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Cometh the Storm Ch. 02

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Group Sex

The Morning After:

We moaned in unison. Sweat covered our bodies as my body writhed against hers. It was warm, sticky and dark. I felt my balls beat against her ass cheeks, as my cock continued pounding into her soppy, squelching pussy. I heard her whisper how she wanted me to fuck her even harder in the darkness.

Every so often I would slow the pace down a little and then as quickly, drive my shaft harder into her again. I felt her tits brush over me, her nipples hard and erect, as they moved up and down the dowdy hairs on my chest. Her gasps from below me only drove me on further, as we slithered over each other like snakes. Her breath was warm and shallow on my face as her moaning grew deeper and I felt myself in the early stages of climax.

I kept up a steady pace again as I felt cum rise from deep inside my balls, feeling it rush up and out my shaft in seconds. I blinked open my eyes as I felt myself release…Jesus Christ!!! It was my own mother’s face smiling and contorting beneath me, as I exploded deep inside of her! Suddenly her eyes opened, looked into mine and she started to laugh lustfully, her legs wrapping tighter around my waist. Squeezing me until I could hardly breathe, I felt the horror build and scream from deep inside my head at what I was doing with her…

“Noooo..!” I cried, as I jumped up in bed.Startled, I looked all around in panic.

It took only seconds to realise I had been dreaming. A cold sweat had broken on my forehead, as I surveyed the seeming normality around me, glad to be over it…but this wasn’t my own bedroom.

My eyes slowly adjusted, daylight streaming through the curtains, as I gradually awoke from my slumber. My head hurt and I knew I was a little hung-over, before remembering everything that had happened the night previous.

I gathered my thoughts, everything from only hours before, realising I was in my Mother’s bed, and this time, alone. Taking a deep breath, I gradually saw the evidence all around me on the floor. My clothes here and there, Mum’s nightshirt and knickers…I even peeked under the sheets and duvet, to check my manhood. Inwardly, I laughed nervously to myself as I recalled our “happening”. But this was the dreaded morning. Where was Mum now? How would she react to me? Why had she left me alone in bed? I fell back onto the bed, moaning at my agonising situation.

Twenty minutes or so, after lying in bed and contemplating things over and over in my head, I managed to find the will to get up and get dressed. I grabbed my discarded shorts and t-shirt, all our guilt lay over the carpeted floor. I stumbled out to the hall and into the sanctuary of my own room. I had heard movement downstairs, as I had entered my room, confirming Mums presence in the kitchen below.

I figured if Mum was making noise in the kitchen, then the power had to have come back on. I checked the light switch in my room. Sure enough the power was back on, as the bulb glowed into life above me. Sometimes it would be a day or two before we got electricity back, but I guess someone was on the ball in the power company for a change.

Looking out my window, it was a calm and serene morning, the only noise coming from the small birds chirping in the trees. It was a total contrast to the gale force winds and rain of the day and night before…and the heated passion I had shared with my own Mother. What had I done? Christ…my head hurt.

Pulling on a pair of jeans and a thick woollen jumper, I visited the bathroom, before making my way down the stairs to the unknown waiting for me. Shaping myself up a bit at the bottom of the stairs, I breathed deeply, as I stepped towards the kitchen door. Turning the handle gently, I walked in, not knowing what to expect. Mum turned around as she stood preparing food.

“Well, good morning J…See! We have power again!” Mum chirped brightly.

“Ah, morning Mum…yeah I know, I honestly didn’t expect it to be back on so soon…” I replied cautiously.

She turned back to her work as I walked in, preparing her Sunday dinner as always. I couldn’t think of what to say, it was always so easy before. But now, when I looked at her, I not only saw my mother but a lusty, horny woman. I ran my eyes up and down her dressing gown, remembering her bouncing breasts and wet pussy giving me so much pleasure only hours before. Silence filled the kitchen, as I tore myself away from my thoughts, and firmly concentrated on the awkwardness of all this.

It was as if it were a normal Sunday morning scene…except it wasn’t. I knew we were both thinking the same unspeakable thing that we had done, that we had shared. My Mother and I had pleasured each other sexually, intimately fondling each others bodies and then shagging wildly as we had gave into our sweaty lust…this was not normal.

Thankfully, Mum eventually broke the deadlock.

