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My First Few Swingers Meets

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My First Few Swingers MeetsAfter moving permanently to London in the early 1990s as a single guy I was looking for a relationship. However, I found it hard meeting women, especially that wanted to have sex with me. I went to soho once or twice a month to go into the adult cinema but then discovered the peep shows. I found watching naked women gyrate around great and the more money you put into the slots the more daring they got. However the best was an open stage on which women would come out and you paid 15 minutes to watch them masturbate with a vibrator or occasionally fruit. These encounters were satisfying on the eyes but left me feeling unsatisfied as I was unable to release the obvious build up that was occurring. One night in soho I went to one of the adult shops and saw a small booklet that claim to be advertising women and couples who wanted to have no strings attached fun. I wrote to a number of the post boxes (yes life was a pain before the internet) but got no replies. However, also in the booklet were several ads for swingers meets. They seemed to be happening in most of London and I wrote to the one advertised as the nearest to my home. They asked me to include my phone number. About a week later I got a phone call from a guy who said he was the party organiser and wanted to know more about me. He said he would phone again if there was a need for single men. A week or so later I got a call, this time from a woman and it turned out it was the guy’s partner and they hosted the parties at their home in Wanstead. She got a bit more personal with her questions (asking things like size of my cock) and then asked if I would like to come to the next party on the coming Friday. I said yes and she told me that there would be a charge on the door of £20 to cover their costs. Friday couldn’t come along fast enough and at 9pm I was ringing their door bell. It was a normal house from the outside but after entering I wondered if the neighbours knew about was going on in the house. I paid my £20 and then the woman I had talked to on the phone showed me around. On the ground floor was a hallway and off that was a lounge and in the lounge was a group of dressed people chatting and drinking. There was also a kitchen where food and drinks were supplied and a back room where some people were sat naked. Down the stairs was a cellar that had been converted into a dungeon and to one side was a large table. Upstairs there was a bathroom and three bedrooms. The largest had 2 mattreses on the floor but had no one in, the next room was completely dark and I was told only to go in there if I didn’t mind who or how people touched me as I wouldn’t see a thing and the smaller room had a single mattress on the floor but had a lock on the door so if anybody marmaris escort wanted privacy they could. There was another locked door and this was to the loft conversion where the couple lived and was off bounds during the party nights. I went back downstairs and into the kitchen to get a drink. I was told drinks were ok on the ground floor but none could be taken upstairs. I was introduced to a few people in the kitchen and went into the lounge. I was quickly followed by a couple of women who had been naked in the rear room. The lounge had been slightly rearranged since I had arrived and now there was space in the middle of the room. The 2 women started to play with each other and a number of dildos appeared. They continued to lick each other’s pussies and use dildos on each other until both had had shuddering orgasms. During the show I had noticed a number of the guys in couples had taken their cocks out and their partners were stroking them as they watched the show. After the show had finished I talked with the host who said that this was the way the party started and was a signal that people were free to play anywhere in the house. I would estimate as the night went on there were probably 20 couples and 10 single guys and there was no admission after 11pm (mainly to stop people turning up drunk from the pub, and so the hosts could play without interruption. As I walked around the house there were many signs saying things like ‘no means no’, ‘always ask first’ ‘no second chances, upset a guest and you will be thrown out’. In the master bedroom upstairs were two naked couples on the bed playing with each other but it was clear that they didn’t want anyone else to join in but watching was fine. I tried the dark room but the woman who first came up to me was surprised I was still dressed and suggested I got naked outside the room (I wouldn’t see where my clothes were in the room) and return – I recognised the voice as that of the host. By know there were piles of clothes around the house and nearly everyone was naked. I went back into the dark room and soon had several hands touching me. A voice then asked if I was the man who had just come in clothed. I said yes, and I then felt a hand stroking my cock. I hardened quickly and soon the hand was replaced by a warm mouth. I reached over and felt a large pair of breasts and started to play with them. This was clearly the host as she was a large lady. She stopped sucking my cock and led me to the floor. She got into the 69 position and I was soon licking her clit and holding onto her massive ass. We stayed in this position for a few minutes and I then felt a condom being handed to me. I put it on and she mounted my cock and rode me for a few datça escort minutes until I filled the condom with my