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Hopes For Pure Heaven… Ch. 02

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Hopes For Pure Heaven Turn To Hell Ch. 02

“You can’t do this to me!!!” Monica shouts as she is being put into the cruiser. “I will be damned if it will end this way. I told you if it were the last thing I do, I WOULD have all that you have and more. You wait and see!!” Kim and Darnell stand in the doorway watching Monica make a complete fool out of herself. Getting so loud she even drew the neighbors out from across the street. As the cruiser pulls out of sight Kim drops to her knees crying like a little baby.

“Baby girl, it’s over.” Darnell whispers. “She can’t bother us any more tonight.” Gently taking a hold on the tops of Kim’s arms. Darnell helps Kim to stand up. Turning her to face him. Taking her into his arms, Kim wraps her arms around Darnell’s neck. Hugging onto him resting her head on his chest.

“Is it really over Darnell?” Kim asks softly in a whimper. “Or is this just a quiet laps in time until she can get out and try this all over again?”

“Honey, it’s over.” Darnell replies. “Monica isn’t coming back, I am going to the precinct tomorrow to press charges against her. If I have my way she won’t see the light of day as a free woman for a good long time.”

“I can’t believe that for all these years that little nasty slut was my best friend and I never knew she could be this way. I never thought she would ever do this to me. Baby I really want to go with you tomorrow. I just don’t want to be here alone.”

“Come on baby girl, it’s late and your tired. You have definitely been through enough. Lets go to bed.” Locking up the house, Darnell sets the alarm.

Darnell picks Kim up. Carrying her all the way up the stairs to their room. Gently Darnell lays Kim down on the bed. Covering her as she snuggles into her pillow. Darnell lights the candles on the side of the bed before turning off the light (Darnell loves to watch Kim fall asleep in the soft glow of candle light). Gently he slides into bed. Kim was already on her side facing him. Darnell, knowing she’s not completely asleep yet lifts his left arm. Kim moves in closer to him, and rests her head on his chest. Gently running her fingertips over his chest. Listening to his heartbeat she moans softly. Wrapping his left arm around her he holds her close.

“I love you my baby girl.” Darnell whispers. “I promise you everything is going to be alright. Go to sleep my sweet angel.” Kissing Kim softly on her forehead stroking the back of her hair gently, Kim moans softly one last time as her hand wraps around his side. She slowly drifts off to sleep.

It’s now 2am, Kim’s cell phone rings. Darnell, trying to not allow the phone to awaken Kim quickly yet quietly Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort answers it. Only to find that it’s someone whom he just doesn’t feel like dealing with tonight.

“What do you want?” Darnell asks.

“Darnell, this is Danny, Have you and Kim by any chance seen Monica tonight? She hasn’t come home yet.”

“First of all you jackass it’s 2 am. You damn near woke Kim up. And secondly yes I have seen her tonight. Your nasty little piece of cheap trailer trash is sitting behind bars.”

“Behind Bars? Why? What the heck’s going on?”

“Gee where to start.” Darnell replies with a devious chuckle. “First of all your nasty little tramp has been doing nothing but harassing Kim for the last 2 days. Then she had the balls to come up here to our mountain home and break in. Stealing from me never the less. Not to mention stalking me. I’m sorry to have to be telling you this stuff. The fact of the matter is this, Monica has it in her head that she wants to and will take me away from Kim. She is having some seriously insane delusions. Man, you need to get away from that girl she is pure trouble.

“Well maybe I should let her sit there then huh? Maybe she will learn a lesson if I don’t go bailing her ass out.”

“If I were you, which I am not, I would let her sit there just as long as she can be held there. To be completely honest with you tomorrow I am going to the precinct to press charges against her. It’s like I told Kim, if I have my way she won’t be seeing the light of Day as a free woman for a good long time. I won’t let a nasty piece of shit like her ever upset my baby girl again. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she calls you and feeds you some sob story.”

“Thank you Darnell, thank you for enlightening me as to what’s truly going on. Please apologize to Kim for me. Monica had no right to do what she’s done.”

“You are welcome and yes I will surely tell her in the morning after she wakes up. Good night.” Darnell hangs up the phone. Kim moans softly as she nestles deeper into Darnell’s chest.

“SSShhhh!!! I’m sorry baby girl.” Darnell whispers. “Go back to sleep.”

“Darnell, who was that on the phone?” Kim asks softly.

“That was Danny baby. He’s looking for Monica.”

“I sure hope you told him where she is.”

“Oh I did don’t you worry. Now go back to sleep.” Darnell replies kissing Kim on the top of her head. Darnell watches Kim drift back off to sleep, blowing out the candles Darnell drifts off to sleep as well.

Forty-five minutes later, the cell phone rings yet again. Darnell now getting a little upset answers the phone rather harshly. Upon doing so he realizes that it’s their friend Mike. (Mike is now the officer on duty for the rest of the night).

