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Models of ‘Perfuction’! Ch. 02

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Overnight my thoughts hovered constantly upon Laura’s proposition and the utter delights it offered. There was no doubt that she would be a fantastic fuck, but there was another quality about her as well, her striking beauty exuded a captivating sensuous mixture of playful eroticism and adventure.

She could have known nothing at first of my own predilections for such pursuits and I sensed in her surrender to my seduction on our very first encounter that this was a novel experience for her heightened by the coincidence of our mutual sexual sympathies. Her knowing responses in viewing my erotic artistic efforts signaled a nature so like mine that I craved to explore every nuance of our compatibilities, erotic and otherwise.

That I had often, but not always, seduced my models into the casual satisfactions of our sexual appetites was of course quite inevitable considering the nature of our endeavors. But in this new adventure with Laura I sensed the promise of something even more satisfying than the satiation of my lust for her exceptional beauty, for indeed I seemed to have fallen in love with her at first sight. That her husband had his own designs on the lithe little Mae next door was no surprise. The girl was gorgeous and she had all the charm of budding beauty and seductive innocence flowering into the sexual sophistication that I had captured in my numerous renderings of her erogenous self-pleasuring, sensations that Laura clearly knew only too well herself.

What enticed me was Laura’s willing complicity not only in bringing the girl to her husband’s bed but hers as well. I longed to pursue Laura’s bisexual inclinations with her and wondered if this was another new adventure for her or a remnant of her past? There was no doubt she was serious about Jack fucking Mae. But could I arrange it, and would her husband actually surrender Laura’s beauty to my lust if I did?

Taking the opportunity to putter about in my front yard on the day following that incredible first meeting I hoped to encounter Laura again. To my delight she emerged from the house with her husband and she introduced me him. He was a husky rather handsome fellow, casual, likeable and ready for the Saturday night barbecue. I put his age like mine in his middle forties, perhaps fifteen years or more beyond Laura’s late twenties, and his build dominated her petite beauty.

We chatted about the neighborhood and the barbecue, and then he offered his thanks for my painting of Mae. “Does she come to your barbecues?” he asked.

“Regularly,” I answered, my gaze flitting to capture Laura’s for a moment and I read her amused interest. “Mae and her older sister always gave me a hand cleaning up afterwards, but her sister just got a job in Chicago, so Mae’s is living alone now.”

“She looks pretty young to be living alone,” Jack observed.

“Yes” I nodded. “She has all the charm of flowering puberty in that luscious little body, but she’s a bit older than she looks. She’s eighteen and just finishing High School.”

Jack nodded silently his mouth pursing expectantly. “I’d be happy to give her a hand cleaning up after the party,” Laura volunteered.

“I know she would very much appreciate your help, Laura. I’ll give Mae a call and tell her that you will give her a hand,” I offered.

“Yeah. Do that!,” Jack enthused, “Well, see you Saturday,” he finished grasping my hand for a shake, and taking Laura’s arm he ushered her to their house where she paused on the front steps offering me a little wave of her hand and a purse of her lips into a quick kiss. For the rest of the day my attention was totally focused on the comings and goings in the stucco house across from mine. The street was narrow, our tidy small front lawns offering an intimacy with my new neighbors. In the evening I caught glimpses of Laura and Jack, in the lights glowing brightly in their living room, and that night I glimpsed the beauty of Laura’s naked sex offered below the partially drawn shade of their bedroom window above their front porch.

She lingered there for a moment her finger finding the bulge of her prominent clit, teasing me with her tempting touch before turning her beautiful butt to my gaze and then the light winked out and I was left forlorn while she fucked with her husband.

In consolation my thoughts turned to Mae, and sorting though my collection of works I found a canvas of her that I had painted at the outset of her modeling for me. It was a pose she had spontaneously taken when she had shed her clothes for the first time and stood naked before me, her hand shyly shielding her vulva, an expression of uncertainty upon her lovely features.

Indeed her face radiated the impression of early adolescence, but shorn of her garments there was a delicious curvaceous ness in her body, a subtle perfection in her proportions announcing what lush beauty she would offer in the future.

