Mart 30, 2024

New Experiences

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Monday morning and Jess woke with a jump. She could feel a hand running its way down her back, across her arse and between her legs. Parting her lips, the stranger pushed two fingers inside her. She winced as they entered but soon got used to the intrusion. Groggily she opened her eyes and laid sight on her trespasser. Focusing on the person she could tell it was a blond, green eyed girl of about 20.

She found it hard to concentrate on this figure as her fingers slid in and out, in and out, in and out of her wet slit. She didn’t like women, not in a sexual way, but this felt so good. Her soft fingers guiding her to endless amounts of pleasure. Suddenly Jess arched her back and came heavily.

“Morning,” said the figure, you liked that didn’t you. Jess nodded in reply. The unknown removed her fingers from Jess and began licking off her juices.

“Mmmm,” She said. “Tastes good!” Wearily Jess sat up looking at the new figure in her bed, suddenly noticing that both of them were completely naked. Sharply she pulled the covers around herself and through the rest over Gaziantep Oral Escort her partner.

“What’s up? You’re not shy are you? You can’t be after last night?” asked the girl.

“Last night?” she replied.

“You really don’t remember do you? I know you were a bit drunk but I didn’t realise you were that bad! Basically you picked me up in Glacier and brought me back here, we had sex; you were pretty good I may add. I’ve had many girls, but none as gifted as you, but then we had another drink, sex again, and went to bed. You woke up, I fingered you, and here we are now, I’m Amy by the way.”

“Ok. Well I’ve never been with a girl before, cant remember much of it though.”

“We’ll just have to do it again then won’t we?” responded Amy as she slid beneath the sheets.

Later that day the two girls emerged from the shower, one tall blonde, the other, a slightly shorter dark haired girl. Blue eyes shone from her pure face as he rubbed her shaved slit. Her tits weren’t big, but they were beautiful. Only an A cup, but cute and responsive none the less. It’s always the flat ones that are the horniest. Thee ones that get overlooked for the bigger breasted girls. Slowly and passionately the two girls turned and gazed into each others and began a long slow kiss. After a couple of minutes the duo split.

“Jess?” whispered Amy.

“Yes” the raven haired girl replied.

“I have a friend that really wants to experience a three-way, and was wondering if the third person would be you, if you’re ok with it that is.”

“Yeh, sure, why not, I mean I’ve slept with a girl now so I think I can handle a girl and guy. It is a guy isn’t it?” Jess asked questionably.

“Yeh, yeh it is.” With that, the two girls returned to the bedroom to continue the day long sexathon. What fun!

Two weeks passed and jess had no contact from Amy at all. She had given Amy her number, but had forgotten to get hers in return. Then out of the blue, when she was on her lunch break from work, work being in a shoe shop in the local town. She received a text:

“Meet me outside the galaxy club at half seven tonight, don’t be late. Amy.”

That only gave her half an hour to get home, change and get back to the club. Seven O’clock arrived and Jess headed home. Half an hour later she was standing outside the club in the poring rain, typical English weather. Her clubbing clothes, consisting of a short golden-brown dress and the heels to match. Ten minutes passed and no one arrived. Then just as she was about to head home, another text came through:

“Sorry, running late, will meet you inside in ten minutes, Sorry.”

Slowly the soggy girl headed inside. Darkness. No lights, no bouncers, what was going on? She entered the main dance floor half expecting the cleaner to be there, but no. the stage was empty and so was the floor. The only thing that was in the room was a single wooden chair, highlighted by a red spotlight shining down upon it. The door closed behind her, and out of the darkness appeared two figures. One was Amy. She was dressed in fishnet stockings a black thong and a tight corset with the bra section removed so her boobs spilled over. In her hand was a chain that was attached to the collar of the second person, a man.

“This Is Jack. He Will Be Our Slave For Tonight!”