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My Colleague

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I had this deal all lined up and the deadline was getting near. I had all the paperwork sorted out and all it needed was a final check and then some signatures.

Then a couple of days before the paperwork had to be handed over, one of managers rang me at home. From his home. He’d taken his part of the documentation home with him the previous day for a final review and had intended to hand them in to me today. Not a problem. That left me several days leeway, which is the way I like it.

However, he had eaten something that disagreed with him, quite violently. As far as he was concerned he was not venturing more than a few feet from the nearest throne room, thank you very much, and it would probably be several days before he made it back to work. Did I want him to courier the papers to the office or would I like to send someone to collect them?

Damned if I was trusting that sort of paperwork to a courier. I knew where Frank lived. Not far off the route that I take to work. No problems, I told Frank. I’ll just get up half an hour early and swing past your place on the way to the office.

So early next morning, and a bloody cold morning it was, I swung past Frank’s place. He answered the door in pyjamas and dressing gown and pointed to the living room.

“Just sit in there and warm yourself by the fire while I go get the papers,” he said.

I was wandering into living room when I heard Frank give what sounded like a muffled curse and then he was running for the toilet, swearing. Sympathetic, but amused nevertheless, I sat back in a comfortable armchair and enjoyed the wood fire he thoughtfully had going.

Then this lovely young thing came scampering into the room, carrying some clothes in her arms. She dumped the clothes on the floor near the fire and started toasting her hands. She was wearing a nightie, and that was all she was wearing. Standing with the fire behind her, that nightie was effectively transparent and I had a perfect view.

What do you do in a case like this? You press the record movie button on your smart phone and enjoy the show.

This, I surmised, was Frank’s daughter, Leanne. Leanne was eighteen, had just finished school with some excellent results and was looking for work.

I knew her age and her scholastic record because she’d put in an application via her father for an entry position in the company. I have a rule that any relatives of managers who apply for a job in the company have to be cleared by me, if they get past the initial Human Resources screening.

Leanne had cleared the Human Resources hurdle and her resume had already been across my desk. I’d approved it and she would be sent a letter of acceptance very shortly, with the proviso that she wouldn’t be working in her father’s department.

The next thing I know, Leanne has whipped off her nightie and now she was really naked. To my amusement she turned around and offered her bottom to the fire for a few moments before she started scrambling into her clothes.

Leanne had just finished getting dressed and picked up her nightie when Frank came back into the room with a folder in his hand.

“Sorry about that, Peter,” he said. “Now you can see why I’m not coming to work today. This has all been checked and I’m happy with it and have signed off on it. Leanne being keeping you entertained, has she?”

Leanne had frozen on the spot, her mouth dropping open. She’d finally noticed me seated there and she didn’t know what to say.

“Thanks, Frank,” I said, smiling, “and yes, Leanne has been amusing me while I waited. I’ll see you back at the office when you’re feeling a bit better.”

Frank nodded and then suddenly seemed to stiffen. He said a quick, “See Peter out, please, Leanne,” and he was turning and departing very quickly.

“Has Frank seen a doctor?” I demanded.

“Oh, yes,” said Leanne, in a very nervous sounding voice. “The doctor was here before you arrived. He gave dad an injection which he said will help but it may not kick for an hour or so. He should be fine.”

Leanne started towards the door. She looked at me nervously as she opened the door to let me out and followed me outside.

“Um, I should apologise for what happened in there,” she said, blushing and not looking at me.

I laughed. She should apologise?

“Rather, let us say that I should apologise. I should have spoken up as soon as you came into the room but didn’t quite know how without embarrassing and scaring you. I mean, how would you have reacted if I’d said hullo while you were toasting your pretty little tush?”

I was wrong. She wasn’t blushing earlier, just a shade pinkish around the cheeks. Now she was blushing, remembering how she’d ditched her nightie and offered her bottom to the fire.

“You have a very nice figure, you know,” I told her, keeping my voice casual. “How about coming around to my place and letting me see it again. I’d really like to get closer acquainted with it.”

If she kept blushing like that she was going to have a stroke.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, “but no. I don’t Gaziantep Yabancı Escort do that sort of thing?”

