Ağustos 24, 2021

My First Time

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My First Time
I’ve always had a penchant for Domination, and being sub in nature have enjoyed watching videos in which males are subjugated by strong women.

Imagine my delight when i discovered a whole new genre involving shemales and transvestites. For years I searched the internet and watched hour and hours of video.

As time progressed I felt the urge to meet up with and interact with real people.

I found an advert for a mature lady with a TV maid looking for submissive males. I contacted the lady and arranged a meeting. She lived about a hour away so I set off from home in good time and arrived in the area with about 20 minutes to spare, time for a walk round to calm my nerves.

At the appointed time I approached the front door of a smart semi detached house and rang the bell. I heard the sound of heels approaching the door. The door opened and I was met by a lady who was in her mid 50’s. She was wearing a white blouse with the top few buttons undone, showing off a formidable cleavage, her mid length black skirt clung to her legs and showed off an amzing bottom.

She introduced herself as Mistress Joan and instructed me to enter the hall and to follow her upstairs. I followed her to her ‘playroom’ where I was told to strip and stand within a white circle on the floor. She left the room and closed the door. I duly stripped and stood in hthe whit circle, taking a look around the room, one wall was festooned with toys, restraints and punishment devices. Dotted around the room were various benches and chairs, some with cutouts and most with eye bolts which I assumed were for attachment of slaves such as myself. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening. In strode Mistress Joan.

‘Kneel slave’ she barked. I instantly got to my knees and looked upwards.’How dare you presuem to look at me’ she thundered. I quickly dropped my gaze and studied the floor. ‘Crawl over here like the dog you are’ she orderd. I crawled like a dog toward her, barking as she commanded.

As I got to her, she reached down and attached a black leather dog collar around my neck. She clipped a black leather lead to it and announced we were taking a walk. She set off down the landing towards the stairs and towed me around the house, finishin up in a well appointed sitting room where she walked me in front of a roaring fire, she instructed me to keep my eyes down and left me there. She walked away and sat down, took out her mobile phone and proceeded to make a call. I was too far away to hear properly but caught snippets such as ‘first time’, ‘fun’ and see you soon.
It was quite uncomfortable by the fire and I was starting to burn whem Mistress returned, she picked up the lead and walked on, I followed, taking the opportunity for a quick peek at her legs, she was wearing stockings.

we retraced our steps and ended up in the playroom, where she led me to ard leather upholstered bench with a semicircular cut out on the edge.She pushed my neck into the cutout and proceeded to loop the lead around a couple of fixings, holding me to it and unable to turn around. I heard her walk away and then eard the door close.
Aafter what seemed an eternity I heard to door open and heard Mistress walk across the room. I heard a zip being undone and the rustle of skirt against nylon. Mistress approached the bench and sat doen, her thighs either side of my head. I looked forward and saw a neatly trimmed bush. She inched her way forward so that my nose was in her pubic hair.

There was a wonderful musky aroma.

Mistress lay back and parted her thighs, giving me a wonderful view of her cunt. She snaked a hand down and pulled her lips apart. I saw a pink glistening hole.’Worship me you worthless a****l’ she commanded.
She pushed herself on to me and I went to work with my tongue, tasting her glorious juices. For what seemed an eternity I slurped, probed and licked her, eventualy she shuddered and swore.

She stood up and untied the lead, bending over the bench,face down she dragged my lead, forcing my face to her bottom. I was instructed to spread her cheeks and observe her butthole. It was an intoxicating site, puckering up toward me with a wonderful musky smell. ‘You know what to do worm’ she sneered. I leant forward and placed a kiss on her puckered hole, probing gently with my tongue until it parted at which point I darted my tongue in and out, fucking her with it. I carried on until she’d had enough.

She pushed me away and stood up.

I was instructed to lie an the bench face up, my wrists and ankles were bound. My dick stood up lika a flagpole. .’Did I instruct you to get hard?’ Mistress asked, swiping at me with a crop. I replied that she had not and that i was sorry. With that she lashed at my testicles with the crop, causing my erection to rapidly deflate. At which poit she turned and walked to the selection of restraints after a short deliberation she returned with a cage which she attached around my now soft penis.

She straddled my face and lowered herself onto me, teasing me with her cunt and making me hard again. She tood up and looked at my penis, struggling against the cage.

A blindfold was place over my eyes and I heard mistress puttin her skirt on again and leaving the room.

I heard a knock on the door and voices.

I heard the playroom door open and footsteps. I was aware of something close to my face and then I felt someones lips brush mine, a tongue probing me, then a husky voice said ‘I see youve already had him pleasure you Joan, I’d recognise that taste anywhere’

‘I’ll leave him in your capable hands’ I heard Mistress say and then I heard her walk away. There was a rustling close to my ear and a husky whisper ‘ I can see we are going to have fun, well at least I am’

…….to be continued