“Remember honey, Joe and Mary, are both coming back for dinner today, after church. So…would you look after the dinner for me till then J? I just want Gaziantep Saatlik Escort a quick shower and to get ready for church now” Mum asked, trying to bring some form of reality to the moment.

I snapped out of my daydreams, instantly focusing on her request.

“Yeah Mum. No problem. I’ll sort things out…ah, why don’t you go and get ready” I replied.

“Thanks baby…” Mum replied back

Setting down a saucepan, she approached me with a hug and forehead kiss. I looked into her eyes as she held my face in her hands. Time stood still as we looked at each other for a moment. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her closer to me, our bodies coming together as I bent forward to kiss her…

“J…I…I don’t think…this is the time honey…we’ll talk later about everything… I know how you’re feeling…I’m feeling it too…please honey…we’ll talk tonight…okay?” Mum said, pulling back from me a little.

She looked at me for a sign of approval.

A little rejected and embarrassed, I nodded to her. She smiled back at me, one of those happy, carefree smiles of hers.

“Sure Mum. Its just really strange for me” I forced myself to say out loud.

“I know baby. It’ll be okay…I promise. Please don’t fret about it” Mum trailed off, turning from me to leave the room.

It was a relief to be honest. I took a deep breath and exhaled, as I heard Mum go out and upstairs. I knew it couldn’t be normal service between us, but it truly hadn’t been as bad as I had expected. In fact, it had almost led to another slip in both our concentration, as our bodies had came together, my already rising bulge pushing into her, letting her know what I wanted. It was momentary though and Mum had pulled it back from the brink.

Feeling like a slight weight had been lifted off my shoulders I grabbed a bowl and some breakfast cereal and sat at the table. As I ate, my thoughts were still on her, imagining her upstairs…as she showered herself…soapy and wet…running her hands all over her naked body…maybe she was waiting for me to come up and join her?

Jesus, I was driving myself into a sexual frenzy! I couldn’t stop thinking about her and what I wanted to do to her next. I shrugged away the notion and decided to concentrate on the cereal box and the childish jokes on the back of the packet.

Twenty or so minutes later, Mum reappeared, as I put the dishes into the dishwasher. She looked almost angelic, dressed in her Sunday best. Mum wore a long flowing dress and a wrap draped over her shoulders, as she gave me the dinner instructions once again.

“Remember J, we’ll be back in about an hour or so. Keep an eye on everything for me till we get back from church, okay baby?” Mum enquired.

“Mum…I’ve got it covered. Now go…and say a prayer for me” I replied with a cautious smirk.

“I think I’ll say prayer for the both of our souls!” Mum giggled, breaking the moment with a joke.

The hour flew by, as I kept an eye on Sunday roast dinner. I even managed to get in a quick shave and shower between preparing things. Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary came around on Sundays almost every weekend after church. It was like a tradition now, with maybe only the odd weekend when it didn’t happen, with holidays or sickness or something. Mum was always very grateful for all their help over the years since my father had left, hence the Sunday dinner treat. The conversation was always fairly jovial, Joe usually cracking us up with his tall tales, as Aunt Mary would turn red with embarrassment, right on cue.

But how would it be this weekend? Joe was fairly worldly-wise and could tell if something wasn’t right, like a different atmosphere that was very apparent at the moment in the house. Mary was also quite intuitive, but I told myself to stop worrying, that everything would turn out alright.

It came to just before 1pm when I heard the cars pull up in the yard outside. I tried to look busy in the kitchen, checking the contents of the pots and setting the table as they all walked in.

“Big cooking man today J!” Joe bellowed one of his hearty laughs “Ah well, you didn’t miss much in church anyway…boring old fart of a priest!”

“Joe! Mind your language about Father Simmons” Aunt Mary spewed, half-laughing back at him.

Everyone laughed. Yep, the usual Sunday dinner I thought inwardly.

We eventually all sat down to a gorgeous roast beef dinner, as the conversation went from one subject to the next. I actually forgot all the recent events with Mum for a little while as I laughed at Joe’s take on life. Mum sat across from me at the table as we ate and enjoyed each others company. We would catch one another’s eye from time to time, a small smile breaking out between us, only to snap out of it before we would be noticed.

