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crackwhoreblues -42%Transmission # 97Standing at the edge of the cliff, gazing thoughtlessly down into the septic tank of our soul… High heels and lip-stick, cocaine enemas, we beg the Whore-Goddess to fuck us with her fifteen inch throbbing cock, to be her slave….Bouncing up and down, playing pogo on your cock, tightening my sphincter, milking, teasing, squeezing your throbbing shaft so deep inside. You pull my legs back, speeding my asshole, gape-r****g me, making me scream as I lose control over my body, spasming anal-orgasmic ecstasy. Face fuck me, electrocute me, your trannytweakerfuckslutslavewhore, pounding harder and deeper until there is nothing left, breathless, quivering, there is no more….. Your cum oozing out from the gaping wreck of my ass, dripping all creamily down my limp, shriveled trannytweakerpenis and you smile like a god as I open and close my asshole, forcing your nut out into a bowl. The process is repeated, you invite you friends over, gang fucking me, splashing happy milky cum into my bowl and when it’s full I hold it high tipping it over, letting all that sperm pour into my mouth, over flowing and spilling onto my naked body, smearing it all over, the cum, it tastes so fucking delicious, I crave it, I need it, squirting thick and warm, playing with it with my tongue, gurgle gooey fun, I drink it by the glass full and beg like the trannyslavewhore that I am for just one more shot in the mouth. You and your friends take turns abusing my asshole and my mouth, skewering me, stretching my holes, you fuck me with dildos and butt-plugs of every size and shape imaginable to the point where my hole is incapable of completely closing, it’s nothing more than a cavern for cock, pulsating, warm and smooth, taking your thick shafts balls deep, you and your friends pass me around and around like cheap wine and I shudder in perverted transsexual bliss from the abuse I receive from you. Transmission #35She smears her blistered crack whore lips on the other side of the mirror like some kind of transsexual Alice in tweaker-land fiend, her dominance will not be denied as we are pulled into the apocalyptic vortex of her blood shot bugged out eyeballs. Resistance is useless, it’s futile, totally hopeless as distorted paranoid visions flood our scabby brains – twistedpervohomoerotic nightmares, dreadful visuals full of self-loathing regret and nauseous acceptance, those kinds only sexual deviants could really appreciate as we are sucked through her evil fucking looking glass and we are sucked into the void, atomized, anti-matter and after what may have been only a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a nano-second or perhaps eons of timeless time or maybe just like a blink of an eye we or something we are suddenly reanimated in her private demented dimension of sexual dementia and we think to our selves – here we go again, it’s party time boys and girls.We’re standing in an empty room, the walls are white, the floors are wooden, a bare light bulb hangs from the ceiling and there are only two other things making the inside that prevents it from being actually like totally empty, us and a surveillance camera monitoring every move we make, silently observing us like a cyclopean robot insect, making us uncomfortable and feeling very vulnerable. After a while a door opened, two people dressed in what looked like sis uniforms but made out of rubber entered. They appeared to be female because of their breasts but then, we had breasts now as well, their faces were masked which completely covered their faces, exposing only their blood-shot bugged out eyes and their blistered crack-pipe burnt lips.”Prepare the slave for it’s enema” said one without any emotion in his or her voice. Suddenly a white table rose silently from the floor. The one guided us by the arm and bent us over the table and fastened our wrists to some kind of restraints, our ankles to the base of the table. The second person, the one who might be in charge inserted a tube into our asshole and almost immediately any fear or paranoia was replaced with a kind of excited bliss, as if they injected some d**gs up our ass but before we could actually think about enjoying this euphoric rush, one of them started pushing something into our asshole. It was a but plug and it was big, it hurt, we screamed in pain. The one in charge took command and told the assistant – shut the slave-whore up, gag her! And that was exactly what the assistant did, she or he or it forced some kind of rubber inflatable gag into our mouth and then pulled a mask over our head blinding us and sealing our mouth shut, then she began to inflate the gag, stretching our mouth open and effectively shutting us up. Transmission # 42Trans-utopia archives #1654.868-2 Dear Cletus,I must humbly confess