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High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 31

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Wednesday is probably my favorite day of the week, not only is the work week half over but I can start planning for the weekend. As I dressed for work I thought about Stephanie Peters. She was totally uninhibited and even though she said she was going out for drinks later, I suspect that she dresses to seduce most of the time. I estimate Stephanie to be in her late forties or very early fifties, about the time that some women begin getting those tiny crow’s feet at the corner of their eyes and because of gravity decide they want breast augmentation surgery. Adding Stephanie to the growing list of women I’ve become involved with since moving into Kurtz House I only needed one more to have a different sexual option for every day of the week, assuming Staci decides that she wants to continue our fledging relationship.

As I drove to the office I realized that I hadn’t talked to Kay since Monday evening. I had promised to call her Monday but with Fran staying at my place my promise completely slipped my mind. I paged through my contacts then pressed Kay’s name.

“Morning Allen.” Kay said answering my call.

“Happy Wednesday sexy.” I replied.

“How is Fran doing?” Kay asked.

I replied. “She’s doing better but that shiner is going to take some time to clear up and on top of that she’s going to have to deal with what could be a messy divorce.”

“I’m sure with our support she’ll get through it.” Kay suggested.

“Yes.” I answered. I wanted to see if Kay would like some company later this evening but before I could suggest it she said. “Allen I need to talk to you about something.”

I figured I could stop by after work to talk with her face to face and asked. “Is tonight okay?”

“Actually it can’t wait until tonight.” Kay replied.

This sounded serious so I said. “Now is good too.”

Kay hesitated for a moment I assumed she was trying to come up with a way to start this important conversation; she finally said. “I got a call from Marshall yesterday.”

“Who’s Marshall?” I questioned.

There was another pause before she continued. “I guess I didn’t tell you his name but Marshall is the black man I fucked last Saturday night.”

I instantly envisioned Kay taking his huge cock deep in her throat his mammoth cock head stretching the flesh of her neck. “I can only imagine why he’s calling you.” I replied.

“He wants to see me again.” Kay said.

“Of course he does but the question is, do you want to see him again?” I asked.

She hesitated again before answering. “I think I do Allen but I wanted to talk to you before I tell him yes.”

I pulled into the parking lot outside my office and parked in my normal space. Fran’s car was already parked so I moved the shifter to park and sat back knowing this conversation could take a while.

“You don’t need my approval to see him, Kay.” I answered knowing that I should tell Kay about Stephanie but decided to save that for another time.

“I know that Allen I just wanted you to know and I was thinking you could join us.” Kay replied.

“Do you really think he’d want me there?” I asked.

Kay answered. “I haven’t even told him about you so I don’t know if that’s something he’d consider.”

I was curious about her fascination with this huge black cock and since I was already late for work decided that this was as good a time as any to explore her feelings about Marshall.

“Tell me something, what’s so special about him?” I asked.

Kay giggled before answering. “Besides the fact that his cock is huge there’s something interesting about the way he treats a woman.”

Interesting wasn’t what I had thought about the way I saw him treat her Saturday night. It seemed to me that he manhandled her from where I was watching.

“What does he do that other men don’t?” I questioned.

Kay didn’t answer right away I assumed she was trying to formulate a reply.

“It isn’t that he’s different from other men.” She said.

“So what’s so special about him?” I asked.

“Marshall is a huge man. He’s probably six feet five inches tall and extremely muscular.” Kay said.

“With a cock to match.” I quickly added.

Kay laughed again then continued. “His cock is not only huge but gets very hard when erect. I have, to be honest Allen he fills me like no other man ever has.”

“Should I be jealous?” I asked.

Her reply was immediate. “Absolutely not!” He may fill me like no man ever has but you fuck me like no other man ever has or could hope to.”

“For such a huge man he is rather gentle, when he was fucking me Saturday night it was slow and deliberate there was no rush for him to climax. It was almost like he was disconnected from his cock.” Kay added.

“I’m sure you loved the challenge of throating his massive cock.” I said.

She laughed then stated the obvious. “I have to admit when I started giving him head I didn’t think I would be able to swallow the entire length and girth of his cock. The head and corona are massive Starzbet when I tried to force it into my throat it hurt a little but once I relaxed enough and it slid down my throat it felt incredible. Breathing was a real problem though.”

