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My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 08

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Hi, Lucy here. Just as I thought my story was over I’m now as confused as ever. I am still dating Denise and like her very much, but I don’t get to see her nearly as often, she won’t admit our relationship to her parents, and there is this new girl as well. Not to mention there is still a great deal of sexual tension between my mother and I, and Denise and I have had serious talks about everything. So far this is turning out to be an interesting (terrifying) summer.

Denise has a job over the summer (I won’t say where), and my mom wanted me to get one as well. So I checked around a little, but then my mom hooked me up as a receptionist for a chiropractor. The job isn’t bad and I only work like two days a week as I share duties with someone else. It isn’t really about the money (my mom is loaded), but about responsibility she says. Anyway the job is sort of fun and I get to talk to and meet all sorts of people.

So anyway I ran into an old friend from high school at the chiropractor and he told me that his younger sister is planning on going to the same university that I do, and she wanted to talk to me about it sometime. I was like sure and he gave me her number. Now I knew this girl, because both he and she were in all the plays in high school together and I remembered her being very pretty, and graceful, and she had this amazing voice too. So I was excited about seeing her. I called her and asked her if she wanted to go meet at a dairy queen and talk and she did.

Now I’m not saying it was a date, because at the time I didn’t think of it that way, but afterwards I kept thinking about her all night, and that some what bothered me. Her name is Jessica. She has beautiful naturally curly brunette hair (I would die for her curls), and a great body, and just the cutest face. She definitely has smaller boobs than I do (mine are 34DD), but maybe only by a cup size. She had on a low cut shirt and wow I could not stop looking at them and her legs are runner’s legs (I think she’s really into dance or something). Anyway I sat in bed that night and actually masturbated thinking about her.

The next day I felt bad and I called Denise and told her all about it (not the masturbating). She didn’t seem upset at all, but it made me feel better. We made plans for her to come and see me, since she wasn’t sure she wanted me to come there yet. I was ok with that, but it is going to bother me if we can never be honest with her parents.

Later that day, I told my mom about Jessica, and she asked me if I liked her. I told her I was attracted to her, but that I wasn’t about to cheat on Denise, plus the odds weren’t very good that Jessica was even a lesbian, so it didn’t matter anyway.

So as the week went on I ended up calling Jessica and asking if she wanted to go shopping with me. I felt stupid. On my end I felt like I was asking her out on a date, and she seemed really excited that I called so it made me feel even more excited about seeing her. We had the most fun that day and after hours of shopping and sitting around eating and talking she told me she was so happy that she told her brother to give me her number. That was nice to hear, because I had wondered if it was actually her idea. She started really opening up to me and telling me how she always wished she had been like me in high school, the popular girl, athlete, and cheerleader. I told her I always watched her in all the plays and wished I was more like her.

We laughed about that and then there was this moment. I think it was totally me, but we just looked at each other for the longest time smiling and I swear she looked a little embarrassed, and that made me think maybe, just maybe there was a connection. So of course I had to open my mouth and tell her how beautiful she is. She smiled and said I was too and then there was this huge awkward silence and neither of us knew what to say next. Later when I dropped her off at her house I asked her if she ever wanted to come over and swim she could, and also that I’d love to go out with her again. That’s just how I said it to, like it was a date and she smiled and said she’d love to. Now I was really confused, and as I drove home I was also a little upset with myself. Was I cheating on Denise? I certainly hadn’t been a romantic date or anything, but I definitely was strongly Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort attracted to Jessica. She is so pretty, and so funny and animated. She just makes me very happy.

I told my mom all about my day when I got home and she again asked me what my plans were with Jessica. I blew her off at first and then I asked her if it was wrong what I was doing. She of course told me no, but this was the woman I had been having a secret sexual relationship with the entire time I had been dating Denise (although at that point it had been two months since we had made love).

Denise came over that weekend and we made love all the time. The most exciting thing that happened that weekend was when Denise and I started making out and I saw my mom watching us from the balcony above our living room. I sucked Denise’s breasts as my mom watched us, and it didn’t bother me at all that my mom was seeing her naked. I then sat on Denise’s lap with my legs spread around her as she sucked my nipples, and the entire time I looked up at my mom. My mom was grabbing her own breasts and even pulled one out of her shirt and licked her own nipple. Then I had a crazy idea and asked Denise if she wished my boobs were as big as my moms. She said she thought my boobs were perfect, but I told her I loved enormous breasts and I started sucking hers again. I told her I wished my boobs were as big as my moms so she could know how wonderful it was to suck and play with enormous breasts.

