Mart 30, 2024

I Fucked the Law

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I was on my way home from Mother’s Day Weekend with my parents. Basically two days of them asking me when I am going to find a woman, get settled down and give them grandchildren. Truth is: I’ve never been with a woman or even a man for that matter.

I was not exactly excited to go to my empty house, with my game systems and my computer-I swear that porn I was watching before I left is still going. And get back to my boring office job where none of the women give me a second look.

I was in my car listening to my favorite playlist. My music was low, my seatbelt was on and my speed was below the limit… so, it surprised me to see blue and red lights flashing behind me.

It had to be a mistake! I had never been stopped before in my life. I mean, I was going the speed limit, my music was low, my seatbelt was on and I was like, the only car on the road!

Whatever. I pulled over to the shoulder and squad car followed. I turned off the ignition, lowered my music and waited for the sworn officer to appear.

I heard his door shut and his silhouette became bigger as he approached my car. I started to tense up. He made to the driver’s side and my window was already down so he began to ask:

“Do Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort you know just how fast you were going?”

“Yes, under the speed limit,” I replied with an attitude.

“Yeah you’re right. You weren’t speeding,” he admitted.

“Then what did you pull me over for?” I asked, trying to get the situation over with as soon as possible.

“Now I got something for the little attitude of yours!” he threatened.

I was mortified, but I never expected what would happen next.

Eight? Seven? Nine? He released a ten inch dick that was trapped in his uniform. It almost hit me in the face but it did drop down in my car’s door handle. It was flaccid.

I had never seen another man’s penis before. It was impressive, breathtaking to say the least. Then it hit me. No, not the dick. I was “curious.” I always wondered what it would be like to be the women in porn. Simultaneously looking a man in his face while he’s in my mouth, tasting the precum that leaks out, and smiling when it’s all done and semen is all over my face. I didn’t know if i would ever get this chance again.

He teased, “Touch it.” He must have saw the way I looked at it. He must have saw the way I envied it. But most of all, he must have saw the way I wanted it. In. My. Mouth.

I… put… my hand on it! He let out a loud moan. It was heavy, but also it was soft. Yes, the dick this time. I released my grip on it. It dropped down to it’s original position.

“Don’t be scared. Come on! I’ll show you just why I stopped you.”

Like a gentleman, he opened the door for me. He even shut it when I got out. As we walked to the back of his SUV, he bumped into the back of me. Mind you, his dick was still out, and i felt it on my ass. All ten inches. Nine? Whatever it was big and it felt good.

My music was actually still going and it was audible. I forgot to turn it off in all of the excitement. Next thing you know, I felt his hips gyrating. Was he humping me? I thought it would be a little awkward at first but… I started grinding on him. He must’ve liked it because he was getting harder back there. And I felt it. He grabbed me and held me as we danced on the shoulder of the road.

I had never been to any club either. For the first time in my life I felt outgoing. Being molested by a cop was the key, I guess. I say “molested,” but he gave me a chance to be myself, who I really was, for once.

The was going off. And we had cha cha’d all the way to his bumper. As his dick pulled out from my bumper. He opened trunk door and started to get undressed. Was this going to be my first time? I was so excited, I started to get undressed too.

“Eager aren’t you?” he was laughing, but this something I’ve wanted for such a long time, to lose my virginity.

He spread himself in the trunk. Funny, the inside of trunk was kind of empty. No equipment, no separating bulletproof window. He patted down at the area he left open and said “Come. Knees here. I know what you want. Baby”

I got up into the trunk. I kneeled down. And faced his dick again. I started to go for it but he stopped me and pulled something from the front. It was a woman’s wig. “Please, put this on for me,” he requested pleasantly.

I put the wig on and I didn’t feel silly.

Then, I finally put my mouth on it. The ten incher. It felt so good. I felt it on my tongue. I went further, I felt it my mouth. I took it even further, I felt it my throat. And I looked at him, I saw the joy all over his face. I was smiling too. Well, he was kind of big so I was smiling on the inside.

It was so exhilarating! This was the most fun I’ve had in my entire life! I wanted this moment to last forever!