“So you want to deep throat him again?” I asked.

Kay’s reply was exactly what I expected. “Yes I’d like to feel that again.”

I wanted to know more about how it felt when he fucked her and asked. “Did he fuck your ass?”

“No, but he wanted to. Had I been able to get him erect again I would have offered my ass.” Kay replied.

I knew she would love having her ass stretched wide open by his massive cock head and since she admitted wanting to deep throat his cock again I basically knew her mind was already made up.

“Sounds to me like you already decided to fuck him again.” I said.

She paused a moment the said. “I want you to join us.”

“Love to.” I replied. Then asked, “When are you going to see him again?”

“Tonight if he can make it, I will ask him about you joining us.” She answered.

I chuckled then said. “He’d be a fool to turn down such an invitation.

“Do you have plans for tonight?” Kay asked.

“Not really.” I replied.

“Well keep tonight open because I really want you to watch us.” Kay said.

“Are you sure you can handle us both?” I asked with a sarcastic tone in my voice.

Kay laughed about that. “I’d love to try sometime.”

“Okay hun, I need to get into work I’m already half an hour late. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.” I said.

“I’ll call Marshall about tonight and call you later.” Kay said before she hung up.

I sat there for a moment, thinking about what Kay had said. She told me she wanted me to join her and Marshall tonight, but later said she wanted me to watch. On top of that when I asked her if she could handle us both she said she’d love to try sometime. I got the impression that I might be nothing more than a spectator during their planned fuck session that evening.

I hurried in but as luck would have it when the elevator door slid open Kevin Richman was standing at the receptionist desk. “You’re late Goodman.”

“Late getting in but I’ve been on my cell with a client for the last forty-five minutes.” I lied.

“Good let me have a report on your call in an hour.” Richman demanded as he turned and walked away.

“Fuck.” I said knowing that I’d have to come up with a story to cover my lie in an hour.

I headed for my desk trying to think of something I could tell Richman.

Twenty minutes later Fran popped by my desk her eye was looking better, at least her make-up hid the yellowish shadow where her asshole husband had punched her. “Morning you.” She said as she leaned against the wall of my cubicle.

“Morning Fran.” I replied surveying her outfit as I answered her greeting.

Fran was wearing a light blue blouse which she tucked into a tight black pencil skirt that featured a slit about eight inches long in the back. Her legs were covered with dark nylons and as usual, she wore a sexy pair of black high heels. Her brunette hair was styled nicely wavy locks that fell behind her shoulders. She wore a very light pink lip gloss which seemed to accentuate her crystal blue eyes.

“Heard Richman giving you a bunch of shit earlier is there anything I can do to help?” Fran asked.

“Yeah, I was on the phone with Kay but lied to him and said I was talking to a client. Now he wants a report on my call in half an hour.” I answered as I glanced at my watch.

Fran smiled and lifted one hand to her hip. “No problem Allen I spoke with the buyer from Nordstrom earlier about the revised proposal we worked on. They are about ready to sign but had a couple questions about shipping details.” Fran said.

“That’s great.” I replied.

“Tell Richman you were on the phone with them.” She offered.

Fran was willing to let me take credit for working out the minor problem to save my ass with Richman and I appreciated it.

“I’ll owe you big time for this one.” I replied.

She smiled and cocked her hips as she said. “I like having you owe me for a change; lord knows I owe you big time for your help with this.” Her fingertip moved up to her bruised eye.

I already knew how she would collect that IOU.

“So are you seeing Kay tonight?” Fran asked.

“We don’t have any definite plans but Kay is going to call me later.” I replied knowing if Kay didn’t convince her black lover to let me join them I could fall back to plan B and give Fran a good fucking.

“When you said you were talking to Kay this morning, I assumed you and she were making plans.” Fran remarked.

I smiled and just answered. “Long story Fran.”

Fran moved to where she was standing right beside my chair. She leaned down to whisper in my ear her intoxicating perfume wafting into my nostrils. “I’m wearing a sexy pair of crotchless pantyhose today just in case you’re interested.” Fran said so only I could Starzbet Giriş hear.

“We can do happy hour if Kay and I don’t hook up tonight.” I instantly realized that I had just told Fran she would be my back up plan for the night which I fully expected would piss her off, after all she isn’t the kind of woman who needs to play second fiddle to any other woman.

