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My Name Is Heather Ch. 04

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Intro: I am very happy to welcome my new editor, Paula, as my coauthor. Not only will she be editing the stories, but also she will be adding to them. You will find more detail in certain scenes that makes them a bit spicier than my attempts.

Chapter 04: The Automobile Dealership

Paula and Heather purchase a sex slave from a modern day slave market.

“Paula, please take your tongue out of Heather. There’s something I want to discuss with you two,” says Dawn, as she watches Heather and Paula having sex for the fourth time that Sunday morning.

“Do I have your full attention now? Good! Wait. Paula, go wash your face. It’s covered with Heather’s juices. How does it get way up on your forehead and in your hair? No! Don’t bother telling me. I really don’t want to know.” Dawn quickly amends.

“This city has very good public transportation, and we could go on using it, but I think it would be a good idea to have a car. There’s a covered garage here, there’s one at my office, and there’s one at Heather’s office. Depending on who is driving, we could drop Heather at her office, or if she’s driving, she could drop Paula and me.

“If we had a car, we wouldn’t have to rely on public transportation. Then too, we could travel around the area on weekends and when we have a vacation, we could take a long trip. I’m getting tired of going through the hassle at the airport. We could just jump into the car and go. I’ll buy the car, but I know nothing about cars, so it would be up to you two to check the Internet and figure out what we need and where we could get the best deal. Agreed?” asked Dawn.


For the next four weeks, Heather and Paula poured through J.D. Powers, Edmunds, and Consumer Reports. They also obtained a pamphlet from Consumer Reports relating to prices and purchasing a new vehicle. After test-driving several cars, they had finally made a choice about which one to buy. Now all they had left to do is go through the process of actually buying the car. All?

“Paula, let me do the talking when we get to the car dealership. I think I can get the best deal on a car. I know that you are good at talking to people about medical equipment, but I am better at buying cars,” suggested Heather as they headed over to the dealership.

The two women arrive at the car dealership to buy the car that they and Dawn had agreed on. A very cute, young, blonde girl greeted them at the door. “Good afternoon, ladies, my name is Cynthia. Do you know what kind of car you are looking for?” she asked.

“We were working with Mr. Gordon. Is he here now?” asked Heather.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Mr. Gordon left the company a week ago. I’m taking his place. I started training four weeks ago when he put in his resignation. I can answer any questions you might have and would be happy to help you. So, what can I do for you?” The blonde hottie asked.

“Well, we have narrowed our car search to that dark green sedan over there and another car at another dealership.” Heather said as she pointed to a car in the showroom.

“What would it take to make our car more appealing than the other one you’ve seen? Is there anything special that I can do or say to convince you to buy the car here?” asked Cynthia.

Heather and Paula looked at the young woman and then looked at each other. Each knew what the other one was thinking. Cynthia looked good enough to “eat”. She was about 5’2″ or 5’3″, weighed about 105 pounds, her breasts were high and perky, and her ass was well rounded. She was as cute as a button. Every man coming into this dealership must hit on her. She was wearing an engagement ring which may have stopped some men from coming on strong; it wouldn’t have stopped very many though.

Heather asked her if they could take another ride in a demo to help them make up their minds. “Of course,” agreed Cynthia, “follow me out to the lot. I don’t know if there is another one that color, but that doesn’t matter, does it? When you do decide, you can have the one in the showroom.” Heather and Paula followed several steps behind Cynthia, so they could watch her ample bottom wiggle as she walked. When the girl bent over to attach a dealer’s tag to the car, it was all the two women could do to keep from touching her rear.

As they got in the car, Cynthia explained, “I’ll drive the car to a more remote area where there isn’t much traffic, and you ladies can test drive it from there. How does that sound?” Both Heather and Paula agreed.

Heather got into the back seat and Paula into the front passenger seat. Cynthia drove the car out of the lot. As she drove, the girl explained the various knobs and dials. Paula leaned over to see what Cynthia was pointing to; she put her hand on Cynthia’s knee supposedly for balance, but when she leaned back onto her own seat, she left her hand there. Each time that Cynthia described something, Paula leaned over and slid the girl’s skirt up a bit. Each time that happened, Cynthia moved her skirt Gaziantep Gecelik Escort back down. It was evident that she was nervous about Paula moving her skirt, but she didn’t want to offend Paula and maybe lose a sale. Although there was a gentle tug of war going on with her skirt hem, she didn’t say anything to Paula.

