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Meter Reader by loyalsock

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Meter Reader by loyalsockJack was on his normal route, reading the electric meters at the houses on High Creek road. The next stop was 450. This meter was located on the side of the house where the bedrooms were located. Jack had seen the lady of the house before. She was extremely hot. He hoped that she was home that day. From the meter, Jack could see in the bedroom window. Normally the blinds were shut on all the windows of the bedrooms. This day, however, one window’s blinds were open, and the lower half of the window was lifted up to let the spring breeze in.As Jack unlocked the meter cover, he glanced at the window. He noticed the lady of the house, Diana, was in the bedroom. She was dressed in a gray pinstripe suit with a pencil straight skirt. Her red heels had 4-inch spikes, and the stockings on her legs shimmered. As Jack was looking, Diana slowly unbuttoned her jacket. She slipped it off her body. Underneath was just a white demi bra, showing more than half of her luscious full breasts. As she turned toward the window, Jack noticed a slight shadow along the edge of the bra. Her nipples were showing!Next Diana slid the zipper of her skirt down. Her hips wiggled so the skirt slid down her body. The white lacy thong she wore stood out starkly against the tanned skin. Lo and behold, she was wearing a garter belt & stockings. Jack loved garter belts. They were so sexy.Diana stretched her arms high over her head, and the behind her back, thrusting her breasts out in front of her. The movement caused her nipples to be revealed even more. She ran her hands through her hair, shaking out the pins, sending the long blonde main tumbling down around her shoulders and back.Still in her bra, thong, garter, stockings & heels, Diana sat down on the edge of the bed, and leaned back on her elbows. She threw her head back, letting her hair flow behind her. Slowly she lowered çubuk escort herself to the bed. Her hands caressed her taut stomach, slowly moving down and up toward her full breasts. She cupped them in the bra, kneading them and pushing them higher. She released the front clasp, and the bra fell off those beautiful, firm tits. Diane’s fingers began exploring her nipples, rubbing circles, occasionally tweaking the tips. Her nipples began to pebble as they hardened under her increasing arousal. Diane’s hands began moving more firmly on her tits, her back arching, pushing her tits out even more.Jack was stunned. He stood at the meter watching through the window. He couldn’t believe his luck. He prayed she wouldn’t look his way. This was a show he wanted to see to the end.One of Diane’s hands moved down her body toward her pussy. The minute thong was covering a luscious mound. Her fingers drifted over the lace. Jack could see a slight dampness shining through. She was aroused, and so was Jack. His cock was straining against his jeans.Diane’s fingers slipped under the thong, rubbing lightly on her clit. Lifting her hips slightly she slid the thong down and revealed the smoothly shaved pussy. Diane now only wore her garter, stockings and red stilettos. Her breasts and pussy were bare and exposed to Jack’s lust-filled eyes, and Diane’s exploring fingers.Still lying with her hips near the edge of the bed, Diane spread her legs wide. Both her hands were caressing her pussy lips now. Her pussy was shiny with moisture. With one hand, Diane separated her lips. Her other hand was busy flicking the clit, rubbing it and her entire swollen mound. As her arousal grew, her hips pressed into the bed and her chest arched up. It made a very erotic picture to the eyes watching through the window.Diane began rubbing in earnest. Her eyes were shut, reveling çukurambar escort in the feelings she was giving her self. Slowly she slipped one finger inside. When she pulled it out, it was soaked with juice. She brought her finger up and spread the juice on her titty nipple. Back at her pussy, she inserted her finger again and began to slowly finger-fuck herself. Another finger flicked the little nub repeatedly. Suddenly, Diane reached back under the pillow of the bed. She pulled out a small vibrator. Twisting it on, she slowly rubbed it against her pussy, before inserting it. Diane pushed it in all the way to the end. She turned the vibration on all the way, sending shivers through her. Her muscles were so toned they held the vibrator in without her holding it. This left her hands free. Her titty nipples were treated to some rapid twisting and pinching. There is much pleasure in a little pain. Diane pushed her larges breasts together and up. She lifted her head, and oh, my god, she could reach her nipples. Diane’s tongue flicked over one nipple then the other. Meanwhile the vibrator was doing its thing. Her hips were grinding into the bed, in a slow dance.With her pussy so exposed to Jack’s eyes, he couldn’t stand it any longer. He lowered his equipment to the ground, and released the buttons on his 501’s. Since he went commando, his enormously aroused cock sprung forward. It was nearly 9 inches long and thick. He began to slowly pump his cock while watching Diane.One hand continued to hold a tit to her mouth while the other moved back to her pussy. The vibrator was humming, and she added more rubbing to the outside of her pussy. With delicious sensations running through her everywhere, it wouldn’t be long before she brought herself to a spectacular climax. Her hips began to pick up the pace, and her fingers were demetevler escort rubbing increasingly faster.Jack’s pace picked up as Diane’s did. His cock was nearly ready to explode. He was surprised. It usually took much longer to reach orgasm. Watching this gorgeous woman must have sent him along quicker. He watched carefully now. He wanted to cum at the same time Diane did.Both of Diane’s hands were at her pussy now. She was bucking and grinding against the edge of the bed. She grabbed hold of the vibrator and began fucking herself with it. Faster and faster her hands moved. Suddenly, she pulled the vibrator out. It dripped with her juices. She dropped it, and pulled her lips apart. She wanted to bring herself to orgasm. She pushed three fingers inside her and began fucking herself again. Her other hand pinched her tit. Hard. Her head was thrown back, mouth open. Suddenly her entire body tightened. She was cumming. Faster and faster her fingers flew. One last thrust against her hand, and the orgasm flowed through her in wave after wave.Jack saw all this, and as Diane’s orgasm swept through her, he shot his load. His hand smoothed some of the cum juice around his cock, sliding his hand faster and faster. He continued to pump cum out, shooting it far into the bushes. He still couldn’t take his eyes off Diane.As her orgasm subsided, Diane moved her fingers to her mouth, slowly licking the cum off them. Suddenly she turned her head and looked straight at Jack. Startled, Jack could only stare back at her. Slowly she put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean, all the while looking at Jack. Sitting up, she reached for the phone beside the bed. Quickly dialing a number from memory, she spoke briefly into it. Suddenly the phone on Jack’s belt rang. He answered it after the first ring, not wanting to break the connection with Diane. He heard a breathy voice ask, “Why don’t you come in”Diane clicked the phone off and smiled at Jack. She pointed toward the front of the house, and then headed out of the bedroom. Jack was stunned. He raced to the front door and waited until she was opened it. She was spectacular, and he could imagine what might be in store for him next.