Haziran 7, 2023

Miss Chriss

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Miss ChrissI waited in the hotel lobby with great anticipation. I had been writing Chris for a couple of weeks. We met online and we were exchanging at least one email a day, discussing our day, and getting to know each other.She was recently separated and said that she wanted to have fun. I was going to be in town on business and we agreed we would meet for dinner. I had her meet me in the lobby of my hotel,. We would garb a drink or two and then go to a Chinese restaurant we had agreed upon in our emails. I was very nervous waiting for her. We hadn’t exchanged photos, so I had no idea what she looked like. What was worse, she had no idea what I looked like. It was worse for me, at least. I was always self-conscious about my looks and it always came back to the surface times like this. I busied myself with a game on my phone to kill the time. When I looked up there she was. We had texted what each other were wearing. I was not disappointed.She was wearing a black and white dress. Ankle length, with slits up each side that ended just above the knee. It was sleeveless, but she wore a light sweater over the top. She was a small, well-proportioned BBW. She had ample cleavage and her hips widened. I knew that she must have a great ass. We smiled when we saw each other. I gave her a hug and we wen to the bar. The next several hours went wonderfully. We chatted, joked and had a few drinks. As we k**ded aronnd, we moved closer to each other. Soon we were holding hands and stroking each other’s arms as we laughed and talked. She was very pretty. She had light brown hair the dropped just past her shoulders. A round face and large brown eyes that nearly matched her light brown hair. She had a small mouth, an da sweet smile. I woudd say she was about a size 16 or so. IAa we talked and flirted, I knew I had to have her, köyceğiz escort but I wasn’t sure whether she was really into me. We had kissed a couple of times, but they were little more than pecks. She didn’t say no, and she didn’t turn me away, so I continued my flirting. After a few hours, I asked if she wanted to go grab dinner. “I’m not all that hungry, she replied. Ok. Want to go for a wail? We headed outside. It had begun raining intermittently, so our walk was a short one. We held hands and we kissed a few more times. She seemed much more responsive now that she was in the lobby. ”Do you want to go upstairs?”She looked at me. It’s our first meeting. I’ll go upstairs, but remember it’s our first date. ““I understand”, I replied. We went up to the room and we began kissing. She laid back on the bed, feet dangling and began kissing her deeply. I still couldn’t figure out whether she was into it or not, and then suddenly she started responding to my kisses. Soon our tongues were deep inside each other’s mouths, exploring deeply, our bodies pressed together. We kissed for longest time and I started moving down from her lips to her cheek and her neck and ultimately her chest. I was so turned on by her cleavage, I had to take my mouth down there. I gently pushed down the top of her dress and bra, to expose her dark pink nipple. It was hard. I slid my tongue over it. As I did, Chjris pushed her head back into the pillow . I knew she was really starting to like it. By now we had moved completely onto the bed and I began kissing her down over her clothes. Starting at her beautiful tits, I worked down to her legs, she sighed lightly as I worked my way down. When I got to her ankle, I started back up, this time under her dress. She was amazing. She had heavier legs, ortaca escort but they were solid. As was her ass. Just as I suspected. Apparently this girl worked out. I was in heaven. I kissed, nibbled and licked my way up toward her womanhood. She opened her legs slightly for me. I pressed my tongue against her slit, making sure she could feel the heat and wetness from my tongue. She moaned and pressed her head back into the pillow again. I knew she was starting to get into it. I returned to her face. She was really pretty and kissed her deeply again. I returned to sitting position and pulled her dress up over her head, she rolled on top of me and while she was kissing me, I felt her hair fall forward into my face. IMHO there’s nothing hotter than your woman’s hair cascading down into your face when she’s on top of you. I iun hooked her bra, releasing her beautiful c-cup breasts. They were firm and perky. I was intoxicated by her body. I rolled her back to her back and by now had removed her dress entirely, leaving her in her dark blue panties. I kissed her deeply and lightly brushed a hand over her nipples. She moaned and I moved my hand down sliding under her panties and massaging her mons. Her legs opened to allow me easier access and I began stroking her. She moaned louder as I moved my hand more quickly, exploring her as I did. I eventually slid off her panties and began my slow journey down her body, to her ankles and back up to he3r center. I ran my tongue into her nether regions and started moving my tongue around her bbutton furiously. She parted her legs, and rested them on my shoulders as I drove my tongue deeper and deeper into her. I used my fingers, massaging her g-spot as she started bucking her hips an d pushing her body back against the bed. seydikemer escort I thought I would tease her by pushing my cock against her pussy, while I still had my underwear on. She moaned as I pushed her legs back and ground my rod against her I looked deep into her eyes and said“Should I take these off?” “What are you waiting for?” I obliged by sliding my boxer briefs off and putting my hard manhood against her now sopping slite. She purred as she felt me rbursh against her. She moaned and her eyes rolled back in her eyes when I slid myself into her I started s slow steady pace, and she moaned and turned her head from side to side as I kept up the pace. The I slowed down and pushed her legs back toward her shoulders and started rubbing her clit as I drove harder into her. Her body shuddered with the first of her orgasms. I moved her to her side and slid into her while she was lying on her left side. I rubbed her nipple with a thumb as I pushed into her. She squeezed her eyes as I stroked in and out…In credible, she sighed. After a few minutes I turned her on her back again. This tiem I pushed her left leg back. Kissing her ankle and then taking a couple of her toes into my mouth and sucking on them as I plunged deep into her nether regions. . She shuddered again as I continued to press into her. Gently dropping her leg, I wrapped my left leg over her right leg, pushing our pelvises tight to each other and kissing g her deeply. I moved slowly in and out of her. Does it feel good/ I whispered. Amazing, she replied.Would it be ok if I came inside you? Yes, I want you to come inside me. Slowly, as slowly as I could, o moved my cock in and out of her, feeling the friction, the heat, her wetness and kissing her deeply, alternating from deep tongue kisses to light kisses on her ear an neckI’m cumming I whispered.Fill me up. I’m coming with you.The feeling was amazing as I solely reached the edge. Once I had gone over the edge, It was impossible to stop and I slammed against her once, twice, thee, four five times until I had spent myself inside her. She looked at me and we snuggled together as we both drifted off to sleep…