Eylül 27, 2021

the meeting

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the meetingAs I sat there in the middle the night thinking about her and I’m just wondering is she thinking about me so I get out my toy and start rocking my hard cock in and out in and out as I Morn with joy but just 10 miles away she is also up at night with her rabbit in hand as she slowly rub her clit her pussy wet and juicy as she rubs her pussy lips .with her other hand she gently rubs her breasts ever so slightly then she starts to suck on her own nipples as they stood out .then she slowly puts her toy her swelled pussy lips ever so slowly as she morn with joy and she began to move faster and faster as her hips start to thrust with every motion as she put her rabbit farther and farther in her pussy until she explodes all around it!!! Meanwhile 10 miles away he finishes up as he explodes all over the place and a both say I wish he was here and I wish she was here only they knew the truth only if they will talk to each other and tell how they feel about the other they call and text each other gazipaşa escort deep down inside they love each other but they will not say so they smile at each other when they see each other ….. But one day he said lets have lunch she said yes so at 1 they went to lunch and began to tell how and what they felt next thing I know in her hand is rubbing my cock stroking it ever so lightly and as my cock went to its full length in this Half lit restaurant she climbs underneath the table and starts to suck on my cock I was afraid as people walk by they would see her but we were back in a dark corner where no one could see boy it felt so good she wouldn’t come up for air she just took all 9 inches 10 minutes later I explode without a though she swallowed it down then came up like nothing happened as I sat there with a smile on my face and she had a smile on her face and we never did make it back to work because we went to her house and that’s another gündoğmuş escort story As they went to her house they barely got inside before they were sticking their tongues down each other’s mouth kissing her cheeks I move down to her neck as I reach down with my right hand to unsnap her Jordache jeans to reach my hand down to her pussy lips and start rubbing her clit with her hand she reached down and unsnapped my 501Levi’s jeans Only to fine I half swollen cock she began to rub so lightly as I pull down her jeans so I can examine her pussy more closely first I started licking on her thighs as I gently kiss and moved on up to her pussy as I started kissing and licking around her pussy I put one hand on her ass and began to squeeze then with my half moisten finger I shoved it in her anal hole as she morn fuck me fuck me so got her butt plug stuck it in some Vaseline then without a care I stuck it in her ass again she morn with despair as I just stuck ibradi escort my cock into her pussy slowly moved in and out in and out then I started moving quickly and quicker as we were fucking I start to suck on her tits as I was about to finish with one last thrush I held off then I turned her around pull out the butt plug and stuck all 9 inches into her ass as she scram with joy I thrust and thrust until I explode all inside in cum juice Was running out her hole and down her ass cheeks she said lets go again as she started to suck my cock and my balls I grabbed the back of her head with hand full of her red hair and started thrusting her on my cock and then she stood up and I started once more sucking on her 38 double D breast as I use my Tongue around her nipples in my hand slipped down to her pussy lips then I slipped my finger in her pussy with the other finger slipped it in her anal hole and began to finger fuck both of them at the same time as she was screaming with joy her whole body shook with enjoyment once more I began to thrust my 9 inch cock into her wet pussy as I began to thrust more she would scream even louder until I was done as I shot my load into her pussy as I look down the seen cum juice running down her pussy we both sat there and all and looked at each other and said I love you