Haziran 20, 2023

Just a friendly chat. A very HOT, friendly chat

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Just a friendly chat. A very HOT, friendly chatWith his permission, http://xhamster.com/user/sevrynxxx and I have decided to share this little chat we had with everyone. I hope you all enjoy. We certainly did:)sevrynxxx -*licks Michelle on the back of her neck*MichelleRoxx *Sighing slightly, closing my eyes…*sevrynxxx – *lightly traces circles with my fingertips on her belly while nibbling on her left ear* *Whispers in her ear*, “I want to take you in front of my fireplace”MichelleRoxx -I take your hand that’s on my belly and put in my slip. Together with mine.sevrynxxx- Mmmm:) Youre nice and hard:) That pretty little ass needs some attention I think:)MichelleRoxx Take off my thong (it’s dark red) and lay me down in front of your fireplace. I want you in me now!sevrynxxx -*Kneels down and slowly pulls your thong down to your ankles with my Gecelik Escort teeth* Lay on your belly for me. Spread those gorgeous legs for me…..thats it. *Tongues the rim of your asshole* Beg me, Baby. Tell me how much you want me inside you.MichelleRoxx -Please! I can’t wait. I need to feel your hard cock deep inside my ass. I will do anything, but, PLEASE fill my tight asshole now! Don’t let me wait, bastard! Put it inside!sevrynxxx – I slip my cock gently into your ass. Now, Im gonna make you my little bitch!MichelleRoxx -Ooh I can feel it. It hurts a bit today, but my pleasure is bigger. Take my leather necklace and pull my head up.sevrynxxx-I grab your necklace forcing your head up. GIMME THAT ASS YOU LITTLE SLUT. I begin ramming into you hard and fast. Feel me in you? Your mine now. This is why you were Genç İzmir Escort born. To be used by me. Im gonna make this little sissy ass so sore!MichelleRoxx -Take my hands and put them on my back.sevrynxxx-I grab your hands pinning them to your back*growl* Fuck Im gonna cum. Im gonna shoot it so far into you. You are helpless now. Dont even try to fight. Im gonna breed you. Im marking your ass as my property when I cum.MichelleRoxx -I want to be completely at your mercy! I am screaming; “It’s your ass, your property!”sevrynxxx – OH Gott Ich liebe Dein Arsch!!!! I explode. Filling your hot little ass with my cum. You can feel my entire body tensing up. Then, My cock still inside you,I relax and fall on your back.MichelleRoxx – I can feel your cock pumping inside me. I shoot my cum all over your floor. My Gurup İzmir Escort ass, sorry, your ass, was made to serve you!sevrynxxx -I alternate kissing, licking and biting the back of your neck. You made me cum so hard little Baby. You wanna taste your ass? I wanna put my cock in your mouth and have you clean yourself off meMichelleRoxxMy body is still shaking on the floor. You gave me what I needed so badly.Mmm, I love the taste of my ass… sorry, YOUR ass.——————-couple of minutes go by then———-MichelleRoxx-Oh, shit! You have made me cum for real! It was nice to have sex with you! Probably the best cybersex I ever had! Thank you, honey!The chat was very spur of the moment. Its spontaneity added to it sensuality. We have since had more chats and a lot more pleasure was had by both. Cybersex, while not appreciated by some, can be incredibly satisfying with the right partner and the right chemistry. Sevrynxxx and I mix so naturally like biscuits and gravy:)I hope when you read this it brings you as much enjoyment as it brought Sev and I. We would enjoy any comments you may have. Cheers!Sevrynxxx and Michelle Roxx ¦¦