiver and sigh. Her warm wet mouth feels incredible. When the tip of her tongue finds my nipple, I moan.

“Oh my God, that feels so good” I mutter.

Jess’ soft tongue flicks around my areola and nipple. She tweaks my left nipple with her thumb and forefinger while she sucks my right nipple. I continue gasping and sighing, breathing heavier as I bury my head into her hair. My juices are oozing between my legs. Jess spends a long time making love to my breasts. She’s in no rush. Every caress, touch, and kiss is unhurried, thoughtful, well orchestrated and deliberate.

Her right hand leaves my breast and begins a slow descent along the length of my torso. I know where it’s going and I open my legs in anticipation. Her fingers glide along my stomach and she lightly caresses my pubes with her fingernails. I squirm and throw my head back, eyes closed tightly as her fingers find my thigh, my left thigh. I squirm more, unable to keep still.

My mouth is partially open when her finger enters me. My loud moans are muted as she covers my mouth with hers. We moan in unison as our tongues dance in and around our mouths. Our lips are locked tightly as we moan in each other’s mouths.

Two fingers enter me and I disrupt our kiss, moaning uncontrollably against her neck. Her mouth finds my right earlobe. She licks and gently sucks it.

“Let me make you come.” she whispers.

Three fingers are now inside of me now, twisting and sliding slowly and deeply in and out as the palm of her hand rubs hard against my clit.

I cry out “I’m coming, I’m coming”.

“Yes, come honey, come for me, come for me honey” Jess answers.

A single wave of pleasure rips through me. I feel my body trembling. Then another wave, and another, and another. The waves keep coming. She keeps her fingers inside and her hand pressed against me until my orgasm begins to subside. I am in ecstasy.

When I begin to calm she removes her moist fingers and delivers them to her lips. She sucks each finger, one by one, tasting me, savoring my zest. How sexy. She caresses my face with her soft fingers and plants gentle kisses on my forehead, nose, and finally my lips. Gentle pecks, nothing more. I hold her face in my hands.

“That was incredible” I say.

“I enjoyed it too,” Jess replies. “I could feel you tighten around my fingers when you came,” she adds.

Oh my God, she got me hot. I sigh and we kiss, deeply, passionately, lovingly. I want so much to please her too. I hear and feel her soft moans in my mouth as her passion builds. We kiss for a while, a long while. There’s no rush. It feels good.

Chris has been patient long enough. His erection bulges through his white underwear and he excitedly climbs onto the bed, naked now, and hard. He sneaks behind me and places his hands on my hips while kissing the back of my neck. Jess kisses my forehead and places her hands on Chris’ back.

I roll over and Chris and I embrace in a passionate kiss. He caresses my breasts while his tongue explores my mouth. Jess begins to kiss my neck before making her journey to my chest. Sucking my left breast she reaches out with her right hand to caress Chris’ shaft. I glance at Chris’ cock for the first time and watch as Jess uses her fingers to circle his mushroom head before sliding them to caress his balls.

Chris lay back as Jess slides her way around to the other side of the bed and her descent, kissing her way down Chris’ torso. Chris gently pushed my head downward toward his stomach; I know what he wants. I instinctively follow Jess’ lead, cloning her every movement. I’m just inches from Jess and pause when for a moment, shaking with anticipation when Jess looks deeply into my eyes. Without saying a word she gently pushes Chris’ shaft back with her thumb, closes her eyes, and softly runs her tongue along the length of his shaft. Chris sighs with approval as Jess licks his head before sliding her tongue down his shaft. She repeats her movement in reverse, her tongue ending at the tip of Chris’ cock. She circles his head with her tongue and lips before offering him to me. A thin web of saliva attaches itself to Jess’ tongue and Chris’ swollen head.

“Come taste him,” she says.

I close my eyes, moisten my lips, and take him deep into my mouth. Chris moans loudly as he wasn’t expecting me to swallow nearly his entire cock so quickly. His cock is delicious. I go down a again, but this time I move my head down very, very slowly, stopping when I reach the point where I can’t take any more of him into my mouth.

“Oh God this feels so good” he whispers.

I’m softly licking his shaft in slow up and down motions swirling my tongue around his swollen head in between licks. I again wrapped my warm lips around Chris’ cock while Jess caresses his balls. He tasted so good. I alternate back and forth between slow sucks and soft tongue swirls. I feel Chris begin to pulsate and reluctantly release him and offer him back to Jess who takes him into her mouth. Together we bathe his cock with our mouths and tongues.

Jess and I suck and lick him, slowly, agonizingly slowly, prolonging his pleasure. We kissed deeply when our tongues and lips touch, keeping Chris’ shaft planted between our mouths. I taste Chris on her breath, and his scent arouses me even more.

As we draw our attention back to Chris’s shaft, Jess slips her thumb behind Chris’ shaft and gently pushed at the base, lifting him upright for us to share, and begin licking him in unison. Chris’ shaft is glistening with saliva from our wet tongues and lips. This is so incredibly sexy!