Dark haired, dark eyed, with flawlessly beautiful ivory skin shorn of every vestige Starzbet of hair she was clearly a sexually precocious young lady from the shapes of her bountiful breasts and prominent nipples; the delicious swell of her mons; the prominence of her hairless pudenda; and the shapeliness of her little buttocks revealing an adoloescent sweetheart blooming into lush womanhood.

My mind churned with the various possibilities of seducing Mae into Laura’s propositions without a revelation of anything promising even as I mused over Laura’s motives in this affair. In any case to my sheer delight it was obvious Laura was as eager to fuck with Mae and me as I was with her and Mae. But would the girl go along with surrendering her virginity to both Jack and Laura?

As I worked to frame this painting I relived the experience of getting Mae and her sister from our weekly barbecues to my modeling stand. Both girls were lovely and the sister had aspirations for a career in fashion modeling, aspirations that I was able to advance with a connection I had in a Chicago modeling agency.

In gratitude Sis yielded to my desire to capture her beauty, and in time I was able to talk her out of her clothes and pose her in the nude. Over time she also gave in to my intentions to explore her erotic sensibilities and capture them on canvas, and I found her utterly delightful as we worked together and she surrendered her charms to my needs.

Often Mae would accompany her sister to a modeling session and lounge about my studio observing the progress of my paintings and her sister’s acquiescence to the poses I wanted.

Studying the two girls together I was struck by the delightful contrasts in their charms, Mae’s exquisite youth contrasting delightfully with her sister in the full bloom of young womanhood. So one day I proposed that they both model for me in the nude and to my delight Mae agreed.

Shyly at first, and under her sister’s tutelage, Mae learned to pose and offer herself to my brush. Now that I had her utterly naked and was able to study all the intimacies of her lithe luscious figure I was thoroughly impressed with the delights of her youthful charms and the rich fullness of her fresh delta and vulva so perfectly shaved that it now appeared never to have sprouted hair.

Clearly Sis had prepared Mae for what was to come, and in time I was even able to offer the girls in a series of paintings suggestive of lesbian erotica, which they found utterly hilarious and I found delightful.

I then determined to explore Mae’s individual beauties the way I had her sister’s, and of all the poses that I put her in the one that most satisfied me was a view of her lying on her tummy with her knees drawn up to lift her buttocks and expose the full bulges of her labial lips between her slim thighs, while she stared back at me so that I could catch the mixture of shy wonder and excitement in her expression. Mae’s sister in watching the focus of my efforts was well aware of what I was trying to express and was deliciously helpful in persuading Mae to cooperate. “She needs to spread her buttocks and let the fullness of her sex show,” I explained.

“Oh, go ahead and get her the way you want her,” Sis laughed with glance at me, and a knowing lift of her eyebrows.

Then for the first time I touched Mae, just as I had her sister, and in the most intimate of all places, caressing my hand over the curves of her buttocks, spreading them with my fingers to find the succulent swell of her sex and stroke it into the prominence that it deserved.

Instantly the girl groaned and lifted her buttocks into my hand. Her eyes closed, her mouth opened and I felt the swelling of her vulva under my fingers as I caressed it in a long series of lingering squeezes that left my palm soaked with the abundance of her coital juices flowing into a lather. Clearly this little sweetheart’s responses signaled a precocious sexuality, and perhaps even a sexual sophistication beyond her years.

Instinctively my finger found her clitoris fully tumescent and protruding into my touch so that I could massage it into full arousal. The result was everything I had hoped it would be as Mae began moving her slim hips in the quick coital movements that bespoke her own intense familiarity with the self-satisfactions of masturbation.

I pursued this pleasure for both of us until I sensed she was close to orgasm and then took up my brush again to capture every nuance of the girl’s delights. Her sister stood back to watch and savor exactly what Mae was experiencing for I had pursued precisely the same exercise with her numerous times.

When occasionally I felt the necessity to resume the massage of Mae’s sex I felt her wonderfully ready to exploit my needs to the fullest, her little butt moving readily to pump her sex into my fingers so that I could find her clit and massage its surprising length and rigidity.

When at last I had captured the climax of the girl’s beauties Starzbet Giriş on my canvas and finally laid my brush down, Mae was breathless with need and arousal. She lay in position on the modeling couch with her eyes fixed on mine, her luscious little mouth gaping for breath, her exquisite little butt quivering with excitement.