I’m not sure why I was saying all this. I was totally horny for one thing, but part of me was trying to get her to understand why I was so attracted to my own mother so that if I ever did admit what happened to her she would understand. She said she was glad I liked her boobs, but I was wanting more than that from her. I asked her if she thought my mom had great boobs. I was happy when she said yes. The way she said it was exciting, because she really sounded like it made her horny that I asked her that. I looked up at my mom who had her nipple in her mouth and her hand down the front of her shorts.

I told her that I thought my mom had a bit of a crush on her. Denise acted like she didn’t believe it at first, but then she commented that my mom flirted with her a lot. I was just getting ready to go down on her and I asked her if we weren’t dating, would she date someone as old as my mom? I must have been so horny my head wasn’t on straight, but Denise must have been also, because she said she would.

I started licking her clit like crazy at first and then slowly and gently pulling her lips apart and tonguing her pussy a little. I asked her if she thought my mom was beautiful and she told me, “Your mom is so hot.” I asked her if she wanted my mom to do this to her, and she orgasmed before she could answer.

It must have been a wonderful orgasm, because she definitely couldn’t control her volume and she grabbed my head and locked it in place so that I couldn’t move and she squirmed like crazy under my still dangerous tongue. She yanked me back by my hair, and stared at me like a wild woman. She had these questioning eyes, this weird puzzled look on her face and I was still so horny I didn’t even care why. I attacked her breasts again, and I know I asked her if she wanted to suck my mom’s huge tits. She again said yes, but her voice seemed so different. It was as if she had surrendered and would agree to anything I said. I asked her to suck her own nipple and to pretend like it was my mom’s and she did it. She really did it. She sucked and squeezed her huge breasts over and over again with this mesmerized look.

I glanced up at my mom again and she was still touching herself and she looked like her hand was going a hundred miles per hour. I sat back on the coffee table and asked Denise to please me, and did she ever. She had never been so good with her tongue and after I came I asked her to finger me and she blew my mind. As hard as she was giving it to me I wanted more and soon she had four fingers up my pussy and was jamming them in so hard. I told her I wanted more and she slipped her thumb inside. Holy shit I thought I would tare apart. It was this unbelievable feeling. I was scared and horny and completely satisfied all at the same time. The more she worked me the wetter I got and soon she was getting her hand in almost to her wrist. I was making unreal noises and I just kept looking up at my mother who had already climaxed and was now just fondling herself as she watched me lose control.

Several times Denise said something about waking my mom, and I just kept saying stuff like “don’t worry,” or “she won’t come down,” but finally I said, “You’d like it if she’d join us wouldn’t you?”

When I said that, she pulled her hand out of my pussy. I grabbed her hand and licked at my own cum. I was so horny right then that I would have done anything next and I was seriously considering telling Denise about my mom and me. I didn’t even care at the time if my mom came down the stairs and had sex with Denise right in front of me. I had never felt like that before.

Then I suddenly realized what was happening. Denise was looking at me strangely. She wasn’t horny anymore and this weird fantasy had crossed the line. She was smiling, but I could tell it wasn’t real. I thanked her for pleasing me and then we kissed and after that she seemed to be better. We got dressed and went up to my room and got ready for bed. Denise decided to shower and when she did I went to my mom’s bedroom. When I walked in she kissed me. She didn’t give me a second to think. She just kissed me. It had been a long time since I had been with my mom and right then I suddenly had the urge, but I also knew I was trying to end my relationship with her so I ended the kiss.

She seemed disappointed and I told her I just needed to talk. She asked me if I wanted her to try to seduce Denise, and I was shocked and suddenly not at all interested. It was weird how Denise and I had just talked about doing something with her, but then I had this horrible feeling about everything that had just happened, and I so didn’t want Denise to do anything with my mom. Wow was I messed up. It was like when I became horny I would say things that I really didn’t want to happen, but I just couldn’t control myself.

I told her I wasn’t willing to share Denise and she wondered why I had done all that down in the living room. I told her it was my weird way of trying to get Denise to understand why I would have a sex with her. My mom seemed to understand, but she told me I would be smart to keep it a secret from Denise. I told her I wasn’t sure I could, but I just was afraid she’d leave me.

My mom agreed that she might, and then we heard the shower turn off and I ran back to my room.

When Denise and I were in bed I asked her what she had thought about everything we had said down stairs. She said she had enjoyed the fantasy, but was surprised when I had mentioned doing a three-some with my mom. I wasn’t sure what to say so I just smiled at her for a while and looked around the room and then I just said something like, “I guess you get me so wild I would do anything for you.”