I look up at Chris momentarily to find him looking down at us, obviously enjoying the view. I turn my head back and engulf his cock with my mouth. Jess licks the base of Chris’s shaft while stroking him in and out of my mouth, and I can feel Chris’ shaft begin to throb again.

Chris shouts “I’m going to come, I’m coming, I’m coming”.

He releases his warm semen into my mouth. I continue sucking him and feel the first a gush of semen hit the roof of my mouth. I release Chris and watch as more cum dribbles down his shaft. I swallow Chris’s cum while Jess puts her mouth around Chris’ head so he can finish in her mouth.

I look up at Chris to see the passion in his face following his release when Jess unexpectedly pushes me on my back. She squirms on top of me and we kiss. Jess begins sucking my tongue; how incredibly sexy before moving to my left and begins kissing my neck, working her way down to my breasts again. I anticipate her licking my nipples but she surprises me again and keeps moving downward. I know where she’s going and want her there. I gently push her head downward, gesturing approval, it’s what she wants, it’s what we both want.

Chris sits up on the bed to watch as Jess’ tongue and mouth finds my pubes. She envelops my hips with her arms and gently, but intensely sucks a small area just above my triangle, leaving a red ‘hickey’. He tongue travels lower, finding the region between my pelvis and thighs, and she gently licks and kisses that sensitive zone. My hands reach for my chest and I squeeze and tweak both breasts and nipples as she her tongue works its magic between my legs. More gently kisses on my inner thighs. I spread my legs wider. I’m beyond foreplay. I want her tongue in me now. She senses my urgency but ignores it. She’s intent on building my desire slowly, at her pace. It’s killing me, but also working as my hunger builds.

I suddenly feel Jess’ warm breath hover over my pussy. I’m aching, wanting, craving. Her hands cover my neatly trimmed triangle as I feel her thumbs parting my outer lips. Looking down, I see her passionately gazing between my legs as my musky aroma fills her senses. She’s savoring, relishing, anticipating. I lay my head back and close my eyes waiting for to feel the lips of another woman on my sex for the first time. That first lick, oh that glorious first lick and the pleasure I know it will bring. She pauses; there’s no need to rush, and her hesitancy intensifies my desire. I lift my head again to stare down at her. Is she vacillating? Is she wavering? Just as I open my eyes I feel the tip of her tongue lightly touch me. Her eyes meet mine and I feel a fire build in my loins. The pleasure overwhelms me and I lower my head and eyes tightly, knowing that more pleasure is just moments away.

Jess flattens her tongue. Starting low, very low, she licks upward, slowly, painfully slowly until her tongue finds my swollen clit. Her tongue swirls around several times. My body tenses and I massage my breasts. She wraps her soft lips wrap around my bud and gently sucks. She’s barely touching me and I’m going to come again. I’m tweaking my sensitive nipples, making them more erect.

She licks the full length of my sex, up and down, over and over, pausing after each lick to swirl her tongue around my bud. I’m shuddering uncontrollably, feeling my orgasm build. I’m getting really close. I hear slurping sounds and feel her lips trap my bud again. She gently sucks and licks me there, circling and circling me. The combination of tongue swirls and sucking puts me over the edge and I lower hands to push face harder against me.

“Oh God, I’m going to come,” I yell. “Oh God, oh God, I’m so close”.

She moans. She licks. She sucks. I’m only seconds away and when she inserts her fingers into me, I explode. A crescendo of intense pleasure surges through me. Her mouth engulfs me. She’s moaning loudly. I’m moaning even loader as my climax peaks. My legs stiffen and my body shudders; the pleasure is intense.

Slowly my world comes back into focus. I feel a tingling sensation in my loins as my heart rate returns to return to normal. Meanwhile her tongue enters me, savoring my essence as the final waves diminish. Her tongue and mouth feel so good. She’s kissing and licking, gentle pecks and soft licks. I don’t want her to stop and she’s in no rush to stop; she’s treasuring the moment as much as I.

I’m unbelievably relaxed when she finally lifts her head, our eyes meet and I see her mouth and chin are glistening from my wetness. I caress her soft cheek and gently pull her toward me. She needs no more invitation and begins to kiss her way up my body. Pausing to give my breasts one final lick, she begins kissing my neck, chin, and cheek before our lips meet. Our kiss is heavenly and I become aroused when I smell and taste my sex on her breath.

Our tongues swirl in and out of each other’s mouths and our lips are locked as I turn gently her onto her back. I begin kissing her neck, working my way down to her breasts. My mouth finds her right breast, so firm and pert, and I lick her nipple while I caress her left breast. Her nipple becomes responds to my touch by becoming more erect. My attention is drawn to her other breast, and I alternate between them, licking and sucking them.

Jess is lying back with her eyes closed, sighing and breathing more heavily when I place my left thigh between her legs. I immediately feel her wetness through her panties and feel a warm tingle flow through my body. My arousal is building more rapidly and I’m eager to please her, but also anxious since I’ve never tasted another woman before. Will I please her? Will I do it correctly? Will I enjoy it? My head is spinning with these thoughts while I muster the courage to forge ahead.