When they reached an area that was all but deserted, Paula and then Heather drove the car while Cynthia rode in the back seat. After about half an hour, the two women walked a few yards away from the car and Cynthia and had a conversation that had nothing to do with the car and everything to do with getting into Cynthia’s pants.

When they returned to the car, Heather stated, “Cynthia, we’ve decided that the car at the other dealership will suit our needs better than this one. We’re sorry we took up your time, but we had to be sure.”

Cynthia looked like she was about to cry. “But we haven’t discussed the price or financing or anything. How can you tell this isn’t the best deal for you? What does the other car have that makes it more appealing than this one? Ladies, please reconsider. I really need this sale. I’ve been on probation since I started working here four weeks ago. This is the last day of my probation and if I don’t sell a car by nine tonight, I’ll be fired. I need this job very badly. I’ll forego my commission and get you an amazing deal if you buy a car from me. Can’t we at least discuss price? Maybe you’ll find this car is really best for you. I know that my situation isn’t the consideration here, but let’s try to work this out,” Cynthia pleaded, her voice wavering with emotion.

Heather and Paula felt bad about taking advantage of this cute girl’s naiveté, but they wanted her sexually and were not going to pass up this opportunity. “Cynthia, it isn’t just the cost,” stated Paula. “What we need is a better fit for us.”

“Why isn’t this one right for you? What are you looking for in a car?” Asked Cynthia.

Again, Heather and Paula walked a few yards away and talked. Then they returned to where Cynthia was standing next to the car. “Honey, you want to know ‘what more we need in a car’. We’ve decided that the answer is ‘you’. We need you in the car,” said Paula.

Cynthia was confused. She had no idea what Paula meant. “I don’t understand,” she says with a puzzled expression. “Do you mean that you want me to chauffeur you around?”

“No cutie, we want you naked in the car, so we can fuck you,” Paula explained.

Cynthia was stunned. She had been propositioned many times by men, but this was the first time by a woman — women. Her face went from confusion to shock as she exclaimed, “I am horrified that you would even suggest such a thing. I am engaged to be married — to a man. I am not a lesbian. I have never been with a woman, and I don’t intend to start now. I would rather lose my job than than than….” She got back in the car and waited for Heather and Paula to get in. She started the engine, put the car in gear and started back in the direction of the car lot.

After driving in silence for about five minutes, Cynthia pulled the car to the side of the road, turned off the ignition and burst into tears. “Wha, what would I have to do? How do I know you would really buy the car if I do what you want? Oh please, don’t ask me to do this. Isn’t giving up my commission enough?” Cynthia pleaded.

“Sorry, but no, honey. You are such a delicious morsel that we want you, and if you want to sell the car to us, you’ll have to give us what we want. Tit for tat, so to speak. We’re not going to hurt you. In fact, we’ll give you a lot of pleasure,” Paula insisted.

“Will you really buy the car if I do what you want? Oh lord, how can I be thinking of having sex with you? What will my fiancé think? What will I have to do? You don’t expect me to use my mouth, do you? There’s no way I could do that. I could touch you a little bit, but I couldn’t do anything else.” The girl was visibly shaken, and tears were streaming down her cheeks.

“This car is going to cost over $45,000,” Heather said. “We don’t expect you to give up your commission, but…”

Paula chimed in, “We do expect you to do whatever we want you to do. If you start telling us what you won’t do, we might as well call the whole thing off. This is not going to work, Heather. We might as well go buy the other car. Please take us back to the dealership, Cynthia. Better still, we don’t live far from here, you can drive us home.” Cynthia was silent but drove them to their apartment building. They directed her into the parking garage to Dawn’s space.

“It was nice meeting you, Cynthia. Thanks for the demonstration. Forget what we said before. You don’t have to have sex with us.” Heather said.

“Oh, are you going to buy the car anyway?” asked Cynthia.

Heather said, “No, I’m sorry honey. We’ll probably buy the other one.” Cynthia was deflated and teary again. Paula and Heather left the car and started toward the elevator.

“Wait. Can you give me some time to think about it?” Cynthia called after them.

Paula told Heather to keep walking, but she turned and took a few steps back toward Cynthia.

“I thought you didn’t have any more time, Cynthia. What happened to the nine o’clock deadline?” Paula asked.

“It’s still the deadline, Paula. I meant give me more time right now. Please don’t leave until I can think about what you want.” Cynthia requested as she fought to keep a fresh set of tears at bay.