She was suddenly very serious and she admitted that she had had fantasies about my mom ever since my mom had taken the two of us out to dinner. She apologized to me, but I told her it was fine and that I thought my mom was a very attractive woman and that I totally understood. Then she blew my mind. She told me that her and my mom had kissed. I was sick. I couldn’t believe it. She told me it had happened back in January on the weekend she had spent the night after winter break. I couldn’t believe my mom hadn’t told me. She said that my mom had been sitting very close and had been rubbing her leg as they talked and then suggested that Anna and I were probably getting to know one another in the other room (which was exactly right, but not at all how she meant it), and then my mom kissed her.

Then she admitted that she had kissed my mom back and that it had been pretty passionate for a while before Denise ended it and begged for my mom not to ever tell me. So now I knew why she hadn’t, but I didn’t understand why?

I was stunned and Denise was crying and I was just lost for words. Part of me was thinking, maybe this is a good thing, but I was so pissed at my mom, I didn’t want to think that right now.

She asked if I could forgive her, and of course I said yes, and then she asked if I was mad. I’m not sure why I didn’t just say, “yes.” Instead I said, “Do you want to have sex with my mom?”

Denise looked away from me and I knew she did. I quickly told her that I understood, but I wasn’t sure I did. I don’t even know what the hell I was thinking right then. Part of me just wanted to say, “You might as well, I have.” This was just horrible and yet that small part of me was thinking how can I make this work for me?

I told her we should just go to sleep and talk in the morning, and she agreed. We cuddled in bed and didn’t say another word until morning. I almost said, “I love you,” but I wasn’t sure if I did just then. Things had changed and I was scared.

When I woke up the next morning I seemed really at peace. Denise was cuddled up next to me and I felt her breasts against my arm. It got me excited, and I loved how easily she does that to me. I started thinking about everything and it didn’t seem as big a deal right then. So my mom and Denise had kissed. I had been cheating on Denise with my mom like forever, so what was one kiss. I certainly couldn’t blame my mom or Denise for what had happened. My mom was probably just as confused as I was, and I know Denise was probably really messed up.

When Denise woke up I greeted her with a smile and a kiss. I told her that I wasn’t mad and that it sort of turned me on that she had the hots for my mom. We talked for the longest time and we started having sex again. A while into it I mentioned to her that I bet she’d like it if my mom walked in and caught us. I hadn’t mentioned her yet, but as soon as I did I noticed Denise get energized again just like the night before. I could tell she totally wanted my mom bad. Strangely it didn’t seem to bother me this time, maybe because I realized I did too. I started talking dirty to her asking her questions about what she’d like to do to my mom and she was getting so horny and very honest.

We had amazing sex, and when we were all done we were so sweaty and exhausted. We had used the double dildo and let me tell you that can be an aerobic workout. She pounded me so hard and me her, and afterwards she had fingered me again with so much of her hand I thought she was going to split me open. Holy shit it was great sex. As she did it I kept asking her if she wanted to do this to my mom and she would just go crazy when I’d say stuff and I swear she almost had her whole hand up inside me.

We slept for an hour or more afterwards and then this time I woke up to her smile. We kissed so nice and I told her I loved her. Then I asked her if she really wanted to be with my mom. She just acted surprised, but when I told her that I was really ok with it she told me she was afraid what it would do to us. I agreed that it was scary and then I so badly wanted to tell her about my mom and me, but again I chickened out.

That day was fun, but weird. Denise and I kept making faces at one another when my mom was around. That night we had more great sex fantasizing about her with my mom. This time I asked her if she’d like both of us to please her at the same time. She got that crazed look again and said she’d love it and she kept asking “You’d really do that?” I kept saying I’d do anything to please her, and then it happened. Denise said she’d love to watch me suck my mom’s breasts. I was sucking hers at the time and I said I would. She seemed so shocked and excited that she grabbed me and started kissing me. It was the hottest kiss I think we’ve ever had. We rubbed our clits together and kissed for the longest time and as I rubbed on her she kept saying over and over again how much she wanted to watch me suck my mom’s huge tits.

It was crazy. I had the feeling Denise was serious. I think she really wanted us to do a three-some. I was happy because I would be able to admit my relationship with my mother, hell even continue the relationship with my mother, but I also knew that this would change both relationships I had. Talk about confusing.

We didn’t do anything with my mom that weekend. I’m still in this state of confusion. I didn’t tell my mom anything else that happened between us and I didn’t tell her I knew about the kiss. Plus that week I went on another “date” with Jessica and didn’t tell my mom or Denise. Still nothing happened and I’m wondering if anything ever will, but we are becoming fast friends and I am loving our time together. I don’t think I’m going to see Denise for two more weeks. Not sure what I’ll do about everything, but I’ll let you all know I’m sure.

Thanks for reading,