“Well,” Sis exclaimed, “aren’t you going to give her the reward?”

“With your permission?” I probed.

“Of course!” Sis laughed, “but you can’t finger-fuck her cunt like you do me cause she’s still a virgin and she has to stay that way.”

“I know dear,” I agreed and that’s when my hand finding Mae’s sex in its fullest state of desire worked it over and over again with my finger on her clitoris and my thumb caressing her anal opening feeling the convulsions of her orgasm rippling even into the depths of her anal pucker. With a long cry of delight Mae surged into her climax that left my hand soaked to the wrist with the spurts of her coital juices, and when it was over at last she collapsed breathlessly on the couch, her delicate hand reaching back to find mine and hold it on her sex so we could savor every last tingle of her orgasm together.

It was abundantly clear to me that this little sweetheart was thoroughly familiar with all the nuances of orgasm despite her tender years, and I wondered then if this was the girl’s first experience of sex with a male.

When at last the afterglow of her orgasm faded I drew her to stand before the painting and she looked up at me with wonder and delight. My arms embraced her nudity and her sister’s familiar form as well, my hand’s simultaneously caressing Mae’s beauteous breasts and Sis’s lush full bosom.

With a sigh of satisfaction Mae wrapped her slim shapely arm around my waist and looked up into my face with nothing less than adoration. The artistic erotic excursions we three explored together after that I captured on canvas until Sis’s job offer removed her from our ménage just as Laura and her husband entered the picture.

With Sis gone I had determined to pursue my seduction of Mae at her next modeling session and enjoy deflowering her luscious beauty with my erection aching for the embrace of her virginal vagina. But now I was so captivated by Laura’s charms that I had to find a way of surrendering Mae’s maidenhead to Jack’s lust and my first move the next day was to pick up the phone and call the girl.

Shortly she arrived in my studio as enticingly lovely as ever and garbed in nothing but a flannel robe, which she allowed to drape open over her luscious nudity as I lifted my last canvas of Mae and Sis in an erotic pseudo-lesbian sixty-nine and set it upon my easel.

“Tell me dear,” I probed, “did you find such poses as this at all satisfying?”

“At first I just thought it was all a joke,” Mae murmured, cuddling to my side “…until we did that pose and Sis actually licked my clit. And she kept doing it all the while you were painting, and I actually had an orgasm. It blew my mind I couldn’t believe how good it felt.”

“So do you think you would like to pursue such pleasures in the future?”

“I might. I don’t know. Why?”

“Have you met your new neighbors yet?”

“Well, sort of…I was sunbathing yesterday and I saw Laura leaving your house with one of your paintings and I thought she must have been posing for you already, she was practically naked in that skimpy outfit. And then her husband came home and began talking to me until she came out and introduced herself. She’s very pretty isn’t she?”

“Yes she is. She thinks you are absolutely lovely too and she was so taken with the last painting I did of you that I gave it to her.”

“Oh Mister! You mean she and her husband have seen me playing with my pussy like that?” Mae moaned pinching my arm.

“Indeed they have Mae and I can tell you that their appetites are thoroughly whetted for the appetizer you have given them.”

“Both of them? The Misses too?” Mae gasped in wonderment.

“You are an exceptional young lady Mae and I would like to capture your beauty and Laura’s in a threesome with her husband in my next painting. There is a good market out there for such novelties. It could fetch a handsome profit, which would be yours if you would be willing to pose with them.”

“God knows I could use the money. When I graduate in two weeks I’m going to have to go live with Sis cause I can’t even pay my rent now.”

“I will cover all your living expenses here this summer and you can save your money for college in the fall,” I offered happily.

“I’ll think about it.” Mae murmured “If I pose with them like that what would they do to me?”

“Whatever you want them to dear. We will leave it up to you.”

Looking yearningly up at me May let her robe slip from her shoulders to hang loosely upon her arms, her luscious breasts suddenly naked to my eyes. “Do you want to prep me for posing now?” she whispered.

“Oh Starzbet Güncel Giriş you are such a tempting little beauty my dear that I think we had better save all your charms for that session with Laura and her husband,” I returned lifting her robe to cover her breasts and shoulders.