in upmost secrecy that I have recently muğla travesti escort found myself in a sort of situation here. In these strange and apocalyptic times of forced- gender-manipulation, anarcho-absurdism and the coming of the anti-poet that me, myself and I being the self-proclaimed and as of yet still unchallenged president of the world as such have come to accept and even embrace the hidden and long suppressed homo-erotic passions and desires of the tweakerwannabetrannypeevert that I have so long yearned to be. I have this overwhelming need to somehow whore myself out to somebody. The problem right now is that shortly before i declared myself as the supreme dictator of the entire world i secretly dumped all my toys, clothes, make-up and other related necessities like a thief in the night, even going so far as to dump all my beloved and most cherished of perverted paraphernalia in my neighbor’s garbage can and so, in short, I’m playing with the idea of whoring myself out at the local gay bar to finance my d**gs and bitch-gear and am now beseeching you in the hopes that you may provide a place to hide the stuff and so I keep finding myself completely distracted during meetings with my inner-cabinet, asking my self – what does Cletus pay to fuck a tranny – 50 bucks for an hour of sex? What if I charged you 100 bucks for a whole night and you’ll be able to do, within reason, whatever fucked up perverted acts you desire? My body might not be um…. Totally feminine, I might not have real silicone breasts But I can suck an awesome dick, I swallow and I love to get face-fucked. My ass is amazingly receptive and I can do some pretty neat things with it. I fucking love having it ****d and gaped. I’m not interested in having my dick played with, it must remain limp, my mouth and asshole is what it’s all about while made up as a fuckslut. As I said, I need new clothes, a wig, make-up, etc. Even though I am supreme dictator of the world it is regretful indeed that I am unable to finance my secret obsession! I do however with great pride that I am always completely shaved from top to body and totally submissive. My newest kick to explore whole daydreaming through all my daily councils is to be tied up and used like a shameless street whore. Bind my hands, blind fold me, gag me, cattle-prod me, spank me, fuck me, cum in my ass and I’ll push your cum out into a bowl and lap it up like a starving dog. See how wide you can make me gape. Photograph it, video tape it, let’s make a friend or two and you can all gang fuck me, you can be my pimp and whore me out as your own private sex slave and we can both make a profit! I’d even be willing to make a website and we can charge lonely desperate perverts to watch what you do to me. How far could we take it? A mild hormone treatment so I could develop tiny tranny titties? Torture my cock, massage it with Vicks vapor rub, clamp my swollen nipples, make me wear a rubber gimp mask and let me be your very own personal fuck toy. Video tape me getting fucked by paying perverts while you taunt me and belittle me. I beg you to Help make me be the trannytweakerfuckslut I yearn to be! We can do this! Fuck me on the floor like a whore, pimp me out in autobahn rest stops. forcefuck, facefuck, gangfuck me, sell me, use me, make me your slave, your bitch. I need this, you want this and I’d rather have this with somebody who I know and trust, somebody who has the same whackedoutpervertdesires. One of my favorite games I play with myself is orgasm denial. I snort so much meth at once that my testicles retract up into my groin and my penis shrivels to half the size and I fuck my ass with bigger and larger dildos to the point where I feel I am going to come and then I stop. I distract myself by taking pictures of myself, trying on other slutty outfits and when I am not destroying my asshole with self **** – I always keep a butt-plug in. I continue this process over and over until it’s time to go to work. At that point I pull out the plug with the 3 inch shaft, I push it back it quickly and I force it back in. I do this a few times and then insert the plug with a 1inch shaft. I put on a tight fitting thong, then a fresh pair of panty-hose and another thong. This keeps my testicles all shriveled tweaker-penis pulled up right and tight. Then I put on my work clothes and go to work. Throughout the day I sneak off to a toilet inside the music store and snort more meth, play with my tweaker-penis, teasing myself and then go back to work, pretending I am a whore, earning my d**gs. This goes on usually for about for about two or three day and not once will I allow my tweaker-penis to get hard or my asshole to stay unpenetrated. Sometimes, after work, I’ll snort a really huge line muğla türbanlı escort and I’ll play with a penis pump. But this is not to achieve erection! I will allow it only to