She should. She has a lovely body, and ideally suited to pleasing a man.

“Why not?” I asked. “You’re old enough. Are you a virgin?”

“That is none of your business,” she snapped.

I was pleased to see she had a bit of spirit. I really don’t seem to get on too well with women who let you walk all over them. I keep wanting to tell them to grow up and get some backbone.

“That generally means that yes, you are. And it is my business if I’m going to take you to bed. It’s better for me to know in advance rather than hear you wailing ‘it hurts’, just because you forget to warn me.

“I’m sure you mean to be flattering,” Leanne said with a chill in her voice, “but you’re not. I’m not going to sleep with you.

“There’d be damn little sleeping, I assure you,” I told her. “And why not?”

“I told you,” she said with some exasperation. “I don’t do that sort of thing. Don’t you listen?”

“Of course I listen. I just tend to ignore what is being said if it’s not what I want to hear. Why don’t you do that sort of thing? Are you afraid you may feel guilty afterwards?

What about if I apply a little coercion? You can then yield happily, knowing you don’t have a real choice. It means that it’s not your fault and you won’t need to feel guilty.”

“That’s ridiculous,” she snapped. “And what sort of coercion could you apply anyway. Threaten to fire my father?”

“Now you’re being ridiculous. Why on earth would I want to get rid of Frank. You don’t fire an excellent manager just because his daughter has inconvenient morals.”

I held up my smart phone.

“When you stood in front of the fire with the light shining through your transparent nightie I accidently hit the record button. I didn’t realise until you were almost fully dressed and then I just naturally switched it off. But the film is still here. Is the thought of where that film may turn up coercion enough?”

Leanne was shocked. She gaped at me for a horrified moment before finding her voice.

“You didn’t?” she said with a groan. “And do you have other coercions in mind if that one fails?”

Sadly I shook my head.

“No. That’s all. I’d have to get really nasty and make horrible threats and that wouldn’t be fair. You’d just get all upset and wouldn’t be able to enjoy yourself when you’re with me. But I think the video is sufficient to make you yield gracefully.”

Leanne was chewing on her lip, unsure of what to do. I felt sure that she was reasonably willing but nervous about finally taking that last step. Time for the carrot.

“I understand that you’ve applied for a job at the company. I can give you an edge in actually getting it. Your employment would be on a trial basis only and you’d have to prove to your manager that you can do the work. And your manager won’t be either me or your father so there would be no favouritism.”

“And I suppose if I say no I can kiss my chances goodbye?”

I shook my head. “If you say no, you take your chances. I won’t stop you being hired but neither will I make a push to select you. You will get the job without my influencing the decision one way or the other.”

Leanne was madly chewing on her lip now. She wanted to say yes but was still dithering because it was a big step. She was irritated by the coercion factor, hopeful about getting a leg up getting a job that she was sure she’d be good at. She was also being pressured by her own hormones which had probably been saying ‘go, girl, go’ for a couple of years now.

I opened my car door and indicated that she should get in. She hesitated and then did so, sitting there primly and nervously.

The advantage of being the boss was that no-one was going to comment if I decide to come in late one morning. Well, almost nobody. I sent off a message to my secretary warning her I would be delayed. You should never upset your secretary. It’s just not worth it.

Retracing my steps, I sent off homewards. Leanne was a little quiet as we drove along but a few subtle questions soon had her chatting freely about how she was glad to be out of school and in the labour force. She had ambitions and as far as she was concerned her hoped for job in my company was just the first step of a ladder she expected to climb successfully.

Just chatting with her, she seemed a dominant type of personality who probably would go a long way. In contrast to that, while I don’t think she would be submissive sexually, she certainly seemed attracted to a forceful and dominant personality in that area. And I was fairly determined to keep projecting that image.

Arriving home I escorted Leanne through to my lounge room. I could see her relax just that little bit, finding I wasn’t rushing her straight through to a bedroom. I’d actually chosen the lounge room after some careful thought.

I don’t actually have a wood fire for her to warm her pretty little tush on, but I did have a good facsimile. I had a very nice gas heater that resembled a blazing fire. It was quite realistic, and it had damn well better be for the price I paid.