During dinner, while clearing the table for dessert, I had brushed lightly against Mums shoulder as I lifted her plate from the table. She had responded by “accidentally” brushing against my hand, as it moved away from the table. An apologetic look that held a hidden sparkle of desire crossed her face, as I looked at her, suddenly tearing myself away from my thoughts. It was like a game. We were being careful not to betray our little secret, but the buzz from knowing Joe or Mary could pick up on something at any moment, only served to heighten my rush.

The meal eventually over, I excused myself and made my way upstairs, if only to relieve myself of some sexual tension in a quiet corner of my room. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was all I thought about since the previous night events. No matter how much I tried to put to the back of my mind, everything that had happened between us, she was an ever present distraction in every move she made.

I went into Mums room first, seeking something to aid my lustful thoughts. Straight away I went for her clothes basket and pulled out her pair of worn knickers from the night before. The very same knickers she had drunkenly taken off in front of me and had earlier lay on the floor. I quickly departed to the safety of my own room, before putting her bundled knickers to my face, taking in her intoxicating scent. I released and tugged at my cock as I smelled her pungent panties, rubbing back and forth as I imagined taking her once again. This time I knew what her naked body looked like, the fullness of her tits, the way her pussy had opened to me as I had entered her the night before.

It was no good. I had worked myself up so much I could now only be satisfied with having her for real, instead of jerking off to the thought of it. I quickly fixed my dick back into my shorts and fastened my jeans over the protruding bulge. Focusing for a moment, I listened intently to any sound or talk coming from downstairs, ready to pounce at the first opportunity. I had to have her again, even if it where just a quick hand-job from her.

Sometimes Joe and Mary would stay until mid-afternoon, with Joe always checking the livestock before leaving. Sometimes they would go for a stroll with Mum after dinner, sometimes they would leave almost straight away after dinner. There was no guarantee, but today I prayed for the latter.

I listened to the voices still nattering away below in the kitchen, as I sat on the edge of my bed, my cock still semi-hard underneath my clothes.

Downstairs, I heard a door close as I cautiously made my way to the window, peeking outside for evidence of someone leaving. Sure enough, there was Joe and Mary making their way around the back of the house, heading towards the upper farmhouses.

Well, they weren’t leaving, that much was obvious, but they were heading out. Probably checking on some of the livestock in the upper fields, I thought to myself. It was my chance to go back downstairs again and see how Mum would feel about ridding me of my sexual tension. I had to do something. I wanted her again…

I slipped downstairs quietly, as I felt my dick begin to stir in anticipation. Mum was still in the kitchen, as I slowly opened the door, sneakily checking out what she was doing without getting caught. She stood at the sink washing dishes, as I ran my eyes up and down her body. Her hips swayed slightly, mesmerizing me, as she continued her work, oblivious to my stare.

She was humming to herself, always a good sign I thought. My eyes were pinned to her gorgeous ass, teasing me, inviting me to explore her. I crept softly into the room, making my way towards her as quietly as I could. I was mere feet away, when she sensed my presence, her humming stopping abruptly. Looking over her shoulder at me, she looked half startled, as I straightened myself up behind her.

“Honey…don‘t do that! God for a second there…well…you know…J!” Mum laughed a little in response, shaking her head.

“Sorry Mum. Just wanted to surprise you” I offered in explanation, as I moved closer behind her.

I knew she could tell by the calmness of my reply, that I had something else in mind altogether, than playing games. I pushed my protruding trouser-tent into her butt, as I wrapped my hands around her waist, pulling her into me.

“James…not now…we…we can’t…” Mum breathlessly gasped.

I moved my pelvis around, grinding against her hips, as my hands moved upwards from her stomach and over her dress to her breasts. I squeezed them through the materials of her dress and bra, her head falling back onto my shoulder for a second.

“No…no…we can’t James…we can’t…” her voice trailed off as she gave in for a moment, pushing her ass into me, in rhythm with my thrusts.

I reached down, grabbing the hem of her dress on both sides of her, as I gently pulled it upwards. My hands glided against the sides of her calves, past her knees and over her thighs as I saw her quivering buttocks inside her pearly white silk panties. Mum still stood over the sink in front of me, as I admired her choice of underwear, her body succumbing to my touch once again.

“James…what about Joe and Mary…they could be back anytime…” Mum gasped as she realized my intentions.

“Don’t worry. We have enough time…” I replied, calming her down a little. I reckoned we had maybe fifteen or twenty minutes before we would have to stop ourselves. A smile crossed my face.