“Don’t wait too long to let me know I might just find some other guy’s cock to suck tonight.” Fran whispered.

She turned and abruptly walked away, and as usual, I watched her walk. I felt bad having told her she could be my fall back fuck later tonight.

Rather than waiting the full hour Richman had given me I walked down the hall to his office. He was on the phone when I appeared in the doorway but pointed to the office chair facing his desk. I sat down and waited for him to finish his conversation.

“Okay, Goodman fill me in.” Richman said as he hung up the phone.

I fed him the story Fran had suggested and he seemed to buy it. I figured I was off the hook this time.

“There’s something else I wanted to talk to you about Allen.” He said.

Now my boss seldom calls me by my first name so I prepared myself for what was surely going to be a bombshell.

“What’s that?” I questioned.

He got up from his chair and walked to the door closing it when he got there. I knew this wasn’t going to be good if he wanted privacy.

Kevin walked back across the office and rather than sitting down behind his desk he sat in the other chair facing it.

“I don’t normally pay much attention to office rumors Allen.” He started.

I knew this wasn’t going to go well.

“It’s been rumored that you’ve been fucking a co-worker.” Kevin continued.

I didn’t reply figuring I’d let him get through his entire speech before offering a defense.

He leaned forward in the chair and said. “Allen I don’t give a flying fuck who you’re screwing as long as it doesn’t affect your work product but be aware that someone’s noticed and I would advise a little more discretion.”

“Let me guess Marge is spreading rumors.” I stated.

“I’m not going to say who but I’d be very careful when she’s nearby.” Kevin offered.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” I answered.

Richman smiled then said. “There is a section in the company handbook about this, but I’m of the opinion that what two people do away from the office is their business; however, someone could make a case that might require an investigation should it appear that it’s happening on company time or even worse on company property.”

“I really appreciate your advice, Mr. Richman.” I replied.

He smiled and stood up. “Okay get back to work and let me know when you’ve nailed down the Nordstrom order.”

“Will do boss.” I answered as I started toward the door.

“Oh by the way Allen I’d fuck Phillips senseless if given the opportunity.” He said.

As I closed the door to his office I wondered if he even knew her first name.

Fortunately, the rest of my day was fairly uneventful I did, however, get a call from Kay about two thirty.

“Hey darlin, what’s the word?” I asked answering her call.

Kay’s reply didn’t surprise me. “I talked to Marshall, he doesn’t want you there Allen.”

“Fuck him!” I said.

“Yeah I almost told him to forget the whole thing.” Kay answered.

“Too bad, I know how much you are looking forward to getting a second shot at his monster.” I said.

Kay chuckled before continuing. “He told me the only way he’d consider letting you there would be if you brought along another woman.”

“What, I’m supposed to provide him with a second cunt to fuck.” I said rather sarcastically.

“I instantly thought of Ginger, but when I called her she said she has a ball buster of a client that demanded they do depositions tonight at eight. She’ll be tied up until at least eleven.” Kay explained.

“What about Fran?” I asked, knowing Fran was looking for some action later.

Kay hesitated for a moment then spoke. “She knows I’m planning on seeing him tonight, I told her when we talked yesterday.”

I wondered why Fran would question me about seeing Kay tonight if she already knew she was planning on being with Marshall. “I can talk to her.” I suggested.

Kay paused again then mentioned. “Fran’s been with black men before, in fact she has somewhat of a history with several according to her.”

“Is that right?” I asked wondering if Fran’s ever had one as massive as Marshall.

Kay chuckled before she told me what Fran had said to her. “She told me she loves sucking chocolate cock.”

“Okay, let me see if Fran’s interested.” I answered. Judging from how Fran had come on to me earlier I had to assume if given the opportunity to suck some huge chocolate cock later she’d jump at the chance.

“I’ll call you later.” I said to Kay before disconnecting.

I sat back in my chair contemplating what Kay had just told me and how Fran Starzbet Güncel Giriş had played what she knew about Kay and Marshall off on me. I didn’t want to just walk down to her workstation and tell her that I’d lined up a monster of a black cock for her to fuck and suck tonight. Instead, I decided that for now I’d let her think Kay and I wouldn’t be seeing each other tonight.

