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The downfall of Nick or Nick’s fall into Glor

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The downfall of Nick or Nick’s fall into GlorThis is an original work. All fictional persons contained within are of legal and consenting age. Constructive criticism welcomed. The radiant and OH so sexy [user]KatieCat [/user]inspired this story. Have fun and enjoy..In my wildest fantasies I never imagined myself having sex with a young girl less than half my age on a stage and in front of half the town…My name is Nick. Most everyone I know calls me St. Nick as I devote a LOT of time to the community and help out with many local charities. I tried to never step out of line. That is until my whole world crumbled in a matter of months. My wife Grace and I had been trying to conceive to no avail. We were having sex like we had back in high school. I used to love waiting for her outside of her private school. The gorgeous teenage girls frolicking by as I wait. Some days it was so much that before we went home we’d scurry off into the woods nearby. I’d pin Grace against the tree and start unbuttoning that shirt of hers as she’d try and trace out the length of my dick over my pants. Our favorite spot Escort Reklamları in the woods had a low hanging branch she could bend over and lean against. I’d hike up her skirt and tear down her panties so fast I nearly ripped a few pairs. It never failed that as soon as I saw that beautiful glistening slit that I had to have a taste. As I licked and probed her folds with my tongue I’d be blindly releasing my cock so I could plunge into her delicious hole. I’d steady myself behind her and grab that tie she had to wear while she braced herself against the branch. I don’t think she ever knew but I had a pretty good view of the girls still leaving the school from that position and fantasized about almost all of her classmates as I forced the length of myself into her. I’d use that tie of hers to help slam her onto me. She would have to bite down on her bra to keep the noise down. I have to admit there were times that I was so focused on fucking her tight little mound so hard that she’d scream. We never did get caught, anytime I thought that she actually might Escort Resimleri scream out loud I’d just pull back a bit more on her tie, choking her just a little. I would keep diving in and out of her, in and out. I would get into these intense rhythms where only the amazing sensation of her tight young body gripping my swollen cock was the only thing that existed to me. I would keep fucking her until she’d finally get a bit weak in the knees drop the bra from her mouth and slump over with a moan. Maybe it’s because we always had to be quiet and sneak around or maybe it was something that was always there but, the sound of woman moaning in true pleasure almost always sets me off. I’d release her tie and pull out of her with the most deviant slurping sound and she moaned again from the sudden emptiness I’d shoot my warm white spray all over her fresh, taught, young ass. She’d walk around the rest of the day with that load in her panties. Shortly after high school Grace became very religious and convinced me that our passions were dangerous and needed to be restrained. Escort Tanıtımları Needless to say our sex life was never the same. We kept trying anything and everything we could think of until we finally resorted to getting tested. It was a hard time in my life but was kept going by words of encouragement from my closest friends. Shortly after I had been tested Grace told me the great news that we were expecting! When the letter from the doctor came I didn’t even care. Then after nine months of catering to backrubs, pregnancy cravings and all manner of classes I was finally going to have a full family. Being a father was something I had always dreamed of accomplishing and as the nurse handed me that swaddled bundle of joy, I realized something… That I wasn’t the father.. The baby was black and neither myself nor Grace were. One of my best friends and groomsmen at our wedding, Ben, was however. Ben was in the USAF and just so happened to be staying with us about ten months earlier. The next few weeks were a blur of my life getting worse. I felt like I had taken a wrong step and ended up falling down the rabbit hole. By the end of it all I was divorced living in a nice but modest home and living off a salary from a small business I owned. That’s when it happened. That’s when I first saw the most ravishing woman I had ever seen. My new neighbors oldest daughter..…To be continued.