Neither did I have a bear skin rug on which to seduce Leanne, but again, what I did have I thought would suffice. It was a dark red, thick plush pile rug lying before the heater. In my opinion, Leanne’s white skin would look very nice against the red background.

I flicked the heater on and suggested that Leanne might like to take off her jacket as the room would be heating up fast. I also poured her a small drink. Just enough to ease the tension she must have been feeling.

We talked some more. I told her a bit about my company and where I saw it heading over the next few years. I also gave her some advice as to the sort of areas she should concentrate on to get ahead. By the time Leanne had finished sipping her drink she was relaxed and on casually friendly terms with me.

Seeing Leanne had finished her drink I took the glass from her and placed it on the coffee table. Turning back to face her I started undoing the buttons on her blouse. She looked startled and a tiny flash of apprehension crossed her face, but she didn’t try to stop me. She just looked at my hands as they moved steadily down, flicking the buttons open.

Sitting back, I left Leanne’s blouse gaping open, displaying a nice lacy bra and a really superb cleavage. I continued talking, and after a slight hesitation Leanne picked up the thread of our conversation and was earnestly discussing the future as she saw it.

In the middle of the chatter I casually flicked her blouse and suggested she might as well take it off. Leanne just talked on while taking her blouse off, not seeming to really notice what she was doing. She looked quite startled when I turned her gently to unclip her bra, apparently surprised to find her blouse missing.

I didn’t linger with the bra. As soon as it was undone I was drawing the strap down her arms, letting those puppies out where I could see them. Playtime was starting up and they were the first toys that would come to hand.

Now that she was half naked, Leanne seemed to be realising what she had agreed to. She went very quiet, watching as my hands moved under her breasts, gently bounced them as though weighing, and finally closing upon them. I squeezed them lightly, rolling her nipples lightly under my thumb.

“There are women,” I said very quietly, “who would pay a fortune to have breasts as lovely as these, but they can never equal the real thing.”

Leanne was blushing slightly, still watching as I cradled her breasts, her breath coming faster. I squeezed and stroked her, noting the subtle signs of appreciation, though she didn’t speak.

“You do know this is just the start, and exactly what I’m going to do, don’t you?” I gently suggested.

Leanne looked at me, nodding slightly, her blush fading as she paled slightly, her apprehension rising again.

“If you’re not going to be willing,” I continued, “then now is the time to say so, because in a second I’m going to stand you up and start removing the rest of your clothes. Have you ever actually been naked in front of a man?”

I paused a second and then added, “Apart from me in front of your fire this morning.”

Now she was blushing again, remembering what I must have seen while she dressed. Probably especially remembering bending forward nude to warm her bottom.

Leanne still didn’t say anything, but neither did she try to pull away. Taking this as agreement I took her elbow and eased her to her feet.

Turning her to face me, my hands moved to the fasteners on her skirt and started undoing them. Her hands dropped down and rested on mine.

“I can do it,” she told me.

I smiled up at her. “I’m sure you can, but I want to. It’s the little boy in me wanting to unwrap my Christmas presents.”

“It’s not Christmas,” she grumbled, but her hands dropped away.

A few moments later and so did her skirt. All that was left were her tights and panties, and I took my time removing those, rolling the tights down first and then finally returning to slowly tug down her panties, leaving her naked.

I leaned back a little to look at Leanne. She was squirming just a little, embarrassed to be nude and have me looking at her, but she could also see the sincere admiration I held for her and she was relishing it.

A man was looking at her naked and liking what he saw. She was finding it exciting.

I reached up and cupped a breast for a second, then looking directly at her face I let my hand trail slowly down her front. She stared back at me, her teeth just lightly biting her bottom lip, sensing where my hand was heading but determine not to look. As my hand circled lazily around her navel I could see her catch and hold her breath, waiting for the coming moment.

My hand slipped between her legs, covered her mound and gave a gentle squeeze. One would think I’d squeezed the air out of her lungs as she let out her breath with a whoosh and then took a gasping gulp. Now she was breathing again but rather raggedly.

Her excitement was mounting and I could feel heat coming from her pussy. Her nakedness and the knowledge of what was to happen was working on her, tantalising her. The teasing of her breasts had started the fires burning and the sudden capture of her pussy was fanning the flames.