load. She continued to ride me until she let out a little squirt, wetting my thighs. We laid like that for a few seconds and then she got up and left the room. I walked out of the room still wearing the filled condom (I got a few looks) and went and washed myself in the bathroom. I spent the rest of the evening naked and watched some great shows and did get my cock stroked a few but never making me cum. About a month later I got a phone call asking if I would like to attend another party which of course I did. It was on a Friday night again and I arrived at about 9.30. This time two different naked women were in the lounge putting on a show (it turned out the women took it turns!). After the show I wandered around the house and then went to the kitchen to get a drink. A guy entered the kitchen and told all the guys that his wife was in the basement and would satisfy all of us if we wanted, but not to go into the cellar until he had returned. He then went around the house to tell all the guys. We followed the guy into the basement and his wife was laid out naked on the table, with a gag on. He told us to gather round her and said that she was not going to say anything and we could all fuck her, and it was our choice whether we wore a condom or not. We all started to play with her naked body and soon we were all naked. Many of the partners had also come down to watch and a few of the women were also fingering the lady lying on the table. Soon the first guy was positioning his cock at the entrance to her pussy and with one thrust his bareback cock entered her fully. It wasn’t long before he was cumming deep inside her. The next guy took his place and also fucked her bareback leaving his sticky deposit inside her. The third guy also went bareback and I was clear that this was going to be the trend. What was different this time though was that as he withdrew his partner pushed in and licked the woman’s pussy clean of partners cum. I was mid place in the queue and when it came to my turn I decided to go bareback as well. The entrance to her pussy was warm and sticky and as I opened her lips to push in I saw cum dribble from her. As I pushed in more cum came out and as I thrust in and out it glistened with the other guys cum. I was soon adding my cum inside her. I pulled out and turned to one side to be greeted by a naked woman kneeling on the floor who licked my cock clean and then moved forward and licked some cum from the woman’s pussy. Over about an hour 15-20 guys had cum inside her (some more than once) and the table under her pussy was very sticky. Then the husband positioned himself dalaman escort at her entrance and thrust into her. We all watched as he filled her. He pulled out and removed her gag and then got into the 69 position on the table so that she was licking his cock clean and he was cleaning the cum out of her pussy. They stayed in this position for a while until she bucked underneath him with an orgasm. It turned out that this guy had asked the organiser if she could invite more single guys this night to help satisfy his wife. Later on in the night I saw them upstairs fucking in the master bedroom but decided to get a drink. I got chatting to a couple who were fully dressed (I was naked) and I had seen them downstairs watching the woman on the table but not getting involved. I asked why not and they said it wasn’t their thing. We chatted about all sorts of things for 30 minutes or so and then the woman said she wanted to go upstairs. The guy asked if I wanted to join them and I thought he meant just going upstairs to see what was going on. Instead they went into the small private room and said I could join them. He locked the door and they both quickly stripped. The woman said I could watch but nothing else until she felt comfortable. They started to kiss and caress each other and his fingers were soon in her pussy whilst hers were wrapped around his erection. I started to stroke my hard on and she looked and smiled at me. He then got on top o her and entered her in the missionary position. I couldn’t see much and tried to change my position. He noticed and said they would change position. She got on all fours and he started to fuck her doggy style. I could see a lot more especially her hanging boobs swaying with each thrust. He asked her if it would be ok if I touched her breasts and she said yes so I was soon cupping a breast and playing with a nipple. I found myself in an uncomfortable position so shifted so that I could reach over her back and now cup both her breasts. My cock occasionally rubbed along her side or back leaving a trail of pre cum. He told his wife that he wouldn’t be lasting much longer at this pace so he slowed down to almost a standstill with his cock buried in her. He then asked her if she wanted a better view of cock and he suggested that I kneel in front of her to give her this view. I repositioned myself and she gave my knob a long look, then ran a finger over it to feel the precum. She then leant forward and swallowed my knob in her mouth. His thrustings started up which provided a great rhythm for her sucking me. It wasn’t long before I said I was near cumming and he looked at me and said don’t worry, she will just swallow it. He speeded up his thrusts and I was soon cumming in her mouth quickly followed by him filling her pussy. His cock fell out of her and she rolled over. He held her pussy lips open and told me to have a good look, which seemed to embarrass her. We stayed in the room chatting and after about 30 minutes she started to stroke both our cocks and gave us great handjobs, shooting our cum over her tits.