get semi-erect and then I distract myself by surfing porn or fucking my ass until my tweaker-penis grows limp again. For the whole two or three days I do not allow myself to cum but sometimes, on occasion I will fuck myself to the point where cum will ooze from my penis, once I got fucked long enough and hard enough and I came without touching myself and ultimately this is what the desired result is but alone, without a master, it is very difficult to achieve. Right now, I am going insane with tweakerfreakmindfuckhorniness. I’m pretending that I am wearing dark pink stockings; stiletto high heels the same color with a matching corset. I’m tied to a chair with my legs spread apart with rope and I am getting fucked by a machine non-stop for hours while you record it all on video. You invite strangers over to take turns on me while the others waiting their turn laugh at me. Next week you want to take me to a rest-stop and get perverts to pay you while you make reality-porn, filming me get fucked from behind, bent over a toilet. One time you put me in a dog house, only my ass sticking out the door while my wrists were cuffed to my ankles. You were in a good mood and so you only charged ten dollars to fuck me. The customers however were not allowed to cum inside me but were instructed to cum in a doggy-dish. After six or seven hours of continuous ass-**** you un-cuff my wrists and allow me to crawl around on my hands and knees before commanding me to lap up all the cum from the doggy-bowl. You film all of this and post it on our porn site. This is how we finance our sick and twisted domination of my body. Sometimes you tie my hands above my head to the point where I am forced to stand on my tippy toes and you attach electrodes to my nipples, my anus and my tweaker-penis and you experiment with different levels of electricity. You get great pleasure out of watching me dance. You record everything, posting our depraved acts on our website, eventually we begin to make money off it and we no longer have to work, our fucked up sex lives become our lively hood. We drop out of society, you put me on hormones, my body hair has been permanently removed, I no longer have to wear wigs and everything about me is natural. Sometimes we throw d**g fueled sex parties with other sexwhoretrannytweakeslave like me and we take turns slurping cum out of each other’s assholes, sometimes we fuck our selves ass to ass, sometimes you don’t allow me to participate, I pissed you off. I’m forced to stand quietly and watch. Once, when I misbehaved you bent me over a bar stool, duct taped my wrists and ankles to the legs of the bar stool and without warning or preparing my ass-cunt you forcefucked me with a dildo the size of an actual horse cock. You laughed as I screamed in pain, later you invited a group of gangsters whacked out on steroids and pcp to gang **** me for a couple of hours. I am never allowed to leave the compound without a butt-plug. Sometimes we go to clubs and you pimp me out, sometimes at a party you command me to suck every will man off. This is what I want with my life Mark; this is my proposition to you. We will start off slow, working our way up and when the day my daughter moves out, I will surrender myself almost completely over to you, mind, body and soul. My only demands are no shitting on me, no blood and no forcing me to eat or fuck another mans ass. Other than that, anything goes. All I want in return is to be paid one hundred euro’s for a twenty four hour session however, the money you pay me will be used to finance clothes, lingerie, shoes, cosmetics, toys and any other items needed or desired to fulfill our games and my services, as previously mentioned will be near limitless. I will keep by body in shape, shaved, clean and when we are together dressed in femme. Also, as I said before, I’m willing to have everything recorded so we can eventually make a porn-site charging customers to watch our fuck sessions with the goal of making a profit that will provide with with enough money for a fuck-flat, d**gs and my wardrobe. I think, it would be in both our interests in pursuing such an endeavor. I am always horny, willing to do almost everything and if you are interested – totally committed. For the first few months a few hundred euros and within a year and a half, your private, personal transexual sex slave. Imagine, in two years time taking me to tranny clubs and conventions, leading me by a leash, extended week long fuck sessions, my only sustenance being your cum. Giving me enemas filled with lubricants and amphetamines, a personal muğla vip escort slave-whore. Body stockings, garter belts,corsets and high heals every color of the homo-rainbow, pimping my whore ass for fun and profit. Locking me in our fuck-flat, your hostage. I squat and pee in a bucket for your viewing pleasure, ridiculing