I stood up, took her hand and drew her over to the rug in front of the heater. I settled her onto the rug and she lay there, looking up at me, and the heat in her body was now shown by the heat in her eyes.

I undressed swiftly. While I was older than her, I wasn’t as old as her father and I was fit and healthy. I was also reasonably endowed and didn’t think I’d disappoint her in that department. Leanne watched as I stripped, and I saw her eyes wandering down to check me out. She didn’t seem disappointed or nervous, just accepting of what I had.

I knew that she hadn’t reached eighteen without a few sexual encounters, but I was also quite sure that she was still virgin. She knew enough to play, and that was a start.

I settled down next to her and kissed her. Gently at first, but more fiercely as she responded. My hand sought and found her breast and resumed playing with it. I could feel her pressing it up against my hand as I squeezed. I could sense her body twisting slightly. Her feelings were making her uncomfortable and she wanted something done about it.

My mouth trailed down over her throat, moving lower until it captured a breast. I fastened onto her nipple, sucking lightly and teasing her with my teeth. At the same time my hand closed around her pussy again, massaging it and preparing it for the task ahead.

Of her own accord, Leanne sort and found my erection, her hand closing firmly around it. She had touched one of those before; it was obvious from the way she went about teasing it. That was alright by me. I didn’t have to teach her everything, and her main lesson would start very shortly.

My fingers had by now dipped between her lips, exploring her hot inner core. She was wet and soft and my fingers moved easily inside her, familiarising themselves with her. She gasped when I pressed lightly against her hymen, and I was pleased to see that my guess had been correct. It wouldn’t have worried me if she hadn’t been a virgin, but it would be enjoyable to initiate her, leaving her pleased with her first experience with a cock. (Now I just had to live up to that boast.)

A little more probing, and I could tell by a sudden tenseness in Leanne that my fingers were hovering hear something sensitive and that she knew it and was slightly worried.

“Do you want me to suck on you?” she suddenly asked.

I grinned. Definitely worried. I shook my head, smiling at her.

“No,” I said. “I want to see how you react to this.”

With that I lightly flicked her clitoris and Leanne squealed.

“What did you do?” she demanded.

“This,” I said still smiling and flicked her again, hearing her choke back another squeal.

“Well, don’t” she gasped. “I don’t think I like it.”

“OK. How about this instead?” and I started roughly rubbing my fingers against her clitoris.

This time she shrieked, her hands latching onto my wrist and trying to pull my hand away. I ignored that and kept rubbing her, and Leanne seemed to just sag against the rug, giving little mewing sounds, her hands no longer trying to pull mine away but just limply holding it.

A few more moments of agitating her clitoris and Leanne was history. She was writhing under my touch, wailing, and at the same time trying to push her pussy hard up against my hand.

Timing is everything. I positioned myself between Leanne’s thighs, my cock pressing lightly against her slit. I eased in just enough for me to feel her hymen blocking my way. Then my finger gave her clitoris another couple of flicks and Leanne orgasmed, squealing and frantically pushing up against me, not even noticing that her hymen went the way of all flesh as my cock plunged into her, helped by her desperate upwards push.

I held myself inside her, waiting while Leanne slowly became grounded in reality again. She was staring at me, shocked and gasping, and then looking even more shocked as she realised that my cock was firmly inside her. She just stared at me, mouth open slightly, not really believing that I had penetrated her while she was bouncing of the ceiling from her climax.

“What did you do?” she demanded.

“I was just preparing you for the next stage,” I told her, and she could hear the laughter in my voice.

Now it was time to settle down to work. I pulled slowly out of Leanne, hearing her catch her breath as I moved. Sinking back down I found Leanne moving automatically to meet me. She was hot and excited and her body knew just what it wanted. Leanne just went with the flow, following instincts as old as time.

I didn’t want Leanne exploding again too soon, so I moved slowly at first, letting her get the feel of me moving inside her. Leanne accepted this at first, moving gently in time with my slow thrusts, but she was far too hot and excited to take it for long. She wanted action, and soon she was moving restlessly under me, muttering for something more.