Soberly she stared up at me, a quick pout of frustration filling her face as my lips touched her forehead in a soft kiss. “Believe me dear, we will have plenty of opportunities for ‘prepping’ this summer after we finish what your new neighbors have in mind. Will I see you at my barbecue on Saturday night?”

“Yes Mister. I wouldn’t miss it for anything,” she returned, a sly smile lighting her lovely features when she turned away from me and left.


The night of our barbecue was warm, the neighborhood was quiet; our weekly party with the neighbors had ended after midnight and Jack and I sat alone at the table in my backyard finishing our drinks.

Laura was in my house with Mae putting the leftovers away. With relief I now sat savoring the impressions of this evening, the most impressive being not only the sheer delight of Laura’s beauty but the aura of knowing sensuality she radiated.

There was something special about the way she laughed, the way she glanced at me, the way she walked and held herself, a certain overt sensuality that hinted at the delicious depths of delights in her persona, and this evening I was even more aware of her charms than before if that was possible.

But now I was alone with her husband and he was rather more into his libations than I when he lifted the bottle of Scotch and poured us each a generous dollop. “Here’s to Mae,” he said touching his glass to mine “Thanks again for the painting. Laura said you didn’t you fuck that little sweetheart when she posed for you.” he added with a sharp glance and a wise grin at me.

“No. She was chaperoned by her sister who just got a modeling job and moved to Chicago about the time you and Laura moved in. So now Mae is on her own, and she’s still a virgin,” I finished.

“That little doll has got one luscious cunt,” Jack muttered just as Laura appeared to clear our table and caught his remark. She leaned between us for the dishes and I felt her warmth and the shape her hip against my shoulder, “and so have you, dear,” Jack chortled.

Laura lingered, glancing down at me, a wry expression on her lovely features and an amused glint in her bright eyes and then I could feel the movements of her loins warm against my shoulder when she lifted the tray of dishes between us.

Jack glanced up at his wife and then directly at me, his arm encircling her waist and drawing her to him. “Laura says you want her to model for you.”

“Yes. That’s true. Your wife has an exceptional beauty that any figure artist would want to capture on canvas.”

“She said you want to paint her bare-ass the way you did that picture of Mae.”

“I think she would be the perfect summation for my derriere series if you wouldn’t object to her posing for me like that,” I returned.

“Well speaking of hot curvey-cunts will this one do?” Jack chortled lifting Laura’s skirt with his free hand to the revelation of her sex.

“Jack!” she cried between a gasp and a giggle while he held her pinned against him, and with her hands full she could only hold the tray helplessly while he exposed her to my gaze. In a moment he had her skirt all the way up to her waist and I got a perfect view of her panty-less pussy as she stood frozen in astonishment before me.

Indeed her sex was everything that I had seen and felt on her first visit to me. The full rounded eminence of her mons shorn of hair was clearly visible along with the protuberance of her clitoral hood descending into the folds of her luscious labia. Here indeed was a delta to be relished, and now I knew that its beauteous prominence signaled that this woman clearly had a sexual appetite to match.

I glanced up into her face and read something other than shocked surprise, there was also a lingering laugh on her lovely lips mixed with a calculating glint in her eyes that said, ‘You love what you see of me, don’t you?’

Her long clitoris gleamed above her labia, its prominent bulb visible beneath its hood, reminding me of the ease with which I had brought her to the heights of sexual arousal on her first visit to me. The swollen petals of her engorged inner labia lay open, the cleft between them leading to the hidden recesses of her vaginal opening that my fingers had explored with such satisfactions for both of us at our first meeting.

“How about it? Do you want to paint my wife’s pussy?” Jack grinned wrapping his arm around her waist and drawing her to him again.

“It would be a pleasure and a privilege,” I intoned, gravely studying the droll expression on Laura’s lovely face as she unwound from Jack’s arm and stalked off, but then she glanced back over her shoulder at me with an anticipatory laugh and a quick wave of her hand.

“Laura told me she wouldn’t mind modeling for you and I wouldn’t mind letting her do it if you would paint her ass the way you did Mae’s with her fingers up her twat,” Jack offered with a keen glance at me.