“Okay, how much time do you need? It’s almost four o’clock now. Heather and I have other things to do. We can’t hang around and wait for your answer.” Paula started to leave again.

“Oh, don’t go. Don’t leave yet. Give me five or ten minutes, please,” Cynthia begged.

“Alright Cynthia. This is the way it’s going to work; Heather and I will go up to our apartment. If you decide to do as we ask, call us, and we’ll come back down. Here’s my card with my phone number. Just don’t take too long,” Paula said, looking at her wristwatch.

“No, please. We’re taught that if a customer leaves, the chances are he’ll never come back. Give me a few seconds to think.” Paula stood there tapping her foot. She waited for about twenty seconds and then started to leave.

“Wait. Wait. All right. I’ll do it. I really don’t have a choice, do I?” Cynthia declared, defeated.

“Not if you want us to buy the car, you don’t.” Paula felt a pang of guilt, but she knew that she would feel worse if she didn’t have this girl. She motioned to Heather, who was at the elevator, to come back. “Heather. Cynthia has decided to play with us. Cynthia, get into the back seat. Heather, get in beside her. I’ll go around and get in the other side.” They sandwiched the girl between them.

Cynthia was shaking, probably with fear, but she was resolute. She would do whatever it took to keep her job. At least with women she didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant.

“Pull your skirt up, honey. I’ve been trying to do that since we started out, but you kept pulling it back down. I want to see your thighs, sweet thing.” After some delay, the girl lifted her bottom off the seat and pulled her skirt up. “Further. I want to see your pussy, too,” demanded Paula. Cynthia pulled her skirt up, so that her panties were visible. Paula slid her hand up Cynthia’s legs, feeling her soft, inner thighs; she caressed Cynthia’s pubes through her panties. She pushed the front seats as far forward as they would go and knelt on the floor in front of Cynthia.

In the meantime, Heather unbuttoned Cynthia’s blouse. “Undo your bra, honey.” Again with some reticence, Cynthia leaned forward, reached behind her back and unhooked her bra; Heather pulled the cups up releasing the girl’s breasts. Her breasts were not large but they were high and firm. Heather squeezed them, feeling their weight and shape.

“Honey, spread your legs,” suggested Paula, but Cynthia didn’t move. “Move your knees apart,” demanded Paula, and the girl moved them a few inches.

“Please don’t,” pleaded Cynthia, but Paula pushed Cynthia’s legs apart and slid her face up along the girl’s thighs. She fought back an urge to bite the soft flesh; she buried her face against the girl’s panty-clad pussy and breathed in deeply. Her libido soared, and she pushed her tongue against the cotton panty crotch; she could feel herself getting wetter. She began licking the girl’s pussy through her panties and found the material getting very wet. “Cynthia, this must feel very good to you. Your juices are flowing.”

Cynthia found it hard to talk, but she managed to squeak, “Oh, that happens when I get scared or nervous; right now, I’m both. Are you going to stop now? Haven’t you had enough?” asked Cynthia.

“Sweet baby, we haven’t gotten started yet. This is going to take hours. You get to keep your job and make a commission on a forty five thousand dollar sale. You have to earn that from us as well as from your job. Just think ‘all evening and probably most of the night’. We have to be satisfied, too,” Paula emphasized.

Paula probed through Cynthia’s panties with her tongue, until she found the girl’s clit. She concentrated on that little nub until the girl wailed through her orgasm. Heather had been sucking a very hard nipple, but when Cynthia orgasmed, the nipple got harder and more erect. Heather bit down, but the girl didn’t complain. In fact, she put her arm around Heather’s neck and tried to push her breast farther into Heather’s mouth. Cynthia was moaning loudly, so Heather stopped chewing on her nipple and kissed Cynthia to keep her quiet. Dawn’s parking space was in a very secluded part of the parking garage, but still close enough that anyone in the garage might be able to hear Cynthia’s “little death” knell.

As Heather pressed her lips to Cynthia’s, she could feel the girl’s resistance. Heather nibbled softly with her lips at the girl’s bow-shaped mouth as Cynthia kept her lips pressed tightly shut, pulling her head back slightly each time Heather advanced. Meanwhile, Paula’s fingers continued to explore her now-soaked panties. She slipped one long digit inside of her ultra moist cleft and moved it in and out slowly. Cynthia moaned softly against Heather’s mouth, parting her lips slightly. Heather used her tongue to part the girl’s lips even further as Paula continued to rub and prod, her thumb grazing the girl’s clit and two fingers now sliding in and out of her perpetually moist pussy.