me as I do so. I’ll wear your spunk on my face like a badge with honor. Does it sound unreasonable or too far fetched? I believe this is my calling mark and before I go on the hunt searching for a master, I’m giving you first chance at claiming me…. So, why pay some unknown shemale hooker for limited gratification when I am offering to be you’re very own private and totally committed sex slave? I’ve come to realize that I have no desire for any kind of normal relationship, women are beautiful but I’d rather be treated like one and fucked like one and in all honesty, throughout my whole life I have dreamed of being feminized, no longer being constantly frustrated from having to self abuse myself, spontaneous, random rendezvous no longer beat the meat, I need somebody to push me, to punish me, to release the tweakertrannytramp that screams inside me. Feel free to take your time considering my offer, I mean this with upmost seriousness but I will not be able to wait for very long. If I don’t get ass-****d soon, I will definitely go insane. Your trannytweakerfuckwhore awaits your decision.Sincerely yours,Mr Cheney – President and supreme ruler of the world. Transmission # 51After a hard day at the compound forcing politicians and corporate CEO’s into willing shemale sex slaves we came home to our smiling black-toothed Tweakertrannywhoregodess of transgendered desirous delight waiting eagerly for our cock with our favorite crack-pipe and a glass of patron mescal in her hands. She asked us how our day at work was today….. We replied kinda all non-challantly like but with still more of a schmidget of a sardonic like smile on our greasy butter happy mugget or um, whatever – ” we told our boss that the ecstasy pills were vitamins. He’s a fan now…But the thing is that…. He’s a really big fan now and won’t leave us alone. He keeps asking for more… And so Finally, in a not very rational act of loathing conspiratorial inspired contemptuousness We smeared our sexually transmitted nasties all over his keyboard and phone and any other office utensil which happened to be laying in, on or around his desk Sorta like hoping he’ll get infected with our infectious funk and stay home for a few weeks and come down a little while wondering how in the hell he got knocked over with a STD. She flashed us that always wonderful and forever amazing zombie-slut-smile of hers and said – that’s nice dear, how about a nice cock-massage before dinner? We asked our selves while having our eye-balls sucked out through the tip of or dick – can it get any better than this? Maybe, maybe not but as she eagerly gobbed our creamy goo we realized – it doesn’t matter because perverted love is perverted love is perverted love and I’d share her with my best friend and worst enemy any day of the week. She can suck a good dick.The gospel according to St. Soup-bone Ch. 42, p. 17 of the trans-utopia archives.And the whore-prophet of infinite perversity, our beloved mental mentor of the hopelessly absurd spoke to his shameless slutty sex slaves from his dung-heap – “behold my beloved disciples of depraved depravity for I have been transmorphed into your existence from another not very distant alternate reality in order to reveal unto thee that a sheep is a sheep no matter what gender that sheep was born to be and just as a fish is a fish and a platypus is a platypus – gender matters not to these creatures. If one decides to lick the asshole of the same sex or opposite – none bother to belittle, judge, question or accuse – for ass-licking is ass-licking. It matters not what gender an asshole belongs to. My c***dren, I say unto thee – an asshole is an asshole and I am here to reveal unto thee, that I have come to this plane of existence to admit with sincere and heartfelt regret that at some unknown point in your earthly existence something went terribly, terribly wrong. At first we thought the mistake was made the moment your furry ancestors climbed down from the trees to hunt and play in the fields for not soon after, youre ancestors started murdering each other for no apparent reason other than to dominate and control those born weaker. So thus was created the delusional sense of social hierarchy that still baffles the gods dwelling in the heavens even now, as I reveal unto thee the sacred truths of the turtle mother and all the infinite multitudes living, fucking and dying throughout the vast and countless realities, alternative and subversive as such in our multiverse. So rejoice! For the reign of the alpha-male draws to an end, opening the stage to a new evolutionary wonder of transgendered unity. And a union it surely is! Now both sexes are finally united in pervert horny bliss for you are all now or on your way to becoming the dope-fiend-cock-suckers nature had intended, fucking and felching in transcendental transsexuality!”