Fran must have sensed me approaching her desk because as I arrived she turned and crossed her very shapely legs, her sexy foot kinda bouncing in the air as it dangled over her leg. Normally I’d try for a glimpse of creamy white flesh above her stockings but since she had told me she was wearing pantyhose today I didn’t expect anything beyond what I was enjoying at the time.

She smiled and asked. “What’s up?”

I waited until I was close enough to whisper. “I stopped by to ask you to happy hour tonight.”

“Go fuck yourself Allen! I’m nobody’s fall back piece of ass.” Fran shot back.

I knew I’d pissed her off earlier but I didn’t think she’d tell me to fuck off.

“Fran, I apologize for making it sound like you were my plan B for tonight. No woman, especially you should have to play second fiddle to another woman.” I said hoping she’d at least listen to my explanation.

She still looked angry as she said. “Happy hour without a happy ending is no fun and since you apparently didn’t hook up with Kay tonight I’m afraid you might wind up seeing madam palm and her five daughters tonight.” The wide smile on her lips told me she was glad to have me dangling on her sexual hook.

I didn’t want Fran to know that Kay had told me she knew Kay was seeing Marshall tonight, at least not yet. I decided to see if I could shake my head and flip myself off her hook. “Let’s not worry about others Fran; tonight I want you to be my date.” I said with an honest smile on my lips.

“For the whole night?” Fran asked.

I smiled again and replied. “Absolutely for the whole night.”

“Well if you promise me it’s for all night, how can I turn you down?” Fran answered.

Whew, I thought, got off the hook fairly easily.

Fran uncrossed her legs and stood up. I saw her glance around the office to see if anyone was watching just before she grabbed my crotch. “I’m gonna fuck you senseless tonight.”

I moved back pulling my loins from her grasp. “Counting on it.” I replied.

Fran was now smiling broadly and said “I’ll see you at five then.”

Promptly at five of five, I shut down my PC and cleaned up my work space. I was anxious for the evening festivities to get started. I’d have an opportunity to talk with Fran about the apparent rumors around the office, Richman’s fantasy about fucking her, Fran’s plans for getting her divorce action started and spring the fact on her that she was going to be fucking Marshall and Kay instead of just me.

As I waited for the elevator Fran and our receptionist Janice joined me. I stepped in and moved to the back of the car. Fran stood beside me her sparkling blue eyes and broad smile confirmed she was looking forward to Happy Hour. Janice pressed the button marked “L” and we all kept silent while the elevator dropped to the entry level.

“Have a good night.” I said to Janice as she stepped out of the elevator before Fran and me.

“You too Allen.” She replied as she hurried off toward her car.

Fran paused a moment in the lobby giving Janice enough time to get outside. “Where’s happy hour?” She asked.

I wanted to avoid the possible complication of running into Mindy so Brewster’s was out of the question instead suggesting. “How about the Tiki Lounge at the Crown?”

Fran replied. “It’s a little out of the way but I’ve heard the crowd is fairly sparse there so we’ll have some privacy.”

“Do you mind driving yourself?” I asked knowing that seeing Fran and I drive off together would only fuel the rumors.

“No problem.” Fran said with a grin on her pink lips.

As I pulled out of the lot following Fran, my cell phone rang. I figured it was Kay but much to my surprise the caller id showed Staci’s name.

I answered her call with a little trepidation about what she was going to say. “Hi Staci.”

“Is this a good time Allen?” Staci asked.

I replied. “Yes, I’m just driving.”

I prepared myself for the worst.

“Allen I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since Sunday morning.” She started.

I didn’t respond.

Staci continued. “First I want to thank you for your honesty about your relationships with other women a lot of men I’ve known would have lied about something like this and try to keep me in the dark.”

“I did tell you I’d be honest with you.” I answered.

“I want you to understand that this isn’t about the sex, our love making Saturday night was incredible.” Staci continued.

Somehow I expected her admission that our sex was incredible to be followed by a huge “but”.

She hesitated a little before speaking again. “Allen someday I want to settle down get married and start a family.”

“I understand Staci.” I replied fully expecting her to tell me a relationship with me could hamper her plans.

“I want you to understand that I’m going to continue searching for my life partner, but.” She said.