Mum turned around to face me, and we fell into a long, passionate embrace in each others arms. Her soapy hands fumbled down my front, rubbing vigorously against my bulge, as I gripped her ass from behind. Our lips met in a hard kiss, as we both began to lose control of our emotions.

“Turn back to the sink…I want you from behind…” I panted softly in her ear.

Turning her back to me again, Mum obliged willingly, even pulling the skirt hem up and around her waist again, inviting me to explore her. We were both breathless at the thought of getting caught, the heat of the moment between us. Mum parted her legs as I reached for her buttocks, kneading them through the silky fabric. I slipped my fingers underneath the gusset, feeling her lightly damp patch, as my fingertips brushed over her already prominent pussy lips.

Mum tugged at her panties, slipping them down her butt cheeks, as I gazed in wonderment at her gorgeous round ass below me, her panties eventually sliding all the way down her legs to the floor unaided. My fingers guided themselves between her ass cheeks again, running down over her asshole and almost entering her swollen pussy, as I rubbed her.

I could feel her already begin to moisten, preparing to have me inside her again. I bit and licked at the back of her neck, just below her hairline, as she moved her ass back and forth teasing me.

“Mmmm…that’s nice…” she responded, purring like a cat.

I moved quickly to unbutton the front of her dress. Mum took a deep breath as I fumbled her boobs out of the captivity of her bra. They fell out with ease, as I carefully caressed her swelling nipples with my fingertips.

I couldn’t wait any longer. Fuck the foreplay I thought, I wanted to be in her pussy, pumping away until I would inevitably shoot my load deep inside her. There was no mention from Mum, of not cumming inside her this time. No, this time I was going to shoot my cream deep within her…

My hand automatically moved to my zip. Unbuttoning my jeans and pulling the fly down, my cock sprang upwards and outwards from its confines, bobbing around as if smelling the waft from between her legs. I lunged forward, clumsy in my approach, as my dick slapped against her naked thighs.

“Put it in me…James…I want you inside me now…” Mum wailed at me.

She was pushing against me, trying to locate my dick as it bounced everywhere except where it should be. I took it in hand by guiding my stiffness between her legs, pushing upwards guiding myself to her waiting flaps.

“Ugghhhh….” I moaned, as I made first contact with her hot gash.

Her body suddenly stopped moving, as I made my first push into her. Gliding in with ease, Mum jerked at my entry, positioning herself a little again to make it easier for me. I slowly built up my pelvic thrusts, as Mum started to groan in front of me. My balls slapped against her thighs as I quickened my fucking. I held her waist as her head fell back on me, her hair swinging wildly in front of my face, as I slipped in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

Before long I was pushing for all my worth into her. It was wild, rampant sex at its best as we both gave in to our desires, Mums grinding ass in turn with my cock, driving into her faster than before.

“James…ohhh…oooohhhh yeesssss…” she shrieked with delight as I fucked her harder.

My balls tingled in my sack, as my cock grew beyond hard, plumbing her depths. At one stage I even caught sight of our reflection in the kitchen window, Mums boobs swinging and hanging out in front of her, as I fucked her deeply.

I knew I wasn’t far off climaxing. The pressure rose inside me. I was taking her as fast and as hard as I could now, building to my climax. My cock was almost springing free of her at times, as I made my strokes as long as possible. I held her waist tighter than ever, my thrusting hips a little slower now as I tried to hold off my orgasm as long as possible.

Mum cried out in gasps, as I felt my cock jerking inside her, cum rising up my shaft from my balls.

“Aaaggghhh…yeaahh…ahhhh” I moaned as I spurted my seed deep into her pussy, releasing all my pent up emotion with it.

Her hips banged against me, slowing in their rhythm, as I drained myself deep inside her. I noticed the sweat had broken on my brow for the first time, as I felt it trickle down my face like summer rain. Pushing into her one final time, Mum almost fell forward into the sink as my banging her subsided.

“Ohh God…ohhh Jesus, Mary and Joseph…I haven’t had anything like that in years…” Mum groaned over her shoulder.

My cock dropped out of her soggy gash, already reducing in size, as we caught our breath again. I still rubbed against her, as I saw a trail of cum run down her inner thighs.

“Wow…that was unbelievable” I said, “I’ve never felt so alive” I gasped, still panting like a dog.