The girl was moaning in earnest now and returning Heather’s kisses with her soft, pouting mouth. Paula slid her panties aside and used her mouth again, this time thrusting her tongue deep inside her as her thumb continued its circular motion on her clit. Cynthia had several more orgasm, one after another.

“Heather, do you want to take a turn? Can you squeeze down on the floor? I’ll move up on the seat. It’s a good thing these seats are leather; Cyn’s panties are soaking wet and there’s a puddle under her. She’s flowing right through her underwear,” Paula exclaimed.

“Just keep licking her until I get back, Paula. There’s a restroom next to the elevator; I’ll get a bunch of paper towels and soak up the wet spot.” Heather was back within a few minutes with a handful of paper towels; Cynthia lifted her buttocks off the seat, and Heather put the towels under her. They were barely able to absorb the girl’s juices from the seat. Heather went back and brought all the paper towels that were in the restroom. When she returned, Heather got down on the floor between Cynthia’s legs, put more towels under the girl and began licking her through her panties.

“My lord, she isn’t just wet; she’s sopping wet!” exclaimed Heather.

“Oh! I’m so embarrassed Heather. I always flow like this when I’m excited, um, nervous. Oh gee, I hope the seat isn’t ruined. What’ll I tell my boss? My mother took me to the doctor’s when I was fifteen. He didn’t know why I get so wet. We really shouldn’t be doing this. Are you going to do it again, Paula? Do you have any more paper towels, Heather? Is my dress getting wet? That felt very good, Paula. Are you going to make me orgasm, too, Heather? Am I talking too much? I’m really turned on, er, nervous. What if my boss fires me for getting the seat all wet?” Cynthia stammered.

“Don’t worry, Honey. I’ll get some cleaner from the apartment and take care of it. Just stay where you are while I eat you up.” Heather began licking the girl’s pussy again. “Cynthia, your panties are drenched. I’m going to take them off. Lift your ass off the seat, so I can pull them off.” Cynthia quickly complied and Heather pulled the dripping cotton underwear free and handed them to Paula. Paula folded them neatly and put them in her mouth.

Heather kissed the girl’s inner thighs softly, licking her way to her goal. When she reached the girl’s pubic area, she teased her with her tongue, just grazing her clit, circling the edges of her pussy until Cynthia grabbed Heather’s hair and pulled her face between her thighs. Heather took her engorged nub into her mouth and sucked rhythmically, using her hand to locate Cynthia’s G-spot. “Oh Heather! I’m coming again. OOOOooooooh! Mmmmmm. OOOoooooo! Heather, that was wonderful, but we shouldn’t be doing this. It’s not right. Maybe you better stop licking me. Well maybe one more time. Oh, I’m close again, Heather! I’m cominnnggggggggg.” Cynthia orgasmed and wailed again. “Oh my heavens, Heather. Don’t you think you had better stop now? Soon, anyway.”

“You have to keep your voice down, Cynthia. There are people in this garage. They’ll hear you if you’re not quiet. Put your hand over your mouth when you come.” Heather insisted.

“But, Heather, I’m protesting what you’re doing to me.” Cynthia explained.

“Yes, well, protest a little bit less noisily. Stop having orgasms if they’re against your principles,” Heather insisted.

“Paula, maybe we ought to take this moveable feast up to the apartment. What do you think?” Heather asked.

“MMmmm. Ummm. Yb. Weebedder. Udderwissumwonllheerher, ” garbled Paula.

“Paula, take her panties out of your mouth. I can’t understand what you’re saying,” Heather said.

Paula pulled the panties out of her mouth and took a deep breath, “Yes, we’d better go upstairs before someone hears Cynthia. She is too loud when she comes. Cynthia, if you have a college degree, you must have graduated ‘Cum Loud’. However, your pussy really tastes good.” She stuffed Cynthia’s panties back in her mouth.

“Cynthia, pull your skirt down, and let’s go upstairs,” insisted Heather.

“I have to put my bra and panties back on. I can’t walk around without my underwear,” explained Cynthia.

“Oh cripes! Your panties are still wet, Cynthia. I think Paula is still trying to suck your juices out of them. You don’t need your bra. Your tits point skyward. Why do you even bother wearing a bra? You certainly don’t need one. What is it with women? Just because other women wear a bra, we feel we all need to wear one. ‘People may talk if we don’t wear underwear’? Who made this rule? It’s stupid,” declared Heather.