“Darnell, it’s Mike, I am so sorry to bother you two at this time of night but I was just reading up on the little trouble we seem to have here in our precinct. Are either you or Kim intending to press charges on this woman?”

“Oh you bet ya. After what she did to Kim, I wouldn’t give that piece of shit the time of day, never mind the freedom to walk free. I will be down in the morning. I would have come down immediately after, but I had a little someone here that really needed me.”

“I hear ya man. I know what it’s like when my wife gets like that. How is Kim?”

“Oh she’s ok. This entire thing has really taken a tole on her, but she’s ok. She’s finally asleep. In my arms of course.”

“Well of course. Isn’t that every woman’s favorite spot to sleep? I bet even though she’s asleep she’s holding onto you for dear life isn’t she?” Mike asks with a slight chuckle.

“Yeah as a matter a fact she is. If she holds me any tighter I won’t be able to breathe, but I don’t mind just as long as she’s comfortable.” Suddenly Kim’s hand moves sliding down onto Darnell’s mass.

“AAAAHHH!!! Darnell let’s out in a sudden shriek.” Hey Mike, I really need to let you go. I will be down in the morning to take care of that little problem.”

“What’s the matter Darnell?” Mike asks. “Is Kim awake?”

“Yes how did you know?”

“Oh trust me man I know.” They say their farewells and Darnell hangs up the phone.

“You my little girl are supposed to be sleeping.”

“Yes I know.” Kim replies softly. “I just couldn’t help it. I love to listen to you. When your talking in your soft voice whether I am asleep or not it starts my juices flowing. Now you have made me horny. Baby, how am I supposed to go back to sleep all horny like this?” Wrapping her fingers around Darnell’s now hardening mass she begins to stroke him gently. Darnell moans softly.

“Well usually closing your eyes is a good way to start.” Darnell whispers in with a devious soft laugh.

“Oh my sexy man is being so funny isn’t he?” Kim replies. “Guess what baby, that’s not what I have in mind right now. Please baby, make love to me and help me get back to sleep.”

“OHHH is that what you have in mind?” Darnell asks in his devious tone. “Well I think I can help you out with that”

“Darnell, it’s not a matter of thinking you can.” Kim replies softly in her sexy little voice. I know you can and you WILL!!!” slowly moving herself up on top of him. “Now look at me!!” Taking his now hard, throbbing rigid monster into her hand she slowly slides her dripping wet pussy down his shaft one inch at a time. Darnell moans a little louder as his back arches. Locking her fingers onto his shoulders, their eyes locked onto one another. Kim slowly begins to rock back and forth on Darnell’s cock. Pushing him deeper inside her. “This is what I want baby.” Kim whispers. Winking at Darnell.

“If this is what you want, then TAKE ME!” Darnell replies. Kim could see the sparkle in his eyes. Darnell could feel Kim’s pussy growing now even wetter. Slowly Kim begins to grind her hips into him. She doesn’t want a night of wild hot sex; she wants a night of slow wonderful love. She just wants to feel every inch of him inside her. Darnell pulls Kim down to him. Her chest now pressed into his. He kisses her softly, her lips part accepting his wanting tongue. Slowly her pace begins to pick up. Darnell wraps his arms around Kim rolling them over. Kim now on her back wraps her legs around the small of Darnell’s back.

“Let me do this baby.” Darnell whispers. Darnell lowers his upper body down to her. Kim begins to suck on the length of Darnell’s shoulder, slowly sliding her fingers into his hair. Darnell’s thrusts still slow and steady. Their kiss now deepening, their tongues doing that forsaken dance as their passions ignite taking total control of them. Darnell can feel Kim’s muscles inside her pussy beginning to pulsate tightening and releasing slowly around his cock. Their breathing deepening becoming shallow and rapid as well. Darnell’s pace slowly begins to pick up. Kim begins to moan now a little louder as she could feel her orgasm growing in the pit of her stomach. Her muscles now beginning to clamp down around Darnell’s cock. Her legs tighten around his back. Darnell watches the expressions on Kim’s face changing. The look of love and desire is so strong in her eyes it completely over takes Darnell. Their moans turn to screams. With one last deep thrust Darnell and Kim bring each other to the ultimate edge. Wrapping his arms tightly around Kim, Darnell sits up onto the backs of his feet, bringing Kim up with him. Locking her hands around his neck, they crash into wave after wave of powerful orgasms together. Holding tightly around Darnell’s neck, Kim rests her head onto his shoulder. Her body trembling as she begins to come back down from the high that he has brought her to.

“I love you baby.” Kim whispers softly in his ear.

“I love you too baby girl.” Darnell replies. “Now you and I need to get some sleep so we can go to the precinct in the morning.” Laying Kim back down onto her back, Darnell slowly moves off of her lying on the side of her. Kim moves back into him again resting her head onto his chest. Darnell kisses Kim one last time as they drift off to sleep.

To be continued…