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My Best Friend’s Sexy Son

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My Best Friend’s Sexy SonI was going nuts!My best friend Megan had asked me over for drinks and while I was there she introduced me to her son Justin. Justin is a cougar’s sexual fantasy! Yes I am cougar!I had discovered my sexual preference for younger men several years ago. I have been surprised how many young studs love older women. Most of them suffer from an Oedipus complex and really want to fuck their mommy. I laughed about this the first time a met a guy for fuck and while he was fucking my ass he called me mommy. Anyways back to Megan and her tasty morsel of a stud muffin called Justin. We were having some drinks by the pool when he popped out in his swim trunks. Oh my fucking god! He had a rock hard body and a bad boy look with his tattoo. My pussy was soaking wet when he walked up and his mom introduced us. He was in college and just home for the summer. I tried to lean forward to give him look down my top but for the most part he just ignored me. He went to the pool and dove in and started swimming laps.“Justin is a good looking boy; I bet he is playing a long line of girls.” I said trying to better understand if there was an opportunity“He is pretty serious about a girl at school. He talks to her on the phone all the time. In fact I shouldn’t tell you this but they had phone sex last night.” Meagan said“Really! You actually heard them?” I said“Oh Libby you would not believe it. He was telling how he would bend her over and fuck her and she would moan and tell him how wet her pussy was getting! I guess my boy gets laid on a regular basis.” Meagan saidMy mind started to race as I thought about how horny Justin was likely to be. I wondered would he prefer to use a nice warm pussy and mouth instead of his fingers. I smiled as I thought of how I was going to offer my services.A few days later Meagan told me that her and her husband would be going away for the weekend. I knew that this was going to be my opportunity. I called Meagan the morning she was to leave.“Hi Meagan! I was wondering if you wanted to do some shopping today?” I asked“Sorry Libby this is the weekend thatTtony and I are going away and in fact we are already on the road. Maybe next weekend?” she said apologetically“That’s right; you told muğla sınırsız escort me that you were going away this weekend. Well you have fun and we will get together when you get back.” I said but now I knew her son was home alone but not for longI drove over to the house and rang the doorbell.“Oh hi there Libby; mom is gone away for the weekend.” He said as looked at me but I could tell he was looking me over“I know that! I would like to talk with you for a few minutes. Can I come in?” I said with a smileWe went into the family room and I noticed that the TV was not on and his video game equipment was put away. And I spotted that his tablet was setting nearby and there was a hand towel that seemed out of place. I wondered if he had been watching some porn and getting ready to jack off.“So what’s up?” he asked“Justin, I am not going to play around here. I understand that you have a girlfriend who takes care of you at school but now you are home and the only thing you are getting is your palm. How would you like a nice wet pussy and willing mouth to take care of you for the summer?” I saidHe stood there with his mouth hanging open.“Justin, I am may not be a little hard body like your girl at school but I am here and I do like to fuck and I especially like to fuck nice young boys like you. Just think you can get fucked and sucked until you go back to your girl and then you can start fucking her again and there will be no consequences.” I saidJustin stepped towards me and then went behind me. I felt his hands start to explore my body. His arms surrounded me and his hands rested on my stomach. I pushed my ass back against his crotch and smiled as I felt a large stiff cock press again my butt. His hands removed my blouse and unzipped my sports bra. My large tits were available to him and his hands began to massage my sensitive mounds.Our mouths explored each other as his hands cupped my tits and rubbed my nipples. My hand found his nice big bulge. His cock felt so nice in my hands. I loved young men because their cocks get so hard and they shoot large loads of cum and watching them squirt. Fuck there is nothing sexy than watch a cock explode!His mouth found muğla swinger escort my nipples and he sucked on them with just the right pressure as his hand cupped my pussy and rubbed me. I pulled his shirt off exposing his taught young stomach and muscled chest.“I can’t believe this is happening.” He moanedI just smiled at him as I dropped to my knees so that I free his cock. My mouth was already watering as I unbuckled his belt and then opened his pants. As I pulled them down his wonderful cock popped into my view. I knew I would be fucking this stiff pecker every time I could!“Such a nice cock! This cock needs a woman to take care of it so from now on if your girlfriend is not handy you will come over to me. Watch what I can do!” I said as I opened my mouth and took over three quarters of it into my mouth“Oh Fuck!” he groaned as I started to work his cockI released his cock and then licked his balls. I then gently sucked the right and then the left testicle and my hands gripped his firm hard ass. I then licked the cock along the bottom. I took time then to grip his cock and lick the head slowly and sensually as Justin watched in fascination and lust. I then took his cock in my mouth and pumped it with long slow strokes. I could feel him starting to get tense and I knew he would cum soon but I had other ideas. I pulled back again and squeezed the cock while I licked his balls. He wanted to cum and reached for his cock but I slapped his hands away so that he could not jerk off. After a few minutes he gave up and just gripped my shoulders.When he had calmed down some I started to pump his cock again and when once again he started to tense again I backed off and calmed him back down again. I knew I was torturing the boy but that was part of being a cougar you get to play with your prey before you devour them!“Do you like to eat pussy Justin?” I asked him as I tongued the sensitive area just below the head of his cock“What’s that….oh yeah….I eat pussy…oh fuck….” He moaned“Ok eat mine and then you can fuck me but you have to make me cum first!” I said as I teased him with the idea of being able to shoot his cumI stood up and he knelt in front of me. I lifted muğla tekneye gelen escort a leg and his face moved to my pussy.I could feel his hot breath as his excitement built with the thought of eating me. His tongue licked my out lips and I knew he was already being covered with my pussy juices. His hand gripped my ass and I moaned as his tongue pushed into my vaginal passage. I was surprised when I felt his thumb press against my asshole. I pushed out and his thumb entered my backdoor. His thumb fucked my ass as he sucked on my clit. It was too much and I screamed as a huge orgasm hit me. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” I screamed as I rode the boy’s faceI pushed him on his back and I lowered my pussy onto his cock. The look on his face was priceless as he felt his cock being consumed by my hot and wet cunt. I started to ride him like a whore. I could hear the slapping sound of our bodies as we fucked. I loved the sound of people fucking there is no sound like it. The hard breathing, grunts, moans and that squishing sound of cock and pussy stroking each other!Another orgasm hit me! I lost control and when I came too I was lying on top of Justine and his hands were cupping my tits and he was thrusting his dick into my pussy. The position was not ideal so I rolled off of him and put my ass up in the air. Justin did not need any instruction as he moved behind me and thrust that nice long cock into me in one thrust! Now he was in a position to take control and he wasted no time in showing just how hard he could bang my cunt. I was groaning as fucked me so hard I was getting pushed across the room.“Take that fucking cock you fucking slut! How does it feel to get a real fucking you teasing bitch!” he screamed as he fucked me hard“Give me that big cock baby! Make mama take you bad boy dick! You fucking little dirty boy! You knw you want my pussy!” I screamed back“Fuck yeah I am going to shoot a big load and I want you to eat it! Do you hear me? I want to cum in that slut mouth!”I pulled forward and he stood in front of me. I opened my mouth just as his first jet of hot sperm blasted into my mouth. More of his cum hit my tits and chin and stomach. I watched as the look of ecstasy spread across his face as he looked down at me covered with his seamen. “Fuck that was the best!” he moaned“Well we have all summer to see if we can top it.” I said with the sexiest smile I could but my inner cougar was excited with my new boy toyThe end(A word from the author, cougars are everywhere and always on the prowl! Hey if you liked the story give it thumbs up. As always I love comments and messages.)